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Continued from part 2 . If you haven't read parts 1 and 2 yet, please enjoy them first before this third installment. In my writing, I like to present exciting, fun to read stories that don't involve any incest or pedophilia. If you're looking for that, I'd check elsewhere. Your compliments or constructive criticism are welcomed.
...continued from part 2...

Her breathing came in ragged gasps. She tried to be as quiet as possible, but it was really difficult with Ryan's fingers buried inside her.

Ryan and Jennifer were in the high school drama room off the back of the auditorium. Jennifer was wearing a tight black tank top and a short denim skirt that only came down to mid-thigh when worn properly. Right now though, Jennifer's skirt was bunched around her waist, her lacy black thong exposed. Ryan was standing behind Jennifer, his groin pressed against her firm butt. His hand snaked around Jennifer and inside her panties.

Ryan gently dug his fingers into Jennifer's incredibly wet pussy, then stroked her up and down, rubbing against her sensitive clit. Jennifer tried hard to be quiet, but was barely able to stifle her gasps of pleasure.

It was a Wednesday during school hours, only two days before school got out for the summer. Jennifer was worried someone walking by the hallway outside the room might hear. It was lunchtime, so nobody was in the drama room at the moment, but she was terrified about someone coming in unexpectedly and catching she and Ryan in the act of hooking up at school.

It had been almost two weeks since Jennifer had lost her virginity to Ryan back at her house during their impromptu pool party. Ever since that day, Jennifer had experienced a kind of awakening. She was fascinated by her newfound sexuality, and was always on the lookout for an opportunity to get intimate with Ryan. They had had sex a few more times during the past couple weeks at her house before her parents got home. Jennifer was quickly learning what to do to please a guy, and was starting to really enjoy herself during sex. For once in her life, she felt attractive. Desired. Pretty. Sexy.

As much as she enjoyed her new sexual experiences with Ryan, Jennifer was still profoundly afraid of being labeled a “slut” by any of her classmates. She made Ryan promise not to tell anyone, even Allison, that he had been coming back to Jennifer's house after school. Jennifer still had a reputation to uphold, after all.

Jennifer had really hoped that after their initial liaison of two weeks ago that Ryan would ask her to be his girlfriend. Unfortunately, that hadn't happened yet, and Jennifer was too scared to bring up the subject for fear that she might scare Ryan off, and he wouldn't be willing to continue their hookups after school.

Even though Ryan had had sex with both she and Allison on the same day back at her house two weeks ago, Jennifer kept trying to convince herself that what Ryan and Allie did was meaningless, and that his feelings were actually all for her. It made her feel pretty bad that she had been just one of two hookups for Ryan that day, but her crush on the boy was too intense for her to let that get in the way of the fact that she still enjoyed sleeping with him on a regular basis!

Today was the first time that Ryan had managed to convince Jennifer to do anything sexual with him at school. He had asked a few times before, but Jennifer was always too afraid of being caught. Earlier that day during her English class, Ryan had sent Jennifer a text message. He was across the building in another class. She surreptitiously slid her phone from her backpack and into her lap where her teacher wouldn't see her texting.

The message said: “Hey Jenny, ask for a bathroom pass. I'll ask for one too and meet you in the girls bathroom in 5 minutes!”

Jennifer had replied: “No way! Not at school! I told you already. I don't want to get caught. My parents are gone this weekend. You can come over Friday.”

“Ok, but how about lunch? Mr. Durham always goes to the teachers lounge to eat, so the drama room is empty. We can lock the door...”

“I don't's too risky.”

“Nobody will catch us. I promise. And there's something I wanted to ask you anyway...come on!”

When Jennifer had read this last reply, her heart started to flutter. Maybe he was finally going to ask her to be his girlfriend! She carefully weighed the options, trying to decide if the benefits outweighed the risk. After a couple minutes, she pressed 'send' on the final message back to him.

It simply said: “Ok.”

The rest of English class had absolutely crawled by. The clock moved more slowly every time she looked at it. Jennifer was both excited and nervous. She was hopeful that Ryan would finally ask her to be his girlfriend, but she was worried that they would do more than just talk during lunch, and she really didn't want to get caught doing anything inappropriate at school!


Finally the bell rang for lunch. Jennifer dropped her backpack off at her locker, then waited about five minutes to give Ryan a head start. Then she headed towards the drama classroom. She walked down the empty hallway until she came to the door. She looked over her shoulder. There was nobody else in the hallway. She tried the knob. It was unlocked, so she let herself in and closed the door quietly behind her.

The room was dark. All the lights were off, and the window shades were drawn. After the fluorescent brightness of the hallway, Jennifer's eyes took a moment to adjust to the new lighting conditions.

