19 year old but looks a lot younger
I didn’t set out to fuck Leanne, she was an 19 year old girl that I’d seen in my local shop a few times. Long blonde hair reaching midway down her slim back, a nice slim waist and small round bottom perhaps reaching 5’2” in her adidas sports shoes, her denims on those 2 or 3 sights had been very tight showing off her petit shape. Only her demeanour suggested her 19 years, her overall look suggesting 14 or 15 years old. She was pretty enough, but certainly no head turner.
I stood a few feet behind her on this Monday morning a little after 8am as she searched for her purse to pay for a small selection of sweets and magazines. Her shriek distracted me from the sports pages as I waited in the queue to be served.

I looked from the newspaper to see that it was no school girl but the young lady I had seen previously looking desperately for cash in her bulging hand bag. Her jacket was open enough for me to glimpse the bulge of the top of her breasts above her tee-shirt. My cock responded a little as I viewed her breasts as she lowered her bag to the floor and emptied it.
I offered to pay her bill slightly before her flushed face reached towards mine and she kissed my 47 year old cheek and accepted my kindness. My cock stirred again inside my denims.

Leanne approached my car as I unlocked the door and in a delicate and vulnerable voice asked for my name.
“I’m Leanne, and can’t thank you enough, what’s yours?”

The conversation quickly led to Leanne sitting beside me in my car as we headed towards her home, I had agreed to run her home where she would hopefully find her missing purse.
My day off had become a little adventure, and breakfast would have to wait as I played my part as a hero.
The journey lasted less than 10 minutes, as Leanne spoke non stop, telling me about her hopes and dreams after her 3 years of collage. She had an infectious laugh, and I joined in as she relaxed beside me outside her home.
She motioned for me to join her for the search of her purse, and with hopeful thoughts, I followed her as we entered the slightly rundown building, and approached the staircase. Should I let her lead and watch her tight denims from behind, or climb with her hoping for another sneak look at her tits as her jacket opened up to the autumn air. I followed her, a step behind, as she climbed the stairs, watching her bum cheeks tense and relax under the taut denim, my cock stirring as my mind went into overload. Within 2 minutes we had stopped at the door of her shared flat as she unlocked and pushed the heavy door open, revealing a wonderful mess, typical of a student lifestyle.

I followed as Leanne led me to a kitchen where without pause she filled a kettle, reached above her for some mugs, and placed a packet of biscuits on the table. My eyes followed her around the room as her taut denims disappeared between small delicate thighs, with pockets emphasising her perfectly formed bottom. My cock twitched several times as I dreamed of encasing her in my hands. Her jacket was removed revealing a tight vest tee-shirt, black with small white writing, just enough to distract me from the bulges above her bra.
‘I’m still looking for Mr Right, I see you’re still looking……..’ it said.

Yes, the tee-shirt was right, I was looking, and Leanne encouraged me as she walked towards me and asked me if I wanted to audition for the part.

“They say older guys know what they’re doing between a girls legs. Want to prove them right” she said before she reached around my neck and kissed me on the lips. “this is for helping me out”

I was smitten and kissed back opening my mouth seeking her tongue, as she shared my thoughts, thrusting her tongue into my mouth.
My hands wandered onto her back, then downwards and enveloped her small bottom, as I pulled her towards me.
I felt Leanne’s hand pull at me as my ever expanding cock pressed against her stomach, and I decided there and then I’d have to lift her up or lie her down to exert pressure onto her denim clad mound. I lifted her up.
With my hands under her bottom, her legs wrapped around my waist and I felt her weight on my cock, and boy did she know what she was doing.
Her crotch was moving in circular motions as she stimulated herself against my 7 inch hardening cock, our combined breathing adding to the heat in the room as I then attempted to remove her tee-shirt.
Before long Leanne was sandwiched between me and the kitchen wall as I pulled her tee-shirt up and over her head, revealing a white bra, before our desires thrust our mouths together again. The next challenge would be to remove the bra as Leanne had again wrapped her arms around my neck. The clasp at the back was unlocked and I found myself released from her grip. The plump breasts that had previously spilled from her bra were suddenly replaced by small orange sized breasts as I realised the padded bra had done its job and where others may be disappointed, I loved what I saw. A pair of small delicate breasts topped by dark pink nipples, small but erect. As I reached down to taste these lovely breasts, the decision to move to the bedroom was made by Leanne, and I found myself following her into her bedroom.
As she crawled onto the bed in front of me, I made my move. I reached out, and held her by the belt looped around her waist.

