Lady Biker got raped
A Lady Biker decided to get her own back on the 4 biker guys who had raped her in the woods above her town. Caroline was clad in tight leather to meet them again.
They couldn’t guess what they had coming.

Caroline invited Joe for a bike ride to the mountains promising him a good fucking amongst the trees. With a promise not to tell anyone else she wanted just him for another good time, she told him although they had all raped her his cock was the best.
They met at the Y junction out of town, she got on his 1200cc bike, behind him and they took off to the hills.
Caroline asked to stopped at a clearing, They had not seen anyone for 2 hours.
Leaning against a tree she un zipped her leather jacket open to show her ample breasts and hardened nipples. As Joe put his bike on the stand he came over to Caroline and sucked on the brown nipples. While he was doing this Caroline opened a bottle and used some Chloroform to put Joe out, he struggled but to no avail he was finally unconscious.
When he woke up he was on the earth naked, His clothes were on fire in front of him. Caroline had tied his hands to a pole whish was tied to the back of his motorcycle.
"Come on Joe let's take a run up the hill, just like you did with me." Caroline got on his bike, fired the engine up and let the clutch out..
"No, don't, not like this I'll come quietly, you don't need to tie me like....ohhhhh!" The bike moved slowly away up the track into the woods.
Joe had to jog to keep up. Caroline went slowly for half a mile till Joe lost his footing and fell, the body of the rapist was now being dragged along the forest floor. He could feel the drag of the dust against his naked flesh. Trees and glimpses of blue sky flashed by as his naked body was pulled along the grass and stones. Joe was covered in blood from the stones over which he was dragged.
After a short while Caroline stopped the bike, Joe passed out due to exhaustion and pain.
Earlier in the week Caroline had made a wooden frame. She strapped Joe on the frame. He was tied using steel wire, securing both his body, feet and just one hand, All the wires went through steel hoops on the frame, then locked tight around his balls and cock. The only way to release himself was to remove the wire around his cock and balls but these were tied and wrapped so that they were impossible to remove without cutting his cock and balls off.
Caroline got horny playing with the cock and balls of the unconscious boy while wrapping the wire around them. She removed her leather trousers and knickers and fingered her cunt while she waited for Joe to awaken. The only thing she had to be careful of is that they were in bear country and it was getting dark so the wild animals would soon be out to feed.
Joe finally woke up to find himself wired to the frame laying on the ground.
Caroline came over to him and played with his cock and asked him if he was enjoying the feel of her hands around the cock that had raped her.
Joe replied “Yes” and fingered her cunt with his free hand.
After a while the wire was cutting in to his skin. Joe’s cock expanded to fill with blood, but would not go down as the wire stopped the blood from exiting. He started to scream.
“The only thing that will hear you are the animals in the woods, They are hungry so I suggest you keep quiet” Caroline told him
She sat onto the now huge dark purple cock, cumming almost immediately, she bounced up and down on the hard pole looking around at the trees made her smile. thinking about the next rapist and his treatment.
Joe looked at Caroline fucking his painful cock, his face showed fear.
Caroline lifted her cunt off his cock to show Joe. The wire was now so tight his cock was twice the size it should have been, “I like a thick cock” she told him. The vacuum effect of Carolinas cunt had drawn the blood in to his cock, the wire not letting it out.
Caroline dropped her cunt back down on the now purple cock, Joe screamed to no avail as there was no one to hear. Caroline finished by moving her cunt round and round nearly ripping the numb cock out of its socket, Joe passed out through the pain.
Caroline again amused herself on the cock that looked like the large salami you see in the German meat shops. Joe woke up again so Caroline humped on the lump of meat for another 10 minutes to a final massive orgasm. Joe could not cum because of the wire around his cock. His cock had been wrapped for over 3 hours and was a very deep purple colour, almost black.
Caroline got dressed and told Joe there was a good chance that the bears would smell his body and visit him.
The only way for him to release the wires and get free, was to cut his balls and cock off,
She gave him his hunting knife and put his helmet over his cock to give him some protection?
Bear or Balls,
He was going to die, no choice, given the 50 miles distance to any possible help, so he should bleed to death and be eaten by the animals before he got there.
Caroline rode his bike down the mountain and dumped it in the deep lake full of crocodiles so never to be found again. and walked the 2 miles to my bike smiling. Dreaming.

Next: Dawson."

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