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A young girl’s intent to playfully humiliate her younger brother lands her in a sticky situation.
It was the week before school broke up for the summer and Ryan was walking home with his friends as they were filled with excitement at the warm weather as well as the prospect of summer holidays. The boys chatted amongst themselves not taking note of anything or anyone around them. They would always walk in large groups after school as they lived in the same neighbourhood and it was more convenient then taking the bus according to them. As they passed their homes the boys split off from their group one by one until there were just two of them left who happened to live down the street from each other. The boys walked up to Ryan’s house and found his sister sitting on the porch listening to music on her iPod.

“Hey, hows it going Molly?” Ryan’s friend asked her to which she just gave a nod and a smile and went back to concentrating on her music.

“See you tomorrow then Ryan.” The friend said as he walked down the street to his house. Ryan walked up onto the porch and walked past his sister trying to ignore her but already knew something was going to happen. As he walked passed her she put her foot under one of his causing him to miss a step and stumble to the ground which she found quite hilarious.

“Cut it out Molly. What the fuck?” He said to her, frustration quite evident in his voice as he picked himself up and gathered his stuff.

“Oh don’t be such a baby. And don’t swear at me I’m older than you!” She replied, quite amused with her little victory.

“Yeah whatever, you are only two years older than me so cut the shit.” He said as he walked away from her.
“Don’t be so dramatic.” She replied as she went back to listening to her music.

Ryan got to his room and just fell on his bed exhausted from a long day as the stressful life a 14 year old can take its toll on you or so he kept telling himself. He looked around the room and heard a faint whirling noise similar to a fan. He looked up and saw his computer had been turned on which only meant one thing, Molly had been messing with his computer again. This thoroughly infuriated and he stormed out of his room in hot pursuit of the culprit. He found Molly in the kitchen drinking a glass of soda and was about to scream at her but held his tongue as he noticed she had her earphones in and wouldn’t hear a thing he said. He looked her over with extreme anger in his eyes but noticed something different about his sister. She was wearing a cap with a baggy t-shirt and sneakers which were her usual given the fact that she was a tom-boy and had a boyish dress sense but something was quite out of place. Instead of her baggy long shorts or tracksuit bottoms she had on a pair of skin tight shorts that barely managed to contain her butt cheeks.

“That looks more like a belt than a pair of shorts.” He thought to himself and chuckled. Just then the front door opened and his parents walked in. Their parents were the average suburban husband and wife, their dad worked as consultant for a law firm and their mother was a teacher at the local pre-school. They walked in and greeted their kids in their usual fashion, dad asked about their day, mom complained about Molly’s dress sense and said how she wished her daughter would wear a dress every now and then to which dad would interject and express how they should be happy he doesn’t walk around advertising her ‘goodies’ as he like to call them to everyone. Ryan quickly got bored of the situation and went back upstairs to his room deciding that a game of call of duty would be more interesting that his uninteresting family.

Ryan set up his gamming session but was unfortunately being annihilated by the other players as he just couldn’t focus and get his head in the game. Instead he kept having flashbacks of what his sister was wearing. He found it extremely unsettling as he had always known her to be a tom-boy, he basically grew up seeing her as an older brother. He turned the game off and decided to call it a night. The next day he walked passed his sister in the corridor at school and the look on his face must have been quite visible as Molly burst out laughing at his reaction. Her dress code had changed even more today, she was now wearing her usual baggy t-shirt but her cap had been replaced with a red bow tied in her long blonde hair, her shorts had been replaced with a short black skirt accompanied by black stockings and the last bit threw him off completely. Her sneakers which he had never seen her without had been replaced by red ballerina pumps with a white little bow on the front. Ryan tried to take it all in but found it difficult so just kept walking as if nothing had happened. He sat in class trying to make heads or tails of the situation.
“What the fuck is going on?” He thought to himself as he felt his reality shifting to what felt like an alternate reality from a parallel universe where molly was an average 16 year old girl who wore skimpy clothes. The walk home was odd as everyone noticed Ryan was way too quite. He walked along with his friends and it was quite evident he was deep in thought. In all honesty he was trying to figure out what hell was going on with his sister. He got home and plonked himself on the sofa not even being able to make it up to his room. He was mentally exhausted from trying to take in the new situation. To him it felt like the sister he knew had left home and now he was living with this girl who acted and spoke like his sister, just didn’t look the part. An imposter was the word that came to mind when he thought about. He was brought out of his little think bubble by a swift slap to the back of his head.

“Seriously? I haven’t been here for five minutes and we starting this again.” He said in a weary voice.
“When are you ever not complaining. Grow some balls dude. By the way, mom and dad are gonna be home late so we are ordering pizza for dinner.” She said as she sat down on the same two-seater sofa he was sitting on.

“Man I’m loving this heat, it’s a change from that miserable weather we’ve been having.” She said as she kicked off her shoes and stretched out across the couch, her feet landing in Ryan’s lap.
“And to make it better I’ve got a foot stool. Ahh this is the life.” She said as she picked up the remote and began flicking through the channels. Ryan was about to lose his shit and push her legs off of him when he looked down and noticed her toes had been painted pink, pink enough to be seen through the seams of her stockings.

“This is going too far now!” He thought to himself. Not only is she dressing all girly all of a sudden but now she is painting her toes pink of all colours. What made it worse was the fact that for the first time he noticed she had really cute feet and the heat from being inside pumps all day in the summer made them feel rather warm against his thigh. To say he lost his will to scream at her was an understatement
“Molly. Have you got a new boyfriend?” He asked her ‘probably girlfriend’ he thought to himself given her boyish charms.

“Are you trying to be funny?” She said as she glared at him. The truth of the matter was if Ryan though he had a hard time figuring this whole thing out he had no idea how tough it was on her.
Molly had turned 16 a few months before and to say things were changing for her would be the understatement of the year. She had been a late bloomer which suited her fine as she never cared for how her body was developing seeing as she was boyish and all. But now as of late, her body has been riddled with hormones causing her body to change as her breasts had grown from being virtually non-existent to a full B-cup, her hips were beginning to widen a bit giving her body some womanly curves. As if this wasn’t enough of a betrayal from her body, she was now getting hot and flustered whenever a handsome guy looked at or spoke to her. The worst betrayal of all was feeling of warmth she felt between her thighs whenever she would see a shirtless guy on TV who had a decent enough physique. Now being a tom-boy and not knowing how to deal with such girly problems lead her to react the only way she knew how: with aggression and anger towards everyone.

“Well I’ve just noticed you’ve changed lately, like the way you dress and stuff.” He said innocently enough trying to get to the bottom of it.

