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Chapter Ten--Ron goes past the point of no return with the plan. And what about the Russians?
Kim and I drove in silence the 15 minutes it took to get to north Aurora. I was disappointed to see street lights illuminating this rural street where we planned to crash Rachel’s car. But, there was nothing to be done about it. There was only a sliver of a moon, so even with the street lights, it was still pretty dark. Maybe the light would actually delay notice of the fire. I could hope. My stomach didn’t think anything was going right at all. My brain was starting to agree. I was beginning to think furiously about how to get out of this mess.

It all started about a week ago, after my-ex wife’s sister’s 21st birthday party. We, meaning Rachel (ex wife), Kim (sister) and three of Kim’s friends went clubbing. Afterwards I ended up in Kim’s bed. It was one of the best nights of my life.

The next morning, after I had gone out, I returned to find the sisters, bound, naked, and telling a tale of a Russian mobster out to kill them. The apparently unarmed mobster had fled when he heard me pull up, but promised to be back. He was under the impression that Rachel, who was dating another Russian gangster, had stolen a large sum of money from him. Rachel said it was her ex-boyfriend, who was now on the run, but leaving her to take the blame.

The ladies concocted a plan to make Rachel disappear, by having her seem to die in a car accident. We, the sisters, plus Kim’s best friend, the luscious red-head, Tasha, had stolen a body, taken dental x-rays, and covered the theft via fraudulent paperwork and a cremation. It had been one hell of a busy week.

When I wasn’t committing some felony, Kim (very willingly), Rachel (not so much), and Tasha (surprisingly) had been screwing me to the point of exhaustion. I have had more sex in the last week, than I did in the last two years of my marriage. I’m surprised I can still get an erection at this point.

Well, not at this particular point in time. I know why at this point in time my cock has crawled up inside, and is hiding. Sex was the last thing on my mind as I put my car in park and got out. Rachel had done the same in her car. Kim got out of the passenger side of my car. Rachel’s passenger did nothing. She was already dead and would be standing in for Rachel in a few moments.

“This is it.” I said and paused for effect “This is our last chance to call it quits”

“We’ve come too far to quit now.” Said Kim

“Yes, lets get to this, so I can start my new life.” echoed Rachel.

I swallowed nervously. I had hoped one of them was going to rescue me. But, that was not to be.

I opened the car door and drug Dead Rachel out.

“Give me a hand” I said and both sisters came forth.

We eased her into the driver’s seat and I could feel that Dead Rachel had on a bra. The sisters had dressed the corpse in Rachel’s cloths earlier this evening and for some reason the bra struck me as funny.

“You guys but a bra on her?”

Rachel answered with no humor

‘I always said I wouldn’t be caught dead in public without a bra. Now you know I meant it.”

I shook my head as I walked back to my car to retrieve the gas cans. I was really apprehensive about this next part. As a matter of fact this was clearly in the stupid category. I took the small gallon gas can, put in on the floor in the back of Rachel’s car and tipped it over. I tossed the lid in beside it.

The smell of the gas hit me, and I was even more worried. I took the five gallon can and began to saturated Dead Rachel and the entire back seat and floor. I left about a gallon in it and put it back in my car.

“OK” I started “Let’s go over this one more time”

I expected groans, as we had gone over this many times before we had all tried to get some sleep.

“We get in your car and drive down to the tree and park after the turn.” started Kim

“After the car crashes, I grab the gas can and the lighter and head over to the wreck.”
followed Rachel

“If you aren’t already out of the car, I help you get out” said Kim

“I douse your empty seat with the rest of the gasoline and light it” continued Rachel

“Then we all get into your car and get the hell out of here” said Kim and Rachel together

“What if my door won’t open?” I asked.

“I break the glass with the tire iron” said Kim holding it up

“What if I’m hurt and unconscious?’ I grilled

“We drag you out of the car and worry about the injuries later?’

“What if the car catches itself on fire and I can’t get out?”

“I shoot you.” said Rachel in a flat emotional tone, but holding her father’s pistol.

“But that won’t happen.” said Kim, who was trying to be brave. “Those cars bursting into flames every time they hit a wall or something; that's all Hollywood nonsense.”

“Yeah, but the five gallons of gas in there isn’t. Have the gun ready. I don’t want to burn to death.”

The ladies were silent

“Rachel if this works and I don’t die; I expect sex from you every time I see you.” I said with a grin

“Fine” she said with a smile “I’ll just make sure I never see you again.”

Rachel and I had a stormy marriage of five years. It ended in divorce less than a year ago. One of the big reasons was that she hated sex. She’s do it, but it took a lot of begging or bribing. Her hating sex was such a tragedy, because Rachel is stunning. She has leading lady good looks. I’m OK looking, but strictly B-list material. The biggest thrill I got out of our marriage was seeing the look on other men’s faces when they realized she was with me.

Kim walked over and gave me a deep, slow, wet kiss.

“We can finish that, when we get home” she announced with her eyes getting misty.

Kim is attractive in her own right, but she pales in comparison to Rachel. I mean Kim is very pretty and never lacked for male attention. But, Rachel shines. Still when you started to compare ‘parts’ you wonder why Kim would finish second. She had nicer legs, firmer breasts, and a bitchy innocence to her that drives me crazy.

I nodded and shooed them off.

“Get down there and get ready.” I said

They got into my car and I got into the passenger side of Rachel’s machine. I turned on the ignition, and the car surged to life. I half expected an explosion. The smell of gas was overpowering. I thought about rolling down a window, but in the cold night air, I thought that might look suspicious when the accident investigator arrived.

I looked up and watched as my car made the turn a quarter mile down the road, and stopped about 20 yards past the bend in the road. The lights went out. They were ready.

My heart was beating about a million beats per second and my head was swimming because of the gasoline. I buckled myself in. Can’t forget that, and God bless the man that invented airbags. I was counting on the one in front of me to save me from injury.

This afternoon I had fashioned a stick that I would use to wedge the gas pedal to the floor. I had brought it out with me from my car, and I now used it to apply the brake pedal, so I could take the car out of gear. It was harder than I thought and I got gas all over my shoulder as I used it for leverage against Dead Rachel. This was not starting out well.

The car shifter jumped, and lurched backwards as I got it into reverse. I quickly shifted to drive, and we began to move forward. I took a deep, but much polluted breath and worked the Acceleration Stick onto the pedal and pushed it down. The car jumped as the fuel injectors did their job. The car was picking up speed faster than I expected.

I was trying to steer, wedge the stick into the seat, and not get anymore gas on me all at the same time.

Faster and faster went the car. I got the stick situated and relaxed a bit. The car speedometer was at 30, and rising.

