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Big tit threesome
A Titman Turning Forty.

It was the last game of the NBA finals and it was my 40th birthday.And my wife Barbara, a college english teacher,was off to teach a night class at the local community college.She was a very popular instructor there, legendary really .Her class offering always filled quickly at the start of each semester .Particularly with male students. She was a serious scholar of language, French and Spanish as well as English with an impressive resume' and an extensive knowledge of poetry and world literature as well.
But truth be told it was the the impressive and extensive size of her bust that may have been the biggest source of study in her classes .She was only 5'2" and stacked full with a set of 38 double d' s, Her small stature made the tits look disproportionally large giving her a somehow lascivious lustful look. She always wore sensible skirts and institutional looking plain starched white shirts that bowed out spectacularly in front of her. and big horned rimmed glasses.But trying to look so uniformly prim and proper with a set of knockers her size only had the effect of making her seem all the more wickedly exciting. She had her doctorate in English and so of course the students all called her Dr.Jugs.
She was used to the suggestive stares and the obvious hard ons she inspired in class and aware as well that she defined the wicked, horny, seductive, big tit teacher fantasy replete with the horn rimmed glasses and red lipstick, but she really couldn't help it. No matter how hard she tried to hide it her huge rack and her seeming innocent indifference to the big pair she sported,she just exuded sex.
I was celebrating my big day with some tequila and beer in front of the t v.
"Enjoy your game" she said kissing me goodbye and then heading out the door dressed in her usual teaching attire. "Oh I almost forgot" She said, pulled a brownie with a little candle in it out of her purse and lit the candle.
"Make a wish" She said, I blew out the candle .
"And make sure you eat every bit of that brownie"
She said in a playful scolding way., as she headed back out .I did eat the whole brownie, it had nuts in it, but about halfway through it I could have sworn I swallowed a pill but I was getting a little buzz on so maybe not.
Halfway through the first quarter with a couple shots of tequila in me sipping on a cold one Barb called.
"Oh I'm very sorry David I know it's your birthday but something has come up. The other lit teacher Mr Barnes is in the hospital and the department has hired a substitute on short notice to begin Monday and she is really not prepared. I hope you won't be upset but I've canceled my class and I'm bringing her home with me to go over Mr Barnes' class schedule to help get her ready."
"Oh,O. K." I said
"Oh I knew you'd understand" she said and then."She seems quite nice, I'm sure you'll like them.""What?' I said. "I said I'm sure you'll like her. I'll see you soon"
Ten minutes later Barb was home introducing me to the substitute.
I don't know what I expected, but it wasn't a woman like this.She could have been my wife's twin; She was the same size and they were even wearing the same clothes right down to the Identical button down starched white shirts,and modest skirts, although she didn't wear glasses.I barely noticed anything else about her because I couldn't take my eyes off her magnificently oversized set of tits. She had a monster pair large enough even to rival the size of Barbs'.
"David this is Miss Cummings she's the sub I was telling you about."
I managed to stop staring at her immense rack and shake her hand. It was very warm.
"Well you get back to your game" Barb said.
When I went back in to the kitchen for a beer Barb called me over to where she and Miss Cummings were sitting together at the table. There were no books open to study, or papers to read. They didn't seem to be doing anything, just sitting across the table from each other like big bust body doubles. Double d doubles.
"Look what someone left on my desk today."She said, reaching into her purse then handing me what looked like a playing card. They were both drinking wine now. I looked at the card "NICE"it said followed by a picture of a pear. "Show Miss Cummings"Barb said " I looked down at the floor blushing at the idea of showing such a sexually suggestive thing to a woman I had only just met."Oh here" Barb said took the card from me and slapped it down on the table in front of Cummings' swollen shirt as if labeling her big tits as a nice pair. " Go watch your game" Barb laughed.
I was back there in front of the T.V.opening a cold one when suddenly Barb was at my ear "She does have quite a nice big pair, doesn't she" she whispered and before I could think of anything to say she was gone.
I'm a shy person really and so I was feeling embarrassed and a little uncomfortable about the way Barb had behaved there in the kitchen; trying to get me to give that card to Miss Cummings It wasn't like her to be so forward.