“What’s wrong with the way I dress? What’s it to you anyway.” She replied. He could hear the aggravation in her. Although he knew her to be boyish and rough he had never seen her so temperamental before. She quickly lifted her foot and smashed it right in his face.

“You just shut up ok? You’re just a whiney 14 year old who doesn’t know anything. You either shut your mouth or I’ll break your face, got it?” She said with a voice that was aggressive but also strangely composed which made it even more terrifying.

Ryan let out a muffled “OK” as even though they were the same height and size, he knew she would kick his ass something serious as she had been in her fair share of fist fights and had beaten both girls and boys until they begged for mercy.

“Good!” She said as pressed her foot into his face before removing it. She stood up and walked out of the room trailing off into the kitchen to order dinner. Ryan sat there stiff as if he had seen a ghost. Not because he was scared but because his mind was all twisted and bent out of shape at this point. He usually would’ve fought back but instead sat there with a raging erection that he couldn’t understand the reason for existing. Raging was an understatement, there was a wet spot to the left of his pants zipper, apparently pre-cum had soaked its way through his boxer shorts out to his pants, lucky for him the pants were thick and dark coloured so it wasn’t noticeable. The poor boy was confused beyond words, he couldn’t understand why having his sister’s foot in his face and her firm aggressiveness had turned him on beyond repairs.

On the other hand Molly was in the kitchen with the phone laying face down in front of her on the kitchen counter. She had ordered dinner and was now leaning against the kitchen counter with her hands on it, clenched so tightly her knuckles were turning white. She was quite infuriated at that point. As if it wasn’t bad enough that she had all this shit to deal with but now having her foot in someone’s face and feeling their warm breath on the sole of her foot against the nylon fabric of her stockings had sent her to a place she had never been before. She was angry at the fact that she didn’t understand why doing that to someone and having that someone being completely submissive to her had brought her to the point where she now realised there was a clear liquid running down the inside of her thighs and there was an intense heat between her legs. She was literally dripping wet!

She quickly went upstairs to her room and removed her stockings thinking that she would have a hard time explaining why the insides of her legs have wet trails running down the lengths of them coming directly from between her thighs. She took a moment to compose herself and went back downstairs to wait for the pizza delivery as she had the money to pay for it. As she reached the foot of the stairs the doorbell rang. She passed behind Ryan who was still sitting on the couch and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

“Sorry for snapping at you.” She said and continued to the door and began conversing with the pizza guy who knew their family.

“Oh hey Rob. How much do I owe you.” She said as she began checking her pockets for money.

“Its uhh….Molly is that you?” Rob said, sounding quite surprised. The last time he had seen her just a month ago she looked and acted like a boy, and now all of a sudden she looked like something out of a sweet sixteen magazine.

“Haha very funny. Keep the change…And thanks.” She said as she took the pizza and closed the door. She sat down and hadn’t noticed that Ryan hadn’t moved a single muscle, not even a blink since she walked to the door. He honestly thought this was some kind of dream he was having. A very scary dream where the older sister he knew and saw as an older brother is becoming dainty and feminine and to top it all off, he is attracted to her. The kiss on the cheek was the final push that sent him over the edge of insanity.

“Hey doofus, are you gonna eat or are you gonna wait for it to get cold.” She said as she punched him on the shoulder and continued to take a man-sized bite out of a slice of pizza. Ryan managed to snap out of his haze and realised this was all too real. He looked over at this ‘imposter’ who acted exactly like his sister, more or less, but looked like his dream girl. Slim figure, slight curves, not too large breasts, long blonde hair and blue eyes. He had noticed that even her walk had changed from the hunched over walk she had to the chest out, ass out, straight back girly walk that most girls her age have. He picked up a slice of pizza and began eating very slowly, unsure of how to sit or act with this schizophrenic chick sitting next to him. After dinner they sat and watched TV, none of them said a word. The only eye contact that made was when he glanced over to see her legs crossed over and her foot dangling playfully. He looked up at her and knew there and then that the game had changed between them. He just didn’t know how to play and what the rules where.

They watched a film which seemed to take the edge off a little as it took their minds off their situation. Ryan got into his usual position where he would take 4 or 5 sofa pillows and stuff them at the foot of the couch the rest his head on them while lying flat on his back on the floor facing the TV. He did this often when they watched films but this time things were obviously different.

“Oh my gosh are you trying to look up my skirt.” He heard his sister shout suddenly, breaking the silence.

“No, I’m… I’m.” Before he could get his words out she had leapt up and came crashing down, sitting on his face. Now this used to be her standard bully routine where she would crouch over his face and fart just to humiliate him but it went horribly wrong this time. She had lost her footing as she wasn’t used to being barefoot even in the house, this caused her to sit flat on his face. That’s when she realised her bullying tactic was a huge mistake as she realised she had forgotten to put fresh underwear on when she took her stockings off.

Ryan was in shock as he hated this trick of hers but this time instead of smelly gases he was getting a face full of pussy, seeing as he was a virgin this was pure bliss for him.

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry Ryan.” She said and for the first time he had received a sincere apology from her.
“It’s ok.” Was all he said. Little did either of them know that such a small phrase would drastically change both their lives from this point onwards. As he spoke his voice sent vibrations from his throat up to his chin which just so happened to be exactly where Molly’s virgin clit was resting and the movement of his lips and nose rubbed against her soft pussy lips. The poor girl never knew what hit her. Her body tensed up as she felt a heat she had never felt before. She let out a soft moan as her body took on a life of its own. Pure instinct got into the driver’s seat and took her for a little spin around the block and showed her what womanhood has to offer her.

Her hips moved back and forth ever so slightly, her movements were barely visible. She let out another moan as she pressed her hips down onto her little brother’s face and began slowly grinding on it. Ryan being a 14 year old boy dealing with his own puberty issues had watched tons of porn and masturbated while trying to satisfy his own body’s desires. Molly on the other hand had never even tried such ventures so this was the very first time she had felt such a sensation.

“I’m so sorry Ryan, I can’t stop myself. I’m so sorry.” The last bit of her statement was barely audible as she was completely engulfed by her actions and focused attentively at what her pussy was telling her to do. To her surprise she felt Ryan’s arms lift up and felt his hands grab a handful each of her ass cheeks which were as soft as cotton. The black skirt she was wearing had been pulled up by her spreading her legs and was literally looking like a belt which gave Ryan a full view of everything. He marvelled at her pink puckered asshole as he stuck out his tongue and slid it up into her now very moist pussy while pulling her down by her hips onto his face which was relatively easy as she was lighter than him.