I looped the leather strap of the acceleration stick around my right wrist as I focused on keeping this missile pointed towards the tree that guarded the angle of the turn ahead. I was starting to get very lightheaded. I had really underestimated how powerful the gasoline smell would be. I briefly wondered if there was enough oxygen.

The car was doing 40 and the tree was starting to loom large.

I was all of a sudden thankful for the streetlights. I was thinking I could not spot the tree without the light they were giving off.

45 MPH and I noticed my vision was blurry. The tree was very big and very fuzzy.

I remember exactly two things before I blacked out. I remembered yanking the Acceleration Stick out of place and I remember thinking

“Why haven’t we heard from the Russians lately?”

Then it was dark.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh” I groaned out. “My fucking head is killing me.”

“Thank God!” someone familiar said, but I was not awake enough to put a face to the voice. My eyes were no help, because I had not opened them yet.

“We were starting to get worried!” I heard the voice say.

The fog started to clear and with her next words I realized that it was Rachel in the room with me.

“Kim! Come here! Ron’s awake!”

I heard the sound of running feet as I tried to get into a sitting position. A rush of pain filled my forehead and I felt like I was going to throw up. I let Rachel ease me back down to the bed.

“Easy, Ron. You’re got a nice bump on your head” Rachel said as I saw Kim appear at the door.

Kim’s face was a mixture of hope and worry. I saw relief take over her face when she looked over at me.

“Oh, Ron! I thought we were going to have to call an ambulance!”

“Ow” I groaned out as I touched my forehead. “What happened? Didn’t the airbag work?”

Even before the words were out, I could tell by the snide tone in Rachel’s voice that she was going to say something derogatory.

“Oh, yeah. It opened fine. But, you were so loopy from the gasoline fumes that you knocked yourself out on the door jam getting out of the car”

The reality flooded back in and my heart skipped a beat

“The car! What happened? Did I hit the tree? Did it catch fire? Did anyone see us?”

“Slow down!” said Kim with genuine worry. “I think everything is fine. You hit that tree at what looked like 100 mph. I was sure you were dead. We went rushing over to you and like Rachel said, you hit your head hard when you opened the door and tried to get out fast. You collapsed. Rachel poured the rest of the gas on your side, not like it needed it, she lit a match and there was a huge whoosh! We half dragged you to the car and got out of there. I didn’t see anyone, but man we were so pumped on adrenaline; I think we were lucky to remember to get you.”

All of that came out so fast, I was sure I was going to throw up from the sheer speed of her story. I managed to eek out a question.

“How long was I out?”

“It’s 3 AM now, so two hours.” said Rachel “Much more and we were going to make something up and get you to the doctor!”

I might have a concussion I thought. My head damn sure hurt.

“We need to relocate to your place.” I said trying to get up again.

“No, Ron! Don’t get up!” said Kim

“The cops are going to show up at the address on Rachel’s driver’s license. That isn’t here. Kim, you have to play the part of the clueless and then grieving sister, when they show up. At 3 AM good boys and girls are sound asleep at home.”

“What about me?” said Rachel. I shouldn’t be there, right? I’m supposed to be dead.”

“Where ever you are, you have to stay hidden until we can get you up to your uncle’s cabin. I guess the less you are out in public the better. So, yeah, you should stay here.”

I said finally getting into a sitting position. I felt a little better.

“Yeah, well you aren’t supposed to be there” said Kim sternly. “And you’re in no shape to go bouncing around the city”

My head hurt too much to argue. So I didn’t. But, I did get to my feet.

“Fine. But, I have something for you.” I said as I walked to the master bathroom.

I was in and out in five seconds. If my bladder was signaling anything, the pounding in my head was drowning it out. I produced a gallon Ziploc bag with a toothbrush and hairbrush.

The sisters looked at each other and then looked at me.

“I used these on the dead body. The police might ask for something to get DNA from. Give them these. Don’t give them any cloths. Tell them all the laundry was just done, so there is nothing dirty. ”

Kim took the bag from my hand.

“And as soon as you get home, take these out of the bag and put them in Rachel’s bathroom. If you give them to them in a Ziploc bag, they might wonder why you had them ready.”

“Anything else?” Kim asked with full attention.

“Yeah. Change in to PJs and go to bed. It won’t look good if you’re waiting up for them. They will likely ask you if you know where Rachel is. Tell them just like we worked out. Rachel told you she was going to go out clubbing with friends and she was not home yet. Make them tell you what happened, so you don’t accidently blurt out something that will get us in trouble. Ask them, “Why, what’s wrong?” Those exact words. OK?”

“OK” she echoed

“Then you are on your own with the emotional stuff. Crying works really well. Let them do as much talking as possible. They won’t want to stay any longer than they have to, but they won’t leave until they know you are all right. They might offer a grief councilor. Just ignore that and tell them you need to call me, as I am her ex-husband. I’ll offer to come over and you tell the police I am on my way. They should leave either shortly thereafter, or they might wait until I actually get there.”

“How’s my bump?” I asked Rachel. “Does it show?”

“No, but you smell like gas.”

“OK. Shower for me. Stuff the cloths in a bag and well get rid of them. Kim, you need to get going.” I ordered.

I leaned in and kissed Kim.

“Good luck” I said. She half grinned and then turned and walked out.

I went into the bathroom and got out of my smelly cloths. Rachel came in and took them from me. I figured she would strip the bed where I was lying and wash a load of clothes.

I turned on the shower and got in. The hot water felt good, but it hurt to have it hammering on my head. I eased myself into the flow of the water and the pain gradually dulled to throb. I relaxed and started to feel somewhat better.

With the pain not fighting so hard for my attention, thoughts of what I had just done and what was to come started to creep in. Fuck! I wonder how bad the fire was. I was starting to think that I used way too much gasoline and that there was no way anyone would think it an accident. Even the story we cooked up that Rachel was getting gas for the lawn mower, to explain gasoline in the car, was sounding lame.

I don’t know long I was in the shower, but it was starting to turn cold and then Rachel knocked at the door.

“Are you OK?” she called through the closed door.

“Yeah. I’m coming out”

I turned off the water, toweled off, and walked out to the bedroom.

I took some cloths out of the hamper and Rachel scrunched up her nose at me.

“How’s it going to look if I go over to your place in fresh cloths and freshly showered? I’m not even going to comb my hair. The messier the better.”

Rachel nodded and then asked

“Now what?”

“We wait for Kim to call and pray that everything goes OK over there. I have to say that I’m more than a little worried. Kim is all by herself.”

“Kim’s tough. I’m not worried about her at all” Rachel said plainly

Her certitude surprised me, but I did not argue. Instead I went downstairs and turned on the TV. Might as well get comfortable.

The sound of my phone woke me and I nearly screamed.