A moment after the door was shut, Ryan emerged from the darkness. He grabbed her in his arms and held her close. He pulled her body into his and bent down to kiss her gently on the lips. Jennifer sighed as she wrapped her arms around Ryan's torso and returned the kiss. Ryan's hand slipped behind her back and quickly turned the lock on the door. Jennifer hoped it would be enough to keep away any intruders during the lunch period.

Jennifer and Ryan continued to kiss passionately for another minute before Jennifer finally broke the kiss and said, “Wasn't there something you were going to ask me?”

Ryan looked deeply into her big, brown eyes and said, “After. We have other things to do first...” He trailed off as he leaned back in for another kiss.

Not wanting to upset the moment or ruin the timing of Ryan's important question, Jennifer allowed herself to be swept up in the moment. Their tongues danced around each others' mouths and their hands started to wander.

Ryan gently slid his hands down to cup Jennifer's round, firm ass in his hands. Jennifer moaned softly into Ryan's mouth as he maneuvered one hand up under her short denim skirt. The flesh of her upper thighs was smooth and warm. Ryan continued upward until he felt her bare cheek in his hand as he realized that she must be wearing a thong today.

With his other hand, Ryan reached up to Jennifer's chest and started to gently squeeze her ample breasts over her tank top. Jennifer's solid D cups were showing lots of cleavage today in her tight black top.

Jennifer could feel Ryan start to get hard inside his jeans. She felt the familiar pressure of his bulge against the front of her skirt. She was worried that Ryan would want to have sex. Ryan was certainly extremely horny at the moment, and he was getting harder by the second. Jennifer's mind raced. I can't have sex at school, she thought quickly to herself. Too many clothes need to come off. Not enough time to put everything back if someone starts to unlock the door. God, I hope he'll be satisfied with some kissing and feeling, and then we can hurry up and have our talk...

Ryan broke Jennifer's thought as he grabbed her waist and spun her around so her back was towards him. He pulled her close and she felt the pressure of his hard cock straining against the confines of his jeans. It pressed against the back of her skirt. It felt big.

His hands strayed lower, falling below the hem of her skirt and gently snaking their way upwards. He tugged her skirt higher, finally pulling it so high that it was bunched around her waist. Her lacy black thong was now completely exposed to view.

Jennifer was very nervous. If anyone walked in right now, there would be no doubt about what she and Ryan were doing, and they would both get in huge trouble. She prayed silently that nobody would try to get into the room before the end of lunch.

Ryan's fingers gently pressed against the front of her thong. Jennifer felt herself start to get wet as Ryan massaged her pussy through the thin, lacy fabric. Finally, he slipped his hand underneath her panties and she felt the incredible sensation of his finger sliding gently up inside her.

She moaned softly with pleasure as she felt Ryan's finger spread the smooth walls of her pussy. The sensation quickly overtook her senses and she forgot all about being nervous about hooking up at school. She started to gently rock her hips back and forth, feeling Ryan's finger slide in and out of her while his hard cock pressed into her round, firm butt.

Soon, Jennifer felt the sensation of an orgasm building. Her legs started to tingle and she felt jets of pleasure shoot out from her clit as Ryan continued to finger her sensitive little nub. Her pussy was soaking wet, and it was all she could do to keep silent.

Jennifer felt her knees go weak. She almost collapsed, but she felt Ryan hold her up with his strong arms as she finally went over the edge. Her hips rocked wildly against Ryan's hand, and she covered her mouth with her own hands to keep from crying out with the incredible orgasm coursing through her body.

Jennifer forgot all about her fear of getting caught. Ryan made her feel so incredible, and now she couldn't wait to return the favor.

Her climax finally subsiding, Jennifer pulled herself out of Ryan's grasp and knelt down on the floor in front of him. Ryan leaned back against a desk as Jennifer quickly undid his belt buckle, unbuttoned his jeans, and tugged down the zipper.

She pulled his jeans down partway and grasped his hard cock through his boxer shorts. She gently stroked him up and down through the fabric and gazed up into his eyes. Ryan was breathing hard. She could tell he was getting hornier by the second. After almost two weeks of regular hookups with Ryan, Jennifer knew what to do to make him feel good.

Jennifer teased Ryan through his boxers for only a moment more before finally tugging the shorts down as well. She stretched the elastic over his hard cock and gazed hungrily at his very hard, and very sizable dick, finally completely uncovered.

The first time Ryan had convinced Jennifer to give him head, she had worried that it would be gross. That it would taste weird. That she would choke. But after having had Ryan's dick in her mouth many times over the last two weeks, Jennifer was starting to become much more comfortable with oral sex.

She wrapped her hand around the base of Ryan's long shaft and quickly lowered her mouth down over the tip. Her tongue flicked up and down over his head; Ryan moaned softly. She went lower, trying to fit as many inches into her mouth as possible. She couldn't get the whole thing. Her gag reflex kicked in after just a few inches, but every time she tried to see if she could go a little deeper than the time before.

