Young curious girls
Lessons for Autumn and Bailey:

My friend called me as they got stuck out of town due to bad weather. His girls had called and had issues at their house, so he asked that I go over and help. I threw some sweats on and headed over. Bailey and Lexi were there with Bailey’s friend Autumn whose parents were together and stuck out of town. Autumn had just turned sixteen Brown hair, brown eyes, and a strong athletic body. Bailey was still fifteen a beautiful girl with a thin frame, good size breasts, dark hair, blue eyes, and braces. Lexi was attractive like Bailey but was two years or so younger had started to develop, but still had a bit of baby fat. It was late so they were already dressed for bed in thin short night gowns as it was hot this time of year.

The girls ran up jumping on me giving me hugs and telling me all about their issues. I quickly noticed that they did not have bras on and their asses were bare. They had a water leak and the power was out, so they had no AC. They must have dressed down due to the heat. I did not try to check to see if they had things or something on, but the thought of their being close to naked and the feeling of their breasts against me and bare asses made me rock hard. I then realized that in my rush I had thrown on the sweats with no underwear.

I am 6’4” 250 and have played sports. I have recently found a good set of energy/power supplements that give me monster vein popping erections when I have them and make me shoot like a porn star. I am no porn star, but nothing to be ashamed of with a 9” cock. Flaccid not being huge either as I am more of a grower than a shower, but the extra help made the blood flow quickly if something excites me.

Getting back to it; they took me down to the basement and through the water to the other side where the water was flowing out of the wall. There was a power strip that the washer and dryer were plugged into that was submerged. The valve was about six feet to the left of the leak and about ten feet up. I could not find a ladder or anything to stand up on. “Lift one of us up to it. Lexi is the smallest see if she can do it.” I picked Lexi up by the waste and she tried to open it. As she wiggled and strained I found that her panties were in the grip I held around her waste had given her a serious wedgie. She actually had a very nice ass. The baby fat she still retained was formed into a nice little bubble butt. She complained that she had no leverage and we needed to try a different way so I dropped her down onto my shoulder and then picked her up with my hand under her like a cheer leader. She walked up the wall with her hands with my palm under her little pussy and fingers on her ass my middle finger pushing into her crack. I could feel the warmth growing between her legs. She tried and tried but could not close the valve. I started letting her down and once I got her low enough I rolled my hand over to set her down while putting my other arm around her waist. She gasped a bit as my hand turned over as this placed my fingers on her little slit with the tip of my middle finger pressing on her clit. I could feel the mushiness of her little wet pussy. As I set her down I ran my finger through her slit and up her ass crack on the way out. My other hand ended up cupping her little breast and I could feel her stiff little nipple under my hand.

She pushed her ass back towards me announcing that she had a wedgie as if she was showing me. She then reached back pulling her panties down below her ass and back up giving me full view of her naked bubble butt turning as if to be sure that I was looking.

Bailey came over and I lifted her up by the feet as she was taller. This put her ass right in my face. It made me wish that I had picked her up the way I picked Lexi up so I could get a good feel of her naked ass in my hand. It was dark, but I could see she had on little g-string panties and I could get a little hint of her sex. It was making me even harder and I was glad that it was dark. She couldn’t turn the valve either so I let her down by sliding her down ending up with the one hand holding her leg in her crotch and the other cupping her ample breast. I could tell that she felt my erection as she gasped when her ass hit it. I let go with both hands as if I ended up like that accidentally.

Autumn came over giving the other girls a little crap for being weak. She positioned her self in front of me and I picked her up like I did Lexi as she is not as tall as Bailey. She giggled as my finger pressed between her cheeks. I had never noticed how nice of an ass she had until now. She had a nice plump booty that seemed to have no blemishes or extra dimples kind of like a muscular gymnast’s ass with a little cushion coating the muscle. She had on a small thong and I wished I had some light and could get a better view. She had a bigger labia than the others that felt warm and moist against my hand. She was able to finally turn the valve stopping the water almost falling shifting her weight as she cheered for her accomplishment. I ended up having to turn my hand to quickly catch her with more pressure which pushed my finger with her panties into her slit making her squeal. I reached up putting my other hand on her waist inside her gown. My hand brushed across her naked breast feeling her hard eraser sized nipple as I moved it to her underarm. I pushed my other hand forward so that my finger tip was inside her slit and the only thing between my finger and her clit was the fabric of her panties. She moaned a bit as I rubbed my finger back and forth across it as I set her down. I left my hand there as she stood with her ass back towards me and legs parted. Her panties were now noticeably wet as I ran my finger through her mushy wet slit and then up through her ass crack. She shivered as I pulled my hand back across her breast on the way out of her nightie. “Good Job!” as she turned around and I kissed her on her forehead and she gave me a big hug. I was sure that she felt my erection against her belly.