“Oh baby, that feels amazing.” Molly said softly as she rode his face slowly but forcefully, literally having sex with his mouth. Her hormones must have found it hilarious as they suddenly gave her back control of her body and her mind cleared of the erotic pleasure that fogged it. She went stiff instantly and the magnitude of what she was doing his her like a ton of bricks.

“I can’t believe you let me do that to you. What the fuck?” She stood up quickly causing a sloppy separation of her pussy and her baby brother’s mouth who looked up at her in shock with his face drenched in a her love juices.

“This is so sick, I can’t believe we did that.” She said in her usual angry voice and stormed off up the stairs into her room leaving her brother lying on the floor like an abandoned sex toy. She lay flat across her bed with her head in her pillow and screamed really loud. Then proceeded to get up off the bed and punch the wall almost severely injuring herself.

“What was all that shit about. Who knew turning 16 would be such a pain in the ass. The last thing I needed was to have my little twerp of a brother shoving his head so deep up my snatch he could practically see my tonsils.” She paced up and down her room trying to figure out what to next, trying to figure out if Ryan would tell their parents about what had happened. She wanted to go talk to him right away but she didn’t think she could face him after the little stunt she just pulled. She decided she would wait till the morning and find out, but for now she would try and get some sleep.

Ryan got up off the floor and wiped his face with his t-shirt. The only thing left on his face was the huge smile he had. He knew nothing like this would ever happen again so he might as well as be happy about it. He decided to go back to his room before he parents get home and asked why he is in such a state. He got to his room and stripped down to his boxers as that’s how he normally slept in the summer. He tossed and turned but sleep was just impossible considering he had just been in a real live porn scene staring himself and his hot older sister. He quickly grabbed some tissue from his dresser, dropped his shorts and wrapped his hand around his throbbing cock. He looked at it for a second.

“Hmm. 6 inches at my age. Not bad. I wonder if Molly would think it was ok.” He said to himself softly. In that instant images of Molly’s pussy and feet flashed through his head like a high definition slide show. He closed his eyes and unwittingly squeezed his cock and that was all it took before he sent ropes of cum shooting across the room staining the carpet leaving a long trail leading back to where the last few drops were dripping from his cock. Being in a state of euphoria he simply shook off what was left, wiped the tip of his cock, pulled his shorts up and went back to bed without a care in the world.

Chapter 2

The next morning Molly woke up to a dead silent house. The only noise came from the birds chirping outside her window. She got out of bed and wondered downstairs to find out why the house was so quite. She feared the worst of course, thinking Ryan spilled the beans to their parents and now she would find them all sitting on one side of the living and on the other side a lone chair where she would sit and they would start with the opening line:

“Honey you know we love you, that’s why we had to have an intervention.” Spoken by her nurturing but disappointed mother. She peeked through to the living room but found no one. She found it odd that the house was empty on a Saturday morning. She went through to the kitchen and found Ryan sitting at the counter eating a bowl of cereal.

“Where’s mom and dad.” She asked.

“Well good morning to you too.” He replied quite sarcastically before continuing. “Mom and dad went to see Aunt Peggy, remember she was moving into our neighbourhood today, well they went to lend her a hand. They would’ve been back by now but you know how they get when they are together, they want to have drink and catch up next thing you know they are going dancing or some shit. I told them not to worry, I’ll look after you.” He said with a huge grin on his face knowing he was liable to get a dead arm for that remark but to his surprise nothing. She just looked at him with a quizzical expression on her face.

“And no I didn’t tell them about last night.” He said as he went back to eating his cereal.

“I thought you would’ve stayed up and waited for them and told them everything just to get me into shit. I would’ve done that if I were in your shoes.” She replied quite coldly.

“I know, I know, and I damn well should’ve told. But I like having a sister so I’ll keep my mouth shut.” He said sounding quite happy with himself.

“What do you mean you like having a sister, since when?” She asked as she made herself a cup of coffee.

“Since I actually have a sister now and not a brother.” He answered while gesturing with his spoon pointing at her clothing. Molly looked down and noticed she was wearing pink cotton Pyjamas with little sheep on them.

“I’m gonna kill mom.” Apparently her mother knew her daughter better than she lead on and knew that this would happen so she began secretly stocking up her wardrobe with clothes. Molly sat down and at the counter on the opposite side of Ryan and quietly drank her coffee, confused about everything that has been going on.

“Oh and I made you some breakfast, it’s in the warmer.” He said casually as he continued munching away at his cereal. Molly walked over to the warmer but then stopped dead in her tracks and thought for a moment. “This is a trick isn’t it? I always knew the little shit would grow some balls someday, just didn’t think he would kick me when I’m down.”

“Ryan, why are you being so nice to me?” She asked as she opened the warmer expecting to find anything other than food that would freak her out.

“I don’t know, why not. I like you. And well…I think you’re pretty hot. Isn’t that what guys do, be nice to hot girls?” He replied as she retrieved a plate of food that had pancakes and bacon.

She looked over at him and saw a look she didn’t recognise in his face, it was a smile but not his usual ‘I’m gonna get my revenge’ smile. An actual smile. She looked him over and noticed for the first time that she found him quite appealing. It was odd to her because she never looked at guys as anything other than buddies or punching bags. She placed the plate on the counter and froze as Mother Nature decided it would return and have some fun at her expense.

“So my little brother thinks I’m hot?” She said as she tossed her hair back and brushed some of it behind her ear with her hand. Ryan stopped eating as he instantly heard the drastic change in her voice. The girl he met last night was back. He looked up and although re-arranging her hair was such a small thing it made a huge difference in her appearance. Her blue eyes had that sparkle in them once more. She made her way around the counter and stood next to him casually as if nothing were odd about her actions.

“Ryan sweetie, you do know it’s still me right?” She asked in the most alluring voice possible.

“What do you mean?” He replied, unsure of her question.

“I mean it’s me, Molly. I’m just… well… I’m acting different because I’m horny. And my pussy makes me want to do things. Naughty things, nasty things. Oh even messy things.” She said as she puckered her lips and blew him an air kiss while lightly brushing her finger across his bottom lip. Ryan noticed instantly how soft her hands were and that her nails were now painted metallic blue. Now Ryan is by all means still only 14 years old so he can only act on things he has seen in a porn films, he doesn’t know how to act when a real woman is using her charms on him. He sat there staring at her. She let out a slight giggle as she could see she had captivated him completely. This time Molly had some sense of what she was doing, although still not in complete control of herself, she could make hints and mental suggestions that could steer herself in directions she wanted to go. Upon realising this Molly felt the need to stop herself. She moved her hand away from Ryan and looked down thinking she had won this battle but then caught site of the tent in Ryan’s crotch. She tried to fight it for just a few seconds but then willingly gave in to her hormonal desires out of curiosity.

