The campsite in the New Forest. (True Story)

I arrived at the Caravan Park late afternoon, I Looked around to see my fellow Residents.
Just one caravan 50 yds away, looked like female couple 30-40 age group, and a couple of young lads.
I didn't take much notice of them as I had to unpack.
After unpacking and dark came, a cup of rose lea later, I needed a piss,
I walked in to the shower block at the Caravan Park, one of the young lads was already at the stall,
As I walked up to the full wall stainless steel trough I looked over to the lad and smiled a smile that says "Hi" .
At that he gave a grin and took his eyes off mine and looked down to his yellow stream of piss,
I followed his direction of looks (I like to look at others cock to compare to mine.) my eyes followed the golden stream to the instrument that it came from, now I have seen some pricks in my 45 years but this was a stunner! it was long and fat for a young lad, It turned out to be 6 inches when asleep (9 and a half inches when I later took it in my mouth and put it down my throat), his hand would not fully go round it.
I commented on the fact that he was a big boy, he grinned and we passed small talk, I asked him his age and who they were. He introduced himself as Jack, his younger brother George and his grandma and aunt.
He finished pissing giving his cock a good long skake, then put the tool back in his trousers slowly to tease me and left the stall.
Thinking about his dick, I needed to play with my own 8 inches. I had a quick wank.

Next day after work I returned to the caravan and started dinner. After I had prepared every thing I glance out the windows to see if any totty (young girl’s), had arrive. No such luck, from the other caravan one of the lads, the younger lad, with a towel over his shoulder went to the showers.
Feeling horny from seeing the monster dick last night, I wondered if the younger brother also had the same deformation in his pubic area. I considered putting a hold on the food and going for a shower hoping to catch a glimpse of young cock.
I turned the food to low heat and prepared my shower gear as the excuse,
Just as I had decided to go to the shower block, the older lad came up past my caravan with his towel.
I waited for a few moments till he had entered the block and followed the two lads.
As I entered the shower George was just out of the shower (good timing Huh), his dick was hanging down with a nice chop top with a mushroom shaped head and also large for his youth.
The shower he came out of was next door to his older brothers, I entered the same warm compartment, as I turned the shower on I heard a distressed voice, the young lad had left his shampoo in my shower.
I shouted to him I would give it to his brother?.
The young lad left and I waited a few minutes till the water stopped falling in the other shower.
I opened my shower to see if anyone else was around and was waiting for the next door to open, which it did almost immediately.
I looked into the young boys eyes and then down to his hand to give him the shampoo, I again saw a large and semi erect dick, this time I saw the full nakedness of the youth,
His body was white and looked soft as a youth should, his pubic area was smooth and hairless, as I looked at him he looked at me and my own semi erect dick. I looked again in to his eyes, he smiled.
I wondered what a dick that size was like to hold, as he smiled his face opened up as if to say “yes you can” I moved closer and as I did he cupped my dick in his hand, I reciprocated holding his large erect member and we went back in to his cubicle. I fondled his balls till the monster was 8-9 inches long. He played with my erect cock, we played with each others fuck rod,
As I was close to cumming someone came in to the shower block, we hushed and listened to the piss on the stainless steel of the urinal, My orgasm subsided, I took the next step with the young boy and put my finger under his balls right back to his ass, I slid one finger up his tight ass,
he groaned softly I kissed him and put my tongue in his mouth to quieten his moans.
The intruder farted and left, Jack asked me “did I want put my cock where my finger is?”.
Was I to fuck my first male and a young boy at that?, I had to oblige him, it did not look like any pussy was going to come to the site tonight and my dick was hard and pointing directly up, I was ready for some kind of release.
He turned and put his hands on the wall, I spread his ass cheeks and guided my engorged cock forward, I rubbed it up and down till I felt the head of my cock settle at the entrance of his hole, he pushed back against me to force the head of my cock inside him, I enjoyed this tight hole and pushed my cock in further, Jack grabbed at my ball sack and pulled to him, I pushed my cock into him as far as it would go, the young ass was gripping my cock so tightly I could not slide it out, so I pushed it in to the hilt again, he moaned and pushed back sticking one then two fingers up my ass, I fucked the boy hard, his ass gripped my pole while we moved in unison. I played with his dick while I fucked him, wanking him to an orgasm, her played with my ass and prostate gland. as he came his ass tightened its grip on my cock and I came too, squirting my cream deep into the boys ass with force, Jack gave a long groan as my cock spurted my cum, after a while feeling each others body finally my cock was soft enough to slid from his hole, some of my cum also dripped out, I collected it and rubbed the juice on Jacks dick & balls, his dick enlarged again, now my mind was saying if his dick was up my ass it would also be a first for me, so I asked Jack to fuck me.
he agreed and extra lubrication was needed to fit that sub up my ass, I had some body lotion in my wash bag, I invited him to my cubicle, I held dick and lead him to my cubicle he then followed me so close that his dick bounced on my ass.
In my cubicle I dropped to my knees and took his dick in my mouth, as it grew he pushed to the back of my mouth, I loved it, I sucked on the prize, it grew till I could not take all of the length in my mouth,
I reached for the lotion and massaged the dick slowly feeling the veins down the length of his organ.
I turned and faced the wall, Jack wanked me and with lotion on his hands proceeded to loosen up my anal channel. He put a small slippery finger up my ass, then 2 then 3 and finally his 4 fingers went my ass he pushed hard the pain was incredible I thought his small hand was going to enter my ass and I almost came, the feeling as he fucked me with his hand was so good I hoped that his dick would also go up!
We were soon to find out as he I wanked him till he was hard and long, his dick was slippery. I bent over and spread my cheeks to accept the submarine.
I felt the boy with his big dick rub up and down my ass, he pushed and his purple head just tucked its self in my lubricated and relaxed hole,
He pushed.
I pushed and put my hand on his balls and pulled him to me then fingered his ass to be greeted with his hole dripping with my own cum, I collected as much as I could in my cupped hand and with my 2 middle fingers I entered his ass hole scraping the cum from inside him, I then massaged his balls with my cum, I felt his already large cock in my ass enlarge. he fucked me hard till my legs nearly gave out Jack let out a deep groan, his balls jumped out of my hands and what felt like a fireman’s hose gushed up my ass, he fucked my ass with his huge member till his dick subsided and slid out of me, his cream dropping on the shower floor. I sank to my knees took his cum soaked cock in my mouth to suck the last of his cream while kneading his balls.
Both of us well fucked, I thanked him, he thanked me, we collected our wash gear and left the building.

