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My Best Friend, Lover, Sister

When I was about 13 years old I began to find myself sexually attracted to my 22 year old sister. She got pregnant at 16 by her boyfriend and moved in with him, his 2 brothers and their parents. After she moved out, I moved into her room which was secluded in the back of the house and had its own bathroom, and had a nice view of our backyard pool. She would come over and tan by it on weekends, away from her now husbands family.
She has a fantastic body. Five feet, 2 inches tall, about 110 lbs., raven black hair, brown eyes and her skin tone is gorgeously bronzed year round. During the summer when she lays out, it's incredible.
So one Saturday afternoon, she came over to tan by the pool. Our parents had left town for the day to go shopping, and I told her I was heading to my friends house across the street. I went to my room to grab something and saw her setting up her pool chair to lay out, right in front of my bedroom window. I was suddenly over come with an uncontrollable urge to watch. I watched her from the front of my bedroom in the dark where she couldn't see me. She had her skimpy red two piece bikini on and looked amazing. I wanted to take my cock out and start stroking it right there, but I was too afraid I'd get caught. I watched her for about 15 minutes, fantasizing about what I would do to her. I could feel my boxers get moist with pre cum, as I thought about licking her pussy and asshole. I started to think about what I could do to score me a chance to see her naked. Then it came to me.
My sister had her headphones on so I knew she wouldn't hear me drilling a hole through my bedroom closet into the bathroom, where she would be taking a shower and changing. So I found a three quarter inch drill bit in my dad's tool room, and drilled a nice nickel sized hole that gave me a perfect view and was hidden between the towel rack and shower.
After I drilled the hole, about a half an hour goes by and my sister gets up. I see her gathering all her stuff so I hurry into the closet and shut the door. I hear her open the back door then the bathroom light beams through the hole I just drilled. All of sudden I hear my bed, which a year prior, was her bed, squeak a little bit. I peeked through the cracks in the closet door and saw her walk out and that she had thrown her stuff on the bed.
She goes back into the bathroom and takes her bikini top off and drops it onto the floor. My heart starts beating really fast and I can't believe what I'm seeing, and how incredibly stunning her natural sized B cup tits looked. Then she untied her panty strings and they drop effortlessly to the floor. I saw her pussy and she had what looked like thick, dark lips hanging from it. I had never seen a pussy before, and this was several years before the internet, so I had never seen a porn either. I wanted to lick those lips so bad, they looked so delicious. I was so incredibly aroused and overwhelmed with lust for her, I couldn't help but stroke my cock. After about 3 quick strokes I shot cum all over the closet floor.
She climbed into the shower and pulled the door closed and I couldn't see her at that point. When I heard the shower stop running I peaked back in and watched her climb out and dry herself off. She was quick about it and seemed to be in a hurry. She rushed into my bedroom and quickly climbed onto the bed.
I looked through the cracks again and saw her lying on the bed naked with her legs spread, with her left foot in the air and rubbing her clit. The bed faced the closet and I had a body sized mirror hanging on the outside of one of the closet doors. I watched as she watched herself masturbate in the mirror next to me. I was worried she would see me, but I was so overcome with lust I couldn't stop myself from watching.
She moaned incredibly sexy. It was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard. I listened to her pussy making squishy noises as she rubbed her clit in a circular motion. Then she started to get really into it and stuck her middle and ring fingers in her pussy and started stroking them. She kept pulling them out and sticking them in her mouth and licking off all her pussy juices. I watched in ecstasy as she started to moan louder and I could see her pussy squirming. Then all of a sudden, juices start gushing out all over the towel she had laid on top of my comforter. I was wishing she hadn't put that on so I could've licked her juices off of it.
I heard her say "Fuck!" under her breath and she quickly got up, got dressed, and ran out of the room. Then I heard the front door open and shut, then her car going down the driveway.
I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to watch her do this several more times over the next year. The following year, her and her husband bought their own house and moved out of his parents, so she started to lay out by their own pool.
When I was 18, our mother passed away, and our father was put into a retirement home. Four years later, my girlfriend and I split up, so I moved out of our apartment and went to stay at my sisters. At the time, I was 22, she was 31 and had been with her husband for 15 years.
