I woke up a few hours later. I felt crushed under a warm blanket and felt a smooth yet irritating pull on the left side of my head.
Slowly I opened my eyes.
He was awake. He had crawled on top of me and had his head on my chest. With two fingers he was playing with a string of my hair, making circles around it.
I hugged him softly, then placed all my fingers like a spider on the top of his back and slowly pushed them downwards, pressing on all the muscles of his slender back. He shuddered and made a sound of pleasure. I felt him move his head and kiss my neck a few times. After that he buried his face in my chest again and wiggled his entire body, asking me for more.
I gave him what he wanted. Softly, but with quite some pressure, I trailed every muscle, every curve and inch of his back. I could tell by his breathing he was falling into sleep again.

Until I got enough from his back and moved further down. His legs were spread, one on either side of my body, stretching his butt to perfect hard cushions. I started cupping and squeezing them. I knew his hole wasn’t hiding under his bums anymore, but after the two orgasms we had already I didn’t want to arouse him again. I caressed his thighs and moved my hands up until I was just an inch away from his hole and then moved up to pleasure his sweet buns.
However I just couldn’t get the thought of his hole out of my mind. I just knew it was there, so close and exposed. I got aroused myself.
To add to it, he was so close down my cock started poking the skin between his balls and hole. It felt the softest thing I’ve ever experienced. He noticed it as well. I heard him giggle softly.
“Hard again?” He whispered.
“Well you are sexy remember?” I said to him.
He giggled and to make things worse he wiggled his body again. My cock slid upwards between his bums. It was so warm and soft. I couldn’t really feel it, but the thought alone of my cock being so close to his tight opening made my rationality disappear.

I used my hands to pull my skin back so my exposed head would touch the wrinkly skin, but he wanted to kiss me. He pulled himself towards my face and pressed his lips onto mine.
The contact of my cock and his butt was broken, but I had forgotten about it anyway. I was breathing his air and my lips were being pulled by his.
While he nibbled in my lips I softly caressed his long hair. When he was done kissing me he sat himself upright. Placing his soft bums on my belly. The sight was just perfect.

With one hand I pulled the skin on my hard cock back and looked at my brother.
“Could you sit back a little?” I softly asked him, and pressed on his cute tummy. He raised his bum a little and slid himself backwards. When he sat down his aim was perfect. His little hole rested perfectly on my exposed head. It felt warm and comforting. He wiggled a little, testing the feeling.
My cock throbbed in reply. His blue eyes got that irresistible twinkle when he looked at me.
“You are always so hard.” He added when he wiggled once more. The feeling of his hole rubbing on my cock made me moan before I realized it.
It took him by surprise. “Does it feel that good?” he asked me.
I nodded quickly.
I pressed my hands on his sides. “Could you move back and forward?” I asked him.
He tried it. At first he sat up a little, and then back down. After a while he started getting the hang of it. Slowly he rocked his hips back and forward, massaging my cock with his butt.
Every little motion shot electricity down my legs, it felt so good. His skin was soft and smooth, but his hole rubbed over my cock like a finger tickling me. I lost myself again. Every rub over my cock made me moan softly. He got more confident. He removed his hands from my chest, putting all his weight onto my cock.
His movements became fluid. He was making a belly dance on my cock using his hips. I could hear him breathe heavily and his eyes were closed.
“Does it feel good?” I softly asked him.
He shrugged, but I saw his little cock was rock hard, bouncing up and down to the movements of his hips. The muscled in his tummy and legs danced erotically.

I was lost in the moment. I lifted myself up a little. I gave him enough room to move his little hips and kissed his sweaty chest. I kissed his nipple and bit softly in it. He moaned and wrapped one arm around me while moving faster and faster over my cock. I was nearing an orgasm.
I kissed his cheek and then his thick lips.
“Is it ok if I cum?” I breathed into his mouth.

