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1970's - Italian city school girl goes out to deliver her scout cookies but finds trouble in a changing neighborhood.
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Doc took his cock out or her pussy and the fingers out of her ass.
He coated his cock head with cum and pushed it in her ass.

Oh Lisa, tell Papa how much you like it.
Lisa, crying and bawling. Papa I like it.
Doc grabbed her as cheeks and began pumping her ass.
Say Doc , thought U said U gonna take it easy.

Doc Doc Doc? Doc was in a trace, his mind elsewhere.
Rachel you are so pretty. Give me a hug.
Papa what are you doing.
Papa no. Papa don’t touch me there.
Ah Rachel, that is so wet.
Papa don’t. Papa why are you doing this?
Oh it hurts. Stop.
Rachel you are so sweet.

Doc Rosen’s mind returned to the present.
He started to fuck Lisa harder. He slapped her ASS.
NO NO, it hurts.
Doc, Take it easy man. She is supposed to be recovering
Doc took Lisa’s chain and pulled her neck back as he fucked her harder and harder.


Lisa lay in her bed in the corner o f the room. Her leather neck restraint was chained to a
pipe. She could not sleep. She had four weeks recovery since her kidnapping, torture and
rape. Recovery is relative concept. She had been mistreated the whole time but it had been mild.
Mild except the time the crazy doctor had come to examine her.

Now she was due for a full exam tomorrow by the madman. Lamont had built a gyno exam table
for Doctor Rosen. To Lisa it looked more like a torture table. Laying in bed she could see it on the other
side of the room and it gave her the shivers.

Lisa had cold sweats thinking about the next day. It had taken on a party atmosphere.
And then what. She would be cured. What would they do next?

Lisa lay in bed trying to think how it was back at home. How it would be to back in her room
with Buster at her side. Her mom. What could her mom be going through. Were people still looking for her? How long could they keep her without being caught?

Then she got the shakes. The nut doctor would be back. He thought he was fucking his grand daughter while he was inside her. He said he was going to take it easy on her but when he screwed her ass
He was so brutal. He had fucked her ass to a pulp.

OH she thought. She was thinking just like them. Her thoughts were just like theirs. Before she had
never used the term fucking and never even thought of ass fucking. That is how she thought now.

She had just been a girl’s scout. Going to school. Getting ready for college. Helping people, she loved to help people. Now she was just a piece of fuck meat. She thought like them. They beat her, fucked her, cum on her, pissed on her.

Finally sleep. Peaceful sleep. She could see the man again. He was reaching out to her. He wore a white tunic with a red cross in the corner. Latin words. She couldn’t make out the words. The hand reached out to her. Lisa remember these words. Be strong. Remember me. I am your defense.


It has started. Lisa was jerked up by her chain. There was Lamont, Cyrus and six of their friends.
Hello Lisa. Today is the day for your exams. Doctor Rosen was smiling. He had been waiting for this.
This was a long time fantasy finally coming true.

Ah girl you are looking much better. He ran his hands over her breasts. Around her buttocks.
He looked at her eyes and mouth. Ah yes, much better.

Take her over to the table but first the gauntlet.
PleaseDoctor. I am fine. I
Papa, I want to fuck you, I don’t need an exam.

AH Lisa, Doctor knows best.
The guys had no clue what a gauntlet is but they liked the idea.
The men formed two lines. You Boys are going to help me.
Lisa looked so little, so helpless facing these men.
They had their pants off. Looking down the line she could see the hard black cocks.

Here comes the little Bitch.
Hey little White Girl, come to Daddy.
Come on sweetie what yu fraid of.

Lisa was shaking, it was going to start all over again.
Lisa tried to pull away but was pushed forward toward the first
man. It was useless to resist. As she walked between the men they laughed
and taunted her.

Hey little Bitch, nice ass. Can’t wait to fuck dat pussy. Want some of this, Baby.
Come and get it. Yea, lookin sweet.

Lisa’s knees buckled as she got close to the table. It was a home made exam table.
A flat table with stirrups at the end for Lisa’s legs. It had rough leather straps to hold her down.
NOOOOOOOOOOOO Please, don’t put me on that. Lisa pulled away, recoiling at the sight.
Lisa twisted and turned as they threw her young body on the exam table.
The table was very narrow, not the width of even her body.

