Sucking the Plumber
Sucking the Plumber

My wife and I had been having trouble with the tap in the kitchen of our apartment. It had got clogged up and wasn't flowing properly. We called a plumber, who agreed to fix it the next day. We decided that I would stay home from work to be there for the plumber.
The appointment was for two pm, he arrived at 1.45. As I opened the door to greet him, I couldn't believe how gorgeous he was. He had a dark complexion and blue eyes, with long black eyelashes. He looked about 22 years old, half my age, He smiled a greeting and said, "Hey, you having trouble with the taps?"

I looked him up and down and then quickly got my thoughts back to the problem at hand. "Yeah," I said, and led him to the kitchen. He tried the taps and saw the trouble. "I will have to replace it" he said. "I have got one like it in the van."
He turned to go back for his tools and the replacement tap. I watched as he walked away from me. He was in good shape, he must work out, he had a cute ass packed into tight blue jeans, my cock started to get hard. I often looked at cocks and asses when pissing at the urinals at work but never approached anyone.
As I waited for him to return, I thought of the possibilities of this boy allowing me to suck his cock and me tasting spunk again. Since the time I had with the young boys a the campsite a couple of years go, I often got a hard on at the sight of a cock outlined in a pair of tight trousers. But the opportunity to suck another cock had ever arisen, could this be the right time?
I rearranged my hardening cock just before he returned. When he took off his jacket he revealed a T shirt with a fit body beneath, I cursed silently as I saw the gold wedding band on the ring finger of his left hand. It figures that a guy this gorgeous has a chick at home to poke. There go my chances, I thought..
We made small talk as he worked, He told me his name was Joe and lived close. He asked how long I had lived here, and what I did. I told him I was a traveller for a clothing company and asked him how long he'd been a plumber and about his work.
Although his head and torso were under the sink as he messed with the pipes, I watched his legs as he wriggled around, trying to loosen a stubborn connection. His jeans were tight on him showing a cock that looked nice and thick making mine even harder, driving me bananas. I still couldn't decide how to proposition him. Should I just blurt it out that I would like to suck his cock.
Joe had finished replacing the tap, and then testing It, it worked fine, he was happy.
and gathered his tools and the old tap together and dumped them into his bag he then asked if he could use the bathroom. I showed him the way.
As I stood outside, I could hear him pissing in the toilet. I imagined him standing there, holding his cock. I wondered how long his cock actually was as it looked nice and long in his tight jeans. I liked the long cocks on the lads at the campsite. It was exciting when I took them in my mouth and down my throat.
As I was visualizing Joe standing there with his cock in his hand, I wondered if I should have made my move before he went into the bathroom by saying something like, "Sure, you can use the bathroom, if I can hold your cock for you while you pee?"
Then I thought “No“ that could have upset him., I didn’t think he would let me watch him piss, let alone my holding his cock while he did it.
He came out of the bathroom, I asked him if he wanted a coffee or tea? He asked to use the phone to check the time of his next appointment. I lead him in to the living room showed him the phone.
Looking at his fit body while he was standing using the phone, I decided what the fuck, no guts no glory, I had to ask this guy to let me blow him.
Joe put the phone handset down unable to go to the next job as the lady had to go and pick up her daughter from school as she was ill.
He then said that a coffee would be great and could he have a good wash of his hands. He had nice big hands and they would be nice around my cock. (Dreaming again!)
He cleaned his hands and arms thoroughly.
I made the coffee showed him a brandy bottle, imitating me pouring some in the coffee, Joe nodded, so I put a large dollop into our cups. We went into the living room to drink.
While we were enjoying the coffee I blurted out, "I know you have had your next job cancelled, as you've got some time, I'd love to give you a hot blow job before you leave." He put his cup on the table and looking at me, replied "You would, huh?"
"Yes," I replied, looking at his crutch, "I bet you've got a great cock, and I'd love to suck it for you."
Was he gonna let me do it? I told him about the boys I had sucked at the campsite and while he was on the floor in the kitchen I was looking at his cock in his tight jeans.
Joe replied “ My wife and I have watched loads of porn, sometimes there are guys sucking other guys. It always makes my cock hard and she will suck me off. She likes to deepthroat me. But I have never had a man suck me off. But I have the time and the brandy is making me randy, so why not”
He told me that I was his last job of the day so he had plenty of time.
