Bena is my extreme pervert Romanian grilfriend. She was once quite beatiful. Now she is a bald headed pierced slave slut which does everything what customers and I want.
Bena had slept nearly 9 h. She felt fresh and relaxed, but somehow strange. She thought of her pervert dreams that night. She dreamed of being bald headed and nipple pierced. She felt her pussy, which was so wet. Suddenly she asked herself where she was. She paniced. She quickly realized that she wasn’t dreaming. She tried to reach her beautiful brown shiny hair, but didn’t found it. She looked down her pyjama and saw that massive golden rings sticking through her erected 1/2 inch nipples. An alert in the room activated. Suddenly two Asian guys went into her sleeping room. She remembered all the things and tortures of yesterday. Cheng and Lee were standing in front of her and ordered to stand up and get under the shower. Bena obeyed. She felt still pain in her perky teeny boobs. She looked at that beautiful piercings and massaged her tits. She put three fingers in her clean shaven cunt and rubbed herself heavily. The cameras were online. She didn’t think of them and played with the tub in her asshole. She gave herself an enema and saw her own tummy grow. She looked like 3 month pregnant and went on rubbing her clit. She fingered her pussy and suddenly came in a massive orgasm, while she was farting the content of her bowels onto the shower door. Her legs lost control and she fell down into the puddle of her own pee and enema. That was the moment when Cheng came in. He saw her laying there and took a whip. He smashed 20 times hard on her worthless bitch meat. I could only hear a loud moaning and wincing. He took the tub and cleaned her of her mess. Then he grabbed her on her tit rings and pushed her out of the cabin. My slut screamed and shouted at him. He didn’t care and said, today we make money with you dirty sluttish pig whore.

10 minutes later Bena was sitting in the car. She wore a transparent black dress. No thong or bra was allowed. Only her black high heels. She had a dog leash around her neck. They drove towards a huge mall nearby. Lee made a live transmission via facetime to their webpage. All I did was taking my car key and drove to the mall as quick as possible. After 30 minutes I was there as well. I saw Bena standing in the middle of the mall plaza bound to a light post. There were plenty of people from old to young around her taking pics. And telling her what a slut she is. I stood in front of her and spit at her and said that she would be the filthiest slut I've ever seen. She realized me and spit back. I slapped her with my hand 10 times. Left and right. The people were laughing. Cheng said to the people, that I am her hubby cuckold and that this bitch was a prize for getting her to orgasm within a minute after she had fucked 80 guys in a cinema and was cum covered and cum filled. The guys were slapping her as well and telling her what an ugly slut she is. They grabbed her tits and one old guy slapped her boobs so hard that Bena went limp and protected herself with her hands. Then the guy kicked her in her ass with a massive kick. She fell to the ground while hanging on the dog leash tight around her neck. Cheng said: "Stop. She had enough for the moment. But you all can have fun with her in the garage of the mall." She was led by her dog leash to the garage. Her transparent dress showed her tortured nipples with her piercings. And her clean shaven pussy was wet like a waterfall already. Her juices run down her inner legs. After a walk through the mall Cheng and the wild guys and girls reached the garage. We all walked to the end of the garage. There Benaslut was fixed to a banister.

Her dress was ripped off her sluttish whore body. Suddenly she was standing bare naked in front of a group of approximately 20 sadistic guys and women of all ages. Clearly visible, her massive rings. Cheng presented the rules. 20dollars for a face fuck, 30 dollars for her pussy and face, 40 dollars you get her ass and 50 dollars you can do whatever you want to her. One guy asked if they need condoms. Cheng said: this upper class bitch is clean, hope you are clean as well. You can fuck her bare if you want. That was the starting point of the hardest rape of my slaveslut so far. She would have never imagined that intense adventure before. What followed the next two hours was extreme rape of the hardest kind. Lee counted 1000 Dollars. You know what that means.

Two guys started to play on her. They twisted the nipple rings three times and Bena screamed and cried. She thought her nipples would fall off. One of the women, her name was Rina, stretched her whore pussy lips with the rings and twisted them as well. They laughed at her. Rina pushed three fingers in Benas cunt and fucked her. She had long fingernails and I guess it hurt a bit. Then she started to fist her dirty cunt and Bena couldn’t reject her first orgasm. Her pussy felt sloppy so Rina pushed some fingers of her other hand in Benas cunt. She added slowly 3...4...and suddenly her second hand disappeared in her fuckslit. Bena couldn’t believe it and went nearly insane. She never felt the sensation of a double fist in her front fuckhole. The guys on her nipples were biting her tit flesh and twisted the nipple rings and stretched them further. One guy slapped her face. He shoved his hand in her mouth and tried to make her gag. Suddenly she threw up and hit Rina. That made Rina angry and she kicked that one guy with her right foot. With that this guy grabbed Rina by her hair and slapped her hard in her face. She must have seen stars for a moment. Her hands popped out of my sluts slit. It was a real heavy picture. Everybody cheered. Rina stood up and kicked her foot between the guys’ balls with such brutality, that he tumbled and fall to the ground. He screamed like a pig.

