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I don't really know where to begin, as I type this I do so with so much more self knowledge than what I had when this began, knowledge that would have been just laughable if told to me then. So let me take you back to the beginning, to where my world changed forever and for the better.

My name is Jess, and I am fourteen years old. I'm five foot three, with long brown hair and hazel eyes to match. I live in a town called Heddonsford, maybe you've heard of it, maybe not. Heddonsford High is the name of my school, it's not really a high school or a secondary school, we don't have grades or 'years', instead, we're categorized by our age group. We started when we were twelve, and we will finish when we're eighteen. Our headmaster is one Kevin Hugo. A brilliant, brilliant man. But as I type this I need to remember that when I was fourteen I did not see him as brilliant, I did not even see him. All we ever knew was a voice, a deep gravel-like voice speaking to us though a speaker system. A few of us even believed that there were teachers in the school who hadn't seen him either, but we weren't really sure.

School life was as you would expect it to be for a bunch of fourteen year old teenagers. Music was becoming a factor, and as was pop culture. Boys were on the minds of girls and girls were on the minds of boys, in the twenty first century there was no exploring sexuality. There was the internet, personal laptop computers and smart phones. You knew what you liked by what you liked watching on internet porn. Whether it be lesbian, gay or straight. And you would pretty much have a rough idea on the things that you would one day like to try, but me, at fourteen I wanted prince charming. And my prince charming had a name, it was Ben.
I'd had him in my cross hairs for months, History was the one lesson where I was deprived of the eye candy. Which may be one of the biggest reasons I hated History. The teacher was fun and enthusiastic enough, I mean there's a lot to learn in the subject, but learning was only made fun for me when Ben was around. Mister Matthews could talk all he wanted to about project Valkyrie, and the relentless plots made by the Germans against Hitler. But all I knew, was that I needed a break. So I raised my arm, and when I finally caught Mister Matthews' attention;
“Sir, I need a bathroom break.” I told him. He peered over the top of his spectacles at me and nodded, I got up from my chair and quickly walked out of the room. I made my way down the corridor and into the girls bathroom.
Standing at the sink I unbuttoned the top four buttons of my blouse and pulled a packet of ten cigarettes out from my bra. I hitched up my skirt and pulled from my panties a purple lighter. I put a cigarette into my mouth and lit it, it was then I heard the flush get pulled in one of the cubicles. I turned around instantly, cigarette hanging from my mouth and blouse open wide enough to get full sight of my pink lacy bra supporting my C cup breasts.
“Ben!?” I gasped. The cigarette almost fell from my lips, he emerged from the cubicle and smiled, clipping his belt back around his waist. “The toilets in the boys are just not up to the standards of having my ass touch the seats.” he said as he stepped towards the sinks. His eyes then fell onto my chest, and stayed there until It clicked what he was staring at. I quickly pulled my blazer shut and held it with one arm while tapping the ash off the cigarette.
“Your ass that special is it?” I asked. He flashed a cheeky smile as he ran his hands under the warm water, he dried them off with a paper towel and took the cigarette from my mouth, he took a long drag on it and blew smoke into the air. “My ass is pretty damn perfect, but isn't anything compared to yours.” he said. I pretended to look shocked. “And how would you know what my ass looks like?” I asked him.
He he held the cigarette between his lips, “Well I'm only going on what I've imagined, what I've imagined while stroking my cock at the thought of you.” he said, he moved around behind me, my heart was doing somersaults, his hands were on my waist, he leaned over my shoulder and whispered into my ear, “The thought of you, bent over this sink with my cock sliding in and out of you has been on my mind ever since I first saw you.” he then spat the cigarette into the sink, one of his hands moved up my stomach, I loosened my grip on my blazer and his hand slid right on inside, his fingers clenched around my breast while his other hand found my thigh, lifting my skirt up.
He bit lightly onto my ear as his hand slid into my bra, cupping my breast, all I could do is sigh in pleasure. My prince charming. His other hand now came up, and began unbuttoning the rest of my blouse, once all the buttons were undone he pulled my bra down around my breasts, kissing me on the neck, I turned my head and our mouths met and our tongues danced with one another. My eyes slightly opened and I could see in the mirror his hands squeezing my breasts, my pink nipples being pinched, it felt good to feel it but to see it as well was such a thrill. I was in heaven.
And then he forced me to bend over the sink, I felt his hands lift my skirt and pull at my panties, I heard them rip as I felt them dig into my skin. He tore them off and squeezed both of my ass cheeks, kneading them, shaking them and then slapping them before burying his face into them, my eyes rolled into the back of my head as his tongue lashed at my wet pussy lips, he had the taste he needed. I was wet and ready for him, he stood back up and unclipped his belt, he dropped his trousers and though I didn't get a good look at it, I saw a glimpse of what looked to be a big dick for a fourteen year old boy. Must've been about seven inches, and without so much as another tease, he slammed the entire cock deep into me. I cried out, the pain hit me hard as he slammed into my cervix. I was now gasping, my juices were flowing around his cock and with every thrust I heard the squelch, I felt his balls slap against my pubis. Juices were escaping and damn near dripping off my shaven pussy. He clenched my hips while sliding in and out of me, I moaned with ecstasy as the only noises he made were grunts. I could feel my orgasm building, I wanted to scream but knew I couldn't, my legs went stiff and my back arched as I climaxed. A low level moan escaped my throat as fireworks seemed to explode inside of me. His pace started to slow and that's when I knew he was going to cum, he pulled out of me and forced me to the floor, he started jerking himself off as I cupped breasts and looked deep into his eyes, he shot a long stream of hot white cum straight onto my face, the second stream was lower and caught me in the neck, the third hit my chest and slide down between my breasts onto my bra. He squeezed out the last few drops onto my out reaching tongue. I swallowed the drops he left for me, and then he pulled up his trousers. He looked down at my and smiled before turning and leaving. A part of me was too tired to move, but another part of me was still on an adrenaline high, I also knew that I had to get cleaned up. The lessons would be ending soon, and here I was covered in come sat on the toilet room floor.
I wiped my chest off with a paper towel and buttoned myself back up, I shoved my torn up panties into a panty-liner bin and tossed some water of my face. As I left the girls toilets the bell rang for lunch. I had to find Chantelle and tell her what had happened. She wasn't going to believe this.

