18 year old hottie
I was sleeping for about and hour and I felt someone shuffle into my bed and backed up against me. I smiled to myself and instantly became erect thinking I was going to be into that tight pussy again. I rolled over pulling her little panties to the side placing my cock at her entrance. “Ummm, I am glad you came back” as she grinded down a little on my erection. I brought my hand up her stomach and felt a belly button ring, which I did not remember her having. I continued up her shirt as she moaned continuously as I reached her breasts. More ample than I remembered but the nipples were nice and hard. I moved her hair to the side to kiss her neck and noticed that there was no sign of a tattoo, but it was dark so maybe I just couldn't see it. Playing with her breast and her grinding on my cock had loosened her up with a little lubrication and the head of my cock was not in her.

Then I heard “Oh my god that feels so good. I want that big cock in my pussy”. I knew that voice and it wasn't Lindsey. I pulled my dick out and started to pull my hand out of her shirt but she grabbed it and held it there. “What’s wrong Tony, why are you pulling away?”
“I’m sorry Amanda, I must have been dreaming. Just go back to sleep” as I pulled my hand away and laid flat on my back wishing I could taste her juices off of the end of my cock.
Amanda is a beautiful Italian American girl about five seven and there is nothing that is not sexy about her. A nice sized soft shapely ass that would cause cars to have accidents that her natural arch of her back accentuated, long brown hair and deep brown eyes. Her skin was naturally tan and she showed a lot of it.
She rolled over grabbing my cock and kissing my neck and ear “I’m not sorry, just continue with your dream.” She continued to kiss my neck as she massaged my cock “haven’t you ever thought of making love to me with this big beautiful cock?” She pulled her panties off and held them up to my nose. My lord the scent was so intoxicating precum started to flow. “Ummm, I see one part of you likes me” as she pulled her shirt off leaving her panties on my face and diving under the covers taking my cock into her mouth. Her ass was in the air so I started playing with it until I found her pussy that was now dripping wet. I inserted a finger and was welcomed with a moan and some hard suction on my cock. She was a master at sucking cock, so feeling like I was ready to blow I pulled her off. She came up spreading her legs and pointing me into her hole wiping the tip all around her pussy. I licked my finger and got a taste of honey. Her pussy juices tasted better than any candy I had ever tasted. I had to have more before my juices mixed with it souring that masterful taste.

I pulled her off of me laying her face down on the bed as I kissed down her back to her beautiful ass. Her ass was as nice as Lindsey’s just in bigger proportion. She moaned as I licked every inch, nook, and cranny. I am an ass man and could have done this all day. “Ummm, I knew you liked my ass” and then “oooohh” as I parted her cheeks and licked her anus. I tongued her anus and played with her pussy. Her body shivered as my tongue parted her beautiful asshole wiggling in about half an inch.

Finally turning her over I kissed her passionately letting her taste the saltiness of her asshole on my tongue. Kissing down her neck and shoulders to her handful and a half sized breasts. I squeezed them both and sucked the nipples taking as much of each breast into my mouth as possible. She was now writhing on the bed “please just make love to me, I am about to cum…” I answered by licking my way down her belly and down to her pubic region. She now had hold of my head and was trying to center it on her pussy as I fought it licking everywhere but. I could tell she was getting frustrated so I flat tongued her pussy then rolled it in between her puffy lips. She started bucking against my face as I licked and sucked her pussy. I moved up with her ass in my hands and started tonguing her clit which set off her orgasm. She covered her face with my pillow to keep the others from hearing her scream. I lapped up every bit of juice she pumped out. I lifted her legs up against her chest and licked her pussy some more then moving across her taint and tonguing her ass again. “Please stop, you’re going to make me cum again.” So I let her legs down licking her pussy again and she pulled my head up kissing me passionately tonguing my tonsils.

I moved over onto my back and she rolled over on top of me. “I am close to cumming again and I want to come all over your big cock!” as she aimed the head into her hole. I grabbed her ass helping her up and down motion on my cock as she worked it in inch by inch. My cock was hitting her just right as she dug her nails into me with every pump. Then she turned around with her ass towards me. I rubbed a bit of her juice on my finger and started swirling it around her anus finally inserting my finger up to the first knuckle. I turned my head to see the door open and Lindsey standing there with her robe open playing with her pussy as she watched. I have no idea how long she had been there.

I called her up and she hopped up on my face so that they were back to back. I t could not get any better than this. Soon Amanda’s ass pushed my finger out and her pussy contracted on my cock as her orgasm hit her. No pillow to cover her face she let out a squeal that set Lindsey off as well. I tried to pull her up as I was ready to cum and couldn't say anything with a mouth full of Lindsey’s spurting pussy. “No, no, no” as she slammed herself onto my cock and her pussy muscles milked my cock making me shoot over and over into her pussy. Her body shivered with every shot of my hot semen hitting the walls of her pussy. I reached up playing with Lindsey’s breasts and she turned around as Amanda turned around surprised but delighted to see her. They kissed and hugged each other as I was now licking Lindsey’s beautiful ass.

Amanda pulled off of my cock and then started sucking it trying to get more cum out. Lindsey leaned forward and tasted Amanda’s pussy juices mixed with mine on my cock as I tongued her asshole. Amanda ran to the bathroom to clean up as Lindsey was sucking my erection back to life and I started fingering her pussy.

Amanda came back in as my erection was back to full force and licked it with Lindsey. Lindsey then moved up on top of it and started working it in. She winced as she started pumping up and down pulling off. Amanda licked and sucked her juices off of my cock. Lindsey said “I can’t take it again, I am way to sensitive and it hurts” Amanda responded “me either, I want more but I can’t. It did feel really good when he had his finger in my ass though.”

They both had their asses in the air as I pulled out some baby oil and lubed up my cock. I tongued Amanda’s ass and then put the head of my cock at her anus. Lindsey leaned back to watch as I pulled Amanda back onto my cock pushing it in to about half way. Amanda had her face buried in her pillow as I started pumping to get the rest in. I shoved my finger into Lindsey’s ass and pumped it in and out. I reached up with my other hand and started squeezing Amanda’s breast as I fucked her ass. I felt her ass pucker and let loose as she started cumming again. This set me off and I shot my load in her ass. I pulled out and kissed both of their ass cheeks as I went to the bathroom to clean the shit from my first anal experience. I was done and did not see getting any erections for a while heading back to bed. I kissed them both passionately and the fell asleep on my chest as I stroked their beautiful asses. I thought I would never go to sleep as thoughts of what had happened stirred in my head. I woke up as my alarm went off, happy to find them both still there to reinforce that it wasn't a dream after all.

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