Molly slid the cereal bowl away from in front of Ryan and hoped up on the counter sitting directly in front of him.

“So dear, what do find ‘’hot’ about your big sister?” She asked, running her eyes up and down his body as a vampire sizes up its next victim.

“I…um…your…” Ryan was literally fumbling on his own words.

“Did I notice a wet patch on your crotch after yesterday’s incident with my foot on your face?” She asked playfully. Ryan’s eyes went huge as he thought she hadn’t noticed. He looked down at the floor in shame and gave a nod.

“So it’s safe to assume you like my feet?” She asked. To which he gave a second nod.

“I’ve had never seen them before last night. They are really pretty.” He said really softly.

“Aww don’t be shy about it, I think it’s cute.” She said as she placed her foot under his chin and used it to raise his head. To both of their surprise she leaned forward and kissed him full on the lips and it wasn’t any baby kiss, it was a full on face sucking kiss. She leaned back and smiled at him.

“I’ve never had a guy look at my feet as much as you did last night and today. Then again I never show them. So, since you are the first guy to see them and since they have such an effect on you…” She paused and put her other foot in his crotch and felt his cock pulsate against the sole of her foot. Being enclosed in shoes all the time had one advantage to it, her feet were as soft as silk and so sensitive she could feel the veins on his cock through his boxer shorts.

“I think it’s only fair that I use this to my advantage don’t you think?” She asked as a teacher asks a rhetorical question when scolding a pupil. Ryan gave nod as he knew better than to say no. In all honesty he didn’t want to say now.

“Good. Now you will do anything I tell you to do. Ok?” She asked, her seductress voice adopting a hint of the stern nature of a teacher or a figure of authority. Ryan looked up at her face completely helpless to her charms. He was like a puppet on a string.

“Ok since I have the whole day to ‘play’ with my new toy, let’s start with something simple.” She said as she kept one foot firmly on his cock as she revelled in the feeling of it pulsating against the sole of her foot, she leaned back on the counter and stretched her arms out behind her for support, raised her other foot and held it steady in front of his face. He looked at it for a moment, studying it carefully. He took in the beauty of her supple skin, the way her toes were in perfect proportion, each blue painted toe smaller than the last, how her toes pointed and caused the sole of her foot to crease, each fold looking as delicate as silk fabric and the final factor bowled him over. The fact that it was a hot summer’s day and yet the only scent coming from her foot was that of lavender body lotion.

“Oh my. Didn’t think you would like them that much.” She said as she felt his cock twitch rather forcefully under her other foot, a direct effect of just merely looking at her foot. He leaned forward and lightly kissed her toes. This sent shivers up her spine. He then gently sucked in her large toe, released it slowly and moved on to the next. He repeated this motion down to pinkie toe and back to up the row again. His tongue slid out and began slowly writhing between each toes making sure he missed not one spot. Molly clenched her fists tightly, if she didn’t know any better she would think her foot was directly connected to her pussy as it was setting her pussy alight. Ryan gently held the back of her foot and began slowly licking all the way from her heel up to her toes and back up. He was completely taken in as he attentively worshiped her foot.

“That’s a good boy.” She said as she stretched her neck out in an attempt to see his tongue sliding between her toes, the sight of it caused her pussy to quiver as her head fell back and she let out a weak laugh. She pulled her foot away and swapped it for the one holding his cock ransom and returned to her position.

“I’ve been messing with him for so many years, who would’ve thought all I had to do was show him my feet and I could have him as an obedient slave. Molly you genius! I should let my hormones control me more often.” She thought to herself as she watched her brother devotedly massage her feet with his mouth. At this point she was sitting in a puddle of her pussy juices and only realised when a breeze blew through an open window and she felt the liquid beneath.

“Oh my, what a mess we’ve made.” She said, looking at him with an evil grin.

“You’ve done such a wonderful job cleaning my feet, do you wanna clean me up here as well?” She asked knowing at this point there is no possible way he could say no to one of her requests.

“I’ll gladly clean anything you want me to.” He said in a tone similar to those speaking to their goddess.

“Aww aren’t you just the sweetest little brother. Breakfast and now a tongue bath. I could get used to acting like a lady if this is how you treat me.”

She gave him a wink and then placed her feet on his thighs to steady herself. Using her left arm behind her for support she lifted her hips slightly and with her right hand pulled her pyjama pants down to her knees. Instead of taking them off completely she closed her legs and rolled them to the side, now lying on her side on the kitchen counter with her legs tucked up and her knees almost touching her breasts she gently reached over and grabbed the back of his head and pulled him slowly into the wet mess of a rear end she had. On his way in he noticed a change from the night before. Her pussy was now clean shaven which was the first time she had ever tried such a thing. It was completely hairless which made Ryan want to lick it all the more. She firmly held his head in place as he began licking every inch of her pussy making sure to linger by her clit as he had noticed it was a place of interest for porn stars. As if in autopilot he continued licking past the small boundary and found himself licking her pale glistening ass cheeks that looked like perfectly moulded glass but were as soft as silk. At one point he had to lift his head and look at Molly’s face just to double check that indeed this goddess body did belong to his sister. She had kept it well hidden from the world and he would forever be the first person to see and feel its wonders. It was a genuine ‘Neil Armstrong walking on the moon’ moment for young Ryan.

Molly pulled his head back as she had not felt satisfied, she intended to aim for her pussy but having her mind foggy she miscalculated and was surprised when she felt his face get lodged right in her ass crack. She thought for sure he was going to stop and this wasn’t her intention either. She went weak as she felt his tongue making a journey up and down her crack stopping and dipping into her rosebud asshole as it passed. It was like electricity running up her spine and through to her brain

“Ok whoa, I didn’t mean for you to clean there, I’m not that cruel.” She said but neither of them moved. Ryan continued licking until he was sure it was completely clean. He sat back and wiped his face with his t-shirt thinking to himself that was the best moment of his young life.

“Damn that felt good. I should get dirty more often just so you can clean me.” She said as she hoped off the counter. She took a look at her PJ’s and both top and bottom were soaked. Without a second thought she let her pants fall from her knees to her ankles and stepped out of them as she took her top off. Lucky for them the kitchen window was blocked by a huge wall so no one could see into the house from that side. She picked up a roll of kitchen towels and began cleaning the kitchen counter.

“As a matter of fact I should just stop taking showers and have you lick me over twice a day.” She said quietly as if sarcastically voicing what was going on in her head.