I swallowed by heart and stopped myself from picking up after the first ring. Better if I was fumbling in the dark, being awaken from a sound sleep.

I picked up on third ring.

“Hello?” I answered thickly

“The cops just left! I hope I didn’t screw it up!”

“Why?!” I asked in a panic “What did you say!?”

“Nothing.! Easy, OK. I just don’t know if I’m a good enough actress! Christ! My stomach is in a fucking knot!”

I swallowed and counted to three.

“So what did they say?”

Rachel was by my side, leaning in to listen.

“It went about like you said it would. They asked if Rachel was home. I told them she went out clubbing and wasn’t home. Then they asked if Rachel owned a Toyota with a particular license number. I didn’t know Rachel license number, but I told them she drove a red Toyota Celica. Then I asked why”

“That’s good. What did they say?”

“They said there had been an accident and that Rachel’s car was involved. I asked if Rachel was OK and they said that the driver had been killed. I burst into tears and asked them if they were sure it was Rachel.”

“And?” I interrupted

“They said they didn’t know” Kim paused


“I stopped crying and looked at them. They said there had been a fire and that the body was badly burned. I started crying again. They gave me a few seconds and asked if I would be OK. I nodded my head”

“Then what?” I asked almost about to wet myself.

“They said I should call someone to be with me and when I nodded my head again, they left”

I let out an audible breath that Kim misunderstood for a sound of disapproval.

“What?! What did I do wrong?! she screamed out

“Nothing! Nothing! You were great! I’m just so relieved!”

“So I did good?” Kim said sounding very relieved herself

“Did you shed real tears” I asked


“Then you………”

I never finished the sentence, because in the next instant I was throwing up all over the floor.

“Ron! Ron!” I could hear in the distance.

Rachel took the phone from me.

“Ron’s thowing up!” she said excitedly.

I found my voice.

“I’m OK” I tried to sound confident, but I was not sure how all right I was. I was sure I had a concussion.

“Kim said she’s coming over”

“NO!” I shouted. Which was a mistake. My stomach lurched again, but nothing came out. “She needs to stay put.”

Rachel relayed that to Kim and sisters went back and forth. Rachel argued for me as the nausea passed and I once again found the ability to speak.

“Rachel, tell Kim to stay put. You and I will hole up here. Ask her what she thinks about calling Tasha to come to stay with her.”

Rachel relayed my information and the two girls went back and forth. It sounded like Kim was reluctant to call Tasha at this hour. But, when Rachel suggested it would sound perfectly normal if she (Rachel) had really been killed, Kim agreed. I wondered if Tasha would be so amiable.

Rachel hung up and gave me my phone. She went to the bathroom and I heard water running. She came back and began to clean up my mess. I was going to object, but I didn’t think I could bend over to clean it up.

“You didn’t take this good of care of me when we were married.” I said by way of an apology.

“You should try to get some rest. As soon as I’m done here, I’m going to bed.” she answered

I looked at my watch. It was almost 6 AM. I decided Rachel was right, but I had a phone call to make. I had to let Dr Syygo know what had happened and that I would not be in. My turn to act.

I found his contact and made the call. It went as well as could be hoped. My headache and lack of sleep undoubtedly helped with my acting skills. It was a short call. The doc did not even ask for any details. That kind of surprised me. I knew Dr. Syygo carried a torch for my ex-wife. I figured he would be very interested in the details. But, truth be told, I was super relieved when I was able to quickly get the conversation over with. His last words were “Take all the time you need”. I hung up the phone.

“Ron. Let me use your phone. I hate that you made me leave my purse and everything in my car. What difference does it make?”

“Shhhhhhhhhhh” I said “My head is killing me. And you can’t call anyone. You’re dead.”

“I just want to check Facebook.” Rachel replied with a tone that said ‘What do you think I am, stupid?’

“No Facebook either. You have to start living as Rachel Leah Jackson; that new name you and Petrov came up with.” I said

Petrov was the Russian mobster that got us into this mess. He was the one who stole money from the Russian mob, and let Rachel take the blame for it. But, he had also gotten Rachel fake papers so they could start a new life together. That was before he double-crossed her and took the money.

Rachel looked at me funny for a second, then turned and walked away to go back to bead. My head really did hurt. I decided I would pop some ibuprofen and do the same.

The combination of my concussion and the limited sleep had me out pretty quick. The next thing I knew I was hearing sounds from downstairs. I was still groggy and really out of it, but I was sure these sounds were not normal. I got up to investigate.

I listened as I walked, taking care to make as little noise as possible. For some reason, I thought it important not to let whoever was downstairs know I was awake. As I approached my own bedroom doorjamb I heard a voice, clear, and speaking evenly.

“We’re sorry.” Said the voice that I thought sounded like Kim.

What the hell was Kim doing here? She was supposed to be at her house. She could inadvertently lead the police to Rachel and spoil everything.

I took a few more cautious steps, entering the hall and selecting a path towards the stairs.

“Yeah. We’re sorry.” Said a voice I was positive was my ex-wife.

Rachel had said she was going to bed. And who the hell are they talking to? Part of an answer came with the next voice.

“Sorry does not matter. What matter is what you do.” The ‘what’ came out like ‘vhat’. This male voice was speaking in a Russian accent!

‘Russian!’ I thought. ‘We’re all dead!’

I had stopped when the man had spoken, and I found myself at the head of the stairs. I did not know what I was going to do, but the girls were with a Russian and that could not be good news.

‘You whores need to stay with the plan.” Continued the Russian in an even voice.

“We know.” Said Kim like she was acknowledging that it was raining.

‘What the fuck?’ I thought. ‘Kim doesn’t sound like she is in trouble. What the hell is going on?’

I reluctantly and slowly started down the stairs. I descended four steps without noise. These stairs always creaked and it would take a miracle for the Russian not to hear me. But, I had to see what was going on. My very next step was answered with a loud groan from the stair tread and I frozen waiting to see if I had been heard.

“We’ll do better.” Said Rachel

Good. No one heard me. I took another step and the stairs groaned again. The Russian was in mid-sentence when the stair had groaned and I frozen again; expecting him to stop and listen. But, he never missed a beat.

“Yes. You will do better. And we will see how you do better, right now.”

Embolden, I took another step, which was mercifully silent. And then another. I was better than half way down. I could kneel down from here and look through the ballister to see into the living room. I decided to do that, as the Russian was continuing his speech.

“Kim, get on your knees and service me. You aren’t particular fond of cock sucking”

I finished squatting down and could now see what was going on. I expected to see some Russian mobster. I did not expect to recognize him, but I did! After Rachel and I divorced we did not keep in contact. Once, a few weeks after the papers had been signed, I saw a Rachel with a lawyer-looking guy. We didn’t meet or anything. I just remember thinking that I felt sorry for him. Now, as I looked at his face once again, I wasn’t sure who to feel sorry for.