I switched on the TV and slipped in a DVD of some porn of a girl and two guys having bi-sexual sex, one of my favourite movies.
Joe looked at me and the TV as my hands rubbed his crutch through his jeans. Fondling his cock through his jeans I felt it grow harder with my touch.
"Oh, yeah, you do have a nice one in there. How long is it?”
“About 10 inches when hard” Joe replied.
I took off his shoes then undid his belt and pulled the zipper down. Joe lifted his bum to allow me to slide his jeans down his legs and off.
I squeezed his erection through his underwear, I pulled the elastic down to expose a shaved area above his cock, eventually his cock sprung out and I removed his pants completely.
“I want to taste your cum” I told Joe.
I dropped to my knees and I started licking his cock, rolling my tongue around the head. I could taste the precum that was oozing out. Joe was quiet, but I felt his hands holding my head. He had had his wife suck him off so knew what to do.
I played with his hairless balls and asked him if he minded if I stripped off too?
I removed my clothes and Joe removed his T shirt. I went back to sucking his cock, I even managed to pull him to me and took his cock head into my throat.
I asked Joe if he wanted to play with my cock? I took one of his big hands and placed it on my hard cock, he wrapped his hand around it and started to wank me.
I would have liked to take him to bed, but I didn't want to do it in the bed I shared with my wife.
I turned my attention to his balls, I kissed and licked them and took them one at a time into my mouth. Joe was moaning quietly. I looked at him. His eyes were closed, and he was running his tongue across his lips.
“Do you like me working your balls?" I asked.
"God, yeah!" he replied. "I like you sucking my balls but will you suck my cock again and I would like to suck yours"
I needed no further urging. I pulled him off the sofa and we lay on our sides on the rug in front of the fire. In a 69 position I took his cock back in my mouth and Joe took the head of my cock in his warm mouth.
I cupped his balls, and gently tugged and caressed them while his cock
slurped in and out of my mouth. I moved my hands to knead his ass
cheeks, enjoying the firmness of his ass. Then I tried to worm one finger
into his asshole, Joe caught his breath then told me that his wife would finger him while she sucked him off.
I held the head of his cock in my mouth, and slurped my tongue all around it. Then I resumed deepthroating him pushing my finger deeper into his ass. He began bucking his hips fucking my mouth. As his balls were tensing and his breaths grew quicker and
shorter, I knew that he would cum shortly.
Cum he did! I held his cock in my throat so the first few gushes went straight down my gullet. I pulled my mouth up to the head of his cock so his warm cum now gushed into my mouth so I could taste it. Joe’s cock continued to spew my reward, I swallowed what I had and welcomed the continuing flow. He continued to pump his load into my mouth.
After he stopped gushing, I held his cock and sucked the head. Randy moaned, bucked some more, more cum flowed out of the hole at the top of his cock. I lapped that up, then backed off again. I blew gently on his cock head. My wife would do that to me after I had cum from a blowjob, it is one of the best sensations!
Joe sucked hard on my cock, just incredible. As Joe came in my mouth I also came in his. We then kissed swapping the cum taste of each other.
We lay together talking about the sex together deciding that we would like to do it again.
I made some more coffee and we were sat in the living room drinking it when my wife came home from work.
Later in bed I told my wife about Joe and our afternoon, She said she would like to join us next time as Joe had a fit body and would I mind if he fucked her?
I would like to see Joe’s cock fucking her cunt and asked her if I could fuck her ass at the same time. Fuck me, She agreed, if she could watch Joe fuck my ass. No problem I smiled at her. I had told her about the campsite (see “At the Campsite” for the full story) so she knew I like a cock in my ass.....

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my wife loves watching so i go out back to the alley bring a homless dude or to shower ther then i suck every drop of niggercum out the bals get mt=y buttfukt as the ollady watches


2015-10-24 22:38:52
loved it. Why can't I have this just once

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2015-03-10 07:20:45
Nice to see a couple so understanding & accommodating such a refreshing change
More please.


2013-03-22 23:33:03
A few grammar errors, and you called Joe "Randy" at the end there. Other than that, it was fucking hot! I have shot ALOT of cum to all your stories. And I really do mean alot. You should definitely continue writing more stories, even if it's fiction.

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Great story am looking forward to the next one when u r all playing together,Will his wife play aswell so the four of u play with each other

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