Going to Livorno for a softball tournament with Taylor.
I woke up the next morning with the smell of her fruity hair and the feel of her beautiful body against me my morning wood between her legs. I kissed down her back to her ass getting another quick taste as I got up to shower. She must have heard me shower and came in to join me. “Last night was amazing! I am still sore from all of the attention and have a hard time walking. I thought that was only supposed to happen if you put it in me especially my ass, but damn.” Reaching down and soaping off my half erect penis as I played with her nipples. “You know, you taste pretty damn good yourself! I was surprised I didn’t have your cum coming out of my ears as much as you shot down my throat last night.” Now at full erection she bent down taking it in her mouth.

“Although that feels great, I need to get ready and I need all of the energy I can get for the semi and final games.”
“How do you plan to play with your ribs and leg the way they are?”
“I’ll be alright, I didn’t come up her to take less than first.”
“I guess that’s why you are the star?”
“Yeah, I don’t know what that is all about, but I guess I can’t disappoint my fans!”
I turned her around bending her over kissing her ass licking her still swollen pussy from clit to anus her body shivered as I did. “Damn, I hope that gets better, I told you that I wouldn’t be able to stop once I got started.”

I took my supplements and headed out the door, barely able to walk on the leg that got hurt and my ribs shooting pain throughout my body. I was met at the field by Jenna “Taylor told me that you were planning on playing today? Are you fucking stupid?”
“Jenna, come on! You know that this is Championship Sunday. What do you expect?” A couple of girls came up to get a picture with me.
Jenna puts her arms around me kissing me on my neck “I want you so bad! I think you want me too and you can have me if you don’t play” hands on both sides of my face kissing me on the lips shoving her tongue down my throat. “Think about that while you are making the lineup.”
“Jenna, really? If you want me then it is because of who I am and what I do. So you want me to not be me? What sense does that really make? How much respect would you have for me if I sat on my ass watching my team play on Sunday? You know how I think about you, hell I was knuckle deep in you last night and then held you like we were married while you slept in the chair. The difference is that I want you for you and I would never ask you to be someone else for me, unless you had one of little nurse uniforms of course.”
She slapped me on my arm “You asshole…I do have one of those though.”
“So will you wrap me up? I need the leg and the ribs.” I felt some big ass tits against my back and a wet kiss on my neck arms wrapping around me. Jenna laughed and rolled her eyes.
“Rambo, why you never call me? I want to date you and you never call.” Taking my hand and putting it on her thong covered ass. “This is what you miss!” shoving her tongue in my mouth.
Jenna says “Better watch it or I will be pulling out the penicillin!”
“Help me out while I wrap his leg, don’t want the whole world seeing his stuff.”
“Ok, what do I do?”
“Just keep his stuff covered up while I wrap his leg”
“Ooh yeah, I can do that” as she planted her hands on my erection while Jenna pulled my sliding shorts down. Jenna wrapped my leg and they pulled my shorts up. “Now that we know each other so good you better call me” shaking that nice tan ass as she walked away.

Jenna said “I want to walk like her!” as Taylor tenderly walked up and sat on the bleachers. “Don’t you think that she’s a little young to be taking something that big from you? Poor girl…”
“I didn’t fuck her if that is what you mean”
“Oh my, really? So how did she…..Oh, shit! Why the hell did you hold back on me all of this time?” slapping me on the arm again. “I guess I better go give her some tips even though I’m jealous” She sat next to Taylor smiling and winking at me. Taylor’s face turned bright red as she blushed from the conversation.

I just Extra Hit the semi final game we won by three and I scored five RBI’s turning triples into doubles and doubles into singles unable to run well, but doing what I could. One of the players on my team got hurt and wouldn’t be able to play in the final, so I was going to have to play on the field and drop the EH. Jenna, Val, and Taylor brought me a burger and I took an extra set of supplements as my energy levels were low. I was hurting bad, but didn’t want to say.
“Jenna, Val, and I came up with an idea that would keep you from playing and hurting yourself any further”.
“Look, keep it to yourselves as we are down to ten since Darryl hurt his ankle. So I have to play. I don’t even want to hear what you have in mind even though I am sure that I would love it, but I have no choice. Maybe you can rename your plan to a victory plan. Thanks for the support!”

