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Mike hated school,He wasn't popular or a sports star like his buddy Dave was.Dave was on the football team and also the Baseball team.His girlfriend Jenny was the hottest Cheerleader and Mike had always fantasized about having sex with her.If there was one day in Mikes day that he could do over it was that Monday when Jenny caught him masturbating in Dave's bathroom.Mike had gone over to Dave's to help Dave study for the big test since Dave was not that good a student and Mike was his only chance of passing that test.Well Mike didn't know that Jenny was coming over to see Mike and she brought along her friend Cassie who was also a Cheerleader.Blonde hair down to her waist and the hottest ass ever.Jenny also had a nice ass as Dave would say nice place to put your hands on.The girls started asking when the guys would be done studying and Mike was finding it hard to concentrate with the two hottest girls jumping around that he told Mike that he had to use the bathroom for a minute.So on to the bathroom for Mike so that he can release the biggest load he had in a long time.One thing about Mike although he wasn't popular he was very well endowed.He measured his Prick when it was fully erect and he couldn't believe it was over 10 inches long and about 5 inches around.He was just about the let go of his load when the door opened and Jenny asked if he was alright since he was in there so long.Mike lost in his fantasies of Jenny and Cassie that he didn't notice Jenny standing there.Jenny stood frozen seeing Mike with his cock in his hand and it being the biggest that she had ever seen,Even Dave was not that big.Dave was normal size and Jenny had trouble taking all of his cock in her mouth.Now she was just about to leave when she heard Mike make a groaning noise and she knew that he was about to cum,She just had to taste it when he released his load so she closed the door and just as Mike was about ready to cum she grabbed his cock out of his hands and let that load hit her right in the face with her mouth wide open she felt his hot cum enter her mouth and she tried to catch all of it in her mouth.She swallowed all that made it into her open mouth and the rest splattered her face and hair.Mike startled by what just happened could not believe that Jenny had taken his load in her mouth and on her face.Jenny said Mike that is the biggest cock that I have ever seen.Can I lick it clean then we can get cleaned up and head back out so no one will ask questions.So Jenny sucks Mike's cock making sure that she got all the load that she could.Mike handed her a wash cloth but Jenny said that she was going to need take a shower to get all of his cum off of her.So she started to take off her clothes and although Mike lost his load a minute ago his cock started to get hard again Jenny just could not stop staring at his cock that she told Mike to get in the shower with her and she needed that cock in her pussy.Now Mike had always had fantasies about fucking Jenny that in his fantasy Jenny was always fully shaved and bare but when he saw that she was not shaved he just told her that he needed to shave her first before he fucked her.Well Jenny had never shaved and Dave was aware although he wished that she would.So Jenny wanting that hard cock told Mike to shave her.She said that when she was done she would tell Dave she did it for him.Well Mike got to work and in about five minutes Jenny was nice and clean and Mike was cleaning her off when he couldn't help but get his tongue up inside her nice new shaved pussy.Jenny came within minutes of Mike eating her out.She then had to have Mike inside her,She took Mikes dick in her mouth and when Mike was fully hard she turned around begging Mike to fuck her.Well it was good that the bathroom was not on the same floor as Dave's room due to the noise Jenny was making while Mike entered her pussy,She moaned and Mike could feel her pussy gripping his cock and when he got his cock all the way in her pussy he could feel himself getting ready to cum,Mike told Jenny that he was about ready to cum and Jenny shouted cum in my pussy I want to feel all of it inside me.Well Mike slammed her one more time and let go of his cum right inside her.She held on to Mike for about a minute get control of her body.She then washed off the rest of the cum and dried off and gave Mike a big kiss and said that this is our secret..Mike would not be telling Dave that is one thing.Mike let Jenny out of the bathroom first then made his was back into the room.Dave was wondering what had happened to them both.But the both of them just said nothing but smiled at each other.Mike had finally fulfilled one of his fantasies,Now if he could take the next one of his list.Two Cheerleaders with Shaved pussies he would be happy.Jenny just about ready to leave with Cassie when she turned to Mike and said Mike can you help Cassie and I study tomorrow.I am sure that I can get her to get rid of something that you so hate.

Mike crossed off the last item on his list the next day...

Oh yeah remember when Jenny told mike to cum inside her,Well Jenny is looking kind of chubby in that Cheerleader uniform,But she said that was the best time studying she has ever done.Oh yeah Mike and Cassie have been dating ever since Mike helped them study that day..

Cassie has also been showing something under that uniform as well..

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I hate the stock characters. Popular jock dating blonde cheerleaders eith a nerd whi is fir some reson their friend.

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There is this thing called a paragraph.

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wow, one big block of text. too hard to read, try formating into sentences and/or paragraphs, they are your friends!

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