Then I had a hard on, not just a hard on but a major,raging hard on,my cock was stiff as a bone and throbbing with a kind of numb tingling sensation and it was all the sudden big and hot and very very hard.The strange thing was I wasn't excited, just a little buzzed. Before I went for another beer I had to un tuck my shirt first so my hard standing prick wasn't noticable.
The wine they had been drinking seemed to have loosened the pair of them up a little. Both their shirts were a bit unbuttoned and I stole a glance down Miss Cummings front She had some serious cleavage going on.And on and on.Her skin was a pale, white, alabaster that made it appear to be suckingly soft .I grabbed a beer and turning then noticed them both looking at the outline of my rock hard meat straining up my sweats, obvious there even under my shirt.Miss Cummings leaned over and whispered something to Barb "why yes it is" Barb said and they toasted as I shrunk from the room trying to cover my hot stiff with a beer.
A little while later Barb was there at my ear again. She was wobbling a bit now and I could smell the wine on her breath ."I'm afraid miss Cummings and I have had a bit too much wine.." She said ,I don't think she should be driving, so I've offered to have her spend the night, if that's ok?
"Yeah sure." I said "but hey what was she whispering to you about." "Oh" Barb said bending down and pulling my rock hard prick out of my sweatpants and standing it up in front of her face."My, my that viagra is hard on a man." she said whistling at the size of my big boy. "Well she just asked me" Barb murmered slowly licking up the shaft to my hot purple head" if this beautiful cock was" She gave my cock head a quick tongue swirling suck" " as big as it looked." "No!" I said. Barb laughed and gave my big stiff a parting pat that made it waver a bit standing out in the open in front of the TV It felt good to be released I let it stand out in the air for a moment.
My cock had never been this hard for this long.It was so hard and hot it seemed a thing nearly apart from the rest of me.That numb tingle was something I had never felt before but it was nice, almost as if my cock had a buzz on. It felt and even looked bigger .I wrapped my hand around the hot swollen girth amazed at the size of it"Viagra is hard on a man.". I said to myself.
When I went for another beer they both were sitting at the table with a bottle of unopened wine between them wearing identical nightgowns They were white long shirt looking type things that I'd never seen Barb wear before, with delicate little buttons all down the front and both of them were so wide open that I had to look away to keep from staring .Without a bra their giant titty wobbled and swayed with each innocent movement. "Oh David let me get that for you "Barb said stepping in front of me and opening the refrigerator door.
With the door opened we were out of Cumming's view. Barb reached into her half open shirt and pulled out one of her massive hooters held it at the base with both hands inflating that big tit with a squeeze making that big red areola around the nip expand hugely .She shook it at my face. "Why don't you take a big ole tug on this?" she said loudly in her most breathy seductive voice. I was sure Cummings could hear her."Barb" I whispered. She ignored me grabbed my swollen stiff prick outside my sweats and pulled it horizontal , making my hard on quite obvious. Then she opened the door somehow exposing this sight to Cummings ."Barb!" I said trying to be discreet, turning from Miss Cummings view "We have company!" I said quietly"Oh yes you must excuse me" Barb said "It's just that a hard man is soooo very good to find." she said clearly still holding my rigid prick in her hand .I was so shocked I couldn't move, my ears were burning. I pulled myself away slinked out of the kitchen and back to the T. V. and the game which was over now, even if it wasn't.
I couldn't believe the way Barb was acting.I took several long swallows of beer and tried to relax. What had just happened was beginning to sink in now. Miss Cummings had clearly heard everything Barb had said then seen Barb's hand on my cock. The thought of it was exciting me now, with a kind of delayed reaction lust. I tried to steady myself by taking another shot and sipping at my beer, my prick was so hard now I could have hung a towel on i;.a beach towel, ..a wet beach towel ,and it was tingling all up and down the shaft and the big purple head was so hot it felt as if it might burst into flames.
