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the story is really starting to take off.
While running a bath, I sat with a mirror to inspect the damage to my cunt. Although I felt like Pep had ripped me a new asshole, it wasn’t all that bad. The swelling made it look worse than it actually was. I reached in the drawer and grabbed the tube of China Vaginal Shrinking Cream that I bought off the black market.
“I don’t know what they put in this stuff , but it works like a charm.” I said as I rubbed the cream along the huge lips.
I applied a large amount to my hand and smeared it like lotion on my entire hand, front and back. I slid four fingers in at once. Turning it to ensure the creamed was spread evenly, I slid my thumb in next. Using my hand to rub the cream into my slick tunnel, I closed my fist, and pulled it to the entrance. This felt AMAZING. I eased my fist back in, as far as I could extend my arm at this weird position. I felt as If I was getting fucked from the inside out.
“Holy shit” I huffed, while opening my hand and easing my digits out.
“I’ve got to remember to try that shit again, but first, I need to tighten this delicacy back up, because I need Mike to lick my wounds.”
I waited the required 15 minutes for the cream and slid into the hot bubble bath. I felt the tingle and resisted the strong urge to pee, due to the cream working its magic. That’s exactly what it was, MAGIC. I have been fucked with some really big toys and Mike never seems to know. And Mike is definitely the stereotypical WHITE BOY. He’s probably about five inches. Sometimes I want to yell for him to “stick that lil cock in my big black ass, where it belongs” but he can never know that side of me. He wouldn’t understand.
Anyway, My pussy shrinks right back to its original size. When the urge to pee became too great, I stood watching my body in the mirror , opened my now normal (with the exception of the small tooth print in each lip) and started peeing. Midway thru. I squeezed on my muscle and stopped the flow.
“I can’t believe I am still horny after all of that” I said resuming the flow.
I released my lips, grabbed a reusable douche bottle and sprayed warm water into my pussy. I slid my index finger in to check tightness, and was please to feel my pussy walls hugging my finger. I stepped into a short cotton nightgown and a pair ballerina slippers. I decided to be a daring with Mike and skip the underwear.
“I wonder what Mike would think if he knew what Pep Done?” Or that perhaps Pep was a better pussylicker than he, himself? I wonder if I rub peanut butter on my pussy for Mike, Would heat me until every drop is gone? “ I thought as I lotioned my body.
Brushing my hand against my pussy, I couldn’t resist stroking my clit. I had to be quiet, I didn’t want Mike or even worse Pep to hear me. I quieted my breathing as I rubbed small circles into my clit. Grabbing the cucumber from earlier, I slid the vegetable against my pussy, rocking my hips, creating a rhythm and just the right friction.
“Babe Do you want garden Or fren…… What the fuck! Don’t stop, please?” Mike stood wide eyed, while his small dick grew to attention in his pants.
Ruff, ruff, ruff…grrrrrrrr,ruff. Pep barked and growled hopping up on the bed.
I tossed the cucumber beside the bed on site of Mike and Pep. Embarrassed, I scrambled to cover my naked body with my towel.
“Mike, why didn’t you knock? Please leave and wait for me in the front room.” I yelled
“Babe, its ok, so you are human. You masturbate, so what”
Ruff, Ruff, Ruff. “Down Boy Heel Peep” I huffed
Ruff, ruff ruff “Heel Pep. Down Boy” Mike said just above a whisper.
Pep backed off and laid beside the bed. Mike stood in the doorway with the same weird smirk he had earlier when he spoke to Pep. It made me uncomfortable. Made the hair on the back of my neck stand.
What the fuck was that?
“Mike please leave and take Pep, I’m sorry you saw that and yes I do Masturbate. The cat is out of the bag. But I need to get dressed and I need privacy.”
Mike stood quiet for a few more seconds before backing out and closing the door. He was acting weird. I have dated him for the last 11 months and never have I felt unsafe. I thought he couldn’t get enough of my sweet hot chocolate.
Mike stood outside the door thinking about what he would do to me. He stroked his five inch hard on slowly, he didn’t want to cum yet, he had a long night in store. Mike was self-conscious about the small size of his cock and thought everyone made fun of it. This included me.
“Pep, it’s cool, you will get some tonight. I promise. Let’s go wait for this black bitch. She swears she slick. Think I don’t know what she says about me. But I’m gonna get the last laugh. My dick is too small, oh yea. Babydick? huh you wanna call me names? I’m gonna fix this black tramp Pep. Remind her that all ingress whores are meant to be slaves” He whispered as he eyed his bag of treats he snuck in while Janie bathed.
“ She thinks she’s too good for me?” Never want to have sex or even just giving me a blowjob. She blows my dick like it’s a disgusting piece of meat, I’m going to show her” Mike zipped his pants back up.