I shifted my gaze. Kim and Rachel were standing side by side in the middle of the living room, looking at the Russian who was standing about three feet in front of them. They were wearing identical black tube tops, which made their skin look pale. Their lower halves where clad in only small black panties. Both sisters were in black high heels. Neither lady looked to be distressed or worried. Their posture was like they were talking to the school principle.

The Russian, as well as the girls were in profile, and he was dressed in black as well. Head to toe black. He had on a black suit that fit him well. A black shirt, with a black tie. Black loafers hid what I presumed to be black socks. The only change of color was his flesh tone face and hands.

Kim was in the act of kneeling so I guessed I was going to find out if he had black underwear, too. Kim spoke as she moved.

“No. I don’t like to give blow jobs. I prefer to eat pussy. I’ll do it to make you happy.”

“Yes, you will, whore.” he answered.

I watched as Kim’s breasts rose and fell more frequently, her breathing quickened in anticipation. She was leaning back onto her tanned and shapely legs as she reached towards the Russian’s fly, to obediently extract the Russian’s cock. In an effortless motion he slapped her hands away.

“Put your hands behind your back, whore.”

Kim looked at him with surprise and concern competing for dominance of her face. Maybe it was fear. But, she moved both hands to the small of her back and interlocked her fingers.

The Russian took one long step towards Rachel, reached behind her head and grabbed a handful of her blond locks. He pulled her violently towards him and Rachel stumbled forward without crying out. He pulled her in close and kissed her hard. Rachel struggled ever so slightly, but then relented and accepted his tongue into her mouth and began to kiss him back.

With a pull of her hair the Russian broke their kiss and looked at her with an evil glare.

“You, Rachel, dislike having your tits sucked. Is that not true?’

“Y..yes. I….”

Her sentence was interrupted as the Russian ripped her tube top completely off.

“Petrov!” she gasped

Rachel’s arms flew up to cover herself. The Russian only smiled a confident and naughty smile.

“Help your sister. Take my cock out, so she can get to work.” said the Russian with menace in his voice.

So this was Petrov. This was the guy who had caused all this trouble. But, what was he doing here? And why did the girls not seem to be afraid?

Rachel leaned over to comply. Her two hands shook as she undid his belt and then unfastened his pants. The pants and his underwear were down to mid thigh in the next moment. The Russian’s member jutted out, and seemed to take up the whole room. It was large; in the neighborhood of 10 inches and as think as Kim’s wrist. The organ was unnaturally dark, like it had been dyed or used to belong to a black man.

I looked over at Kim for a reaction and I saw her eyes go wide with worry and fear. I was no where near this large and judging from her face, Kim was thinking the same thing.

The Russian had not released Rachel hair and he pulled her back to a full standing position. He slapped her arms away from her C cup breasts and Rachel’s arms dropped to her side.

Rachel’s breasts are perfect. They are milky white, with a hint of tan lines. The areolas are brown-pink and normally the size of a quarter. Both breasts pouted upward, seemingly asking to be sucked. Both globes glistened with sweat and her nipples were scrounged up into the tightest knots I had ever seen. Her tits had never looked this enticing.

I was hard as a rock. Seeing Rachel’s tits usually did that for me, but seeing them in this state of arousal was more than Bruno could take, even given the situation. . I watched as Petrov looked down on Kim. She was just staring at his large cock. She looked frightened.

“Suck, bitch” Pertrov commanded

“Please, Petrov. Go easy.’s so big.” She said in a meek voice that I was unaccustomed to hearing.

“The plan is big, whore! If you are not up to it, then should not have taken it on. Now put it in you mouth and get to work”

My little Kim is not prone to taking orders in any circumstances, but she immediately opened her mouth and took Petrov’s erection into her mouth. She slowly moved her head back and forth, sucking and slurping audibly. This did nothing to help my hard on and I watched as a good part of the Russian’s member disappeared and reappeared as Kim bobbed obediently.

Kim was only taking about half of Petrov’s organ and his patients quickly wore thin.

“All of it, whore! You will take all of it!” he roared

With that he grabbed her by that back of head and pulled her in closer, jamming another couple of inches of his cock into Kim. Kim looked panicky for a second, choking on the meat in her throat, but she relaxed and began bobbing again.

“That’s better” Petrov said his face shifted to a satisfied smirk and the enraptured look on his face told me he was now much happier with Kim. He closed his eyes, and took a few seconds to enjoy the attention his organ was receiving.

Kim was trying to maintain as much control as possible. But, her hands were behind her back and the Russian’s hair hold gave him complete control of the tempo. All Kim could do was try to take more and more of the Russian and keep him from burying his rod to the hilt in frustration.

With each stroke Kim was taking more and more meat into her throat. I looked into her eyes and saw that fear had been replaced by determination. I had no doubt she would swallow his entire cock soon.

Suddenly the Russian’s eyes flew open, like something had broken the spell holding him to his cloud in heaven. He his head whipped towards Rachel.

“Bring those tits to me, bitch.” Petrov ordered.

Rachel stepped closer, stopped, and waited for him to bend down. Petrov was a foot or so taller, so Rachel’s luscious orbs were a full two feet below his waiting mouth. To both our surprise Petrov reached behind Rachel, grabbed her underwear and lifted her off her feet by them.

“Owww!” she screamed as her panties dug into her soft tissues.

Rachel writhed in pain and began to beat Petrov with her fists. Her blows, landing on his neck and shoulders, had the effect of a mosquito on a bear.

“Petrov! No! Please! Put me down! That hurts! Please! she screamed as she continued to struggle and fight.

Petrov ignored her pleas of pain and her harmless attack. The instant Rachel’s breast was near he inhaled the cherry into his mouth. Rachel screamed again as he bit down on her breast meat.

“ Owwwwwwww! Petrov, please!”

His only response was to pull her in tightly to him, mashing her breast into his face.

Rachel now placed both hands on his broad shoulders and used them to take as much weight was she could off of the wedgie trying to split her in two.

Petrov alternated quickly between biting and sucking. He had a look of pure pleasure on his face, lost completely in the feeling of the breast in his mouth, and the mouth around his cock.

“Ow! Ow!” came the softer but, still heartfelt pleas from Rachel “Please Petrov! This really hurts!”

Petrov released his prize to attack the other and managed to grunt out

“You knew the plan would be painful. You accepted that eagerly.”

He latched onto her other breast again and shook it like a dog with his hungry mouth.

“Owwwwww!” Came the plea that was nearly smothered by a wet sob.