“Yes mistress. What time of day would you like me to lick you?” He replied in a casual but sincere tone.

Luckily she had just finished up wiping the mess because she stopped what she was doing and looked at him. She thought he was being sarcastic until she saw no signs of a joke on his face.

“Are you serious? That’s Sick! I was joking.” She remarked but as she spoke the fact that he called her mistress and that he would be willing to serve her in such a way made her clit throb madly.

“That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard.” She said in a soft fading voice as she weakly walked over to him, got down on her knees and pulled his boxer shorts down to his ankles exposing what she could only have described as the hardest erection in history.

“How has he not lost his mind from being so horny. The veins on this thing look ready to explode!” She thought to herself as she grabbed his cock at the base and began stroking it with an off-beat rhythm. One of the things she always feared should she ever hook up with someone was being told she was crap in bed. One of the reasons she leaned towards being a tom-boy was because she had the lowest self-esteem on earth. This was of course due to the fact every other girl her age had begun to develop but she still had a little boy’s body. That is up until now. She had never seen let alone handled a cock before. Her instincts just told her to go with the flow but she knew she was being terrible at it. The sight of his older sister stark naked and kneeling before him stroking his cock took its toll on the poor boy.
Suddenly she felt his cock expand in her hand. She took a closer look and saw the head flare and swell up and it turned bright red and his cock began to pulsate quite fast. Without thinking she tightened her grip.

“That could only mean he is about to…” She thought to herself but she was cut off.

“I’m so sorry mistress.” Was all he could muster as he went stiff. In the back of her mind she knew what was happening but it didn’t quite register. When she did figure it out it was too late. She jerked back in an attempt to move out of the way but he had already gone off like a rocket. He erupted all over her face and neck line as she just sat there with her hands up in shock. When she realised it was over she opened her eyes and noticed cum dripping down from her face onto her tits. She looked up and saw Ryan standing there looking very embarrassed. At first she was extremely repulsed by thought of her first cum-shower but then quickly warmed up to it.

“What happened? I literally just touched you a few times.” She asked, not disappointed but actually wanting to know for curiosity sake.

“I… I don’t know. I’m sorry mistress. I tried to hold on but you are just too hot.” He said looking down at the floor. If she didn’t know better she could’ve sworn he could read her mind and saw that she needed her ego stroked.

“Since he can’t read my mind then that means he is being honest. Shit! Could a guy actually find me so overwhelming attractive that he blows that quickly? Impossible!” She thought to herself. Once she realised that her loyal servant was being honest her ego was stroked so hard it would orgasm if it had a sex organ. She looked at his cock and to her surprise if was as rigid as when they started. She noticed the little drop of cum at the tip of his cock. The ‘real’ Molly herself wondered what it tasted like and urged her lust driven self to find out. She licked her lips at the thought of it and leaned forward.

“It’s ok sweetie, at least now I can say I’ve had my first cum shower.” She said. In that instant they both noticed the change in her voice. She sounded almost like her normal self just with a hint of lust. Molly realised that after having her toes sucked by Ryan she found herself not fighting her urges anymore and the slut side was all of a sudden easier to control. Then it dawned on her. Ever since she swapped feet to get the second one pampered she had been in control. She knew she should stop and step away as the tip of her brother’s cock was hovering between her full pink lips and this would be going too far. Before she made a decision that last drop of cum landed on her tongue and the taste was like her first shot of heroin. She closed her supple lips around his cock, grabbed his butt with both hands and pulled him into her slowly taking his cock into her mouth and down her throat causing her to gag. She slowly let it slip out of her mouth.

“Wow that actually tasted good. Who knew.” She giggled to herself. Ryan was still confused. He knew all this time that something had a hold on Molly as the sister he knew would never do even half the things this ‘imposter’ was doing to him that’s why he went along with it. But now he heard the difference in her voice for the second time and was convinced.

“Molly is that you? I mean the real you!” He said sounding a little panicked as he somehow thought this was a different person all this time, maybe a friend that looked similar to Molly and the two of them were playing a joke on him. A million things started running through his head like she would have caught it on camera and said he was forcing her to do stuff.

“I always knew her cunning ways had no limits. I better prepare for the worst.” As he prepared for a swift punch in the dick as that is something she would do he felt the exact opposite. Molly gave it another deep throat suck and nodded her head as it was slipping out.

“Yes it’s me silly. I know I don’t look completely like me. I’ll explain in a minute ok?” She said with a warm, face-full-of-cum smile and returned to sucking him only this time she was sucking with much more pressure and speed, so much so that the head of his cock was turning purple. She was determined now, she wanted a full load of cum and she would suck his cock clean off if that meant the only way to get it. The possibility of this actually being his real sister shook Ryan down to his core. He didn’t know how to react, if he should stop her or not. He decided he would stop it since it was morally wrong and all that since this isn’t a game and really is Molly. He tried to move but his body wouldn’t budge. Life is not without irony they say. He tried with every bit of will power to move and finally his hands did move but not in the manner he wanted them to move. Instead of stopping her, his hands were now gently brushing through her golden hair as she looked up at him and sucked his cock to a point where it began to hurt a little.

He finally felt himself pass the point of no return as he let go knowing he could never stop now even if he tried. He let go of his sister’s head and she looked up at him as he pumped jet streams of cum into her mouth. When he finally finished she let his cock slip out which was finally going flaccid. She sat back on her heels, tilted her head back and opened her mouth. She playfully swirled his cum in her mouth with her tongue before swallowing it. He watched her Adam’s apple bob up and down as she swallowed his cum.
“Hmmhmm. That tasted better than I thought.” She said with her eyes closed, revelling in the taste like some expensive drink. She opened her eyes and looked up at him.

“I bet you want an explanation.” She said, the one corner of her mouth curling into a slight smile. Ryan gave a nod as he was still trying to wrap his head around the situation.

“Well you’re in luck because I just figured it a few minutes ago so let’s talk.” She said as she got to her feet, literally snatched his t-shirt off of him, put it on and walked in to the living room where he followed. If there was any doubt before, it was gone now, this was definitely Molly.

Chapter 3

They sat on the sofa, both now as clear minded as they could be. Ryan had been upstairs to put on a tracksuit and brought a PJ set for Molly. He couldn’t really find anything since it seemed like her entire wardrobe been replaced overnight all he could find for her was a white vest, red shorts and white thigh high socks. The socks were a precaution in case something else gets sparked before the conversation is done. It didn’t help much as she tied her hair in pigtails and now looked like a cheerleader, one of Ryan’s biggest fantasies. They had decided to have their little talk dressed as their parents could walk through the door at any moment. The last thing they need is to get caught in a situation like that. So they began talking, figuring out what’s happening and why.