Chantelle and I have been best friends for years, even before Heddonsford High. It was a miracle that we ended up at the same school as her parents were always talking about moving away. She was a little shorter than me, but with bigger breasts. Her hair was always curly and it was dyed red. She was a brunette like me before hand, but the red suited her better, she always said it complimented her fiery spirit. Whatever that meant.
As I told her about what had happened with Ben, her eyes got wider and wider. Eventually she had to stop me and tell me to shut up. “I'm serious, I'm not lying about this. It was incredible, incredible is the only way to describe it. Everything I've ever wanted all thrown together inside the toilets.” I told her. “I'm saying shut up because I don't believe you, im saying it because you're turning me on.” “Ohh.” I said. I didn't have the appetite to eat, I know what I wanted, and that was more Ben. “God,” Chantelle said, “I'm really fucking horny now, thanks babe.” she said. “Well why don't you go and you know, relieve yourself?” I suggested.
“During lunch? The toilets will probably be packed.” she said. “Who cares, you're just guna go in, lock yourself in a cubicle and finger yourself like crazy.” I told her. She looked up at the big clock at the end of the canteen. “Okay, fuck it, come on, you can be my wing-girl.” she said getting up. “Yay me.” I said sarcastically.

In the toilets the usual line up of girls were all gathered at the sinks, looking them standing in my mixed juices and Ben's spunk gave me some sick thrill. They were all stood around smoking, chatting about the usual kind of crap, Chantelle locked herslef in a cubicle and I waited outside it. I lit a cigarette and leaned against the cubicle door, I couldn't hear anything and decided to peak inside. Chantelle was say on the toilet with the lid down, her thong was at her ankles and her skirt around her waist, she was rubbing light circles around her pubis and occasionally dropping down and sliding between her labia. I'd never seen her pussy before, seen her breasts plenty of times, but the sight of the little patch of dark hair about an inch from the tip of her vagina caught my eye. I looked around and saw that no-one was paying any attention, and so I slid into the cubicle. Her eyes opened and when she saw me she didn't know what to do. I lifted one leg up and rested my foot on her knee, she had a clear view of my bald pussy, I lifted my skirt a little higher and started rubbing myself, still smoking a cigarette. She then started rubbing herself harder, her middle finger slid into her pussy and she used her palm to massage the pubis. She bit down on her lower lip as she watched me rub circles around my wet pussy.
“You wanna cum for me Chan? Yeah baby you wanna cum for me?” I asked her. “Yeah,” she moaned quietly, “I wanna cum for you.” she continued. Her hand movements got faster, her eyes would drop closed and then open, staring at my finger now sliding into my clit. She became flustered, her finger slid out of her pussy and continued rubbing, her mouth dropped open and her eyes squeezed shut as she quietly climaxed.
“You bitch, why'd you do that?” she asked. I took my foot off her knee and now stood before her. “I'm not a lesbian, but the sight of you doing that sent me right over the edge.” she said. “Well what are best friends for?” I said with a smile.