One day, we somehow got on the conversation about sex, and she told me he was the only man she had ever been with, and regretted that. I asked her why, and she said "Because there's a lot of hot guys out there and I see them looking at me all the time, and sometimes I just wish I could suck one of their cocks!" I was shocked, and utterly amazed at what I had just heard. "So just do it" I said, not thinking. She looked at me with her gorgeous smirk for a couple of seconds. "You think I should?" she replied. "Yea I do." I said. "I already have... with his younger brother.", she so gleefully replied. "You did? When?".
"The other day I went over to his brothers house to pick something up he had left there. I knew his brother would be in bed asleep as it was still fairly early in the morning for him to be up, so I just walked in the door and grabbed his things. I saw his brothers bedroom door was open and I peaked in. His brother was laying in bed with just a sheet over him and he was awake, and saw me as I peaked in. We started to talk and I told him that I had always had a crush on him and he said he had one on me too. I pulled his sheet back and saw that he was naked and I couldn't help myself."
Not even thinking what she might think about me asking her something like this, but I just had to know, I asked "Did he eat you out?" "No. I don't think he wants to go down there because his brothers been there you know?" "Meh" I replied indifferently. "My husband always takes care of me down there." "That's because he's the one who cares about you, his brother only wants your pussy!" I said laughing. She laughed and agreed.
About a month goes by and one day she and I are heading to a town about an hour away that had the biggest mall in the area. We had planned on going shopping together all day, while her husband and kids were out with his parents all weekend. She was driving and told me about the issues she was having with her husband's brother. She said that she really enjoyed fucking him, and the fact that it was his brother turned her on even more.
My cock got raging hard when I heard this, thinking about what she must look like with her lips wrapped around her husband's brothers cock, leaving gobs of her slobber dripping down his rock hard veiny shaft. The thought drove me crazy.
I'll never forget any detail of what happened over the next few hours, as I live it over and over again in my mind constantly, fantasizing about it whenever I masturbate. This story sounds a little too incredible to be true, but it really is, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.
"Can I tell you something and keep it between us, and only us, and not get mad at me, no matter what it is?" I asked her. "You know you can say whatever you want to me, you're my brother", she answered. "I know but are you really sure there's absolutely nothing I can say that you would stop loving me for, treating me differently?"
"Yes I'm sure, it doesn't matter what it is. I'm not going to stop loving you, or act different towards you, if that's what you're worried about." "Yea, that's what I'm worried about", I replied.
"So what is it?" She anxiously asked me. "Look, just because I'm your brother doesn't mean I'm not going to find you attractive in any way. I'm still a male and you're still a female, and a gorgeous one at that." I paused for a couple of seconds looking in her beautiful eyes. "Are you sure I can say anything?" I asked timidly. "YES!!" she forcefully answered. "I fantasize about licking your pussy and asshole all the time, and I can't stop. You are so incredibly gorgeous I, I just can't take it. I masturbate everyday fantasizing about it."
She let off the gas and slowly pulled onto the side of the road. Her face was one of shock, and disbelief. My heart was pounding really heavy and I was terrified of what she was going to say. "How long have you been doing this?" she asked giggling. "Since I was 14." "Wow, wow, wow!" she answered in disbelief.
"So you really think I'm hot?" she asked. "You're the hottest girl I've ever seen honestly" I replied.
"You know, now that I think of it, the thought does kind of turn me on." she said, with a hint of flirtation. "Yea, well why don't we just go back to the house, hang out and talk about it a little bit. We're only ten minutes out." I said to her, hoping she would be down with it. "Fuck it" she said as she turned the van around. We headed back to the house.
When we got back, we got settled back in and sat down on the living room couch. I felt kind of awkward for a few minutes and didn't know what to say or how to strike up a conversation that would get us back on the subject of fucking.
"So when was the last time you masturbated thinking about me?" she said, finally breaking the silence. "This morning, while you were in the shower. I went into your room and saw the panties you just took off laying on top of the clothes hamper, and I licked and sniffed the crotch in them while I masturbated." I said nervously and with a slight crack in my voice.
"Wow! I really can't believe I'm hearing this, but I can't help but be turned on thinking about it, even though I know it's wrong." she said to me. "Can I please just taste it? Pleeease?" I begged her. She looked at me for a second then stood up. "I'm going to go put my bathing suit on and lay out by the pool. You want to lay out with me?" she asked. "Sure, I guess" I responded, disappointed.