“So question number one, what the fuck is happening? A month ago you were the tom-boy sister that I knew and now look at you, you’re a cheerleader/model.” He asked, desperate for answers.

“Ok well mom had been pestering me to at least try and wear girly stuff since I was getting older and all that. So I went out and got those tiny shorts just to piss mom and dad off so that mom would leave me alone. The next thing I know you were giving me that stupid confused look so I took it as a chance to mess with you.” She replied quite simply.

“So that’s how you mess with people…Oral Sex??” He asked, agitation was quite evident in his voice.

“Well no I never planned that.” She replied, looking down at the floor and smiling sheepishly.

“Oh do tell, big sister, do tell.” He said sarcastically.

“Well I’ve been going through some trouble with hormones wreaking havoc on my body. That’s why I’ve been so schizophrenic lately. But I really didn’t plan to shove my foot in your face and I DEFINITELY didn’t plan on being turned on by it. Then my usual bully stunt backfired and I ended up riding you face and it felt so damn good. You didn’t help by deciding to eat me out you know!” She said with a hint of laughter in her voice.

“Oh, so you’re blaming me now?” He asked, clearly getting aggravated.

“No no Ryan it’s not like that. I had never felt anything like it. I wanted to apologise but then I couldn’t look you in the face and then today you’ve been so nice to me. You’ve never been that sweet to me before.” She replied.

“That’s because you’ve done nothing but terrorise me. But after last night, I don’t mind that kind of sibling abuse.” He said, his anger calming and turning into frustration. “Then what was up with today, making me clean you up like that?” He asked.

“I don’t know. I just liked having you being nice to me, then you did what asked and sucked my toes then I got so horny and… you know, one thing led to another. I’m sorry Ryan. I didn’t mean for it to go this far.” She replied quite sincerely.

“So level with me, it’s been you this entire time?” He asked.

“Who else would it be?” She replied.

“I don’t know, maybe a friend that looks like you. I mean you do look different. You’re gorgeous now! no offense.”

She blushed quite profusely, something he had never seen her do before.

“Well I did think of that but I’m so glad I didn’t do it, I would hate to have missed out on what you did to me. And for the record, I regret nothing! I’d do it all again just to have what happened this morning.” She replied. Just then the phone rang and Molly answered.

“Hello. Oh hi mom.” She said. The mumbling of the person on the other end of the line went on.

“Yeah, ok.” She said. More mumbling on the other end. Molly nodded her head.

“Oh ok. Don’t worry he is fine.” More mumbling on the other end.

“Oh we are getting along just great. Yeah I’ll try not to bully him too much.” She said and winked at Ryan.
“Ok bye mom. Love you too.” She said and hung up the phone.

“Well, mom and dad had too much to drink so they can’t drive home, they are going to spend the night at Aunt Peggy’s.” Molly said quite casually.

“So what do we do for dinner? Neither of us can cook a proper meal.” He asked.

“Well I’ve still got some money, we will just order another pizza although I can think of another source of food for myself.” She said, gesturing towards his crotch.

“I thought the game was up? You just don’t give up do you?” He said, sulking that he had been played for a fool.

“Oh come on, don’t be like that, you had some fun, more than all your friends I can tell you that.” She said, trying to reason with him but to no avail. Instead he just ignored her. Since everything so far had happened under the guise of a game she decided to see if there was really something here or was he just going with the flow because he thought it was someone else. She thought about it and the thought of him not liking her but the girl he thought was someone else was for some reason too much to handle. She then realised she wanted him to want her, she wanted him to be devoted to her so she threw all inhibitions to the wind and decided to take a chance.

“Am I forgiven?” She asked in a little school girl voice. But he just looked the other way. Suddenly the faint scent of lavender wisped past his nose and grabbed his attention as he knew it came from only one place. He turned to see she was playing dirty now. She had removed her sock and had her foot hovering near his face.

“Please?” She asked with a childish pout on her lips.

“Ok fine, but it’s not fair that you use such cheap tricks on me.” He said as he kissed her toes and faced the away from her.

“Who said anything about this being fair? Now I know I can use my little feet to get your attention, what makes you think I won’t abuse that power. As long as I have these little beauties, your will be mine!” She said with a huge grin on her face. “Besides, you will be quite happy that you will be serving me even if you don’t have a choice.” She said.

“Oh, and why is that, you do know I can just avoid looking at your feet right?” He said, trying to burst her bubble.

“Yeah I know, but you won’t avoid them because I won’t let you. When I want something, I will make sure I find you and get what I want. Besides I’ve seen your browser history you naughty boy, I can always up the stakes to make my feet irresistible to you. But since you have been good, I’ll give you a reward tonight if you continue behaving.” She said with a smug look on her face.
“Ok fine. Have it your way.” He replied knowing it wasn’t going to happen any other way. The rest of the evening went on as they watched movies and ate dinner. Ryan sat frustrated with this game as he always ended up the loser and she just found another way to bully him just on a higher level now. Molly on the other hand sat and stared at her brother going over in her head the prospects she had for her young servant. She was going to milk the situation and him dry and get everything she can for it

Chapter 4

Later that evening things seemed to have simmered down quite a bit.

“Right, I’m going to take a shower.” Molly said as she stood up.
“Thanks for the update.” Ryan replied, rolling his eyes in sarcasm. She just smiled at him and walked off, he found that very unsettling as she never did that, ever! She always retaliated when provoked. He sat and thoughtlessly watched a film for the next hour until he was interrupted by a message on his cell phone.

He wondered who could be sending him a message at 9:30pm. He lazily reached for his phone and read the message.

‘Meet me in my room, I’ve got a surprise for you.’

He dropped his phone on the sofa and continued watching the film thinking if he just ignored her the whole issue might just dissolve. A second message came through on his phone. He opened the message to find a file attached to it. He opened the file and was completely unprepared for it. It was a picture of Molly’s feet. Her toes had been freshly painted red, with a silver ring on her second toe on her right foot. As he tried to reel his mind back in from wherever it had run off too his phone vibrated signalling a second message had come through. He opened the message and this one was of Molly’s feet but now wearing silver high heels. The shoes had a strap across her toes and another around her ankle, both layered with diamonds including the soles of the shoe. Her feet looked like they belonged to a foot model and she was modelling the shoe.

“She knows!” He said to himself as his mind replayed her words telling him that he saw his internet browser history which meant she knows he has a weakness for girls in high heels. A third message came through which simply read:

‘Now that I’ve got your attention, come to my room now!’

