It was time to move on, some call it running from something I call it running to something
Shane and Shannon are six months old already and growing like weeds. Today Tim and I have to come to an agreement about getting them fixed. I definitely do not want Shane fixed and do want Shannon fixed. Tim wants them both fixed. So we are going to the vets to ask questions and make our decision there. After discussing the pros and cons of spaying for each sex, I got what I wanted he agreed with me.

It was time to tell Tim the whole story, because it was also time to start training Shane to fuck me. And I thought it would be a good idea
To train Shannon to accommodate Tim. We had left Shannon at the vets to be spayed and Tim had taken his own vehicle so he could run errands after the vet. So Shane and I went home. I decided to see what he would do when confronted him with my pussy. I decided it should Be the same room each time and I chose my study/art room I said come Shane to the study and he followed me there i gave him a treat as I locked the door. I took all of my clothes off and called him to my pussy with my legs wide open I began fingering myself to create
Juices. Shane kept watching and when he stepped up and gave my pussy a lick I told him good boy good boy and gave him a treat. Shanes cock was coming out now and he wanted to hump my leg, I decided to get on my hands and knees, Shane had no problem with
That he went right to licking me again, this time he found my hole and got his tongue pulling juices. When he started humping my leg again
I scooted my ass around and soon he wanted more than just humping my back side. I pulled his front legs over my back to my waist. His cock was fully out now and within a minute he connected. The second he was in he went at it like a jackhammer and he whined almost the
Whole time. It wasn't but maybe half an hour and his knot began to form and he shot his load. I heard Tim come home and I didn't want
To tell him, suddenly the thought that I might loose him was real. He came to my study door and having assumed I was busy he went to the kitchen.

As soon as I could I went to the bathroom and showered I put on my sexiest bra and g string, with nothing else and went to him. I let Shane out into his kennel before I showered. Oh baby, Tim said, have you got something on your mind? Tim, I just have one question,
He said what's that pretty lady, do you have at least 12" to give me? Oh honey take a look for yourself. He dropped his pants and stepped out of them, he came to me and set me on the counter and we began our push session to get the monster inside of me. Oh Tim yes baby
Fuck me fuck me awwwwwwwwwwe let's move to the table baby, Tim said ohhhhhh fuck, come baby he picked me up and put me on my
Stomach on the table and he plunged into me. Oh Tim you know what I love, ruff baby fuck me harder. And he went to it hard and deep and a lot ruffer than he had ever fucked me. Now he was pulling me by my hips into him. I said is that a new trick, if so I love it with that
He slapped my ass pretty hard. I yelled hey buster don't do that trick again, but he did. And then he assured me the other two inches he couldn't ever get in were coming now. He pulled me by my hips so hard, as he thrust into me so deep, I began to cry. Tim let me up please let me up. But he kept fucking me harder and harder it felt like he had gotten more than 12" into me. I'm almost done with you and when I finish don't bother to get your things I will send them to you. My god Tim what is going on? Why are you treating me this way. Because
It's what you do to pay your bills, the last time I heard trading sex for money or goods is called prostitution. The funny part is I would have paid all your bills if you wouldn't fuck every business man in your town. Will you send me my dogs? Hell no I wouldn't put it past you to be fucking them.

Kate cried almost the whole way home. She thought about what Tim said, and of course he was right. I had never looked at it like that.
As soon as I walked in the door I set into motion what i felt I had to do next. I called a local realtor that I had known a long time and had
Him come out the next day. We talked for hours and we agreed upon a price for my home then he walked the house again telling me room by room what he wanted removed. When we got to my bedroom he said everything is perfect here. Its tough doing this alone Kate but I
Am available just call me. I said what about your wife I wouldn't want to disturb her, I know she has been sick a very long time. No Kate
She passed last year, so I am very alone. I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you, it was really a blessing, she no longer suffers in pain.

Kate said do you mind me asking if you have dated yet? Oh he laughed I wouldn't know what to do with a woman anymore. My wife and
I stopped being intimate long before she died. I have wanted that again but I don't know what I'm doing. Kate said let me help you, what do you mean exactly he asked? Kate said here let me show you and she walked over and unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out, then she kissed him full on his mouth, as she parted his lips with her tongue she could feel his erection growing. Kate said, take your clothes off
While I do mine, and he eagerly did, how do you want it she asked? Let's start slow he said, Kate said how about doggie style, oh god yes.
Kate got down on all fours and he knelt behind her and penetrated her slowly, once he was in Kate said I really prefer it ruff and you drive
Your cock into me harder? He tried but he was already wanting to come, Kate told him to go ahead they could do it again.Kate needed
Someone to fuck and she had found him.