"Come on! We'll have some fun later." she said as she slid open the glass door leading to the pool area. Their place was in a rural part of the state, with houses and farms scattered throughout the area. There was maybe 10 feet between the front door and the single lane main road that went through the area, and the backyard and pool were open and visible to traffic going southbound.
She laid her towel out on her pool chair as I grabbed a beer. As I sat and drank my beer, she grabbed a bottle of suntan lotion and asked me if I would put some on her. Of course I grabbed it immediately, and started to rub some on her calves. I went down to her feet then back up to her thighs. She rolled over for me so I could rub some gently on her but cheeks and the back of her thighs.
I thought my cock was going to explode out of my shorts as I squeezed and massaged her perfect butt cheeks. "Don't go too far just yet. I don't want you to get too excited to where I can't use you later" she said with a sexy grin and giggle.
I started working on her back as she just laid there with her sunglasses on. After I'm done covering her I start to go back to my pool chair. She grabs me and says, "Where you going? You're not done. You forgot to do under my bikini." "I thought you didn't want to get me too excited. Besides, what about all the cars? They can see us." "I know" she replied, rolling over onto her back. "I fucked his brother out here the other day and it was incredible. The fact that people could see us and find out about us made it even hotter. AND, I had the most incredible orgasm I've ever had in my life when my husband ate me out, out here the other day."
"Are you a squirter?" I asked her. "I was that day!" she said leaning up while giggling, untied her bikini top and tried to throw it at me. She ended up throwing it into the pool by accident.
"Shit!" she says as she gets up and walks over to retrieve it. She leaned over the ledge of the pool with her ass right in my face, her tits hanging over the water. I got up and grabbed her, and pulled her into the pool with me. She popped up laughing and giggling, which increased my confidence, as I wasn't sure that wouldn't piss her off and ruin my chance to fuck her. She came over and grabbed me, with her hair sopping wet and looking extremely sexy. She started to kiss me and we made out for a couple of minutes in the pool.
As we were kissing, I squeezed and fondled her soft tanned breasts. I licked her nipples a little until they grew hard. They felt so good on my tongue. She started to walk backwards towards to edge of the pool, pulling me with her. When we reached the side, she climbed out of the pool and untied her panties as I followed her to her chair.
Cars were going down the road and could see us plain as day, as we are only about thirty to thirty-five feet away, and it was about two o'clock in the afternoon. She laid down on her chair facing the road, and spread her legs. "Is this what you've been wanting to taste?" as she stuck her middle finger in and pulled it back out, then started playing with her thick, brown pussy lips. "Fuck Yea!" I said as I kneeled down to stick my tongue in it.
She squirmed and squealed in pleasure as I pulled the hood back off her clit, and started licking it lightly with the tip of my tongue. This was the moment I had fantasized about a thousand times over. It was absolutely amazing and I'll never forget it. Her pussy tasted and smelled so delicious, as I pushed her thighs back, which forced her sexy feet in the air. I licked and sucked on my sisters pussy for about twenty minutes, sucking on her lips and watching them flop back down between her thighs. Her pussy is the most delicious looking pussy I honestly have ever seen, and if I could lick anybody's on the planet whenever I wanted, I'd lick hers, that's how much I love licking it.
After a while I decided I wanted to taste some of her nether regions, so I stuck my tongue on her asshole, but she pulled back and said "Wait!" "What?" I asked. "If you do that you're going to make me cum and I don't want to... yet." "Wait, you're saying if I lick your asshole... you're going to cum? Too bad then, I'm licking it!" as I buried my tongue deep into her asshole, licking all around it, and kissing and biting her butt cheeks. Then moving back and forth between her pussy and asshole. She must have cleaned her asshole really good just before we left to go shopping, I thought to myself, as it seemed really clean.
Here I was, licking my own gorgeous sisters pussy and asshole, while cars were coming over the hill and starting to slow down to see what we were doing. When I realized this, I started to get nervous, because I didn't want my friends or family to ever find out I was fucking my own sister, as that would have been humiliating. But she was so gorgeous, and her pussy and asshole were so yummy looking laying out there, all for me, I couldn't bring myself to stop. And the thought of being caught licking my own sisters pussy and asshole turned me on even more.
I ravaged my sisters body, licking her little belly button and her nipples. I always loved my sisters feet and toes. They always looked so yummy, and I had fantasized about sucking on them. Now was my opportunity, and I jumped on it. I sucked on her toes while I rubbed her clit with my finger.