Molly sat on her bed and seeing that the message status had been delivered but still no Ryan in sight. She thought that the game really was over which left her quite distraught as the very first guy to reject was her younger brother. She put her face in her pillow and screamed in frustration. As she looked up she was startled to see him standing beside her bed.

“You called mistress?”

Ryan had planned to come to her room and tell her to go to hell but upon arrival took one look at her and knew he was a goner.

There she was sprawled out on her bed in the usual boyish manner that she carried but her perfume was intoxicating, it was as if with each breath he took she gained more control over him. She wore a tight leather skirt that barely reached half way down her bum, half of it was in full view, a red thong that could be seen all to easily thanks to her skirt, a matching red bra with a black see-through top over it. Her hair was styled in pigtails, she wore make up around her eyes giving them that smokey-eye look, with that she wore red lipstick on her full lips and decided to put lip-gloss over the lipstick for added effect. To say he was blown away was an understatement. She looked up and he could feel her blue eyes looking straight at his soul and grabbing it for keeps.

“I though you weren’t going to show up.” She said, almost sounding like she was sulking.
“I’d be stupid not to, when my mistress calls, I answer.” He replied. To which she smiled quite brightly.
She pulled him by the waistband of his pants signalling him to kneel before her to which he immediately did.

“I like it when you kneel in front of me, it’s so submissive and obedient.” She said with a smug look on her face. She lifted her legs and rested her feet on his shoulder, the light in the room shimmered of the diamond covered shoes.

“Do you like them?” She asked.

“I love them mistress, I’ve never seen anything sexier in my life.” He replied obediently.
“Even sexier than the ones on the internet?” She asked quite hopeful.
“Way sexier.” He replied.

“That’s a good boy, I’ve got a lot of work for you to do tonight. Do you think you are up for it?” She asked.
“Whatever you want, I’ll do it.” He replied.

“Oh goodie, let’s start with the basics, can you guess why I chose open shoes in particular?” She asked.
“So you can control me with your feet?” He asked, not knowing the answer.

“Oh no silly boy. It’s so you can lick my feet. Go ahead and get started.” She said as she leaned back, supporting herself on her elbows. She chuckled as she couldn’t help but think what this would look like from an outside point of view. Here is boy kneeling in front of his older sister as she takes pleasure in him worshipping her feet. Just the thought of it sent tingles through her feet and legs and up to her pussy.
Ryan did not have to be told twice. He began licking over her toes and in between them, he slid his tongue in between her shoe and the sole of her foot. The sensation caused her to inhale deeply as she was taken aback by this strangely pleasant feeling. He slid his tongue back and forth between her shoe and foot and repeated the same routine with her other foot. He couldn’t help but notice a different taste.
“Her foot tastes the same so it must be the shoe.” He thought to himself.

“Oh before I forget, no cumming on or near these shoes, they are mom’s and she will kill me if they get ruined!” She said as she admired her brother’s attention to her foot. The thought of licking his sister’s gorgeous feet in his mother’s shoe made his cock twitch violently.

“So that’s what the new taste is. It’s strange but I like it. I can tell she has worn these before.” He remarked and quickly went back to his worshipping.

“Don’t even think about it mister! That tongue belongs to me. I doubt mom is as fucked up in the head as we are, besides I don’t think she would want you to do anything with that tongue if I told her it bathes my pussy and ass twice a day now would she?” Molly stated. Ryan knew she had a point but revelled in the thought of his mother’s feet for just a few more seconds before he continued attentively licking Molly’s.
“Ok that’s enough now, on to better things.” She said as she gently nudged him back with her heel and spread her thighs. What Ryan didn’t know up until now was that in one of Molly’s hormonal fits she cut up the very thong she was wearing and now it served as a crothcless panty. He now had a clear top-to-bottom view of her pussy. It was freshly shaven and never been touched by anything but his tongue. She lifted her legs and formed a scissor motion around his shoulders and used the back of her ankles to pull his head in. A move which they both knew wasn’t necessary as he would happily comply but she felt made it more interesting. She used this position to hold his head in place as he began lapping loyally at his master’s opening. She reached behind her and unclasped her bra and slid it out from under her black see-through top which she wanted to keep on but served no purpose as everything under it could be seen quite easily.

Ryan looked up and admired her small but perky breasts as he ate from her pussy and drank her juices.
“Oh baby, we are certainly liking my pussy aren’t we?” She asked to which he replied with a nod, too taken in by the taste of her pussy. Molly released her hold on his head and told him to stand and undress as she adjusted herself and moved up on the bed. It was clear that she was going to stay dressed even though everything worth hiding was already on display. Ryan got on the bed on his knees but before he could move she sat up and began sucking his cock. She didn’t really suck as his cock was coming out wet with saliva more each time it came out of her mouth. He looked at her confused.

“I’m not trying to get you off, I just really like having your cock in my mouth and I don’t wanna mess up my lipstick.” She said in a coy tone of voice as she lay flat her back on the bed. She was all of a sudden acting innocent.

“I know you are younger than me and all but please be gentle. It’s my first time.” The sincerity was so thick in her voice but her words fell on deaf ears as Ryan had no clue about what she spoke of. She looked at him and realised he didn’t know what was about to happen even though he had watched loads of porn, they don’t teach you how to initiate things with a real woman. She rolled her eyes thinking she didn’t come this far for nothing. She sat up, grabbed him by the shoulders and rolled over until he was lying flat on is back and she was straddling him.

She positioned herself above him and held her breath as this was the moment of truth. Ryan had tuned in at this point and realised he was about to be the luckiest 14 year boy in his neighbourhood. Molly steadied herself and began to lower herself. At first she felt it penetrating her which she found quite delightful and kept going. She suddenly stopped with half of his cock still out. He looked up at her and saw her angelic face clenched. He looked down and saw some blood trickle from her pussy and run down the shaft of his cock. Before he could say anything she continued but this time slower. Eventually she bottomed out and sat on top of him without moving as she was trying to get acquainted with the feeling. She moved around a bit trying to feel all she could feel when suddenly she noticed a distressed look on his face.

“You are about to cum aren’t you?” She asked, a little irritated at his lack of control. He just gave a nod in reply, trying hard to concentrate.

“Ok fine, well you can’t cum inside me so we will have to make a plan.” She sat there with her brother’s cock buried in her while she bit her lip trying to think of what to do. She slowly began sliding up and off is cock. It was like watching a bomb technician trying to defuse a bomb without setting it off. She managed but only just. They sat there for a few minutes while they waited for him to calm down bit.

“Any better?” She asked. She was clearly getting impatient.

“Just a little.” He replied.