Before he could answer I heard a car pull up our driveway. Fuck.
I stopped my brother right away. “Mom and dad” I said.
His eyes got big in shock and I saw the hint of panic when we heard the car doors. In a flash we got dressed, before he put his underwear on I quickly wiped my pre-cum off his hole with my finger, making him moan softly once more.
He nearly dashed out to his room when he was dressed but I stopped him. I kissed him firmly on his lips. “I love you.” I whispered.
He grabbed my hand tightly. Hugged me, kissed me, told me he loved me as well and dashed out.

The rest of the week was pretty uneventful. My mom had taken the week off work so we didn’t dare to do anything. Except for a quicky where I jerked him to an orgasm in my room. He had just walked in when I was doing my homework. He was wearing shorts but he had his stiffy out.
It was actually way too risky to do stuff like that with my mom home, but well, seeing his cute hairless crotch and his pleading blue eyes I couldn’t resist and made quick work out of it.

He repaid the favour the next weekend.
That Sunday was the first warm day of the year. Although it wasn’t summer yet, if you stayed out the wind but in the sun it was lovely.
My mom took advantage of the weather and went ‘birdwatching’. My dad went along for the ride. I stayed home because I had to study and my little brother stayed home as well. He always made way to much noise to go along birdwatching with my mom.
So we were alone again, except I didn’t plan on any sex. I really did have to study for school.

However when the sun reached its peak he dashed into my room with all his energy and noise and wildly asked me to go sunbathing with him. It seemed like a really good idea, to study while laying in the sun. So I got some shorts on, grabbed a large towel and went outside.
He was already waiting for me. Naked.
He just stood there in the middle of our garden, widespread legs and arms crossed, showing off his crotch and completely exposed. We had a high fence so it was private enough. He skipped towards me and started tugging on my shorts straight away.
“Come on, come on lets go naked” he exclaimed.
Reluctantly I removed my shorts. My cock was already halfway up after seeing him run around nude. I tried my best to keep it down. Luckily he ignored my crotch and just hugged me before he laid his towel down. He had grabbed a normal small towel on which he hardly fitted.
I had my large beach-towel with me. He got jealous the moment I laid it down.
“Yours is bigger!” He said and pointed.
I laughed. “Yes” and showed off my crotch.

“No not that, well yes that’s bigger but I meant your towel!” he sputtered.
“Well it’s mine.” I told him and straightened my towel. Before I could lay down on it he jumped onto it and lay down on his belly. “Mine” he told me.
Calmy I sat down on my knees next to him. I wrapped one arm around his legs and the other around his chest. In a slow fluid motion I picked him up, turned around and placed him gently down on his small towel. “Mine” I gently told him and started to lay down.
I was nearly done when my brother flung himself on me, using all his weight he rolled me over onto the grass. Within seconds he was on my towel again, this time on his back and his arms and legs were widespread, making him as big as he could. With his laughing mischievous eyes he looked at me. “Mine!” he said once more.
I initiated my own battle plan. I crouched over him and grabbed both his arms, pinning them down above his head. Very slowly I lowered my face towards his, aiming for his lips.
I saw him getting quiet and he waited for my kiss. When I was an inch above his thick cute lips he took a deep breath.
Instead of going for his lips I quickly chanced direction and folded my lips around his small nose. I started lapping my tongue around his nose as fast as I could.
He started screaming right away, thrashing his legs and yelling.
“Unfair! Unfair!” he laughed.
I was relentless and kept lapping.
“Ok mercy! Mercy!” He yelled.
I slowly stopped and pulled away. He tried his best to look like a sad puppy, making his eyes as big as he could and pouted his lips. This time I did actually kiss him, softly and slowly I nibbled on his lips. And then rolled him off my towel.
“Mine” I said victorious. He took his loss and settled down on his own towel.