Ryan moaned softly and steadied himself against the desk as Jennifer continued to slide his cock in and out of her mouth. She could taste the precum as it leaked from Ryan's tip, and she found that she actually had started to get used to the taste. Her saliva dripped down over Ryan's shaft, and with her hand she quickly stroked him up and down over the base where her mouth didn't reach.

Finally unable to control himself any longer, Ryan pulled Jennifer up from the floor. He kissed her passionately on her lips, and she wondered if he could taste his juices in her mouth. Before she had time to finish the thought, Ryan had spun her around so she was facing the desk.

Jennifer's skirt was still bunched up around her waist, and Ryan stared at her perfect, round ass, barely covered at all by her tiny, black thong. Before she could protest, Ryan looped his fingers into the lacy material and pulled it down her long, smooth legs.

Once the panties reached her ankles, Jennifer kicked off her flip flops and stepped nimbly out of her wispy little thong, leaving the underwear forgotten, for the moment, on the floor next to her bare feet.

With her feet still on the floor, Ryan pushed Jennifer's torso down against the desk. Her large breasts pressed into the hard surface of the desk. She felt Ryan grab her by the waist. A second later, she felt the now familiar sensation of the round, smooth head of his cock parting the outer lips of her pussy.

Jennifer stifled a moan as she felt the rest of Ryan's length slide deep into her. Her pussy was dripping wet by now, and he slid in easily. The first few times they had had sex, Jennifer had felt some pain as Ryan penetrated her, but after almost two weeks of regular sex, Jennifer found that the pain was now completely gone, and that the only sensation left when she and Ryan made love was pure sexual bliss.

Ryan started to quickly draw his length in and out of Jennifer's pussy. She felt herself stretched wide open every time he shoved himself inside her. The feeling was incredible. She still couldn't believe that out of all the girls in school, Ryan Bradshaw was here right now with her in the drama room, making her feel completely amazing.

Jennifer grasped the edges of the desk in her hands, her knuckles turning white with the pressure. The feeling of Ryan's long shaft sliding in and out of her body was driving her absolutely crazy. Jennifer arched her back, slightly adjusting the angle that Ryan entered her, so that he would hit right on her most sensitive spot with each trust.

She let her head drop down to rest against the surface of the desk. The faux wood finish was cool against her cheek, which was a welcome relief from all the heat that she felt radiating from her pussy. Jennifer crammed her hand into her mouth, trying in earnest to keep quiet despite the incredible pounding that she was taking.

Ryan was doing his best to keep silent as well, but his breathing was heavy, and Jennifer could hear the 'clink' of his belt buckle every time he changed directions. Suddenly, in addition to the sound of Ryan's labored breathing and his belt buckle, Jennifer heard the sound of keys jingling out in the hallway.

“Shit, Ryan!” Jennifer gasped in between his thrusts. “I think someone's coming!”

A moment later, Jennifer and Ryan heard the sound of the doorknob to the drama room being jiggled. Then more keys jingling.

“Oh, God,” said Ryan. “We've gotta get out of here!”

He quickly pulled out of Jennifer's pussy, and hastened to pull up his boxers and jeans. He saw Jennifer's black, lacy thong under the desk and stooped to pick it up, slipping the little wisp of fabric into his pocket.

Jennifer raised herself from where she was bent over the desk, and quickly pulled her skirt down to cover herself again. She grabbed her flip flops, and searched under the desk for her thong, but couldn't find it! No time to grab it! She heard the sound of someone inserting a key into the lock right at that moment!

Ryan had just finished buttoning up his pants, when Jennifer grabbed him by the hand and pulled him towards the door on the other side of the room that lead outside to the sports fields behind the school. As they burst through the door, the bright sunlight of a central Florida afternoon burned their retinas. They shaded their eyes as they slammed the door behind them and ran as quickly as they could across the grass. Only when they were all the way on the other side of the baseball complex, with the metal bleachers in between them and the school, did they finally stop to catch their breath.

Jennifer bent down to put her flip flops back on. She had run barefoot all the way across the field with her shoes in her hand. As she stood back up, Ryan grabbed her and started to kiss her.

Jennifer pulled violently away. “Ryan, stop!” she yelled, taking a step back. “Oh my God, we almost got caught having sex at school!” She felt her eyes start to well up with tears. She had completely lost control of herself back there, and had let the heat of the moment take over. If anyone had found them in there, getting suspended from school would have been the least of her worries! Everyone in school would quickly have found out that Jennifer had been hooking up with Ryan in the drama room, and her reputation as a good student and a classy girl would be completely ruined! They had come so close to getting caught, and it was all Ryan's fault for tempting her!

“Jenny, I'm sorry!” Ryan pleaded. “How was I supposed to know Durham would come back early from lunch? There were still ten more minutes!”