Four months had passed since she put the house on the market, now she was faced with an offer. It wasn't a good offer as far as the amount, it was $50k below what she was asking. Her realtor suggested she counter somewhere in between, Kate was furious at the suggestion. May I remind you that you suggested I list at very near what I would accept, bottom line, now you want me to drop $25k
And we aren't sure they would go for that. Here's what I want you to do, give them back there offer with no response at all. I mean that
No response, don't tell the other realtor a word, just give it back. Am I quite clear on what I want done? Yes of course he said and left
Immediately. Two days later another offer came in from the same people's with a $10k bump up. Kate said same scenerio please in fact don't bring me any offer unless it is within $10k of my asking. A month went by and the offer from the same people was within $10k and Kate accepted with a few minor changes. She would close in 30 days. Kate was ready for this, she advertised an estate sale and sold almost every single item she owned.

Kate picked up her check from the house and went to the bank and closed her accounts, then she went to the bank the house check was drawn on she got a sizable amount in cash while she asked for a cashiers check for the balance. Kate got into her car a left the town
Forever. She could make the drive to her destination in three days of fairly hard driving or she could be a site seer. Kate decided a little of both was about right. Ten days later she chose a cute little motel atnher destination. The city was as charming as she bad remembered it.
She talked to the motel owner about a realtor and they suggested the by owner paper that they carried. Kate was so pleased not to deal with a realtor. She looked at many properties over the next month and purchased a small charming home that had an acre of land and a barn.  She could move within two weeks because the house was vacant and she paid cash. Kates next purchase was a male Irish setter
Pup that was three months old, he was the runt of the litter, Kate thought little Dane was adorable. She arranged to pick him up the day she moved. The local furniture store delivered all the new pieces she had also paid cash for and loaned her two young men to arrange things as she wanted them. There were new appliances that had to be placed as well, one day turned into a week before she was happy, some things had to be returned and new bought but she got it done and was very pleased. With her home in order she could concentrate on her

Kates business wasn't new to her but she hoped it would be new to this new town. She set about making appointments around town at the
Larger companies and met with the owners. Her first stop was a large construction company, that built commercial and high end condos.
Mr Miller was the owner, Kate introduced herself and said I will get right to the point. I have been a housewife most of my life, a few years ago I found myself needing employment to pay for repairs to my house, a new car,things I couldn't afford. One day my insurance man made me an offer to trade my needs for sex, including my insurance premium. I found over the next ten years I could exchange for almost anything. I just purchased a house that has needs, what I need to know is do you have needs? My aren't we inventive, mr smith said,
I tell you what you give me a sample and we will talk from there. Fine Kate said and unfastened her dress and let it drop, she turned then and locked his office door. When she walked over to him he started to object but Kate kissed him and unfastened his pants to reveal a cock with precum Kate bent down again and said can I sit on your lap or should I lay on your desk. He was speechless so Kate threw her leg over his lap and guided him into her pussy. She told him how nice his cock was, which meant average, and proceeded to bring him to a
Orgasm within two minutes. She assured him he could cum again if he would like to. He said sure, so Kate knelt in front of him and sucked his cock until he was moaning so loud Kate had to quiet him By asking him if he wanted to suck her pussy? He wanted to alright and he went right to it. Then he said can I enter your ass? She said we are talking more than just a sample now, aren't we, and he said yes once a week. Kate said fine $500 an hour you decide the day and time, or night. He said tomorrow at noon, where? She said my place but I want an estimate while you are there. Only way that will happen is if you give me a few days to price out what you want. That's a deal Kate said
Now you I'll bend over your desk and you will have had your first hour when you finish and are satisfied. He had a smile that was worth a
Thousand an hour. He entered her ass and again started this loud moaning he fucked my ass like Shawn used to when he was a pup. No
Skill just hammer it fast and hard. It took him half an hour and two more positions to come so hard he yelled tyeeeeeeeee. Kate said mr smith it will ne my pleasure doing business with you, and he said no the pleasure is all mine.