Once she had her thong back up and we had finished the cigarette, we opened the cubicle door and stepped back into population. Or rather, an empty room. “Shit, did everybody hear us and run?” Chan asked. I started laughing, “No you douche, check the time, it's passed lunch. We're guna be late for R.E.” I told her. “Yeah, how could we be late for that fat Asian who always seems to loose the grip of his pens.” she said. “Yeah, it must be Christmas for him today, because my panties got ripped up.”
“Did they? What a shame.” came the voice from behind us. We span around and saw that in the cubicle next to us had been Ben. “Jesus you scared the fuck outta me.” I proclaimed. He smiled and held up his hands in surrender. “Well I'm guna get the R.E, ill tell mister Malik that you're running late due to not feeling well.” Chantelle said as she left the toilets.
I turned back to Ben who had taken a few steps forward, he began unbuttoning my blouse and kissed me hard on the mouth. I threw my arms around his neck as our tongues once again met. I felt his hands slide around to my back and then down to my ass, he squeezed my cheeks before bringing his hands up to my shoulders and forcing me down to my knees. I unclipped his belt and pulled out his cock, it still smelt of my pussy, my mouth watered at the sight of it and I wasted no time in taking it in my mouth, he groaned out load as I sucked on his helmet, I could see that with every twitch it got bigger and harder. I wrapped a hand around it and jerked every time I took a mouthful, my other hand fondled his ball sack, he kept his pubic hair short and trimmed, I could feel goosebumps on his scrotum. His cock tasted so good, it was the perfect size for my tongue to slide all over it. It was then then I felt a hand on the back of my head, and it wasn't Ben's.
“Hope you don't mind sweetie, but Shane here couldn't hide his hard on when I told him about you.” Ben said. I turned my head to have another cock shoved into my mouth, this one was slightly bigger than Ben's and a little wider. Any part of me that would have refused this situation had died when Ben took me earlier. Suddenly I had a lust for any cock, and I wasn't going to turn this down. I took Shane's member firmly and bobbed my head back and fourth, “That's my girl.” I heard Ben say. That made me suck harder, I was his girl.
I turned back to Ben and continued sucking him off, then switching back to Shane. Ben pulled my blouse off and chucked it onto the floor, he pulled me to my feet and bent me over, I took Shane's cock back in my mouth as Ben started licking my pussy lips, he didn't stay there for long, because I didn't need help getting wet. Before another moment passed he pushed inside of me, “Oh fuck yes.” he moaned. Shane held my hair as saliva dripped down my chin, “This chick knows how to suck a cock. Nice and sloppy.” he said. Ben's thrusts were driving me closer and closer to an orgasm. Being spit-roasted in the toilets felt even better than being fucked earlier, Ben unclasped my bra and I wriggled it off over my arms, letting my boobs hang and sway, Shane took a handful and moaned out loud. “God this bitch is fucking perfect.” he said. Ben slid in and out, rythmatically, slowly building up speed. It was then I came, I spluttered into Shane's cock as the fireworks popped. “Fuck yeah baby, cum all over my cock.” Ben muttered.
“I want a piece of her pussy.” Shane said. Ben pulled out of me as Shane pulled me back to a standing position, he lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him, he slid into me and I moaned into his ear, his eyes rolled over and I then knew that his ears were his 'spot'. He bounced me and down off his cock, while I felt Ben's cock poke at my ass-hole. I hadn't done anal before, I knew it was going to hurt, hurt like a bitch. But I was so turned on and feeling so dirty I turned my head; “Fuck me in the ass while Shane fucks my pussy.” I groaned. Ben needed nothing else, he slowly pushed his helmet into my ass, Shane stopped bouncing me for the moment as Ben slowly slid his way in, I winced in pain, “Come on, fuck me.” I said. He then pushed the rest of the way in and I felt his cock hit the wall, Shane was also hitting the wall, both cocks started pumping me as I cry out in both pain and pleasure. “Oh god I'm guna fucking cum.” Shane spluttered. “Don't stop fucking me.” I told him. He continued pumping me, as I hug on to him with whatever strength I had left, Ben was sliding in and out of my ass, I was sore, but my third orgasm of the day was on the way and I knew this one was going to be the one that sent me over the edge.
Ben's thrusts started to slow, as did Shane's I knew they were both going to pop, so I started bouncing myself off of them. They both cried out as hot waves of sperm filled both my pussy and ass, and with one giant pop I hit my climax. I cried out, cum spilled out of the tiny gaps, Ben and Shane held me as still as they could, their dicks couldn't take another squirm from me, the sensitivity was too much. My orgasm finished and I was drained, I hung there limp, like a rag doll. It seemed like it was only Ben and Shane's cocks that was keeping me off the ground.
Shane held me as he pulled out, Ben did the same, I dropped to my knee's, in a puddle of salty sperm and juices. Their dicks now going limp, they back away, Shane leant on the sinks, Ben leant on the wall.
They pulled up their trousers, Shane looked at me and shook his head in disbelief before turning and leaving the toilets. Ben started to walk, and then stopped, he looked down at me and smiled. “I think today has been the start of a beautiful friendship.” he said. I smiled in response as he left the toilets too. I sat for a little while longer in that puddle. He was right about one thing at least, this was the start of something beautiful.

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