Jennifer tried hard to keep herself from crying. She couldn't believe that she had let her hormones take that much control over her. “Just save it. I don't care. I'm going to class,” she said in a huff as she turned away from Ryan and started walking back towards the main school building.

“Wait! You can't just leave,” yelled Ryan. “Have you ever heard of blue balls? Let's at least finish here under the bleachers before class!”

“Oh my God, I can't believe you're still horny,” Jennifer yelled back over her shoulder. “That's all your problem now. And no way would I let you fuck me under the bleachers where it's all dirty” I'm going to class!”

“Do you at least want your underwear back?” Ryan called out as he pulled Jennifer's thong from his pocket.

“I don't care. You keep it. A souvenir of your conquest,” Jennifer said disgustedly as she continued to walk away.

Exasperated, Ryan watched as Jennifer walked away from him. Her long smooth legs were so tempting in that short skirt, and he could clearly see her perfect hourglass figure in her tight top. He wished they had gotten to finish in the drama room.


As Jennifer walked back across the baseball field and towards the school building, she started to cry. I can't believe what just happened! She moaned to herself inwardly. Ryan convinced me to be a slut at school, and we almost got caught. What if we had gotten caught!? I still have one more year left here where I would have to face all the students and teachers who knew about Ryan and me!

As if the situation weren't already bad enough, with nothing covering her underneath her skirt, Jennifer now felt the combined juices of she and Ryan begin to slowly drip down her leg. Great, she thought. This is disgusting. Shouldn't have let him keep my underwear.

Jennifer stopped off at a girl's bathroom on her way to her locker. She locked herself in a stall and cleaned herself up with some toilet paper. Then she went to a sink and gently wiped her eyes, trying not to let the few tears she had shed mess up her makeup.

Does Ryan hate me now? Jennifer wondered to herself as she looked at herself in the mirror. Did I just ruin our chances of ever being boyfriend and girlfriend? God, I'm such an idiot. I just really don't want to get in trouble for hooking up at school, she thought. I'll text him and see if he wants to come over Friday when my parents go out of town for the weekend. That'll give him some time to cool down. Then we can make up, and finish where we left off when we were interrupted...

The thought of inviting Ryan over on Friday to continue their session put Jennifer into a better mood. She had started to really enjoy sex over the past couple weeks, especially since it was with Ryan. She smiled to herself as she walked out of the bathroom and headed towards her locker, and then her final three classes of the day. She was sure that Ryan would still want her on Friday.


Behind the baseball bleachers, Ryan paced back and forth. He felt badly for almost getting himself and Jennifer caught having sex at school, but he was thrilled that he had finally convinced her to do something at school with him. And just in time, too! He was graduating next week. It was so erotic to him to have sex in a place like that where someone might walk in at any moment. He had exercised every amount of control he possessed to keep from cumming from the thrill of it. But it seemed like he shouldn't have bothered to be so controlled, because now he was stuck with nobody to help him finish, and he knew bad things would happen soon if he didn't find some release. He took Jennifer's panties, still clutched in his hand, and shoved them back into his jeans pocket.

On a whim, Ryan pulled out his cell phone and started a text message to Allison: “Hey, wanna skip the rest of school and do something fun??”

Unbeknownst to Jennifer, Ryan had also been hooking up with Allison regularly since the pool party almost two weeks ago. If Ryan didn't get a text from Jennifer inviting him over after school, he would call up Allison instead and he and Allie would go find somewhere exciting to have sex. So far in the last two weeks, Ryan and Allison had hooked up in one of the school bathrooms, at a public park after dark, in a fitting room at a store in the mall, and in Allison's room late at night when Ryan snuck over to her house while her parents were asleep in the next room.

The thrill of having sex in a place where they might get caught was a huge turn on to both Ryan and Allison. The two teens had been having sex (though not with each other) for a few years already, and some of the novelty of waiting until parents were at work or out of town, and then using the empty house for a hookup was wearing off. They didn't want to have to wait for the perfect time to not get caught. They wanted to have sex now, and it was even more exciting to them if they felt like they might get caught.

Ryan felt slightly bad about keeping Jennifer in the dark about he and Allison. But he hadn't made any sort of commitment to Jennifer. It's not like he had asked her to be his girlfriend, and so he felt like as long as Jennifer didn't know about his secret hookups with Allison, that he could continue to sleep with both girls.

Allison certainly knew that he was sleeping with Jennifer, but she didn't care. Allison actually found it kind of hot that she and her best friend were both getting some action from the same guy. Jennifer pretended like nothing was going on though, and had been remarkably coy about it when she and Allison would hang out. Allison frequently tried to get Jennifer to admit it, but Jennifer kept pretending like she wasn't hooking up with Ryan. If Allison hadn't walked in on Jennifer and Ryan two weeks ago at Jennifer's house, then Jennifer might have never told her that she had lost her virginity! Allison was really glad that she knew the truth. It was about time that Jennifer grew up and got to experience what it was like to be with a guy.

