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Ever since I was young I have been completely infatuated with penis'. I just love the way they look and feel like. And this is where it all started. I had just turned 15 and my cousin who was a couple months younger than me was sleeping over at our beach house. We were up late in my room when the topic of pubic hair and penis size came up. Me, being the horny boy I was, and still am, suggested that we get naked and compare bodies. My cousin agreed and we got naked. Much to my surprise, my cousin who was younger, was much more developed "down there" than I was. I found this very surprising and hot. I just couldn't take my eyes off of his nonerect but still big cock. We started talking about masturbating and discussing how we did it. We both admitted that we looked up porn. So, I put on a porn video and we sat on the bed next to each other and began to get hard. I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked over and he had a full out hard on. As we sat there, naturally we both began to stroke our cocks. I noticed he was using a weird grip that looked unusual and thought to myself, "this is the perfect time for me to get my hands on that thing". So, I brought his grip up and asked if I could help him do it the way that I thought was right. He said sure so I reached over and touched his huge cock and got the best feeling. I started stroking his cock and began to get so horny. I could feel my own cock bulging. I just couldn't leave mine alone so I took my hand off his and stroked mine. He thanked me and then we both just continued stroking our own cocks. After a while, he told me he was about to cum and I said me too. So, we came and that was that. We cleaned ourselves and turned over and went to sleep.

The next day when I woke up I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened the night before. We both talked about it and agreed that we definitely wanted to do it again. But, my cousin told me that maybe we should touch each other more this time and I happily agreed. I knew that we couldn't do it right now with everyone home so I suggested that we go on a bike ride and find a nice quiet place to play with each other. I came up with a great idea to go to the clubhouse that was right in front of the beach that my dads company had built so I had access to it. So, we parked our bikes there and I told him that there was a dark pool room downstairs that no one would ever bother us in. So we go into this room and my cousin is very anxious to get started. He rips off his shorts and underwear and i got an automatic hard on. I went up behind him pushing my cock up through his ass crack and brought our naked bodies completely together and felt my manhood all over his ass. It was the hottest thing ever. He turned around and got on his knees and started opening his mouth and inching towards my cock. He wrapped his mouth around my cock and started blowing me so good. I didn't want to cum right away so after a couple of minutes I pushed him off and got on my knees and told him to stand up. I stuck his huge throbbing cock in my mouth and sucked it like there was no tomorrow. After sucking for a while i felt his ass cheeks clenching and he busted all over my face and even in my mouth. I was so thrilled. Once he caught his breath he got back down on his knees and sucked my cock once again until i came all over his chest.

To this day, I will never forget that first time that my cousin and I experimented. We still have a great bond to this day and experimented until right around the time we turned 18. We both settled down with girls and get our pleasure from them. But, I'm positive that neither of us will forever forget this amazing first moment that we were able to share together, as cousins.

When we get together me and my cousin still like to talk about all of these awesome times that we were able to share and how it affected us................ We both agree that we weren't acting in a gay manner and that we were just experimenting and that it was normal. We even share the times with our girlfriends now when we all hangout and we make jokes of it now. Overall, I will never regret doing this because at the time I was doing it I was enjoying it and didn't think twice. I'm happy that I had and still have a close relationship with my cousin and I'm happy that we were able to experiment with each other various times and explore our manhood together as we are around the same age. I still have the urge to hookup with guys sometimes but would never do that to my beloved wife. I'm sorry if this is boring but I am trying to take up space because the original story was not quite long enough................................................................. Overall, I have to say that it is good to experiment with a cousin and can help you learn more about your body and your partners body and how to work all of our awesome organs that allow us to have sex and things like that. I hope that if you experiment, I hope you make it fun and interesting.

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2013-03-13 10:59:05
I, too, had sex with my own gender as a kid. It was great too, even though we would have preferred a naughty girl. But girls weren't available at that age, and so we carried on and enjoyed the sex with each other a great deal! I'd share my woman with another guy today and would enjoy 'bi' in a situation like that but doubt it will ever happen....A 6 out of 10 from me even though the story was short. It seemed to be a true story to me.

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