I was able to get the AC and some of the outlets back on by unplugging the power strip. I was going to wait until the water drained and I could use the lights before investigating further. I told the girls to light some candles if they couldn’t get the TV or something on for light. I took my wet sweats off when I got to the top of the stairs and Lexi brought me a towel. It was dark and I did not think that she probably saw much, but then she stepped towards me giving me a hug and thanking me for helping them. I gasped as I felt her little hand grab my cock “What is this thing that is poking me? Oh, that’s you. Why is it so swollen and hard?” as she rubbed it up and down. “Does it hurt?” one hand on my shaft and the other now feeling my ball sack.
“Lexi, you shouldn’t touch it like that. You will make it swell more and it is not proper for you to touch me there like that.”
“Sorry, I didn’t know. I’ll go back in the den.”

The girls had the AC working and a movie on the TV. I sat with the towel around my waist and had to tuck my erection so it didn’t stick out of the towel opening. Bailey and Autumn sat next to me closely and Lexi sat on the other side of Bailey. We were laying down with our legs on a big ataman. The girls started talking about the belly button piercings they got that week and then asked if I wanted to see. Bailey turned towards me and leaned back with her legs open Indian style. I had to lean in close to see letting my hand drop on her thigh just below her pussy. I made little circles with my finger getting so close that I could smell the aroma of her virgin sex. She pulled her night shirt up so high that I could see the bare bottoms of her breasts. I took my other hand placing the heel on her pubic region and played with her little ring with the fingers. I could see that her labia was starting to swell building her camel toe behind her tight panties. My cock was twitching as I could see the bottom of her ass cheeks with the way she was sitting.

Autumn did the same and so did I. She had a stronger smell and I could see a little wet spot starting in her crotch. She seemed a bit more into it as she lifted her night shirt to her nipples and tried more than once to shift towards the hand that was on her thigh.

I could feel their ample breast against me as they snuggled in close laying their heads on my chest forcing my arms around them. My hands now close to their asses. I acted as though I was sleeping a few minutes later moving my legs letting my erection pop out of the towel. The gap was bigger with each of the girls pulling from the sides with their legs resting onto of mine. They both gasped and giggled as they saw it. “Oh my god, look how big and hard it is!” whispered Bailey.
Autumn whispered back “I have only seen my brother’s and it is much smaller than that. It was hard though as I caught him jacking off.”

She got bold looking up at me to make sure that she did not wake me up and then reaching down to feel my erection just running her finger on it while watching me. Bailey then joined in and Lexi was sleeping. I made it twitch and almost laughed as they both jumped looking back to see if they had woken me up. They both giggled in relief when they thought that I was still sleeping. Bailey then asked “How was your brother touching his?” Autumn tried to put her small hand around my erection and ended up cupping her hand under the bottom.
“He had his hand wrapped around it, but I can’t. He was stroking it up and down like this” pumping her hand up and down on the bottom of my shaft.
Bailey reached up and tried wrapping her hand around it “I have longer fingers, let me see if I can do it.” Autumn still had her had on my lower shaft and Bailey was at the top. She could almost get her fingers around it, but not quite. “I love the way it feels” as she started lightly stroking it just below the head.

My hands were close to their asses that were now tilted up as they were positioned close to my erection. As Bailey stroked I let out a moan and spoke unintelligibly “that’s nice” moving my hands to their asses and stroking their slits with my fingers. Both of their hands were now shaking in excitement as played with their pussies. Both of their panties were now very wet. Autumn reached down pulling her panties to the side and then sat back down on my hand. Her pussy was sopping wet and her little lips were puffing out of her slit. I rolled my fingers around in between them. I had the tip of my finger on Bailey’s clit as I could feel her little swollen nub. I rolled my finger around in circles and she started gyrating with my movements to get my finger to hit the right spot. She was pumping quicker and a little precum spilled out the top. Autumn leaned forward “What are you doing?” asked Bailey
“I want to taste it”
Just as she licked the tip I acted like I woke up “What are you guys doing?” Catching Autumn starting to take the head in her mouth and Bailey with her hand around the shaft. Instead of jumping they froze where they were. My voice woke Lexi who sat up to see what was going on mumbling and going back to sleep on the ataman with her head on my thigh. They moved back up putting their heads back on my chest. “Really, what were you guys doing?”
“Well, when you went to sleep your thing popped out from under the towel. We were curious as we haven’t really seen one. Then it felt so good that we got carried away” answered Bailey.
“Please don’t be mad at us, we just wanted to see what it was like. It was so nice” responded Autumn.
I kissed them both on the foreheads “I guess it’s ok.” I then pulled the hand that was under Autumn up “Why is my hand so wet and sticky?” she turned and looked up at me with her eyes all big and her face turning red in embarrassment. I smelled it “umm, smells good” and then I sucked on my finger “damn, that tastes really good too!”
“Oh my god, does it really? That was me” said Autumn.
“I wouldn’t mind tasting more of that”
“Really? I wish you would! What you were doing felt so good.”
I looked down at my erection “I guess what you guys were doing must have felt good too.”
She kissed me on the lips and I cupped her ass. “Will you show us what to do and what you do to women?”
Bailey moved up kissing me as well “please?” I kissed her back with one hand cupping her ass and bringing the other up squeezing her breast. He moaned into my mouth. I turned and did the same to Autumn, but then took my hand and into her panties and she gasped as I massaged her pussy bringing my fingers up and cleaning them off.