Kim was not watching the show above her. It was mostly blocked, but she had her own difficulties. Her mouth was distorted both by the package inside it, and her own efforts to conform to it. This made it was hard to tell if Kim was worried or determined. Her wide eyes were closed, trying to blot out what was happening. They remained that way for only another second.

They jerked open as Petrov spoke.

“More, bitch!’

Kim had not yet achieved full deep throat and knew immediately that she was about to, regardless of her own desires or abilities.

I was sure I knew what was coming, but Petrov added a twist. With his firm hairhold in the back of Kim’s head, he anchored Kim’s body and pushed the entire length of his penis deep down Kim’s throat.

He had begun this intrusion when Kim had pulled most of the way out and he began an almost agonizingly slow pace of violating Kim. As each inch entered her mouth, I could see her throat swell with the intrusion. I was amazed that Kim was not fighting this tooth and nail. Contrary to that notion she was doing her best to accept this and continue to be Petrov’s fuck toy.

“Ahhhhhhh! Yes! That’s a good little whore!” he said as he completed the stroke and ground his crotch into Kim’s face.

With that he appeared to focus all efforts on enjoying the sisters’ bodies. He began to aggressively face-fuck Kim, while both biting and sucking on Rachel’s breasts.

“No! Please! Owwww! came another cry of pain. He moved from one to the other, first sucking on a nipple, then biting it. He would tire of one globe and move to the next.

Kim for her part was trying not to panic, but I could see the shadow of it appear on her face. A couple of tears escaped and ran down her cheeks as Petrov’ face fucking continued. Petrov would take his organ half way out and then push it back down Kim’s throat with no thought. Only his animalistic desire was to be considered at this point.

At once he opened his mouth wide and clamped on to Rachel’s breast and sucked deeply and I saw Rachel’s eye’s go wide in pain. Petrov pulled Kim back and she made a small smacking sound as his cock left her mouth.

Kim took a long, life enhancing breath as she looked up at the big Russian. Petrov held his cock like he was going to relieve himself and then shot a massive load of his seed onto Kim’s face. Kim jumped in shocked and squealed


His capacity was like nothing I had ever seen. His spurts exceeded an entire second in length and came one after the other. Kim quickly had white ooze all over face, chest, and hair in seconds.

Petrov finished, released Rachel’s nipple and she began to relax as he let her slowly down to floor, almost as an afterthought.

“You did well, whore.” He said looking a Kim. He looked at Rachel who was pulling her underwear down in to a normal position.

“You clean your sister up.” Petrov said with menace in his voice.

Rachel took one step towards the bathroom and Petrov added three words to his sentence.

“with your tongue”

Rachel’s head jerked to look at Petrov.

“Please not that!” she begged

“You knew the plan would not be pleasant. You knew you would have to do unpleasant things”

Rachel did not say another word. She walked over and bent at the waist to begin licking Petrov’s cum from her sister. Kim knelt there laconically and spent. She displayed no emotion, as she accepted her tongue bath.

Petrov moved behind Rachel and grabbed a handful of one exposed ass cheek.

“This is fine! You do not like your ass fucked, whore.” He said as a statement.

“No, Petrov! Please!” Rachel said pleadingly. But, the raw emotion accompanying her three words told me she knew what was to come.

In one motion Petrov ripped Rachel’s panties from her body, exposing her private orifices. Except for the Fuck-Me- Pumps, which greatly accentuated Rachel’s ass, she was completely naked. And bend over like she was, completely vulnerable. Petrov took a single step towards Rachel, with his right hand guiding his cock to Rachel’s exposed little starfish.

In five years of marriage, I had never gotten inside Rachel’s backdoor. She hated anal sex. She thought it was dirty and that it would hurt. Over the last week she had put that conviction aside and had allowed me much access to this coveted pleasure. But, I was not nearly as large as Petrov and certainly not as thick. I was thinking that he was going to rip Rachel’s apart. That thought was foremost in Rachel’s mind as well.

“P..p.please, Petrov. You’re too big for me there. You’ll send me to the hospital” Rachel was pleading. She should have been in tears, but was actually pretty calm, despite her stutter.

“You’re whore sister swallowed me easily. I think you do not know what you are capable of.” Petrov said matter-of-factly. His next sentence was in his command voice.

“Now, spread your ass.”

“Please. I’m begging you. Please make me wet. Please don’t do me dry”

Whack! The sound of Petrov’s large hand on Rachel’s bare ass echoed through out the room.

“Bitch. You expect me to tongue your filthy hole!”

Rachel winced from the pain, but quickly answered

“No! I only…”

“You stupid slut. You are to service the plan! The plan does not service you!” Petrov roared as he slapped Rachel’s ass again.

Rachel jumped in pain, but was silent this time.

I marveled as Rachel’s cream skin turned red and Petrov’s fingers appeared as pink apparitions, one on each side. They seemed to spread Rachel’s cheeks themselves.

Kim crawled out from underneath her sister, still mostly covered in Petrov’s cum.

“Let me, Petrov. It’s not against the plan if I help my sister, right? We work together to service the plan.” Kim said almost brightly, and certainly with conviction.

Petrov was silent as Kim eased between Rachel and Petrov and stuck her face into Rachel’s ass. Rachel was in heels, bend at an awkward angle, and she fell forward, catching herself with her outstretched arms, ass still pointed skyward, as if a magnet pulled it to the sky.

Kim was lapping and probing with her tongue at a hurried pace. To my eyes Kim looked to be enjoying having her tongue in her sister’s ass. Rachel’s eyes were big with the pleasurable sensation as Kim’s tongue wormed its way deeper and deeper.

“Ahhhhhhh” Rachel gasped out as she eased herself onto all fours, dog-like in both her position and the way she her breaths began to come in pants and gasps.

Kim used Rachel’s hips as levers and pulled her face tightly into her sister’s welcoming ass.

“Oh, God, Kim!’ Rachel exclaimed

Kim relentless lapped and swirled and flicked her tongue into her sister’s gradually relaxing sphincter. I watched as Rachel began to push back, trying to help Kim’s tongue find its way deeper into her tight little hole.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” came the sound of Rachel’s approaching orgasm.

Without warning, Petrov grabbed Kim by the hair, threw her aside and grunted out


In one motion that belied all that should have been possible, Petrov used one hand to gather Rachel into a hunched over, rag-doll limp position, with her shapely and now red ass at cock level. His other hand quickly guided his cock into position and he thrust into Rachel


Rachel screamed as her tight bunghole was violated with no additional warning. She instantly transformed from ragdoll limp to rigid, as if she were being electrocuted.

My orientation shifted and I could see that Petrov’s cock had found home and was buried about one third of the way into Rachel’s butthole. That tiny orifice was painfully stretched and distorted. It was a shock to see something so large in that hole. Rachel was squirming and fighting to disgorge the rod spreading her painfully apart.