Ryan's phone buzzed, and he looked down to see Allison's reply. “Sure, babe! Can't wait! Where should I meet you??” Ryan texted back to tell her to meet at his car in the senior parking lot.


Five minutes later, Ryan and Allison arrived from separate directions at his Toyota 4Runner. Allison was enjoying the warm weather, it seemed. She was dressed immodestly in a tight, white camisole. Ryan could see red bra straps running alongside the stringy shoulder straps of the shirt. Allison's C cup breasts looked amazing in the tight top, which was very low cut and showed a lot of cleavage.

On bottom she wore incredibly short jean shorts, which showed off her slender, tan legs well. Ryan's imagination ran wild as he wondered what she might be wearing underneath the shorts. Ryan's gaze traveled all the way down her long legs. She was wearing cute flip flops, and her toenails were painted pink.

He looked back up to her face. Her lips were full and lush. Her blonde hair was slightly messy and put up in a hasty ponytail. Ryan wanted to rip her clothes off right there and do her in the school parking lot.

They embraced. Ryan held her close and slipped his tongue into Allison's mouth as she playfully reached around front and grabbed his cock through his jeans.

“Ooh, looks like someone's already excited to see me,” Allison cooed into Ryan's mouth, as they continued to kiss for a few moments.

“You have no idea,” Ryan replied ironically as he reached around to squeeze her perky, round ass through her shorts.

They broke their embrace and Allie asked, “so, did you ask her about it?”

“No,” replied Ryan. “We didn't get a chance. Long story...but I will later, promise.”

Satisfied for now with the answer, Allison climbed into the passenger's seat of Ryan's SUV. He cranked the car and started out of the parking lot.

As they neared the exit, Ryan looked up and said, “shit, get down!”

Allison dove down to the floorboard as Ryan rolled down his window. He looked down to see the football coach, Coach Mike, roll up in the school's golf cart. Coach Mike couldn't see Allison while she was crouched down. He asked Ryan, “where are you headed, Bradshaw?”

“Doctor's appointment, Coach,” Ryan replied coolly.

“You know, you should try to schedule those so you don't have to miss school,” Coach Mike scolded.

“Sorry coach, this was the only time they could see me. I'm graduating next week anyway...cut me some slack!” Ryan said with a chuckle. “It's not like I'm really doing anything the last week of my senior year!”

“Fine, but just this once. Have a good checkup, ok?” Coach Mike called out, mollified, as Ryan accelerated smoothly out of the lot and into the main street.

“That was close!” Allison exclaimed as she sat back up in her seat and looked over her shoulder at the school receding into the distance. “So where are we headed?”

“I thought we might head over to this spot on the lake that I know,” Ryan said as he steered expertly through the central Florida traffic.

The Lake was a favorite local spot for high schoolers. It was a little ways out of town, and very secluded. Many small roads wound their way around the lake, providing numerous turn-outs for horny teenagers to park their cars out of sight of the road and gaze out over the water. It was a little more secluded than the spots they'd been hooking up in recently, but after what had just happened back at school, Ryan really wanted no chance of being interrupted again.

“Sounds like fun to me,” Allison said seductively as she reached over and started to rub Ryan's bulging erection through his jeans.


Fifteen minutes later, Ryan and Allison were threading their way through the sandy roads that ran along the edge of the lake. Ryan made a hard left turn and guided his SUV through a gap in the trees and towards the water. As Allison turned around and looked behind them, she couldn't see the road anymore. Their car was completely hidden from the small road by the trees and brush.

Ryan pulled up near the water and put the SUV into park. He left the engine and the air conditioning running. They were in Florida during the daytime, after all.

Allison quickly climbed between the front seats and got into the back seat of the SUV. “Do these fold down?” Allison asked, as she started to tug on some levers on the seat.

Ryan showed her how to fold the seats flat, and then climbed into the back with her. The entire rear of the SUV was now a flat surface, perfect for their purposes. Ryan grabbed a blanket from the back and spread it over the whole area, making the slightly hard surface a little more comfortable.

As soon as the blanket was down, the teens couldn't keep their hands off each other. Ryan pushed Allison down to the floor and started to kiss her with abandon. His hands ran up and down her torso, feeling her toned stomach and full, but perky, breasts through her clothes. She ran her hands through his hair and bit his lip playfully as they continued to kiss.

“God, it's been like three whole days since we've done anything!” Allison moaned in between kisses. “I'm so fucking horny right now!”

Ryan reached down and pulled his shirt off over his head. Then he kicked off his shoes, undid his belt and jeans, and slid them off his legs. Now clad only in his boxer shorts, Ryan sank down into Allison's body once more and continued to kiss her and feel her up over her shirt.

