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This story deals with violence, beastiality, bondage, Racial play ( this may offend, but keep in mind, I may be a black woman) and mentions small children. If this is not your thing, please keep it moving. This is a story in the making. Please lead your feedback, as this is my first crack at this, I now want to perfect it. I think I'm addicted!
With the dog’s slippery penis against my lips, I opened wide. He started hammering at the back of my throat. Peps strokes were short and packed with power. Each stroke I gagged. I felt My asscheeks being spread apart.

“No, Please Mike. Stop this now. I won’t tell I promise” I mumbled around Peps dick.

I felt Mikes small Babydick slide into my ass. I tightened my body to stop the invader but his cock was so small that it simply slid in. Mike cleared his throat and conjured up a mouth full of spit. With force, he spit in my hair with it splashing on the side of my face.
He leaned forward so he was laying on my back, and started stroking Peps Dick as I sucked. Well while he face fucked me. Pep had slammed into my throat so much, I had vomit trailing down my chin. The huge pink monsterdick was slick with vomit as well.

“Hey bitch, Meet King. “ Billy appeared.

He had a huge German Shepard on a leash. The dog must have sex regularly because he had an instant hard on, and never barked. His dick looked about 10 inches once out of the sheath

“Would you look at that. A jet black dog to fuck a jet black bitch.” Billy slurred

Mike slid his Babydick out of my ass, and helped Billy’s dog up. He stroked the giant pink dick with care. Mike guided the dog’s dick to my pussyhole and King went to work. I felt his huge dick pushing against the small opening. In one quick motion, Kings dick pummeled between my sugar walls slamming into my cervix.

“Owwwwwww” I yelled biting down on Peps Dick.

Pep growled as he pulled his dick from my mouth. He whined loudly. This made Mike mad.

“Didn’t Billy tell you to watch your fucking teeth” Mike yelled as he punched me repeatedly in the face.

Placing a pillow under my head, Mike forced my head into the pillow until I couldn’t breathe .
King began to swell , the room was spinning, and Mike continued to punch my face.
Bloodied, I begged thru Missing teeth and a bloody mouth .

“Please Mike, I had enough. Make him stop Please” I begged
I felt something very hard pressed against my asshole. Streams of spit covered my face and body.

“Whose got a Babydick now? I heard Mike say.

The hard object pressed against my asshole started applying pressure. I squirmed and begged.
Slam. Slam slam


The long hard object slammed into my ass. My asscheeks jiggled as if clapping for the intruder. King continued to hammer away at my pussy .I could feel his thick drool dripping onto my back. He was howling as loud as a coyote as his dick swelled busting open my pussy along the way.
As blood and cum gushed out, Kings dick slid out too, leaving the hard object in my ass. It was going so deep into my ass I thought it would come out of my mouth. Billy knelt down on his knees . he grabbed the back of my head, sat his big dick on the pillow. He forced it down my throat hard. I
Cough! I choked as my ass was being rammed. The object was pulled from my ass. Mike stuck a broom in my face. Brown smears of shit laced the broomstick.
“Lick it bitch. “ Billy took his dick from my throat and Mike inserted the broomstick. He slammed it down my throat causing me to vomit instantly.
Pep climbed up on the chair and pressed his dick into my now bloody hole. He leaned forward and bit deep into my back to hold me still. He hammered my pussy until I passed out. I don’t know how long peps thick monster dick fucked me, but when I woke up, he was still pounding away at the same pace, with the same ferociousness. My back felt wet from the blood. Mike and Billy were not within my line of sight, but I heard sucking sounds and moaning. I passed out again.
Later that evening
The strong scent offended my senses. I opened my eyes to find Mike holding a bottle of rush, a sexually stimulating inhalant. It burns everything from your nose to your brain. After the initial burn, it creates a warm fuzzy feeling throughout your body. Your nerve endings are on fire, which is exactly how I felt, until I felt the sting of the belt across my ass. Shwapp, shwapp, shwapp
“Aahhhhhhhhhh” I yelled
Mike forced my face back until the pillow. He held it there until my eyes rolled into the back of my head.
Huhhhhuhhhhu. I sucked in as much air as I could. He slammed my head back down into the pillow and held it again. Huuuhhhhhuuuuuhhhhhh And again I suck in as much air as I could. The chair was now painted red from the blood oozing from my face, pussy and asshole. I felt Mike attaching clamps to my pussylips. They felt like little teeth . They were heavy as if something was hanging on them. I could’ve sworn I felt my black kips tearing off.
Shwapp Shwapp, Shwapp, I felt the cool air brush past my clit before I felt the terrible sting.
“Oh my godddd, Please help me” I cried
“ Nobody to help you here” Mike said appearing from the kitchen area. He carried a jump rope tied a lot like a noose. He slipped it over my head and started pulling. He pulled so hard, I thought my head would pop off. Gasping for air, I struggled against the restraints. He eased up and removed the rope. He slapped the rope across my back.
Ding Dong. Ding Dong
Superfreak, superfreak, superfreaky now. My phone sung.
“Who the fuck is that Bitch? You expecting someone?” Billy asked with the homemade noose back around my neck.
“My sister! She wants me to babysit the twins. If I don’t answer, she will know something is wrong and call the police. Mike Both four cars are outside.” I managed
“Great more black nigress pussy to demolish, Let that black whore in Mike. And her bastard babies.” Billy said getting excited.
Billy always wanted to abuse a black woman. And the thing he would do to them bastard babies. He couldn’t contain his excitement.
“Please just be quiet and let them leave. Please don’t hurt them. They are not babies, they are 7 years old. Mike come on let them go” I begged.
“Billy get her untied quick and in the bedroom. You stay there too. I will handle this out here. We don’t need the drama so I will try to get rid of her.
Billy freed my hands and feet and covered the bloody couch with his coat. Throwing me over his shoulder, we retreated to the bedroom as I silently prayed for my sister’s safety. I heard the door close.
“Where’s Aunt Janie uncle Mike?” Angie the female twin asked
Billy’s heart sped up. He hopped up of me and rushed to the door, waiting for the little voice to enter the room.
The door opened and the twins walked in with a confused expression on their face as they took in the scene before them. I was naked laying on the bed, bloody, staring at them. The huge white man in the corner stared at them as if He would make a pot of stew with them. 2 huge dogs with big pink things hanging out their privates. And uncle Mike. They started crying, as if they knew the torment I had went thru. Or what they were about to go thru.
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