I started studying.
After an hour or so he had fallen into a nap next to me and I decided to take a break. I rolled over onto my back and took a nap of my own.
I awoke a short time later, feeling aroused. The sun was burning down on me, but I quickly realized that wasn’t the only reason I felt hot.
He had abandoned his towel and had lain his head on my chest. He was sideways, only his head rested on my body, the rest of him was slightly on his towel and the grass. He was facing my cock, I could feel his breathing glide along it and he was investigating my cock again. I felt his nimble hand pluck on various sides. Tickling my skin and squeezing my cock. I had no idea how long he had been doing that, but my cock was softly throbbing in arousal.
I wanted to close my eyes again and let him do whatever he wanted, but I was so horny now. His face was just an inch away from my cock.
I dared it. I still pretended to be asleep and took a deep breath, expanding my chest as much as I could, at the same time I retracted my belly.
It worked.
His head slid down just a tiny bit, but I felt his lips connect with my cock. I suppressed a small shiver.
I just waited.

Then I could feel it. Maddening slow I could feel the tip of his tongue touching the tip of my cock. He sought his way between my foreskin towards my head. God he went so slow.
Finally, in a small explosion of electricity his wet tongue touched my head. Only his tip. I moaned softly. He knew I was awake now. Quickly he retracted his tongue. I could hear him test the taste and swallow softly.
Nearly inaudible he whispered. “Salty” and made a tiny giggle.
I felt his lips more daring now, I could feel him taking a soft grip on my cock and his tongue went back to me. This time he was less afraid. He made a shivering circle around my cockhead with his tongue and tasted my cock again. It felt incredible. As in a dream he moved slowly. Making small circles around my head and retracting his tongue again. He got more daring and daring.
After a while he took a firm grip on my cock, slid the skin back and started licking my exposed head.
Short laps at first, but encouraged by my soft moans he started licking it more firmly. Wrapping his small wet tongue around my head and tasting it again.
Once he was convinced it didn’t taste bad the repositioned himself. It really was like a dream.
Without me telling him, or without him asking he got up and sat down on his knees between my legs.
He grabbed my cock and lifted it up towards him. Carefully he slid my skin back again and with one finger placed his long hair behind his ear. He smiled shortly at me and then dove down.
Opening his mouth wide he took my cock in his mouth. The moment he closed his mouth and caught my exposed head in his warm wet mouth I lost control for one second. Involuntary my hips rocked up, pressing my cock deep in him. He was shocked and quickly released my cock.
“Not to deep.” He said softly.
I quickly nodded. “Sorry.”
He giggled and started over.
Once more he wrapped his thick lips around my cock. He kept my skin down and his tongue ran over my head. My hands had a deathgrip on my towel in an effort to keep my own body in control.

It wasn’t the best blowjob I had ever had, but the most erotic. He didn’t make solid movements with his tongue, but more investigating ones like the first time he jerked me. He poked and licked every inch of my head. Sometimes he lapped around my cock, sometimes I felt his tongue just make small circle motions at the base.
I had to bite on my lip hard to prevent my moans.
After a while he stopped, complaining his jaw hurt. I was still in a dreamlike haze, my hips were making tiny rocking motions, begging for his mouth again.
He responded by jerking me softly. I leaked pre-cum.
The moment he saw that he bent over again. Carefully he pressed his tongue against my tip and took a bit of it. I saw him swallow. Then he shrugged and closed his mouth around my cock again.
With a soft nudge on his hand I motion him to jerk and suck at the same time.
He tried it.
The first couple of times he was either moving his hand, or his head. It took him a while to sync the motion but after a while he got the hang of hit. I completely lost it.
I replaced my lip with my hand, muffling my moans and gasps.
He giggled loudly, hearing me fighting for control while he was eagerly licking on my head.