Ryan tried to control himself. He wanted to give Allison some foreplay, but his cock was absolutely throbbing in his boxers. He had been cut off in the middle of sex less than a half hour ago at school, and his body was begging for sex.

Unable to hold back any longer, Ryan reached down and tugged Allison's camisole off. Her flat stomach heaved up and down with her heavy breathing, and Ryan gazed down at the skimpy red pushup bra adorning her chest.

Allison sat up and allowed Ryan to reach behind her and unhook her bra. The garment fell off her body and Allison tossed it aside. Her breasts stood weightlessly on her chest. They were round and firm. Her nipples, now exposed to the cold air conditioning, stiffened visibly.

Ryan immediately bent down and kissed her right breast. He sucked her nipple into his mouth and felt the stiffness of the little bud under his tongue. With his other hand, he reached up and grabbed her left breast and started to gently squeeze it. It was just the right size for his hand. Not quite as huge as Jennifer's breasts, but they still looked amazing and drove him absolutely wild.

Not able to wait any longer, Allison reached down and unbuttoned her shorts. She lowered the zipper and started to wiggle out of them. She kicked the denim shorts off her feet and fell back onto the blanket in the back of the car. Ryan paused in his advances for a moment to admire her amazing body. She was stretched out before him wearing nothing but a tiny, red thong. The little scrap of fabric clung tightly to her body, her hip bones sticking out slightly above the line of the panties.

In unison, they each removed their last remaining article of clothing. Ryan hooked his fingers into the waistband of his boxers and slid them off. Allison playfully slid her panties off, and then spread her long, smooth legs.

Ryan gazed at her perfectly smooth, shaved pussy, completely bared for him in the back of his SUV. He glanced out the windows, remembering that they were in a publicly accessible area of the lake and wondering if anyone would be driving or walking nearby.

Allison reached down to her pussy and gently slipped a finger inside. She worked it back and forth, and rubbed herself up and down, making herself wet. As she drew the finger out of herself, Ryan saw that it was coated in moisture. Allison raised her hand up to Ryan's face and slipped the finger into his mouth.

Ryan tasted Allison's sweet juices coating her finger, and it made him even hornier than before. His cock swelled and he moved forward and positioned himself between Allison's spread legs.

A shudder went through Allison's body as Ryan touched the tip of his long cock against her smooth outer lips. “Come on Ryan,” moaned Allison, her breasts visibly rising and falling with each panting breath she took. “Fuck me...please.”

Needing no further encouragement, Ryan quickly slid his entire length into Allison's body. She let out a loud moan as he penetrated her; her back arched with pleasure. Allison dug her fingers into the blanket as Ryan started to quickly pump in and out of her. Their breathing intensified as Ryan increased his pace with each new thrust.

Ryan looked down and admired the sight of his long dick sliding in and out of Allison's perfectly smooth pussy. She was so tight. So wet. The friction was almost nonexistent. His cock moved effortlessly back and forth.

“Ooh...yesss...” Allison started to moan in time with Ryan's motion. “Yes...fuck me...” she called out as Ryan drove himself faster and faster into her incredibly tight pussy.

Allison started to rock her hips back and forth, matching her rhythm to Ryan's and meeting each of his thrusts halfway. The combined effort of both teens sent spasms of pleasure coursing through their bodies. Ryan moaned audibly as he felt himself bottom out against Allison's cervix with each thrust.

After a few more minutes of frenzied lovemaking, Allison looked up with her big, blue eyes and moaned to Ryan, “let me ride you, baby!”

Ryan, happy to oblige, slid his entire length out of Allison's body and swapped places with her. He lay down on the blanket and looked up as Allison moved into position, straddling his body. Ryan gazed appreciatively at the amazing sight in front of him. Allison's legs were on either side of him, and she sat straight up on his lap. Her hands gently stroked his cock, slick with their combined juices. Her chest heaved as she caught her breath after their intense pace of just a moment ago. Her breasts were perfect. Round, firm, standing high on her chest. Her nipples were firm in the cool air conditioning. Her pony tail had fallen out sometime during their romp, and her blonde hair cascaded down around her shoulders, framing her pretty face perfectly.

After a moment to recover, Allison moved her body up, positioning Ryan's hard cock right at her opening. She gently rocked her hips back and forth, letting Ryan feel the teasing sensation of his head barely nestled in between her outer lips.

“Oh my God, Allie,” Ryan gasped. “You're amazing. I could cum right now...”

Allison slapped Ryan's chest lightly in mock indignation. “You better not, mister! Not yet, anyway...” she said as she gently lowered herself down, impaling herself on Ryan's long, smooth dick.

Ryan let out a loud moan as he felt himself swallowed up by Allison's incredibly tight pussy. She paused for a moment, letting Ryan feel her warmth enveloping him. Then she started to slowly rock her hips up and down, drawing Ryan's entire length in and out with agonizing slowness.