Eventually one car did stop. The guy driving got out and started to walk towards us, and I stopped licking her and started watching him as he walked towards us. But my sister grabbed my head and told me "Don't fucking stop, I'm about to cum!" So I ignored the guy and shoved my tongue back in her asshole.
The guy gets over to us and says "What the fuck are you two doing? Don't you know everybody can see you out here? Somebody's going to call the cops. "Fuck off!" my sister said to him angrily. "My brother here is about to make me cum." "That's when I got really nervous and started to stop again, and she shoved my face back in it again.
"He's your brother?" he asked. "Yea" she moaned, as I tongue fucked her asshole. "Do you guys mind if I watch? I promise I won't tell anybody about this if you let me watch". "Sure" my sister said to him. I was nervous and shaking, but I continued to lick my sisters asshole and pussy.
The gentleman, who was probably in his mid forties, just sat down on a pool chair and silently watched as I sucked on my sisters pussy lips and tongue fucked her asshole until her pussy started to gape open, squirting her cum juice all in my face and in my mouth. She started to scream and squirm, pulling her pelvis away from my tongue because her clit was too sensitive.
Her cum was delicious, the most delicious thing I had ever tasted in my life. I licked her pussy until I couldn't taste any more of her cum in it, then licked her asshole a little bit more. I swear I could have done that until I passed out, it was so hot and delicious.
My sister got up and told me to stand up. I stood up to see that two other cars had stopped, and another man standing by the pool watching us. "Ya'll mind if I stay and watch?" he asked. "As long as you keep your mouth shut about all this" my sister answered commandingly. "You don't have to worry about that" the man said, appearing to be in his late sixties, and had a long gray beard. "They're brother and sister" I heard the other man whisper to the new guy. The new guy made a silent facial expression like "Wow" as my sister was kneeling before me, with her mouth wide open, waiting for my cock.
She put her lips around the tip of my cock and the older man spoke up and asked, "Is she really your sister?" I looked down at her as she had my whole cock in her mouth now and grabbed her head with both of my hands. "Yea, this is my sexy sister... sucking my cock"
"She is gorgeous" the other man says. "That she is" says the older man.
Now my sister is going to town on my cock, choking and gurgling on it, letting it pop out of her mouth, and licking all over the tip with her tongue. "Oh, that is so beautiful!" I heard one of the guys say under his breath. "I just can't believe that's your own sister sucking your cock, but I definitely see the resemblance" the other one said.
I was really getting turned on now, having these strangers watching me fuck my own sister, out in the open where anyone could catch us. My heart was beating a million miles an hour, as this had to be the most erotic moment of my life.
I wanted to lick her pussy and asshole some more, so I made her bend over on the pool chair, and licked her from behind. It was incredible to suck on my sisters pussy lips like that. I wanted to eat it forever. "Oh my god! That is sooo fucking hot! I can't believe he's licking his own sisters pussy!" one guy said.
I tongue fucked my sisters pussy and asshole again until her pussy gaped open again and she squirted her cum juice on my face and chest, and in my mouth. I lapped ever last drop off her crotch. She moaned and squirmed again, and now I also hear somebody behind me jerking off. I turned to look, and it was another stranger from the road. There were now SIX cars parked in front of our house! I looked around and there were now nine people standing and staring at us! One of them, a younger woman, seemed familiar after only being able to glance at her, which made me nervous again. "Don't worry about them! Let them enjoy the show. Now Fuck your sister!" my sister commanded me.
She laid back down, diagonally, on her pool chair, and spread her legs with her sexy feet in the air. I positioned myself between her, lifting my left foot up and propping my leg on her chair beside her, leaving my right leg standing straight up, and my cock dangling between my sisters thighs. She grabbed my super erect cock and guided it into her warm, wet pussy. It slid right in like it was made for it. I looked down and saw my sisters luscious pussy lips wrapped around my cock, when I thought about this, I was already, ready to cum.
I couldn't believe it. Here I was fucking the shit out of my sisters pussy, while nine strangers watched on, out in the open, in her backyard. I pounded that pussy as the thought just turned me on more and more. I pulled my cock out and tapped my sisters clit with the tip of it to keep myself from cumming. She continued to lay there with her legs spread wide open, moaning and squirming, looking at me with sinful eyes. I pounded her pussy like that until I knew I wasn't going to be able to keep from cumming. She just looked Too Damn Good!