The game was rough. We were home team and in extra innings we were down by two. I was exhausted and in a lot of pain. I felt bad because I felt that even though I hit and fielded well I was having a hard time running the bases. So we probably would have scored a couple extra runs if I had been better able to get around the bases. I came up to bat with two outs and bases loaded (of course). I was barely able to stand and could see that everyone thought the game was over. The crowd was quiet when they would normally be cheering me on. I guess they thought I had lost it. We needed two tie and go into another inning any less and we would lose three would win. I pulled all of my energy together walking to the plate like there was nothing wrong. I actually hoped that they would walk me scoring one to get to the next guy in the line up. First pitch was a meatball and I wish I hadn’t let it go. He was obviously confident that they could get me out, which pissed me off. I stepped out of the box and looked over to see Taylor, Jenna, and Val standing at the fence. I got back in the box and waited for the next pitch. I mustered everything I had left and hit the ball with everything I had and heard a big pop. The last thing I remembered was the ball going over the fence and the crowd going wild.

I came to for a little and saw Taylor and Jenna’s face as I was being put in the ambulance. “Am I in heaven?” Jenna slapped me as she started crying “you asshole”.
After a couple of IVs and some shots they wrapped my ribs sending me away with some pain meds. The Tournament Director walked me out and gave me a ride back to my room. I wasn’t feeling a thing after everything they pumped in me. I thanked him as I got out of the car telling him I would see him again soon.

I unlocked the door and walked in finding the big trophy. As I approached it I found three pairs of panties in the cup at the top. I pulled one pair out that I recognized and went into fantasy land smelling the perfume of Taylor’s pussy and felt the moisture. I then took the next two and the three aromas had my erection almost splitting my pants. I took off my uniform and bandages showering off.

I entered the room with a massive erection, but ready to sleep. I found three beautifully naked asses and a big empty bottle of alcohol. I started over on the small bed with Val’s small beautiful ass I kissed each cheek and then licked up the middle. She moaned a bit and shifted. I moved to the bed doing the same to Taylor and Jenna then I laid in the middle. Jenna had a nicer body fully naked than I ever imagined. I kissed her back and licked her ass again.

I was awakened by a warm mouth on my cock. I looked down to find Jenna giving me a blowjob. I pulled her up kissing her and massaging her breasts. Not to soft and not to firm about a handful and a half. She was beautiful and had a hungry look of lust in her eye. “I guess by the size of your erection you are ok?”
“Yeah, I guess. Maybe you were right about me not playing. I guess I took it a little too far.”
“Seriously, why do you think all of those panties were so wet. I bet there wasn’t a dry pair out there. Even some of the guys had tears in their eyes watching. You were and are amazing showing everyone when a lesser man would have been sitting in the dugout that a true man does what he has to. When the other team challenged you and you took it with all of the pain and all winning the game with one hit was legendary. I am sure that your fan club will be waiting for you when you head to the bus. I am sorry for not supporting you from the beginning and trying to keep you from playing.”
“Fan club huh? I hope all of my fans are as rewarding as you are. Are you the President?”
“No, I think that is taken” looking over at Taylor “this girl was balling her eyes out when the ambulance took you away. She couldn’t quit talking about you, how well you have treated her, your protecting her, and how much she loved you. I think you are in trouble there and I don’t know how you are going to get out of it or let her down when you head back to the real world. She didn’t just fall for you, I guess she has had feelings for you for a long time. Now she is head over heals in love with you.”
I leaned over and kissed Taylor on the head “Damn, that’s a bit deep when you just had me in your mouth. No, really. I appreciate the run down on things and I don’t know how I will let her down either or really if I really want to. I have thought about her for a long time. It didn’t start out as sexual, more of a protector. I don’t know, she just picks the wrong guys and always ends up being treated like shit.”
“It’s worse than I thought. I wish you looked at me the way you do her.”
“What about your husband? Doesn’t he look you like that?”
“Not for some time, but let’s not get into that. How about you treat me right now?”
“What about them? If she is in love with me the way you say then she probably won’t appreciate waking up to me making love to you.”
“That is part of our plan. She would like for us to wear you down, so to speak.”