The young girl was held on the table by the rough big hands. They laughed as she struggled vainly.

Her legs were lifted high to the stirrups and ankles strapped in place. Next the top of her thighs
were strapped to the stirrup supports. Finally there was strap across her chest just below her breasts.
The arms were tied to the legs of the table. Her poor body rested on the very narrow table.

Lisa was in total restraint. She was at the mercy of the crazy doctor and the black hoodlums.
She shivered as Doc Rosen ran his hands over her body. Ah yes, you have healed well, now we
need to examine you fully.

The young dark haired girl shook as the mad doctor ran his hands over her face, on her lips , nose and eyes. Then his hands went across her breasts, across her belly and then up and down each thigh. Then he ran fingers over her pussy pushing her lips apart for better look. Yes we must examine this area.

This was Exam HELL.

Ok boys, now your turn. Doctor Rosen stepped back and watched the big rough black hands running over the smooth, soft, young white flesh. Six pair of hands went over every part of her young body.
Lisa shook and quivered at the feel. She knew what must be coming.

This was Doc’s fantasy. Looking at Lisa he imagined it was his grand daughter Rachel.
Lamont, hold her head in place. Instructed Doc.
He held a big black rubber dildo. Now we will see how your mouth and throat have recovered.

Doc pulled out the end slat of the table and Lisa’s head dropped down at a 90 degree angle to her body.
Lamont held her head as Doc began to push the black cock dildo down her throat.
She was struggling to breathe. Lisa, relax, relax your throat, learn to deep throat the cock.
That’s it, stay calm. Doc pushed the black rubber cock further down her throat.

Everyone watching could see the dildo start past her adams apple pushing it out.
It was so deep Lisa started to panic.
Stay calm. Take it dep. That’s it, relax your throat. The cock had almost disappeared.

Doc Rosen took a roll of duct tape and ran it around Lisa’s mouth holding the cock in place.
There was terror in her eyes. She had to remain calm or she would gag. Lisa kept breathing slowly.

Dam Doc, can’ wait to stick the real thing all the way down dat bitch throat.
Yes boys, I want to see that too.

Doc was moving on. He began to run his hands over Lisa’s tits.

To Be Continued


2016-03-10 09:16:36
Females don't have Adam's Apple, it's better if you changed that to throat.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-06-11 05:19:55
That part when he shoved tha dildoe down her throat and duct taped her mouth to keep it down waz sick that's some shit I always wanted to see when r u going to finish this story? Can't wait see it.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-06-11 05:13:00
That part when he shoved tha dildoe down her throat and duct taped her mouth to keep it down waz sick that's some shit I always wanted to see when r u going to finish this story? Can't wait see it.

anonymous readerReport

2013-05-29 09:20:01
Dear bigbob1200. You are a really sick mother fucker. Man I love this shit, keep this crap cuming please. Love stories of the violent and brutal rape of hot little underage virgin sluts like this. Don't know if you can use it but how about this as a add on story to this one, have Doc. Rosen bring his grand daughter Rachel into this by seting her up to be kidnapped by Lamont and his gang and then thay could all get in on raping, abusing and torturing her like Rosen is fantasiz about doing to her and gist as thay have done to Lisa. God damn that would be hot. Also I hope that thay will eventually get around to burning Lisa's tits and nipples off and if you like my idea about Rosen's grand daughter I would love to see them do the same to her nipples and tits as well and maybe even her young little clit and ass hole. I'm getting my big 13 inch cock hard again gist thinking about that super HOT fucking shit. I also liked the other guys idea about getting Lisa knocked up and lactating.

anonymous readerReport

2013-03-15 04:30:08
I continue reading in hopes of Lisa's heroic escape... While knowing she will most likely perish a sad and tortured death. There is a movie, came out a few years ago... Based on a true story, but the director added an escape at the end which turned out to be a beautiful dream, a dream of freedom... That girl died, but the dream of freedom still lives on.
Keep on keepin' on Lisa, we're rooting for you.

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