The next night I returned from a successful days work and prepared for a quiet night after the impaling on my ass last night.
Just after sun down a large motor caravan entered and parked about 200 yds away, I thought nothing of it till a young female figure went to the toilet block and entered, I could only guess but looked very young
About an hour later I had eaten and was lazing around in a sarong, a knock on the door, I opened it to an Angel!
The girl was young with a slightly dark colour to her skin and looked about 12 or 13, but turned out to be 17.
She asked me if I had any milk for tea.
I gave her a pint, wishing that it was my cream I could give her.
Her name was Sonia, her Brother, Justin, came here for him to see his family, who she did not get on with.
I suggested that if she was at a loose end she could come and play cards with me, she looked up at my body but stopped when her eyes met my crutch, I realised why, My dick had risen to make a small tent at the front. She disappeared said she would be back later.
About half an hour later a motor caravan arrived with a huge motor cycle on a trailer.
They all came to my van. I offer them a Black Label which they accepted and sat down she unloaded a bag of grass from her bag and asked if it was OK to smoke,
After a short while Sonia’s brother said he must go and if I would look after his little (Grin) sister.
It was a very warm night and as my caravan is hot Sonia took of her jacket to reveal two small but wonderfully shaped breasts, covered in a thin T shirt.
Just as I got over this shock a another knock on the door, I opened it to be greeted by the two young lads, Their folks had gone out for a meal with friends and not back till late.
They immediately got in to conversation with the girl. I ends up that they had met last month here and the older of them had fucked her in the shower, but she said she really loved being fucked by older men looking at me .
After a few joints and a bit of whiskey we played Strip Poker, Sonia was the first undressed, Her nipples were the shape that says “suck me”. Later her crutch came to view. Her pussy was clean of hair except for three long hairs in the centre of her pubis, (She did not shave it that was apparent).
Jack finally came next to disrobe unveiling his monster dick, which Sonia said “Hi” to, and kissed it like a long lost friend, George came next with his hansom prick
I was last to disrobe, I had had a good look at the youngsters naked bodies, my dick was hard, Sonia took it in her soft hands and wanked it for a while. She then took a mouth full of whisky and enveloped my cock with her cold mouth, in my stoned state that was MAGIC!
While she was slurping on my cock I fingered her pussy. I reached for George’s now erect cock and pulled it to us and we shared Sonia’s mouth.
After a while Jack came over and sat on lap and positioned his cock at the entrance of my ass, lowering himself slowly till it was all inside him.
George fucked Sonia till he came. Then I fucked Sonia till I came, Jack sucked our cum from her pussy.
To finish the session, George fucked Sonia in the ass while Jack fucked George’s ass and Sonia sucked my cock. We all came over Sonia’s belly, who scraped up the cum with her fingers and eat as much as she could collect.
The two boys went home soon after as their folks had returned.
Sonia stayed with me, I fucked her again from behind and we fell asleep with my cock in her pussy.