“Ugh! Do you think it will stay hard after if you cum now?” She asked

“I’m always hard if you’re around.” He replied.

“Aww aren’t you a sweetie pie. I would suck you off just for that comment but I don’t wanna smudge my lipstick.” She said as tried to think.

“Handjob? No that’s too boring. Oh! Yes! You genius.” She thought to herself. Ryan knew she had come up with something from the look on her face but didn’t know what. She stood up and walked over to her dresser and retrieved a bottle of baby oil. She walked over to him, lifted her left leg and arrested her heel on his chest a she undid the ankle strap of her shoe. All the while Ryan had a full view of her pussy and ass as her skirt had become shy and decided to cling to her waist. She repeated her motion with her right leg and then left her shoes standing upright on his chest. She walked around the bed sat on his right side.
She opened the bottle of baby oil and began oiling her feet. It was more like smothering them with oil as they began to shine making them look even sexier. She then squirted oil on is cock, closed the bottle and tossed it next to her. She looked at her brother and gave him a wink and a smile as she lifted her feet and placed them on either side of his engorged cock. He looked down and noticed that the shoes were placed sideways on his chest and he could see his cock by looking through the space between the heel and the arch of the shoes. Molly didn’t even realise that this doubled the effect as he could smell a faint scent of his mother’s feet from the shoes which was short-circuiting his brain. He watched as Molly trapped his cock between the balls of her feet and began sliding them up and down.

“Oh now that feels good! Look at how swollen little brother’s cock is. Molly will fix that for you ok?” She said in a voice an adult uses when talking to an infant. She slide her feet up and clutched the head of his cock and began massaging it with her toes. If Ryan hadn’t seen this in real life, he wouldn’t have believed such a thing could be done. He marvelled at the way her shiny red toes caressed every inch of the head of his cock. She soon felt it expand and pulsate between her toes. This was her queue as she began stroking her feet up and down his cock quite frivolously. She laughed to herself thinking she struggled to give a handjob and now in the same day she is a natural pro at footjob. She smiled as she watched him tense up.

“Molly I’m close. I’m about to cum.” He said between quickened breaths. She picked up speed and pressure.

“That’s what I wanna hear. Now shower my pretty little feet with your cum.” She said with a wicked smile. Soon he erupted. She slowed her strokes and held his cock straight up as it shot rope after rope of hot sticky cum. Her aiming was accurate as each rope shot straight up into the air and came back down landing on her delicate feet. The feeling of hot cum landing on her toes was unexplainable as she felt her pussy’s flood gates break opened. Ryan moaned loud as his big sister lovingly milked his cock with her perfect feet. It eventually ended to both of their protests.

“Oh my gosh Molly. That was amazing.” Ryan exclaimed through rushed breaths.
“I know right. I’m amazed myself. I must say, having my feet sprayed with cum is my second favourite thing, right after having them sucked.” She said as she pressed her feet together and squeezed out the last few drops of cum from his cock. She released his cock noticing it was still as rock hard as before.
“I gotta hand it to you, you are quick but you don’t need any recover time.” She smiled as she wiggled her toes and felt the warm cum slip and slide between her beautiful toes. After a few minutes of her having fun, playing with her toes was proving too much for the hormonal teen as she was getting overly excited. She didn’t think or say a word, she quickly crawled up onto Ryan and straddle him again, this time she carefully placed her cum covered feet next to the high heels on his chest, one foot on the outer side of each shoe, then held herself up. As if reading each other’s minds, Ryan reached down making sure not to disturb the little foot display she had so proudly just constructed and held his dick upright in line with her pussy that was dripping into the tip of his still oiled cock head. She lowered herself slowly until she met her target.

“And who said brothers and sisters don’t work well together. That was perfect team work.” She said with a smile.

She slid down on his cock until it was once again firmly embedded in her freshly de-virgined pussy. She steadied herself and leaned forward, able to see her little foot display on her baby brother’s chest she began rocking back and forth. As if it weren’t enough that they were both new to the sensations, the position they were in caused her pussy to tighten up which was a massive sensory overload for the siblings.

The thought of a loyal foot and sex servant sent Molly’s brain into overdrive as she began rocking faster and harder. If another were to see this, they would swear she was trying to break his dick off. It reached a point where Molly was pushing down mercilessly with her feet on his chest in an attempt to get leverage which in turn caused her to ride him harder and faster. Ryan felt his cock beginning to ache from the force and friction but was too pre-occupied with the erotic footshow going on right before his eyes.
Soon Molly was screaming like a mad woman shouting obscene statements at her little brother as if possessed.

“Fuck this hurts but I’m not stopping until I have my first orgasm, so work harder you little shit. If you don’t make me come now I’m going to fuck your face in. That’s right, I will ride it so hard your head will disappear into my pussy, I bet you would like that you little freak.”
At that moment the only thing joining these two to the same plane of existence was the fact that one had their body part inside the other because Molly was in her own world riding a cock trying to catch what she was yet to find as the biggest orgasm she would ever have in her life. Ryan was lying there amazed at how this goddess could pick him as her sex toy.

“Fuck I’m cumming, I’m cumming baby.” Molly screamed at the top of her lungs as if trying to alert the neighbourhood of their incestuous union.

“Me too. I’m so fucking close. I’m sorry but I can’t hold it any longer.” Ryan signalled to his sister.
“I knew it, I fucking knew you wanted to shoot your load in me. Well go ahead then. Make your sister pregnant because I’m not fucking stopping now. Cum inside me you little cunt. Fill me up!” She screamed and then promptly went rigid as her very first orgasm washed over her like a tidal wave carrying a ton of bricks. She honestly didn’t know what to do with herself as it was too much for her young body to handle. She tensed and held on for dear life when suddenly she felt Ryan grab her ass cheeks and squeeze ever so tightly as he went stiff. She then felt her insides warming up starting from her pussy spreading up to her belly as her brother’s cum travelled up her canal and flooded her womb. This pushed her orgasm beyond any boundary it could possibly set. Molly’s grip tightened as her hands were resting on his thighs to a point where her nails had dug in and pierced his skin but Ryan was still so mesmerized by her that he felt no pain at all. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she tossed her head back and stopped all movement completely. The only sign of life was her breast rapidly moving up and down and her pussy clenching around her brother’s cock.

Eventually she came back to life and looked down at her brother and smiled at the site of him sweating from a good stern fucking. She leaned forward and with her index finger wiped the cum off of her feet, scooping it up and sucking it off her finger before returning for more. Once she was done she slipped her heels back on revelling in this new feminine sensation that wearing high heels gives her.

“Now that, baby brother, is how you fuck your mistress!” She said smiling as she rolled off him.


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