I told her to flip over and get on her hands and knees cause I wanted to hit her pussy doggy style. She immediately complied and grabbed my cock to guide it back in between her delicious pussy lips. I pinched and pulled on them with my fingers as I slid my cock in and out of my sisters pussy. I was in pure bliss. I could vaguely hear some of the people watching us moaning in the back ground and saying sexual things. It turned me on and I had to stop for a few seconds.
She made me stand up again and she got on her knees. She grabbed my cock with one hand and started to stroke me off, at the same time she was sucking and licking my balls. This drove me crazy. I realized there was no way I was not going to cum like that either, so I had to make her stop.
Finally, she made me sit down so she could ride me reverse cowgirl. She climbed up and straddled over me then grabbed my cock. She slowly slid it in, in what at first I thought had to be her pussy since it went in so easily, but when I looked harder, I noticed my sister was riding my cock in her asshole! I had never fucked a girl in her asshole before, and my sisters was amazing!
"Look at her gaping pussy!" I heard somebody say under their voice. "She is gorgeous!" another said. She continued to ride my cock in her asshole and gave everyone a nice show. It was one of the most incredible sights I had ever seen, my own gorgeous sister, riding my cock, in her asshole! I really couldn't think of a more erotic experience, besides licking her pussy and asshole and making her cum... of course.
"Oh my god, I'm gonna cum! This is so fucking hot!!!" my sister started to scream. She started shoving my cock in her asshole more violently, and with what seemed like anger, it was extremely hot! "Oh fuck, I'm cumming!" and she slams her ass down on my cock two more times and then lets it flop out, squirting her pussy juice all over the place!
Two of the guys watching, actually came over and licked some of her cum juice dripping off the chair, as I licked it out of her pussy and asshole again. I watched one guy stick his finger in a drip she had squirted on the armrest, and lick it off his finger as he moaned then said, "That is fucking delicious! Do you mind if I suck on your sisters pussy for a little bit?"
Great, I thought, now everybody knows she's my sister and my friends and family are sure to find out about this. Fuck it, I thought some more, I might as well enjoy myself while I can, since it was probably already too late.
"Sure" I said. "If she doesn't mind."
"Please do" my sister said lustfully. "You're cute! And I like the thought of having my hot little brother watching me get ate out by a total stranger! This is going to be so fucking hot!"
This guy, who had to be in his forties as well, was unkempt, and looked hard. He had a lot of tattoos on both his arms, and he really licked my sisters pussy and asshole. It was so beautiful to watch her squirm as he sucked on her pussy lips and let them flop back down like I was doing. He also kept sticking his tongue in her asshole. It was an unbelievable sight, as she squirted her pussy juice in his mouth too!
"Will you cum in my mouth?" my sister asked me so innocently, after she made the guy get up off of her. It sounded so beautiful. I couldn't believe what I was actually hearing.
"You fucking A right I will" I said, as she came over and shoved my cock deep down her throat, stroking it with her mouth. I fucked her mouth for a few minutes, grabbing the sides of her head and shoving my sisters mouth down my cock. She pulls her mouth off it gagging. "I want everybody here to watch my own brother squirt his cum in mouth and all over my tongue! I can't wait to taste it!"
I started to jerk off, as she sat there in front of me, mouth gaping and tongue sticking out, waiting for the tip of her own brothers cock, to squirt cum onto it, in front of all these strangers. I furiously jacked off thinking about this, and after only about twenty seconds, I squirted the biggest gob of cum I ever had all over my sisters face, on her chest and tits, and in her mouth and on her tongue. She sat there innocently, looking up at me with her big beautiful eyes as I was in total paradise, with a string of my cum dangling from her chin. Everyone was oohing and ahhing, some had cum themselves, masturbating while watching this incredible moment for me and my sister. Seeing her like that just drove me insane. I had never been able to cum in someone's mouth before, and here I had just done that to my own sister. Incredible.
After that, my sister and I casually grabbed our clothes and walked back inside, and shortly thereafter, all of "spectators" had driven off. Word had gotten around the area about what happened, and my friends and family found out about us. My sister eventually divorced her husband, but ended up with another man and moved out of the state. I moved out of the state as well.

The end.

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