Kates next appointment was still an hour off so she looked around an antique store and bought a few items for her house. She was meeting with the president of the electric company, when she arrived someone was just leaving his office. He turned to Kate and asked if she had an appointment with someone, Kate said yes I do if you are mr jones it would be you. Oh, he seemed pleased and invited her in to his office. Kate approached him just as she had mr smith and he also asked for a sample at another time. Kate said I am here one time and that is now, I only give out so many appointments a week and I only have two left. If you want a sample I would love to give it to you now, what ever you want. Oh my god he said anything? She said yes, will you get naked for me, and she untied one knot and dropped her dress. Oh my god he said can I eat you before I fuck you? Kate said certainly let's lock your door and get started. He had never done this before but loved seeing it done in videos he watched all the time. Mr smith was divorced and loved sex, but was very straight up, Kate would teach him more than he could have ever wanted. Kate would get her solar panels and air conditioning. It had been a good afternoon.

Kate went home and wished she had someone to fuck. She did have Dane who had been licking her for several weeks. Maybe tonight his cock would be cooperative. Kate had some dinner and played with Dane, while they were playing he started humping kates leg, she decided to take him to her study and hope he wanted to hump again. Kate got naked and Dane started licking she gave him his treat and
Started rubbing his sheath, about the time she gave up he went to it on her leg and she could see more than just the tip of his dog cock.
She put his front paws up on her back side and help guide his cock to her pussy. He didn't know what he was doing other than hump, but
The minute his cock made contact with ner hole and went in he knew to keep doing it. Oh Kate moaned he was a jackhammer, she pulled
His hind legs into her as far as she could, she hoped he would grow a larger cock, after a man with 12" this pup had to go some. But it was his first and Kate was proud of him, he got double treats when he finished and they waited for the knot to pop.

Kates first appointment would be there in half and hour, she had everything fixed perfect for him. She made it her business to know what each man liked, in this case the secretary was full of information. So Kate had his favorite snack, his favorite desert, and of course two of his favorite drinks. When he arrived Kate was wearing a see thru jacket with a beautiful push up bra and matching g string. She invited him in to her home and as be began to look around Kate said why don't we get to that later I am so horny for you I can't wait. The sample the other day was good for me to. As Kate kissed him with her tongue probing every inch of his mouth, she was also undressing him, once his pants were down however, all her attention was with his cock, Kate dropped to her knees. Oh he groaned that's wonderful, oh my god Kate
I really want to fuck you with that and if you keep that up it will be over. Kate said mr smith you can fuck me multiple times especially after I blow you. Oh my god woman where ever did you come from? And how in the hell was I so lucky to be picked by you? Do you want me to swallow your cum? Oh my god you would do that? If you want it I'll do it. Please I can't believe this is happening to me, I want it all. Yes Kate said and I will give it to you. Can I make another appointment right now for tomorrow, yes you can but I will have to tell you what time.
Kate blew him and he came so hard he laughed out loud in pure joy. Kate went right back to work and offered herself for a snack, oh he
Loved it he ate until he noticed his cock was rock hard again. Then he wanted to fuck Kate, nothing unusual he said just from behind in your sweet pussy, Kate said I can just bend over for you or we can do it doggie style. Oh yes mr smith said doggie style is what I want most. Oh Kate said good choice it's my favorite to. So mr. Smith please don't be timid fuck me hard, punish me if you would like to. Oh my god yes he said I will fuck you hard you dirty whore I am your pimp and I get what I want. Oh yes Kate said what ever you want. Mr smith fucked Kate for forty five minutes in his book that was a record and twice, he was more than pleased. Can you give me a time for tomorrow?  Kate said I'll be right back, she looked at her calendar and told him 3:00 then, and he handed Kate an envelope and she kissed him and squeezed his ass and showed him out. Oh I need a good fuck Kate said a little too loud.

Excuse me the fed ex man said no problem Kate said you look like you could use a fuck to. He said are you kidding, I'd fuck you anywhere. Kate said come here cutie. He fucked Kate so thoroughly she came so many times she lost track. Kate said when are you coming back big boy? And big he was about 10" of youthful steel and the stamina to use it. I can come back in two days, I do your route every two days, Kate grabbed his crotch and said see you in two days.

Kates business was full and so was she, that's exactly what she thought she needed to forget Tim but that's another story.......

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