Barb called from the kitchen again, and I felt an excited little rush in both heads as I stood up. I had a good buzz on now I took my shirt off wanting now to put my hard 9 incher on display. It was tenting out my sweats obscenely as I strutted into the kitchen
"I can't seem to get the cock screw in." Barb said as I walked in handing the bottle across the table to me."I mean corkscrew" She said remaining bent at the waist over the table in front of Miss Cummings. I popped the bottle open Barb licked her lips, eyeing my monster hard on. Her shirt was all open so Miss Cummings was getting a close up of those big dangling fun bags of hers..I'd never seen her like this, but I didn't care it was all so fucking hot."He's quite good at cock screwing"Barb said . Miss Cummings looked up from her inspection of Barbs big hangers over at me and the 9 inches of hard prick jutting out beneath my sweats . Barb straightened up shaking back and forth a bit and held both wine glasses in front of her big swaying honeys.One in front of each tit then began teasing up her nips with the edge on the empty glasses. Cummings was staring at the big prick outlined beneath my sweats very intently now.
And then the real world began to fall away, was gone and I was in a lust filled tit mans fantasy land where nothing existed but big luscious titty, these two sex queens and my king sized cock My mind was raging, wicked, filled with hot sex and I was an unfettered cock man past the bounds of polite behavior living only to fuck and suck forever. I moved my hips shaking my cock a bit for Cummings to see.
I reached across the table and filled the glasses Barb was holding out there in front of her now swollen nips. Cummings looked away from my cock and turned her head to get her wine to find barb bent across the table with one of her big all day suckers hanging out there in front of her. She looked Cummings in the eye, dipped one of her saucer sized areola ed nips into the glass of wine.and stuck it in Cummings face."Care for a taste?" Barb murmured wickedly.
I stood watching in a state of pure passionate lust as Cummings slowly licked the wine off her heavy hanging jug. Then Barb handed her the wine as if rewarding her. .Cummings shirt was open almost to the nips now as well and ..I was staring at those soft looking white monsters nearly mesmerized when Barb moved over and stood beside me one big tit wobbling, still hanging out. Cummings was staring intently at my cock again,
."It isn't polite to stare." Barb said, then paused when Cummings looked at her.There was a tense silence for a moment then Barb spoke saying"But I suppose you must." she sighed "So" she continued " allow me to give you a better view" and pulled my sweats down to my ankles. My stiff prick sprung up and stood at attention waving there out in the open at last.I stepped out of my sweats. I was showing off my raging hard nine inches of prick to a woman I didn't even know.,but it felt so wicked wicked good.
Then Barb was squirting baby oil up and down the length of my hot prick and slowly stroking it at Cummings." So you like the size of this?" she said bending it straight down between my legs cock head pointed at the floor giving Cummings a good look at the size of it . then let pop up to stand. slapping it lightly back and forth with her fingers making it sway side to side. She got on her knees beside me and licked at my shaft staring all the while at Cummings then slapped it with her big titty. "You like that?" Barb hissed at her wickedly " oh yeah" Cummings said.and came towards me grabbing at my cock with both hands. "Prick me" she said.
"Stop that!" Barb suddenly said sternly, walking over pulling Cummings' hand off my prick and getting between the two of us. "This was not part of our arrangement",She said to Cummings pushing her back a bit. The movement caused her to shake and that other big tit came wobbling out of her shirt while she stood there in front of Cummings. I was way past reason or understanding now half toasted in a world made of hard cock and big tit queens.
Watching Barb lecturing Cummings, her big tits sticking out at her like a pair of dangerous weapons had me soaring with excitment.I pulled at my prick while I watched Somewhere this was burning it's way into my sexual psyche .The kind of memory that would remain the most lascivious part of my sexual identity for a long long time, And it was really happening, right here in my kitchen, in front of my rock hard cock and me.