“stay there, I want you like that” and within seconds my clothing was at my feet, releasing my 7” cock to the view in front of me.
Her denims were pulled to her knees revealing a pair of white panties, disappearing between her small thighs. These joined her denims and with a thumb and finger I opened her dark red pussy lips as a trickle of juice escaped her folds pooling in the tuft of blonde hair.
Foreplay had stopped as far I was concerned.
The head of my cock entered her slowly, with the shaft entering quickly as I thrust once until my balls slapped against her thighs. She was wet, tight and screamed as I thrust a 2nd and 3rd time.
Had she been a virgin, I doubt it, I didn’t care, she was tighter than I had ever encountered, and screamed louder than I had ever known.
Screaming whether in pleasure or pain, I never stopped to think, I was enjoying myself in this tight pussy as I thrust in quickly with long strokes, slowly removing all but the head on the way out. After several minutes I noticed her small anal opening surrounded by light hair and found myself pressing a wet thumb into this small opening. The reaction was similar to before, a load scream, it didn’t deter me as I pushed until my whole thumb was enveloped by her skin, pushing and pulling at the dark hole while I contemplated replacing the thumb with my cock.
Anal sex had never interested me up until that point, but it suddenly looked like an attractive option, however within another few thrusts of my cock into her tight pussy that feeling of no return had approached and as I forced my sensitive cock into the overly wet but still tight pussy I found myself on top of this young girl, thrusting downwards as Leanne lay face down on the bed, unable to move under me. My load was emptied into the tight wet pussy in 4 or 5 sharp thrusts, as I selfishly though of my own needs.
I lay on her for 5 minutes as my deflated cock finally escaped the warm wet pussy of this 19 year old. My thumb still enclosed in her tight anus, as Leanne’s pretty mouth emitted a long groan.
“WOW” “I’ve never been forced before, and I loved it”

Had I really forced her.
Hadn’t she approached me, hadn’t she seduced me.

I removed my thumb and we lay side by side swapping light kisses, like long time lovers.
I lay there as Leanne moved on the bed, reaching for my cock and eventually placing it into her small mouth. As she moved on the bed I watched as her bottom came into view, and again I thought of anal sex. I reached out with my hands and brought her bottom towards my head removing the denims and panties that had worked themselves to her ankles.
As I opened her legs my seed leaked between her dark lips onto her light hair with her clitoris standing proud covered with a coating of sperm. I pulled her towards me intending to be more gentle, with thoughts of tasting my own sperm running through my head. It would be a first for me, but forcing a lover was also a first.

Leanne knew how to get a cock hard, her small hand held the base of my cock, as her tongue teased the shaft of my cock moving both along the length and around the shaft, once in a while the head would be lovingly brushed softly with her tongue, eventually she’d pop the head into her mouth and out again. 15 minutes of this pleasure as I neglected the pussy within reach of my mouth and I suggested she stop before she got a facefull or mouthful of cum.
She left my cock alone as I reached out and pulled her pussy onto my mouth, my nose resting against her small bum hole.
My tongue found her clitoris and I had her rotating on my mouth as I swapped from teasing her clit to fucking her hole with my tongue, I was drinking my own cum, and also swallowing her juices as I brought her towards her deserved orgasm.
Again my thoughts diverted to anal sex and again my thumb found itself in her tight bum hole as her orgasm built up bringing on a screaming session from this young lady. I removed my thumb from her tight brown hole and replaced it with my middle finger where I could instantly reach inside and stroke her anal walls to emit further screams of pleasure from Leanne.
While maintaining pressure in her anus, I enveloped her clitoris with my mouth and nibbled and pulled as her orgasm took over her senses for a minute or so, while she released herself from my mouth. My finger gripped by her anus felt the pressure increase and decrease several times as she lay limp by my side.
It was now or never, as I knelt above her and caught her dripping juices on my ever hardening cock before aiming my pulsing cockhead towards the hole where my middle finger remained.
Sliding my finger in and out a few times before finally removing it seemed to open up this small hole and suddenly I pushed the juice covered head of my cock into this tight opening.
Her pussy was tight, but her brown hole was tighter and I felt the muscles grip my cock as I forced my cock in slowly. Leanne screamed like before, and again I ignored her pleas seeking my own enjoyment. A dozen or so thrusts before my full length was inside and the screaming had been reduced to moans and I was suddenly sliding in and out like it was her well lubricated pussy. I found myself thrusting faster and faster, heading towards the point of no return again ignoring her needs when I happened to see her mouth a few feet in front of me lying open. I now wanted to fuck her mouth.
Sliding out of her tight brown hole I scrambled towards her mouth and with only the thoughts for my own needs I opened her mouth with my hands and forced my cock between her lips.
She moaned loudly as I surprised her, the vibrations teasing my cock as I thrust 5 or 6 times before emptying my sperm into her.
The head of my cock reaching into her throat as she choked around me, her once lifeless body now dancing on the bed in front of me through panic, trying to escape me.
I panicked and withdrew, my cock coated with her saliva as it erupted onto her face several times.

I lifted my clothes from the floor and left for the bathroom, shocked at my behaviour, when I heard her call out to me.
“don’t leave me here alone, can’t you stay”
I was confused, and went to find the bathroom, I had forced myself onto this girl for my own needs yet she wanted me to stay.

Returning to the bedroom clothed, I found Leanne laying on the bed on her side, her hands between her legs, a soft moaning coming from her. Her blonde hair a tangled mess, with signs of cum in her hair and on her face. A closer look revealed 2 of her small fingers forced into her brown hole, the 4 fingers of her other hand forced into her pussy. Signs that although I had cum over her she was still seeking the ultimate pleasure.
I sat beside her and with a wet finger I reached for her clit, strumming it carelessly, bringing her to her orgasm after several minutes.
Leanne lay limp and thanked me, asking me to undress and join her again.

Throughout the day I managed to get hard another 3 times with the help of Leanne’s mouth, and we fucked with Leanne insisting that I “do it rough”, all 3 times finishing in her throat as she gagged.

Although we never met outside her flat, we fucked for 4 months before she met someone nearer her own age.

I still see Leanne around, and have found myself at her door a few times after having too much to drink, each time fucking her roughly through the night and leaving before breakfast.

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