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This is the story of a girl i met on AOL
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A few years ago my sister set me up with an AOL acount cuz i was not computer savey and she also showed me this site ware people could but stories and quizes and joke much like this and i set up my aim acount and one with this thing i posted something stupid like story about to people fucking in a zombie apacalyphse but it must of got the attention of this one girl cuz she sent me a message saying something to the effect of her cup size and screen name and that i should message her so of course i did and we chat for a while she tells me she loves o talk to guys online and masturbate at her desk top and me hearing that i instantly get a hard on and reply by saying how love to talk dirty to girls i start by telling her i want to lay her down start with my tounge at her kneck and work my way down to her pussy she responds that her pussy is soaked and shes shaking she tells how i really know how to turn a girl on. a few minutes later she tells me her parents herd and she signs off but the next day after school come home and jump online sure enough shes also online she message me and tells me how amazaing it was yesterday and how she told her freind about me we fool around for a while and she goes offline not 2 seconds later does her freind jump online and message me

"hi im em my freind told about you said you know how to get a girl going" me "ah yeah id say im ok at it"
em "ok show me im horny help me get off" me "like now?" her "yeah, go for it!" me "ok, so would it turn you on if i siad i wanted to lick your pussy lips slow till they spread open then thust my tounge up you till you shake" her "yes, yes it would! good god!" me "come on it wasnt that good was it" em "im still cumming"
me "wait what, girls dont cum?" em "yes they do and i just cam hard, would you like me to return the favor"
me "return the favor? like how" em "well what do like what are you into" me "um well, i like having my balls licked and played with" em "oh ok, so... if i said something like i wanna slide my bottom lip over your balls and jerk you off till your ready to exsplode then take your whole cock down my throught as you cum!" and i dick gets as hard as itd ever been in my life as i cum all inside my hand me "wow i just came harder than i ever have in my life" em "so it was good" me "yeah you could say that" em "wanna do it again tommrow"
me "for the rest of my life" em "lol"

after a day or two ive all but stoped talking to the orgianl girl and even though we've never seen a picture of each other me and em have developed this electric chemistry with one an other espcaily when we fool around but even in regualr conversation a few more days go by and she feels confortable enough to send me a nude a pic of her on her back with her hand down her pants her long blond hear over one breats and her tonge dancing over top of the other with her steal blue eyes rolled in back of her head my dick swells up bad like tht 1st day. me "omg you are so insialy sexy my dick is actually throbbing right now" em "so why not return the favor like i did the other day send me a pic of your cock" i rush like a running back to get my web cam and head for the bathroom i snap a pic of me holding my cock up and send it to her email. em "wow! how big is that thing" me like 9 inches i think" em "wow id love to have that thing inside me" me "i can almost feel your tight pussy wrapped around it its insiane" em "i just came again" me "wait you can cum more than once" em "yeah girls can i never have before though" me "and i made that happen for you for the 1st time" em "yeah, i guess so" me "awsome"

After a few more days of chatting she comes online clearly upset i didnt need an emoticon to tell me that this was a girl with something on her mind and i kinda got caught up her whole drama it turns out she like every girl ive personaly ever met even though she had this rocking body she thought she was gross and shed really beat her self up over it this was my 1st chance to she much like my self this girl wasnt all right in the head prolly why we got along so well in the 1st place honestly so about 15 minutes later of telling dead ass honestly how good looking she was she warms up to me alot and starts saying how great i am and starts trying to engage me in it i asked 2 or 3 times to be sure she just kept turning me on more and more to point of no return sayig things like "i wanted you balls deep inside me i wanna feel the tip of your cock in my stomach i wanna clime on top of you and ride it till you lose conciousness" i think the sex chat took her mind of all of her problems because it became a partern through out the time i knew her that when she would get upset she would look to me to take her mind of it by telling her an erotic story she was a big fan of fantasy world and mid-evil things my stories about me being a knight and her being a princess and me killing dens full of dragouns and villages full of worriors to get to her and satisify her every wim the idea that anyone would do that for this girl who was someone neglected and over looked in real life helped her feel better and i wasnt exsactly mister self esteam either she gave me a sence of confidnce no drug drink or dollar amount could give me we drew strength from each other and the way we fooled around still sware i could feel her hot breath on the shaft of my cock when shed tell me how she wanted to lick the tip of it and slide her tounge all the way up and down as she slide me more and more into her mouth and i can still see her vigerously rubbing her clit on her bathroom floor naked on all 4s or walking around her whose completly naked as she would talk such dirty dirty talk to me and rub her pussy totaly naked or the way id get home earlyer cuz of the time zone difrence and shed be on the bus id tell her about the dream i had about her and shed get her self worked up on the bus so she could attack herself when she got home or the way she loved it when id tell her to tease her self not to rub the inside of pussy it till she just couldnt help not to any more then rub your clit till your about to burst, we had fun!

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SUCKS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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please use grammar

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When your friends told you that learning to use english grammar was a waste of time, they were wrong.

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