“Oh, yes, whore! That feels good! You are going to make this work aren’t you?”

Rachel was had her mouth open in a silent scream and her eyes were both wide and wet with tears.

“Answer me, whore!’ Petrov said as he pushed himself a few inches deeper.

“OWWWWWWW! Yes! Yes! I’m going to make it work! Oh, please Petrov, enough! Enough! Take it out! You’re splitting me apart!”

“You knew the price, whore.”

Petrov released his cock, and grabbed Rachel by her hips and instead of thrusting, pulled her into him. I could see Petrov’s dark cock disappear into Rachel’s perfect, white ass; the contrast in colors suggesting evil violating good.

“Owwwww!” Please! No more! Petrov! You’re too big!’ Rachel chocked out, her own sobs of pain fighting with her pleas for mercy.

Petrov continued to sink deeper into Rachel. It seemed like it took 10, 20, 30 seconds for the entire length to bury itself fully in Rachel’s bowl. Rachel fought to relax, but it was like trying to fight the tide coming in. The pain seemed to come from everywhere and Rachel was overwhelmed by it.

“No! Stop! Please! Please! There is a limit, Petrov! There is a limit!’

Petrov completely ignored her as her began to withdraw. Kim crawled quickly to her sister’s front and lay on the floor beside her. Kim wormed underneath Rachel so they were face to face.

“It will be fine, Rachel! I’m here! It will be fine!” she said with as much reassurance as she could muster.

With that the sisters began to kiss passionately, and very enthusiastically. For a moment it was if the assault on Rachel’s ass was not happening.

Petrov began to push back into Rachel

“You’re a good whore! “You knew the price!”

Petrov said as he pushed back into Rachel, his fingers white with the force he used to dig them into Rachel’s hips.

Rachel’s eyes that had been closed under the kissing influence of her sister, jerked open in pain, once again.

“OWWWWW! Too big! Please take it out!”

‘This isn’t real’ I thought ‘This can’t be real.”

The sisters began kissing frantically. The slurping and smacking sounds growing louder and louder as the girls’ animal instincts began to take command.

Petrov was buried balls deep in Rachel’s distended ass much quicker this time and the look on his face suggested his pleasure matched Rachel’s pain.

“Bitch, you are so tight! This is why the plan will work!”

The Russian pulled back again and then pushed in, harder this time. He shivered as he began to bottom out, and I noticed I was rubbing my own very hard erection.

Rachel relaxed some, her ass becoming used to the girth inside her. But, she was still in obvious pain, wincing each time Petrov pushed in and the bottomed out.

“Ohhhhhhh, yes, whore! This feels so good! Do you like have a Russian cock up you ass?”

“Ow. Please, Petrov. Hurry! It hurts!” came her answer

“Hurry?! Came the Russian’s grunted out reply. He was still enjoyed the feeling of Rachel’s ass squeezing his large cock.

Rachel sensing she had said something wrong

“I want you to cum, Petrov!” she moaned out, her pain removing all signs of attempted solicitude from her works.

“Yes, whore. Cum, I will” he said groaning it out as he ground his hips into Rachel’s ass, trying to drive his member just a little father into her bowels.

Rachel jumped in pain, but said nothing, fearing her words would provoke more pain.

Petrov turned himself loose now, pistoning in and out a pace that should not have been possible. Rachel just grunted now, as their hips would meet. They made an unusually loud slapping sound and Petrov began a mantra, timed to the motions of the fucking he was giving Rachel’s backdoor.


“You knew the cost!”


“You knew the cost!


Faster and faster he began to thrust. Rachel was now doing her best to lose herself in the kisses of her sister and the raw passion they were creating, but the pain was evident. Rachel’s eyes stayed open now and each time Petrov bottomed out I could see a cry of pain in her blue, wet, orbs.

My own ass started to burn in sympathy. Each thrust of Petrov’s caused me a jolt of pain and Rachel’s eyes would bug out for an instant.

“This isn’t real!” I thought “It isn’t real!’

“It isn’t real” echoed a voice nearby “It isn’t real, Ron! “Come on!’

The voice sounded familiar and my mind began to pull away from the scene below me.

“Ron! It’s not real! Wake up!’ said the voice more urgently.

Fog seemed to lift and I realized the voice belonged to Tasha.

“Ron! It’s just a dream! Wake up!”

Tasha said with much more concern that I was thinking was necessary. I was OK after all. It was Kim and Rachel who were being raped.

“Wake up!” she said again and a little light popped in my head. I was dreaming!

My eyes flew open and were filled with the sight of Tasha’s flaming red hair and bottle-green eyes.

She let out a gasp of relief, leaned in, and enveloped me in a hug. This lasted just a moment, then she was above me again, anger in her face and voice.

“Don’t you ever do that to me, again!” she said as her eyes began to tear up

“Wha…Huh, Do? Do w.what?” I said trying to shake the cobwebs out of my mind and get fully into this world.

“Scare me like that!” came the reply with much more emotion that I thought a dream should deserve.

“You’ve been out for almost a 1 ½ days! And now you were thrashing about, like you were having a seizure. You started yelling out about whores and a plan. You were dreaming! Having a nightmare! But, you wouldn’t wake up!


I said very confused. The whores and the plan were from the dream, but why was Tasha here?

“A day and a half?” I was able to get out.

“Yeah! I’ve been fighting with Kim and Rachel to get you to the doctor, but they said ‘No’. They insisted that you wouldn’t want to screw up the plan.”

‘Yeah.’ I thought ‘That sounds right. We have to service the plan’

“Why was I out for so long?” I asked still trying to get fully back from the Sandman’s world.

“Because you’re fucking head isn’t as hard as I thought it was.” she said angrily.

Oh, yeah. That made sense. I hit my head when we staged the accident. I hit it hard. What was the last thing I remembered? I tried to get my mind working and slowly the gears started to turn.

“Facebook.” I said

“Huh?” Tasha said, looking more confused than I felt.

“The last thing that I remember is arguing with Rachel about Facebook.”

Tasha looked on, waiting for me to continue.

“Then I went to bed, I think. Have I been out since then?

“Rachel didn’t say anything about Facebook. She said after you guys got back from crashing Rachel’s car, you talked to Kim, called your boss, threw up, and went to bed.”

That sounded right.

“You know you have a fucking concussion, asshole!”

That turned my thoughts to my head. I was expecting that thought to open the door for pain to enter and the throbbing to begin again. To my relief and surprise, my head did not throb. It hurt some, but all in all, I felt OK.

“My head doesn’t hurt any more.” I said a bit weakly, not wanting to challenge her, but trying to offer a little reassurance. It seemed to deflate her anger.