Allison planted her palms on Ryan's broad chest, keeping herself upright as she started to increase her pace. She leaned down for a moment and planted a tender kiss on Ryan's lips, snaking her tongue out at the last second to lick his top lip as she pulled away.

Ryan reached up and started to play with Allison's firm breasts as they danced back and forth in front of his face. Allison's breasts swayed ever so slightly with the motion of her hips, and Ryan grabbed one roughly and squeezed her nipple between his thumb and first finger.

His effort was rewarded with a slight gasp, part pleasure, part pain, as he continued to roughly handle her ample breasts. Allison continued to increase her pace, raising and lowering herself faster and faster on Ryan's cock.

With each thrust, Ryan felt Allison's muscular walls parting to accept his hard cock. Allison continued to become wetter and wetter, her natural lubrication mixing with Ryan's to produce an incredible sensation.

Ryan heard the slap of flesh on flesh as Allison pounded herself up and down on his cock. Her pace was frenzied. She moaned loudly. As Ryan gazed up at this teenage goddess pleasuring herself on his cock, it was all he could do to keep from cumming right then.

He managed to hold out for a few more moments until Allison, starting to visibly sweat despite the cool air conditioning in the car's cabin, finally raised herself up and off of Ryan's cock. As she raised herself up, Ryan saw a little drip of moisture fall from Allison's outer lips and onto the blanket.

“Come on, babe,” Allison cooed as she grabbed Ryan's hand and opened the rear passenger's door of the SUV. “Enough of this cramped car. Let's do it outside!”

The two teens crawled out the door of the car and into the bright sunshine. They stood, completely naked, and looked out at the lake in front of them. Behind them were trees and bushes, shielding them from the small dirt road which circled the lake.

Ryan took Allison's hand and led her to the rear of the vehicle. He positioned her so that she was facing the back window. He pushed her forward slightly, her waist bent, her back arched. She pressed her palms up against the cool glass of the back window to steady herself. Ryan stood behind her and placed his hands around her slender waist.

For the second time that day, Ryan stared admiringly at the firm, tight ass of a teenage angel who was bent over in front of him, ready to accept his long cock into her waiting pussy. Allison's butt was slightly more compact than Jennifer's, but still just as attractive. Hopefully this time, he'd be able to finish the encounter without interruption.

Ryan took his cock in one hand and guided himself forward and into Allison's still dripping wet pussy. Not caring if anyone might be within earshot, Allison immediately started to moan as she felt herself filled with Ryan's entire length.

Her fingers dug in vain for purchase against the unyielding glass of the SUV's rear window, and the sound of her moans intensified as Ryan started to quickly pound himself in and out of her amazingly tight body. “” Allison called out, clearly not in control of herself. “I don't even care...if anyone hears...” she moaned in between thrusts. “Just don't...stop!!”

Ryan, not caring about being overheard either, panted and grunted as he continued to slide his cock back and forth, in and out of Allison's perfect body. Her round ass pounded into him, the firm flesh pressing into his body with each thrust. The sound of skin on skin seemed almost as loud as the two teens moaning and panting with ecstasy.

Ryan gripped Allison's waist firmly in his hands. He used the extra leverage to pull her with even greater force back and forth on his cock. Allison, completely losing control of her body to the waves of pleasure, writhed back and forth, helping to thrust her ass even faster back against Ryan's body. The feeling of his huge cock inside her was absolutely driving her crazy.

Her entire body was on fire. Every fibre of her was horny. Every object around her turned her on. She pressed her chest into the rear of the SUV, feeling her firm breasts compressed against the flat expanse of cool metal. She gazed through the rear window and into the cabin, seeing their clothes strewn haphazardly about the car.

Just the fact of being here, outdoors and completely naked, was making Allison hornier than she'd been in a long time. The fact that it was with Ryan, and that his cock was now pounding in and out of her body at an ever increasing tempo was almost more than she could stand. She felt a familiar tingle start to work its way down her legs as she moved closer and closer to the edge of orgasm.

Allison's hands scrambled for purchase against the smooth surface of the car's glass. Her hands, slick with sweat, started to slide. Ryan moved his hands up her torso and cupped her breasts from behind, using the slight change of position to both feel her up and help support her weight. He squeezed and massaged her amazing chest as he continued to rock his hips back and forth.

Allison was almost screaming at this point. Every time Ryan shoved himself into her, a guttural moan escaped her lips. Her orgasm was fast approaching now. The speed of their love making and the slight friction of his cock against the tight, muscular walls of her pussy were perfect.

“Babe, I'm...almost there,” Allison panted with difficulty as she felt her knees start to weaken. “Cum with me...please...cum inside me...” she moaned.