Benas pussy stood open wide. An old pervert took the opportunity to fist my slave so hard that she lost control of her bladder. She pissed and hit the guy with the broken balls. Everybody cheered again. Benas cunt was making slurping sounds and was so slimy and wet. She was screaming and cuming the whole time. She was pushed to the ground to a doggy style position. Two younger guys pushed their dicks into her mouth and fucked it together. Her mouth was spread wide but I could see her enjoying this. They hold her nose and closed it. They said why she doesn't have any nose ring as well? One of the guys took a needle out of the toolbox and sticked it thru her septum. Bena winced and cried like a pig now as well. She got fucked by those two sadists and realized the pain in her nose. The old fart licked her asshole and spit on it. Bena felt two thick fingers entering her ass. Her asshole was waiting for torture while his right fist was still ramming her poor sloppy pussy. That old ugly guy spit another green one on her shithole and pushed four fingers in. A sharp scream came from her mouth. It sounded like something went really wrong. I couldn’t see any reasons first. Her asshole was used to the four fingers. Her pussy was all right. Her face was fine as well. But then I saw blood coming out of her tit. Rina had pushed a meat skewer through her nipple. Her nipple was nearly loose only hold by three thin lines of meat and skin. That bitch nearly cut off Benas right nipple. I screamed at her to leave that nipple on her tits. She just said to me: "Fuck off. I paid for it."

I grabbed Rinas head on her hair and smashed it against the wall and kicked her in her ass. She fell to the ground. I ripped her skirt down and opened her blouse and fucked her hard while the other guys went on raping my slave. The old guy fisted her in her ass and pussy while she received to cum loads from the guys in her mouth. Then a huge black guy forced his dick in her throat. There was an old fart who sticked skewers through her left and right tit. Bena lost control over her body. Her neck was bound to a leash and tightly roped. The old fart repeated the torture and took three more skewers for her tits. This whole thing went totally out of control I thought. But it was the deal. Cheng owned my slave until 3 p.m. And there were still two hours to go. Benas tits had now five skewers in both her udders. They were bleeding and really looked fucked up. Her right nipple bleeded like hell and looked nearly ripped off. Her head was red because of the missing air. Her throat, her ass and her pussy were spread to the max. Bena was nearly unconscious. Another girl came and kicked her foot into Benas pussy hole. She forced her foot fully in and spread her real heavy. She lifted her skirt and peed over her body. The guys thought that this was a good idea and pissed on her as well. Rina was getting back and in rage. Somehow she managed to grip my balls and squeezed them so hard that I screamed like the poor pig still laying next to us. I smashed her head again on the wall and fall back to hold my balls. I took a skewer from the toolbox of the Chinese guys and sticked it right through her left and right 32g udders. She was screaming. I grabbed her neck and squeezed her to get her under control. I took another skewer and sticked it through her cheeks in and out. That gave her the rest. She was tamed.

A young guy of 19 years pushed a skewer through Benas nose, where the needle used to be. Bena was back again. Her bald head moved wild. She looked like a native African. Her hands were still bound behind her back. They moved her on her back and opened her mouth. She saw an old fat guy’s ass over her face and had to lick him. She had to stick her tongue in his ass. Suddenly she felt a turd coming out. Bena tried to move her head to the side. But the others helped him to fix her head and open her mouth. Within seconds she had a huge load of shit in and on her beautiful mouth. Bena had tears in her eyes. The guy closed her nose. She panicked. While I was fucking Rina in her throat I worried a bit on my slave. She decided to eat and swallow as fast as she could to breathe. She chewed and made a big breath. Now she was really the worst piece of shit she thought.

A guy’s dog came to her and lifted his leg. He peed her in her eyes and shitted on her face as well. Ok, that was the darkest moment she thought. After that nobody touched her anymore. They just fucked their cum over her and disappeared. That dog was too much. Bena threw up, winced and cried. Her power left her. Rina was unconscious. I came in her throat and pissed after that. Her tummy lifted a bit. She layed there naked and destroyed. The Chinese guys left Benaslut there as well. I tried to clean her a bit before putting her on my pick up together with Rina. I thought that I could need a blonde bitch with these massive puffy 32g udders like her. But first I have to tame her. My balls were still hurting so badly.

Benaslut woke up. She felt save at home, but was broken somehow. Her body looked totally destroyed. Her nose was still bleeding from the skewer inside her septum and her whole face was brown and full of ugly things. Her boobs still had those skewers in as well. Her body was bruised and her tits were bluish. Her nipples looked longer and sloppy. Her pussy lips were flappy and her asshole and pussy still gaping. She didn’t have any control over them anymore. I thought it would be fine within a day, but it took 3 days for her to get them under control. Rina was anxious. She was bound behind her back and at her feet and had a gag in her mouth. Still nude and unconscious were she was. I said to her "hello, I hope you remember me. I'm going to give you a hard time you big cow bitch." With this I slapped her udders hard and took out the skewers from her tits and her cheeks. She screamed like hell and passed out. I sterilized her wounds and said good night to my new toy. I cleaned up Bena. It took much longer. Her powerless body couldn't assist. She was so weak. I cleaned her face and sterilized her nose. I showered her and took out the skewers from her tits and her nipple. I cleaned every wound and sterilized her body as a whole. She slept 12 h until the next day.

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