“That’s a good sign. Let me see your eyes.”

Tasha leaned in very close to look at my eyes. I could see only her beautiful face and those stunning eyes. I began to study them and could see little flecks of gold that I had never noticed before.

“You have beautiful eyes.”

Tasha pulled back and with a grin

“If you’re able to flirt with me, then you’re fine. If you have a hard on, then I’m sure of it.”

She reached down, cupped my Johnson, and I jumped.

“Erection. Check. Reflexes are good and your pupils are the same size. I think the danger is probably passed.”

I looked at her and my mind drifted back to my dream. What the fuck was that all about? Petrov and some plan? The girls not afraid of him? The girls willingly letting him abuse them? I felt my headache tick up, and shook the thoughts from my head.

“Where’s Rachel? I asked changing the subject in my head.

“She and Kim went grocery shopping”

“What!” I shouted “Rachel..”

“Easy! Easy! I know. I tired to talk them out of it. But, Rachel was going stir crazy. She’s wearing an ugly brown wig, sunglasses, baggy cloths, and they are going up to Brighton to shop.”

The adrenaline surge passed and my heart rate slowed.

“It’s still not smart. We need to get Rachel up into the mountains, to her uncle’s cabin.”

Tasha just nodded. I was fully awake now and started to notice Tasha. She was in a loose blouse, and as she was bent over me, my eyes drifted that way. She caught me.

“Didn’t you get enough of these the other day?” Tasha said standing up and grinning.

“Nope. Those are truly spectacular. I could never get tired of them.”

The dream I just had was fading, but the erection that it had caused was not.

An impish grin spread across her face as she reached down and lifted her blouse up, over, and off in one deliberate motion.

“I kind of liked the way you test drove them. Maybe you would like them for another spin?”

I was wondering if I was still dreaming as Tasha reached behind her back and began to unfasten her white bra.

My doorbell rang. We both looked at each other with the same panic in our eyes and question on our lips. I just shook my head at the unasked question. Tasha hurriedly put her blouse back on, as I looked out the window. It was a guy dressed in a cheap, well broken in suit. I shrugged at Tasha and headed out the door and down stairs. She did not follow.

I got to the door, pulled it open, and looked out at the man on my stoop.

“Good afternoon, sir. Are you Ron?

“Yeah” I answered warily

“My name is Detective Reynolds and I would like to talk to you about your ex-wife, Rachel.”

I put a quizzical look on my face, opened the door, and an invited him in. We sat and the detective did not waste any time with pleasantries.

“You know about Rachel, correct?”

When I nodded he continued.

“What do you know about the night Rachel died?”

I was caught a little off guard. I hadn’t had time to rehearse my story in my head. I took a deep breath and gave him a non-committal answer.

“Only what I heard from Kim.”

He didn’t give me much time to regroup as he immediately followed up, really not even allowing me time to go on, had I not been stalling.

“Which is?”

“Rachel was involved in some sort of car accident. There was a fire and……”

I let my voice trail off, feigning a painful visual, but really just not wanting to say something incriminating.

“When did you last see Rachel?”

Man, he was pushing hard. This was not a good sign. I fought with myself as panic made an appearance in the back of my mind.

I hesitated just a moment before replying. I had anticipated this question, but did not want to blurt out my answer.

“It was at Kim’s birthday party. Kim, Rachel’s sister, turned 21 two Saturdays ago. We were all out at Club Regina to celebrate.”

“That was the last time?”

“We’re divorced, detective. Before that it had been several weeks, and then it was just to see her across the street with some guy.”

“You don’t know who he was?”

“No, I don’t.”

“Rachel was your ex-wife, correct?

“Yeah, I just said that” letting annoyance creep into my voice. I was trying to push back in a passive-aggressive way. It seemed to work a little, as the next question was a bit softer.

“How did the divorce go?”

“Detective, what the hell does that matter?” I said, angrily. I needed to get this guy to give me some information, so I added one of my own

“Why all the questions?”

“Rachel’s accident was suspicious, in my opinion.”

Interesting choice of words I thought.

“Suspicious, how?”

“There was an accelerant used in the vehicle.”

“An accelerant?” I asked

“That’s a substance used to make sure a fire gets going and consumes more of the surroundings?”

“Detective, I work with Dr. Syygo over at the Aurora morgue. I know what an accelerant is. What was used?”

“Gasoline. A lot of it.”

I did a mental gulp. I knew I had used too much.

“Detective, what do you mean an accelerant was used? I thought Rachel crashed her car.”

“Yeah, there was definitely a crash. But, the car was really burnt up” he answered, a bit defensively. He went on with his questioning.

“I’ve talked to Kim, and she says that Rachel was in the habit of carrying gas for the lawn mower in the car.”

That choice of phrasing, “in the habit” was also interesting. Either Kim had a made a mistake with the story or the detective was fishing.

“Habit?” I asked surprised “When we were married, I always got the gas for the lawn mower.

“And you used to carry it in the car?”

“How else to you get it from the gas station to home?” I said allowing a little additional anger to creep in. This guy was definitely fishing, trying to make me angry so I would blurt out something stupid. I was maintaining calm, but he needed to think he was getting to me.

“You misunderstand me. Where in the car did you carry it?”

I don’t think there was any misunderstanding. He was hoping I would mention the backseat.

“Well” I said in a tone that suggested he was asking what two plus two was, “in the trunk, where else?”

“We found an open gas can in the back seat”

“Listen, detective. Rachel wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, but there is no way she would carry an open container of gas in the back seat. She would be too worried about the smell.”

“The smell?

I chuckled

“Rachel understands that gasoline burns, but she would have been much more concerned that it would have made her car smell”

“So, you don’t think there was any way she would carry gas in her backseat?”

I was about to tread on dangerous ground. The smart thing to say was No, and let the story progress to the Russians. But, I still held on to the possibility that maybe this could be written off as an accident

“Well, if the trunk was full, or if there was something in it she didn’t want to risk getting smelly, she might put it in the back seat.”

“Like what?”

“Detective, I spent five years trying to figure out the way Rachel’s mind works and then we called it quits. I’m giving you the best I got.”

That steered the conversation back the way I thought the detective had wanted to go earlier.

“You never answered my question about the divorce”

“I wasn’t happy about it, and Rachel made it pretty difficult”

“How so?”

“I had to pay her for full equity in our house, make her car payment, keep the life insurance active for a year, and pay off her credit card. And then she drug the whole thing out for months with petty nonsense. They whole thing pisses me off when I think of it.”

Damn! I thought. He had gotten to me. The divorce did piss me off and I had just given him a nice motive to kill Rachel.

“So you’re not too broken up that she is gone?” he said with the half smile of man who likely had his own divorce story.