With that I started sucking her breasts and laid her down to kissing down her tight belly to her wet meaty pussy. She had a beautiful pussy with a great musky smell and salty taste. I shoved my tongue deep between her swollen lips and moved to sucking her lips. As I moved up to her clit I pushed a couple of fingers in her moving them in and out. Her hips were bucking pressing her pussy against my face as she pulled my head into it. “Holy fuck you are good at that! OOOOHHHH SHiiiittt” as her orgasm hit and she bucked even wilder than before. She moved me up on the bed and then impaled herself with my cock riding me cowgirl style her pussy still contracting on my cock. I then felt a tongue on my balls looking down to see Val had woken up. Jenna then pulled off of my cock kissing me wildly and Val took me into her mouth not seeming to care that she was also tasting Jenna all over my cock.

Jenna rolled off to the side and I pulled Val up kissing her and fondling her ass. She started to pull herself on top of me but I pulled her up away from it and started suckling her breasts kissing down her stomach to her sweet pussy. She must have been watching and playing with herself as she was extremely wet and swollen. I brought her to the brink and the rolled her over licking her beautiful little muscular ass. She exploded in orgasm as I stuck my tongue deep into her ass. I then rolled back over and she mounted me facing the other direction so that I was looking down at her ass. I stuck my finger in her ass extending her orgasm. Just as I was about to cum she pulled off and she and Jenna started licking and sucking my cock until I shot in Jenna’s mouth and then Val took over taking the next shot.

Val moved back over to the small pull out and Jenna rolled over. I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself off. When I came back in they were both fast asleep. I rolled up behind Taylor finding tears rolling down her cheeks. “What’s wrong? Why the tears?”
“I know that I agreed to it, but it hurts me to see you with someone else.” She replied.
“I should have known. I hoped to never have to say this to you, but I’m sorry. I would have never done it if I had thought that it would hurt you. I only want to do the opposite. Now I feel that I am some kind of piece of shit and should protect you from me. I never wanted to hurt you or make you cry. I actually wish none of this happened and we were back at the bus before we left. I would definitely have handled it differently if I had thought it would come to this. I guess in my fucked up mind I was looking forward to having time with you alone. I feel like a creep now and like I have taken advantage of you like any other asshole.”
I stood up as she pulled my arm trying to pull me back. In all of my pain I picked up Val and laid her down where I was laying next to Taylor and laid back down on the small bed. Taylor came and sat on her knees in front of me sobbing like a baby. Kissing me all over my face “No, no, no, don’t do this! Please don’t do this to me! I love you Tony and I wanted this too. You didn’t take advantage of me. You showed me love and protection. Even in the bed you were so unselfish. You have done things for me and to me that I would never expect any other man to do. I could tell that everything you did was out of love. I wanted to show you how unselfish I am and came up with the plan for them to do for you what I can’t. I want to, but I can’t right now. It backfired and burned a hole in my heart as you were intimate with them. I have never had anyone show me that strong of love. What hurts me is not being able to have you to myself. I know that things have to be different when we get home. There are so many other women that want you whether you know that yet or not. I don’t know why you would choose me out of that crowd. I do know that someday I want to be yours and only yours and I want you to be mine if you want that. I don’t know how I will be able to handle myself from here on out knowing how I feel about you and how I feel that you feel about me. Never say that you are just like some other asshole. You aren’t and that is why I love you so much.”

I sat there speechless. All of what she said had my head reeling.
“Say something! I just pored my heart out to you and you just lay there looking at me?”
“I don’t have the words to respond to all of that.” I kissed her cheeks sucking the tears away all the way up to her eyes. I then pulled her up on top of me even though it hurt tremendously. “I love you too Taylor”.
“Those are the right words!” as she kissed my chest falling asleep on top of me. I found a pain pill and water on the table next to me and was soon asleep as well.


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