I felt my orgasm nearing. It felt so intense, my balls almost hurt. I wanted to warn him but I made the mistake of looking down. I saw him. I saw his cute face wrapped around my cock. His soft hands had a tight grip on my cock, pulling it in the same motion of his mouth. His thick lips were gliding up and over the edge of my cockhead. They were wet with my pre-cum and his freckled face was sweaty and red. Behind that young boys face was his slender erotic body. His thighs were shining in the bright sun and between them his hard cock rocked softly. The sight was too much to bear.
I came.
I covered my mouth with my arm muffling my moans. I felt my cock just explode. I heard him make a muffled gasp when my cum sprayed deep in his throat. I could see nothing but red and my world existed only of my intense orgasm. It was the longest I had ever had.
I couldn’t see or hear. All I could think of was keeping my mouth covered.
From a distant I could feel him pressing on my belly, keeping my hips down so he could finish my orgasm with his hand.
When I could finally see again I looked into the face of a shocked boy. There was cum on his lips and cheek.
Still heavily breathing I said “sorry.”
He suddenly smiled, swallowed, winced and smiled again. He opened his mouth to speak, but drops of cum on his upper lip leaked into his mouth right away. He winced again and swallowed.
Before he could try again I lifted myself up and kissed him. I tenderly kissed my own cum off his lips, I caressed his cheek and cleared his freckles from my sperm.
When I was done I showed him I swallowed as well. He smiled.
“It didn’t taste that good.” He told me. I shrugged and kissed him once more.
“Thank you.” I whispered. “I never felt so good”
He looked proud and swallowed loudly. “That was fun” he breathed.
I fell back exhausted from my orgasm. He just looked at me for a few seconds, then his proud smile chanced into that mischievous one of him. He crawled towards and over my face until his slender thighs were on each side of my head. His stiffy was inches from my mouth. Before I could react I heard him say “Your turn” and he lowered his hips into my face, pressing his hard cock onto my lips.
I happily opened my mouth and took his hard throbbing cock with pleasure.

At first I was moving my head up and down, licking every inch of his cute cock. But he got more and more confident. I felt him moving his hips, pressing his cock deep in my mouth and retracting again.
After a while I just rested my head on the grass, he stretched himself, using all his weight to press his crotch onto my lips. He started fucking my mouth. First erratic, but quickly he got into a steady rhythm. His high pitched moans matched the speed of his hips. Over and over I felt his little head rasp against the roof of my mouth, bringing him pleasure.
I moved my hand towards his face and pressed one finger between his thick lips into his mouth. He sucked on it for a while. Once it was dripping with his spit I moved it towards his pounding butt. I quickly found his hole. Using his own spit I started massaging that small cute opening of him.

Within a minute after I touched his hole I heard him gasp for air.”I-I’m gonna.”
He didn’t finished his sentence. Moaning loudly he came in my mouth. He pressed his entire body into my mouth in spasms. He was pounding his cock on my mouth, his cute balls slapped onto my chin every time he moved down. His orgasm lasted long. Even longer than mine.
Over and over I felt his rock throb violently and heard him moan loud. Pressing his cock deep in my mouth until his tummy slammed on my nose, only to do it again and again.
Even when his cock had gone soft and I was only sucking on a small warm bit of cock he was still making shocking movements and breathing heavily.
When he finally retracted his hips I quickly kissed his sweaty tummy. Then his belly button.
I trailed his entire chest with my lips while he slowly clambered down until our faces met.
We kissed each other over and over again. Capturing each other’s lips.

He collapsed next to me, drained of all energy. I extended my arm, offering it as a pillow. He happily took it. We lay on our sides, towards each other. With my other arm I trailed his entire side, caressing his shoulder and moving down until I touched his beautiful thigh. And back up again.
He wasn’t moving but had my cock clasped between his hands, he was holding it as if it was my hand.
Not pleasuring it, just holding it.
We were staring in each other’s eyes. Not saying a word. It wasn’t needed.
We were both so grateful that we had each other.

We lay like this as long as we dared. Only when the sun lost it’s strength we went inside and showered together before my parents would return.


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