“Mike, I think I’m done for the night. I want to go to bed and I want you to go home.”
“Too bad, bitch, I’m staying, so come sit down so we can get this party started.” Mike said in a low tone.
I walked towards the door to let Mike out.
“Pep” Mike called out. Pep went into attack mode, moving in on me
“Heel Pep”
Grrrrrrr grrrrrr Woof woof woof grrrrrrr
I couldn’t believe it. Pep turned on me.
“Janie come sit down. Take that gown off on your way”
“Mike, what is this about? Did you sic Pep on me? How can you expect us to continue after this.” I asked feeling betrayed.
“Save the tears Janie, I know you are a whore. I know you pretend to be holier than thou because you are not attracted to me. I know you make fun of the size of my cock, and today, you’re going to pay, you monkey bitch. You like being a nasty black bitch, I going you like the trash you are, then leave your body there in the trash”.
Body? What the fuck? I don’t know this man.
“Make fun of you? Ashamed? What the hell are you talking about Mike I love you. Your size don’t mean anything.”
Whomp, whomp. With the speed of lightning Mike backhand slapped me twice, busting my lips. He grabbed my long ponytail, pulling my head down to his thigh and kneed me repeatedly in the face. Pain exploded in the center of my face and spread to the edges. I felt my nose break on contact as blood trickled out. Mike stood me straight and tossed me onto the couch.
“I said , take this fucking gown off, black dirty bitch” He said ripping the gown from my body.
I laid frozen in place, not quite believing that my kind pushover Mike was doing this to me..
“Mike please”
“Bitch, don’t call that name again, Keep your mouth closed and make this easy. “
Ding Dong.Ding Dong Boob boom boom.
“Mike someone’s at the door, please enough. “ I cried
Mike leaned in and licked the blood running out of my nose. He grabbed the dirty wet dishrag off the table and stuffed it into my mouth. Pulling me by my hair, he walked over to the door and checked the peephole.
“Whats up Billy, glad you can make it. Did you bring him?” Mike asked the stranger who was now standing in my living room. He seemed unmoved by the sight of a naked black brick house in front of him. My normally perky 38Ds swung freely from my body with every jerk Mike caused. My small waist only seemed to make it look worse because my big chocolate ass only looked bigger.
“Yea, I bought Him. He’s in the car. Now Mike, I know you said this here was personal, But that’s one fine black bitch you have there, and after I mate her with King, I want a little taste, If that’s alright with you”. The big redneck looking white man said, while rubbing his rough calloused hand up my thigh.
Ruff, ruff ruff, grrrrrrrrrrr ruff. Pep leapt into the air snapping at the big man’s lingering hand.
“It’s ok Pep, you and have shared before haven’t we?”
Shared before? What the fuck is he talking about?
Mike snatched the phone cord from the wall. He used scissors to cut it in half. Each piece was used to secure my arms to the radiator beside the footstool. I was placed on my stomach with my ass in the air across the footstool. My knees bent on the floor, were secured at the knee, around the stool. So even if I attempted to stand and take the stool with me, I wouldn’t get far. The wires would force me back down.
Mike went into kitchen and returned with a Budweiser. He pressed the cold drink with the cap attached, against my cunthole.
“Arrrrgggggggggg Arrrrrrgggggg…..” I tried pleading with Mike to stop now, I wouldn’t tell anyone I promised, but with the rag stuffed in my mouth I could say nothing.
“I always wanted a black nigger bitch to suck the piss and cum of out my dick. I’m going to remove the rag and replace it with this white fat hillbilly cock, you be real careful with them teeth if you want them, you hear?” Big white Billy said with lust in his eyes.
He removed the rag. Placing his fat dick on my lips, I refused to open my mouth. Billy hauled off and punched me in the face so hard, I spit my first (of many) tooth of the day out Billy Slammed his dick into the small space in the back of my throat. I bucked against the restraints, but nothing mattered. I couldn’t breathe. Billy was suffocating me.
“What, you can’t breathe bitch? Huh? “ he asked sliding the head of his dick along my tongue.
Then BAM. He slammed his dick deep in my throat again. He squeezed my nostrils and continued to push hard against my throat. Pulling out of my mouth I gasped for air .
“Hahahahaha, now I want you to do something for me. I’m going to bring ole Pep over and you’re going to suck his dick too. Watch them teeth.” Mike said
“Come on Billy , he’s ready for you”
Billy stood Pep on his back legs with his other two over top of me like a 69 sort of. What I next Blew me away. Billy reached down and started stroking the sheath that housed Peps Dick. The Huge pink monster slithered out like a snake. It continued to get thicker as it swelled with blood. He stroked a few more times, before lowering his head to meet Peps Penis. Mike slurped the big thing unto his mouth quickly and released it just as quick
“Your turn Janie” Mike said as he appeared naked
Pep went wild

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