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This is a true story
This is a true story about what happened to me a couple of years ago, of course I have changed her name. I was not looking forward to the 12 hour non stop plane flight that was ahead of me to Amsterdam on my way to Moscow. I am a 45 year old divorced man and about average looking and maybe about 10 lbs overweight. I always got nervous about the seating on the plane and had some bad luck on my past 2 flights by being seated to smelly ignorant people, so when I took my window seat I was in great anticipation about who was going to sit beside me in the other two seats. Soon the aisle seat was taken by a very pretty young Asian girl in a short mini skirt, who I thought was about 13 or 14 years old. The plane keep filling up but when it was time for take-off the middle seat was vacant so as we taxied out onto the runway I lifted the armrest beside me to give myself some more room and on doing this the young girl did the same to hers and said hello to me.

We made some small conversation and I found out she was almost 16, her name in Chinese was Lingling and her English name was Mary she was Chinese living in Canada with her parents and was going to China to visit her Grandparents for the summer holidays. She would fly from Amsterdam to Beijing after a night stopover, the same as me except I would go to Moscow the next day. I was reading my magazine when she asked me if it was ok if she put her feet up in the middle seat as she was going to try to sleep, I told her to go ahead she removed her running shoes and she took the small blanket that the airline gives out with that so called pillow and put it over her legs and put her feet into the middle seat. She must have been tired because she made hardly any movement and seemed to be fast asleep. I kept reading for awhile and the stewardess came by with the drink cart and I got a coffee as I reached over for my coffee I looked down and seen that the small blanket didn't reach far enough and I had a clear view of her pink panties.

Her panties were pulled up tight into her pussy and I could clearly see her pussy lips in the outline and the dark shadow of her pussy hair. My cock started growing quite fast and my eyes stayed fixed on that tight looking virgin pussy. We hit some rough weather and the seatbelt sign came on and she stirred in her sleep and stretched out one of her legs which came right on top of my leg right beside my raging hard cock. I wasn't sure what I should do as this gave me a really great view of her pussy and also felt great by my cock. I put my hand on her foot to move it away when another bump made her foot touch the head of my cock, so I just left it like that. The Stewardess came with the meal cart and that woke her up. She looked where her foot was and seen my hand on it and she started to apologize and got red in the face I told her it was ok and I knew that she could feel my hard cock against her foot. She pulled back to remover her foot from my lap which made me realize that I was holding her foot and it was my turn to turn red in the face and say sorry. As she removed her foot from my lap and moved it to the floor it spread her pussy wide open and I was positive that I seen a dark mark on her panties that looked like a wet spot.

After we finished eating and collected everything they turned the lights off in the plane and everyone was going to go to sleep. I laid back against the seat and tried to sleep but that pussy beside me was still strong on my mind and my cock was not going to settle down. There was a large bulge alone the leg of my jeans and I seen her glance over at it a couple of times. She took her blanket and put it over her legs and put her feet back up on the seat between us again. There was still some light coming into the plane from my window and I am not sure if she knew it or not but I could clearly see her pussy in that position and now I knew for sure she had a big wet spot on her panties. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep but I couldn't sleep my cock wouldn't let me. When I would open my eyes I would be looking right at her legs and pussy and this time when I opened my eyes she had spread her knees apart and I could see she had her hand on her pussy rubbing it very slowly. I couldn't believe she was masturbating right there on the seat beside me I thought for a moment I would cum right on the spot and if I would have even touched my cock I know it would have exploded. As she got more into it she took her other hand and pulled her panties to the side and started to my her fingers over her clit faster. Her eyes were closed tight and I could hear her breathing getting more rapid by the moment and I knew soon my show would be over and my cock would be still rock hard and no way top get any relief.

I still to this day don't know what I was thinking but I reached up between her legs and grabbed her hand her eyes opened and she almost screamed out loud let me help you with that I said it will feel a lot better. She never said a word she just kept staring at me. I let go of her hand and she moved it to the side and I ran my finger up and down her wet juicy slit and it must have felt good because she pulled her panties way over to the side and spread her legs wider apart.

I would run my fingers up and down her slit and every so often rub her clit and she would jerk her body and press against my finger. Finally she was soaking wet and I slowly started to push my finger into her pussy it didn't go in very far when I felt her cherry and as I pressed against it I could see it was hurting her. I took my finger from her pussy and brought it to my mouth and as she watched me I slowly licked her pussy juice off my finger. I told her she tasted fantastic. I then went back to playing with her clit I told her she had to tell me when she was going to cum soon her breathing was getting very fast and she held my hand and was grinding her pussy against my hand ...I am going to cum now she said I moved my hand away and she tried to pull it back no I said I want to cum to so slide your pussy closer to the edge of the seat. As she did I took my cock out and twisted in the seat and pressed the head of my cock against her pussy and rubbed it up and down her between her juicy pussy lips she grabbed my cock and held it tight against her pussy and she started to cum her body was jerking all over the place and I couldn't believe that she didn't make very much noise while doing this. I couldn't hold back any more and stream after stream of cum exploded from my cock all over her pussy and her hand.

She got her purse and got some tissue out and cleaned up as much of the mess as she could and then went to the bathroom. I was getting worried as she was gone for a long time and I thought maybe she would tell someone what had happened. I was ok though and she finally returned to her seat. I could see she was really embarrassed about what had happened. I told her that was the most interesting sexual experience I had ever had and that I had not cum that hard or that much before in my life. She told me she had never had a orgasm like the one she had as well and that it felt so good that she made herself cum 2 more times when she was in the bathroom and that is what took her so long.

I told her I sure would have liked to have fucked her but that it would have been impossible not to get caught in the seat like that and she said she thought about that when she was in the bathroom. We stood beside each other as we waited for out luggage to come and I checked the shuttle bus I needed to catch for the hotel my room was at for the overnight stay, that is when she reached up and kissed me right on the mouth and as I looked around at all the people looking at us she said we are both lucky I am staying at the same hotel..... I will finish the second part if I get enough interest from females.

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