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So this is not a true story but its about this wild fantasy i had with a girl named Lily. This story contains sexual activities between underage people and more
specifically 13. If your not into this leave now and take your comments elsewhere. Remember this is my first story so please leave any constructive criticism down below. I would also like to mention i posted this story before but my account got deleted for some reason. Also my spelling was horrendous in the previous post. So enjoy.

So this starts with Lily one of my good friends inviting me to one of her sleepovers with Emily. Lily and Emily are both 13. Emily has a perfect body and beautiful face,
as well as long blonde hair that goes down past her shoulders. Lily is a little chubby but not too much, just enough to make her body very sexy. She has brunet hair
that about reaches her tits. So lily lives with her grandmother and she is rather old and doesn't think too well and I told my parents that I would be at my friend
Jake's for the night, which is how I even got to this sleepover. It started off as expected with small talk about boys and shit until Emily made the suggestion
to play truth or dare. This definitely got my attention as I knew it would lead to something interesting. I went first and Emily asked me a question. "Do
you like Lily"? Shyly I answered “A little I guess" not knowing how they would react if I told them I wanted to fuck lily's brains out right then and
there. So next it was Lily's turn. I asked her if she had ever kissed a boy and she said yes "but only one time with one of me ex's." The game carried on with silly
middle school like questions, until it finally got interesting when I picked dare, and Emily dared me to make out with lily. We both looked at each other and smiled
a bit and I said "OK I'll do it". Emily looked at me in shock, and I was sure she had noticed the boner I was getting from the thought of what was ganna happen
next. I leaned towards Lily with now a raging hard on and started to kiss her. The way we were positioned my cock rubbed up against the top of her leg and she
automatically stopped. Once she realized what it was she immediately reached back in and began to passionately make out with me, which took even me by surprise. But
when she was done, she just stopped and said “ OK Emily it’s your turn now". "OK" she said confused. "I dare you to let Andrew grab your boob" said lily with the most
confident voice. We just sat awkwardly in silence until. "OK I guess I have to it’s the game". At this point my dick was almost throbbing in pain I was so hard. I
reached over and slowly cupped my hand around her perky tit. And when I did Emily let out a soft moan. So I continued to rub and play with her nipple for about 30
seconds or so. And we continued on with the game strangely and awkwardly. "OK lily I've got a dare". "I dare all of us to get naked" I said preying not to get smacked
across the face. Immediately Emily, still horny from the nipple play earlier began to take her shirt off. Following Lily who had previously started I began to strip.
And when I let my hard 7 inch cock spring loose from my boxers all four eyes immediately gazed in amazement. This is where things got interesting. At this point our
little game had ended and Lily came over and started kissing me and surprisingly enough had my cock in her hand as she did it. Then Emily came over and began playing
with the rest of my dick that couldn't fit in Lily’s hand and playing with my balls. With the other hand she started rubbing Lily's clit which just made her kiss me even
harder. Emily than reached down and started to suck me off! While still playing with Lily’s clit we were all moaning at this point. Then we swapped positions and Lily
sat on my cock taking a lot of the length of it into her tight virgin cunt. Emily sat on my face and I began to eat out her cute little pussy. I started to moan and
then screeched out "I’m ganna cum". Emily jumped off my face and begged to swallow my cum. Lily hopped off and Emily took the FULL length of my cock in her mouth, and I
came rope after rope into her hot mouth. She tried to swallow it all but it started to come out of her mouth and seep around the side of her face. With cum still
dripping off her chin she turned around and screamed "fuck me, I want you so bad". I took her by surprise as I plunged my cock right into her ass and she screamed in
pain. "NO!" she screeched, knowing that’s not what she meant. I kept going tho and she started to enjoy it, which I could tell from her moaning and the way she was
licking the rest of my cum off her face. I then reached over and started licking Lily's beautiful breasts, and fingering her pussy vigorously. I was slowly circling
my tongue around her small nipple and i could tell she was loving it. "OH Fuck" she screamed as she came all over my hand. She was a serious squirter and she grabbed
my hand and licked off all of her own pussy juices. As I continued to fuck Emily in the ass without warning I shot my cum right into her little fuck hole. She
screamed and came so hard as she felt my semen seep into her ass. All of us exhausted we fell asleep, with my cock still in Emily's ass, and Lily still having her
own juices in her mouth....

To be continued. Sorry this was kind of a short story but it was my first and I would like some help for my future stories down below. Thank you for reading :D

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2014-09-06 09:40:31
Well that escalated quickly

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2013-09-17 11:55:27
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2013-08-11 14:26:04
the story was a bit short and a little bit unrealistic, so try to improve that next time

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2013-08-11 14:22:05
the story was a bit short and a little bit unrealistic, so try to improve that next time

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2013-08-04 22:24:34
ima tit lover to raging boner hole time

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