“I loved Rachel at one time. She was vain and obtuse, but I didn’t wish her any harm.”

“So where were you at 1 AM on Monday morning”

“Up in bed” I chin cocked

He looked like he was finishing up.

“Detective? You didn’t tell me which department you work for. Remember, I’m one of the good guys, too?

“Homicide” he said with an odd twist in his voice.

“It’s been ruled a homicide? How’s a car crash end up a homicide?”

I was on shaky ground again. I have experience in the flow of paperwork on this sort of thing, so knowing about a “ruling” needing to be determined was OK. But, I’m not an investigator. So throwing out my thoughts on car crash and homicide, were at least approaching the line.

“Dr Syygo has not made that call. I actually came on the scene of the accident while I was off duty. I’m not officially on the case.”

A couple of things went quickly through my mind, but I need to establish something fast.

“Dr. Syygo is making the call!” I said excitedly

Kim had made sure that the crash happened in a place where the body would end up with Dr. Syygo. But, I was not supposed to know that. I was walking the line here.

“You didn’t know?”

“I talked to the doc very early Monday morning, when I heard. I called to give him the news about Rachel and let him know I wouldn’t be in. I’m fighting off some bug and I was out of it all day yesterday. I only just got out of bed a little while ago”

I said all of this with a sense of excitement that I hoped sounded real.

“Look, detective. I need to call the doc and find out what’s going on.”

“This is a murder investigation, Ron. You don’t need to be poking your nose in. You’re involved on a personal level”

My heart skipped a beat when he said “involved”, but then I realized he only meant that I was close to the case because she was my ex-wife.

“I thought you said it hadn’t been ruled a homicide.”

He said nothing, so I pressed.

“Then what has your back up, detective?”

“It just feels funny to me. The car was definitely moving fast when it crashed into the tree. But the amount of damage done to the body and the car. It just looked like a torch job to me.”

“You don’t have tox or anything else back, yet?” referring to the testing done to see if there was alcohol or drugs in her system, or any other forensic test to help determine what had happened.

“No. just all the damage and the gas can in back.”

I just gave him a half nod, and looked at him to make the next move.

“One more question. Was Rachel seeing anyone?”

“I’m not sure. I had mentioned to Kim that I saw Rachel with that guy I told you about a minute ago. When I described him, she said it was probably Petrov.”


“Some Russian guy, I guess. That’s all she said”

“Would you recognize him?”

“Maybe” I said not knowing what else to say. I was not even sure I had even seen Petrov. The guy I had seen Rachel with, I had only assumed it was Petrov. This was before we had cooked up this plan. The sisters and I had not compared notes or synchronized stories on this. It was easy to see how hard it was to get away with murder, or like what we were doing. You just had so many lies to keep straight.

The detective pulled out a 4 x 6 photo from a pocket and showed it to me.

The sight of this guy shot my pulse through the roof and I felt my face flush. It was the guy in my dream. The girls had called him Petrov in the dream. And he was the lawyer-like guy I had seen with Rachel. Seeing a photo of him, made it real and got me weak kneed.

“That’s him!” I said a little more excitedly that I had tried for.

“Petrov Simkova. He’s Russian mafia.” He said flatly “Did you know your ex-wife was involved with the Russian mafia?”

“Involved?” I said shocked “You make it sound like she was some sort of gangster herself. I’m sure that if Rachel was with this guy, it was because he had money. Rachel likes the finer things in life. It was a big reason why we aren’t together anymore”

He looked at me strangely for a second. Then he spoke.

“I gotta ask. You’re OK lookin’, better than me”

I knew where this was going. I had gotten the question dozens of times. You see people seem to pair up with those on the same attractiveness scale as them. So if you see a girl that is an 8, you can bet her boyfriend will be no less than a 7. Or at least they would have started out like that. Old married couples can start out at 7 and 7, but he goes downhill faster and you end up with 6 and 3. But, Rachel was a 10 and I was probably a 7, which likely meant I was a 6 ½. At least the fact that he was asking me this said he was comfortable with me. Maybe he’s not as suspicious as I thought.

“Kim showed my some pictures of Rachel. She’s a frigging knock out. How did you ever end up with a girl that looked like her?”

“Detective, I’m not in the mood to give you the smart ass answers I have come with throughout the years. Rachel fell in love with me. I have no idea why or how. I enjoyed seeing the look on the faces of guys like you while we were together. That alone probably kept me married an extra two years.”

He half grinned, probably thinking he had overstepped a little. He got up, shook my hand, and we exchanged our good-byes. Then he was gone.

‘Fuck’ I thought “I’m glad that is over.”

“You did good” I heard a voice from behind me.

I jumped and yelled. It was Tasha. I had completely forgotten she was here.

“Dammit!” I snapped at her “Don’t do that!”

Tasha just grinned.

“Well, it is assuring to know that you are on edge, just like the rest of us. You acted like you had ice water in your veins.”

“It sounded OK to you?” I asked calming down

“Yeah, it did. Kimmy and I talked on the night you guys crashed the car and it sounds like you guys are on the same page. But, Kimmy didn’t say Rachel was always carrying around gas. It sounded like that guy made that up.”

“Did Kim tell the cops about Rachel dating Petrov?”

“Yeah, I wasn’t there, but when the cops came over the second time, she said she told them about Rachel dating a Russian guy”

“Second time?” I said before I remembered the detective had said he spoke to Kim.

“Yeah, Kim said a detective came to see her yesterday. Must have been this guy. I got the impression that it went OK.”

“I hope she didn’t get into too much detail”

Tasha shrugged her shoulders and then I watched as her blouse once again came up, over, and off. This time there was no bra and Tasha’s luscious D cups danced and jiggled from Tasha’s arm machinations. The tight knots that used to be her areolas pointed at me and called me in. They were asking for me to suck on them. Those melons needed to be handled. My hard on leaped back into my pants as I heard Tasha say.

“Now where were we?”

I closed the distance with both eyes on Tasha’s chest. The subtle rise and fall of her breasts barely registered. My only thought was feeling the weight of them in my hands and of having my tongue caress one of her little cherry gumdrops.

The sound of my garage door opener activating, broke the spell. I looked up as Tasha turned to find her bra and shirt.

This had to be the girls returning from shopping. Tasha’s luscious boobs would have to wait. It was time to get back on the same page and begin to service the plan.

To be continued……

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What is it with you idiot Americans giving Russian mobsters women's names??? If you want to write, you do your fucking research for Christ's sake. Otherwise we are going to start writing stories about American cowboys named Cyndi and Marines named Candy and Navy SEALs named Brandy. Maybe a story about how the real purpose of the Secret Service is to fuck your Presidents ass.

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