The next day being my day off I did not have to go to work. I woke up a soft mouth was around my cock, it was Sonia having her b’fast of my cock followed with a long fuck, Sonia sure likes a cock in all her holes.
We surfaced at midday and went down to the sea where I know a little used bay not overlooked where we bathed naked.
While swimming Sonia dived down and sucked on my cock then came up to put her arms around my neck and her legs round my body sliding down to place her pussy on top of my cock and down till I entered her, we spent some time like this while she just floated with my cock in her pussy, she came 2-3 times.
Back on the beach we lay in the sun and fell asleep, I was woken by the voices of Sonia, her brother and a very beautiful young girl called Jill.
He phoned Sonia and she told him where we were, we invited them to join us, they stripped off and we all went for a swim, Justin has a good sized cock and Jill like Sonia had a sparsely covered pussy, as the sun went down we returned to the camp site.
Back at the campsite it was obvious that Jill and Justin wanted privacy so they went to his motor caravan.
Sonia and I relaxed watching a couple of sex movie which included bondage.
At 8pm Jack came in saying George was sleeping the afternoon off. He sat down and watching the movie with us.
He suggested we should tie Sonia up. Sonia agreed with some hesitation, she said she had never been tied up before. We removed her clothes and used the corners of the bed to tie her spread eagle, I put 2 pillows under her little bum to raise her crutch up to give full view of her pussy and ass hole. Jack got between her legs and proceeded to eat her pussy, She moaned and started to scream as Jack chewed on her tender cunt, To quieten her I removed my trousers and pants and stuck my cock in her mouth.
Jack stripped off and proceeded to stick his huge cock in her little pussy, we swapped places a couple of times, I fucked her mouth while Jack fucked her cunt and visa versa Sonia came so hard she passed out.
Jack and I had not cum yet so we wanking each other, I sucked him while he sucked me in a 69 position .
While we were having fun sucking each others cock, Jill knocked on the van door, I stopped sucking Jacks cock and called for her to come in. She looked at us and said it was so sexy us boys sucking each other and to continue. I went back to sucking Jacks. Jill just sat there and watched us
Sonia woke up and saw us two boys in a 69 and shouted for Jill to come and eat her pussy while she would eat hers.
Jill took of her coat to reveal her naked body, she had cum sparkling down her legs from her fuck with Justin, Jill climbed on the bed beside us and lowered her cummy pussy to Sonia’s mouth, they licked and sucked each other.
Seeing Jill’s back end in the air I put my finger in her cunt and then played with her ass, She looked at us and said “Please someone fuck my ass”.
What more can one do? So I did.
I wanked Jack off while I fucked Jill in the ass. I had pushed my dick in Jill’s ass a dozen times, she was so tight I felt the rush just in time to pull my cock out of her tight ass and into Sonia’s mouth. she took the first spurt of my spunk and swallowed, I entered Jill’s cunt for the second spurt, I then finished off in her ass.
After I had finished at her asshole Jack then took my place and pushed his huge member into Jill’s back end, She screamed when he entered her, then shouted him to fuck her hard.
I moved round and stuck my cock in Jill’s mouth for her to clean me off.
We finally untied Sonia and rested watching movies.

I left the campsite the next day with their phone numbers to keep in contact

I will always remember the days at the campsite.

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