Bailey grabbed my cock again “What were you dreaming about that made you so hard?”
“It never went down from when you guys got it hard in the basement” I ran my hand down her ass getting my fingers under her G-string running it to the point that I ended up on her wet slit and she gasped again. I ran my finger in and through it bringing it up and tasting her juices “you taste good too”.
She dropped down and licked the tip of my cock “So do you!”

Lexi woke up seeing what Bailey did and while Bailey was turned towards me she licked the top as well. Then started sucking on the tip “Lexi, stop and go upstairs you are too young for this!” said her sister Bailey.

Lexi looked up pulling the tip of my cock out of her mouth with a string of spittle bridging between it and her lips. “I am not much younger than you and if I can’t do it then you guys can’t either.” She moved Bailey’s hand and started licking my cock from top to bottom like an ice cream cone.

I stood up and pulled Autumn up with me and turned her around poking my cock between her legs and against her pussy. Then I reached up pulling her top off. I kissed her shoulders and neck as I massaged both of her breasts pinching her nipples between my fingers and thumbs. She was moaning and rubbing her pussy back and forth against my shaft. I turned her around and kissed her passionately moving down her neck and onto her breast pulling as much of her breast into my mouth as I could and then nibbling on each nipple. I reached down finding her panties soaked and rubbed her pussy while kissing down her belly. I laid her down and started kissing her thighs licking close to her crotch teasing her. She was jutting her hips out at me begging to for me to tough her pussy. I took a big whiff of her sweet musky smelling pussy in her panties and started sucking her pussy through her panties. She pulled my head into her crotch and grinded against my face. I finally pulled her panties off holding her legs up by her ankles and licking her pussy. God she tasted amazing! Her hips started to buck as her orgasm hit her and I opened her legs sucking every bit that she squirted out while I inserted a finger into her pussy. I surprisingly did not feel a hymen and began to finger fuck her into another wave of orgasm pulling my finger out and shoving my tongue in as deep as I could while I rubbed her clit with my thumb. As her orgasm subsided I turned her around and started licking her nice bubble butt. She squirmed as I did and I inserted a finger into her pussy from behind while I assaulted her anus.

Bailey was shaking in anticipation as she came to me pulling herself up by my shoulders aiming my cock under her crotch. I pulled her shirt off and started sucking on her beautiful ample breasts. They were the same size as Autumn’s but her thinner frame made them seem bigger. She had quarter sized bright pink areolas that jutted out like another set of little breasts. They felt amazing to suck on and were extremely sensitive. Her body started convulsing in orgasm as moved to her other breast so I kissed down pulling her panties off laying her down and flattening my tongue on her pussy as her juices flowed out onto my tongue. “Oh Jesussss, Jesussss, holy shit! Oh yes lick it as she started bucking against my face. I started tonguing her pussy and nibbling on her eraser sized clit and she came again. I turned her around as I had Autumn and cleaned every inch of her ass with my tongue sticking my finger in until I felt her hymen. Her anus was also extra sensitive as she moaned loudly while I licked it.

Lexi had stripped naked and was touching her own little pussy. When I quit licking Bailey’s ass she jumped on me before I got up straddling my lap. She did it so quickly that her wet little pussy lined up onto my cock and I caught her ass before more than the head entered. She started bucking her hips as she liked the feeling of the head of my cock in her pussy and was trying to push more in. “Lexi, stop! Even though it feels good you are too young for that to happen. I popped it out and her pussy was now spread open against my shaft. She grabbed my shoulders and started humping against it. Her soft little ass felt good in my hands, but I let go and started massaging her blossoming breasts. Her body started to shudder so she laid down on the ataman with her legs spread.
“Please lick it please!” so I started licking her little pussy. It was salty but sweet small enough that I could put all of her swollen little labia in my mouth and started sucking it. Her hips bucked and she screamed as the orgasm pounded through her body.

They laid me down and started pumping my cock. Taking turns with one pumping and the other sucking. Lexi gathered herself and laid her head on my chest placing my hand on her ass. My other hand was back on Autumn’s ass and I was playing with her anus. They got to the point that they were getting more of it in their mouths and then they would suck like little vacuum cleaners. I was ready to blow and told them “I am about to cum!” They moved in closer and started pumping harder. Lexi got up wanting to get a better view and straddled my legs. The other two had a hand each on my shaft and were working in perfect unison. Lexi wanting to be part of it leaned forward sucking the tip just as the first load shot into her mouth. She pulled back and I sprayed cum all over myself and all three of the girls. They gasped at the feeling of my cock pulsing as it shot load after load in the air. Lexi took it like a pro swallowing every drop I shot into her mouth. Autumn and Bailey started licking me clean and sucking my cock to keep it hard. I pulled them up with Lexi and Bailey on either side and Autumn lying on top of me. I felt her reaching back and aiming my cock into her pussy. I pulled her off “Maybe another time.”


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