Ryan, who had been holding his own orgasm back for a minute already, responded by pounding himself even faster into Allison's pussy, hoping to drive them both over the edge at the same time. He grasped her breasts firmly in his hands and looked down at the incredible sight of her perfect ass rocking back and forth, his cock sliding in and out of her tight, teenage body.

Finally, Allison started to scream, and Ryan knew she was on the verge. “Yes, yes, fuck me!!” Allison called out. “Fuck!! Sooo close...” she screamed louder and louder, the sound echoing over the waters of the lake stretched out beside them.

“Oh my God, I'm cumming!” yelled Allison, as Ryan felt her body convulse wildly, wracked with spasms of pleasure from head to foot.

At the same moment, Ryan finally felt himself go over the edge. His balls contracted, and he felt the first jet of cum race up the long shaft of his cock. Ryan groaned loudly as he felt the sticky white mess shoot from his tip and collide with Allison's cervix. He grabbed Allison's waist and shoved his cock as deep as it would go. He emptied load after load of thick white cum into her body.

As soon as Allison's orgasm had started, she felt the first jet of cum, with perfect timing, race from Ryan's cock and up into her body. She screamed and moaned as she felt one, two, three, four spurts of cum fill her pussy up completely. Her body was on fire. Her knees were weak. She felt like she would collapse if it weren't for Ryan's strong arms holding her up against the back of the car.

Ryan's thrusts started to slow. No more cum raced up his shaft and into her body. She felt him inside her, just rocking gently back and forth, both of them feeling the last little spasms of pleasure jetting across their bodies.

Finally, with his breathing much more in control, Ryan pulled his cock slowly from Allison's pussy. A thin rope of cum stretched between her smooth lips and the tip of Ryan's cock. As he continued to draw away, the rope broke, swinging down and landing against the smooth flesh of Allison's thigh. Cum continued to drip lazily from Allison's pussy and down her leg as she turned around and embraced Ryan.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and drew him in for a slow, sensual kiss. “God, you make me feel so amazing,” she whispered into his mouth as they gently kissed each other in post coital bliss. “Someone got me all messy...” Allison cooed as she looked down to see the small rivulet of cum trailing its way from her pussy and down her leg. She slid one graceful finger up her leg, scooping up all the white liquid as she went. She the brought her finger up to her mouth and gently licked it clean.

“Wouldn't want to waste any,” Allison said with a wink, as she continued to suck and lick her slender fingertip sensually. Ryan stared at Allison's mouth, her full lips opening and closing over her finger, her tongue flicking back and forth, playing with his cum in her mouth. She stuck out her tongue, showing him a big dollop of white, sticky mess sitting on the middle of her tongue.

She quickly retracted her tongue, closed her mouth, and swallowed. Then she stuck her tongue back out again, showing Ryan the clean pink surface. “All gone!” she whispered as she moved in for another kiss. Ryan could still taste the salty flavor of his cum in her mouth, and he savored the amazing sensation of their tongues dancing back and forth in each other's mouths.

After a minute, they broke their kiss and held each other's naked bodies as they leaned up against the back of the car. Ryan felt Allison's firm breasts pressed up against his chest, her arms still wrapped around his neck. They gazed out over the water as the breeze sent little ripples back and forth over its surface.

Finally able to break their embrace, Ryan and Allison walked back to the side door of the SUV. Ryan opened up the door and fished around in the back for clothing. He grabbed Allison's clothes and handed them to her. He grabbed his clothes and started to dress, first pulling on his boxers, then jeans, then his shirt, and finally his shoes.

He watched as Allison dressed herself. She drew her red pushup bra around her waist and did the clasp in front before twisting the bra around to its proper orientation and pulling it up and over her firm breasts. She wove her arms through the straps and reached for her white camisole, which she quickly tugged over her head and adjusted to its proper position.

Ryan felt another momentary pang of sexual excitement, despite the huge orgasm he had just had, as he admired Allison's firm, toned body. She looked pretty amazing with only a skimpy camisole and bra on top, and absolutely nothing covering her on the bottom. If he had had the energy, he would have bent her over again and done her exactly like that.

Allison reached for her jean shorts and little red thong. She tossed the thong to Ryan and said, “here, a souvenir. You've never made me feel more amazing. You deserve some sort of prize for that.” She smiled at him as she bent down to slide her shorts up her long, smooth legs.

Ryan slipped the red, lacy thong into the same pocket where Jennifer's was already stored as he watched Allison button her shorts. He grinned to himself at the thought of having had sex with both Allison and Jennifer again on the same day, and getting to keep both of their thongs as a reward. It was too bad he only got to cum once, but his orgasm with Allie was so huge, it almost made up for it.

Allison, finally dressed, embraced Ryan once more and planted a tender kiss on his lips. She looked again out over the surface of the lake and said, “you definitely need to call Jenny soon. You still have something important to ask her about.”

To be continued...

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