" I was quite clear about the terms of our agreement. Now do you want the other half of your fee or not.." Barb was saying. A logical part of my brain clicked in for a moment." Fee? "I said "You mean she's not another English instructor." I said. "Why David as a tit man surely you know there isn't another teacher of my size in the state with a set as prominant as these. "Barb said sticking them out at Cummings a bit "They do call me Dr juggs for a reason "She said ." No I checked every titty bar in the county to find a girl my size with a comparable set to help celebrate your birthday but none of them quite measured up. I was about to give up when I finally came across Miss Cummings here" . Barb turned and stepped away from cummings and moved over beside me with the baby oil slipping her hand around my fat cock again. "Now" She said looking over at Cummings slowly jerking me seemingly unaware of how wickedly hot my huge prick in her hand looked as if it were just some mundane, unremarkable exercise. " I hope you are clear about the terms of your tenure here." Cummings nodded "I'm sorry" She said "But it's so very big and cuntful looking."she said ,intently watching Barb nonchalantly stroking me
."Yes I suppose it is, but you mustn't touch until you're told to" Barb scolded "Now " she commanded, pointing with my prick."Pull those big alabaster cock teasers of yours out so we can get a look".
She calmly took a drink of wine looking on, her glasses down on her nose. Her seeming indifference to what was happening was very, very exciting .Cummings unbuttoned her nightgown and stuck her chest out pouting at us.
"Oh My that is a big set, isn't it David?" Barb remarked as Cummings big milky hangers came swaying into view. Her skin was so white it made her puffy pink nipples stand out in contrast and they were standing out.Already up and poking. She held one of her big mams in the crook of her arm so half the tit spilled out at us then fixed me with a wicked smile while she pulled at a her pink nip."Like the size of these?" she said looking at Barb. "They are quite large aren't they." Barb said her own big pair sticking out challengingly from her nightgown.
"Shall we have a closer look?" Barb said walking my cock and I over putting her glass of wine on the table and hefting one of Cummings' great whites holding it in her hand shaking and weighing it She stopped jerking me to lift one of her own jumbos..The sight of big busted women touching each other and comparing the size of their big bazookas had always been a fantasy of mine and watching it actually happen there in front of me had me pulling my prick again.
"I just can't tell, here David you be the judge." she said turning to me .I was between them in a shot, Barb returned to stroking me pressing the head of my rock hard hot prick against Cummings hip I hoisted one of her big white hangers in one hand and one of Barbs big potatoes in the other. Barb stroked me slowly cock slapping Cummings as well. She was looking down at Barb playing with my hardcore hog waving and shaking and showing it off for Cummings . I weighed their massive titty for a time then let them flop
I grabbed a tit apiece again at the base now opposite each other nip to nip and began slapping them against each other. Looking at them side by side Cummings big alabaster beautys seemed just a shade larger than Barbs big honkers. I touched their hardened nips together then began flicking them back and forth against each other.Cummings began to moan and had her hand between her legs.
"So you must tell us who has the larger of the two?." Barb asked in her most professorial tone sipping at her wine seemingly oblivious to the handling I was giving her giant jug. "Well I hate to say it" I began.releasing both big suckers.
Barb sighed seemingly sad there was a set as big as her's in town"Well perhaps hers are a tiny bit bigger," she said "but take a look at these great big nips Dave" She had a point, there was really no comparison when it came to nips Barbs big round beauties were much fatter and longer and they seemed to be harder too beating Cummings' puffy pink ones down each time I brushed them against each other. "And these big red saucers."She said holding one of her melons out and twisted the tit flesh up pointing her huge aero at me." You must admit that they are... ah quite formidable" she said dropping her tit then reaching over lifting one of those big milkys Cummings sported. "Well Miss Cummings you seem to have bested me with your prodigious pair" She said raising her glass to toast. "To Miss Cummings and her remarkablely large tit."
We all drank some wine. It's impossible to explain how hot I was standing there with my big rock hard prick out showing off for these two. Barb began to nonchalantly stroke it again sipping at her wine. Cummings was craving my cock that was obvious. Barb was pretending not to notice. She seemed so regal and reserved almost as if this big tit orgy were just an everyday occurrence. It was all so hot it had me nearly dizzy with desire.
"Well now" Barb said calmly sipping a bit more wine. "Now that that's settled. We are at your service birthday boy" She said calmly reaching over and burying a finger in Cummings wet cunt."What would you have us do" she said licking her finger nonchalantly.

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