Part 3 of the story
A Prison Story Part 3 – The New Bitch’s Lessons
James rested against the bully stud’s big muscular ass, his 145 pound frame seemed so much smaller then the much larger convict. He snickered as he thought of what he had just done.
“How’s it feel, bitch? How’s it feel to have your ass filled with my cum and piss?” James taunted.
Brian wasn’t having a good day at all, he had only intended to make the cute new kid give up some butt, but instead he had got his ass kicked and then fucked. The kid had beaten him down then raped him. And to make matters even more humiliating, he had nutted as the kid was dicking his ass.
“First,” James growled. “I’m gonna pull my cock out of your new pussy. You’re gonna close that fuck hole up good and tight. You’re not gonna let any of my piss leak out. Every drop that leaks out, you’re gonna be licking up. Then you’re gonna stay on your hands and knees and lick up that cum you shot all over my floor, bitch. You shot a big load on my floor, you must have really enjoyed getting that ass fucked. Now, lick it up, muscle faggot. Lick it all up.”
Brian felt even more embarrassed. He knew nothing of male anatomy. He couldn’t understand why his dick had gotten stiff, he sure as fuck didn’t know how he had climaxed from having that huge teenaged cock fucking his ass. It had hurt, it had humiliated him. He was cowered down and did as he was told. He felt sick at his stomach as he licked his own sperm up from the dirty cell floor, he gagged and choked down his own ball cream.
“Good faggot!” James smirked. “That’s a good queer.” He laughed at the muscular bully. “Once you lick up that mess you made, we’re gonna head down to your cell and see all that commissary you offered me earlier. Maybe then, I’ll let you squat on the toilet like a bitch and empty out that faggot pussy.” James put on a pair of boxers. “Okay, bitch, let’s go to your cell.” When Brian reached for his boxers, James yelled. “Put those down! You’re walking naked bitch.”
“Don’t make me do that,” the muscular convict pleaded. “Please, I don’t want anyone to know.”
James snickered. “Are you ashamed, faggot? Too bad, bitch. You thought you were gonna rape and humiliate me because I’m smaller and younger, but I turned the tables on you. Now you are nothing but a big queer muscle bound bitch. Get over it, faggot. Everyone is gonna know about that pussy you are packing before long.”
James shoved the larger man out of the cell and followed Brian down the runway. Brian’s face was crimson, several convicts were on the run and looked at him with curious gazes.
James slapped the man on the butt playfully. “Shake that money maker, punk. Don’t be ashamed, shake that hot pussy!”
There was laughter and snickers as Brian hurried to his cell. Once inside, James eyed the lockers full of commissary and began digging around looking at the convict’s stash.
“Okay, bitch, squat on that toilet and empty out that pussy.” James commanded. He laughed as the bully sat down. “Let my piss out of your ass. Piss out of that butt like it was a real cunt.” Humiliating the bully stud was fun, James continued, “Yeah, I can hear that new cunt of yours pissing. First I filled it up with my dick, then with my cum, but then I made it worse. I pissed in your ass, dude. You’re a total punk faggot.”
Brian’s ass was burning as he let out the mixture of the kid’s cum and piss, but his face burnt worse from the shame and embarrassment of it all.
James handed Brian a partially empty bottle of shampoo. “This is gonna be your douche bottle, faggot. You’re gonna douche that new pussy. You’re gonna keep that fuck hole clean. Fill that bottle up with warm water, then shove the neck of that bottle in your ass. Fill that fuck chute up with water, bitch. Clean that cunt out.”
Brian once again obeyed the younger man. He cringed as he douched his ass out. Over and over, he filled his bowels with water and expelled it as the kid snickered and smirked.
“Okay, your pussy should be clean now, faggot. Stand up and bend over. I wanna check that asshole out.” James spread Brian’s butt cheeks apart and looked at the man’s sphincter. It was a little irritated from the fucking but none worse for the wear. “It’s still a pretty little cunt, faggot. I barely stretched it at all. But there are a few hairs around it that need shaved off. “Reach back and keep your ass spread so I can give your new pussy a nice shaving, punk.”
James snickered as he shaved the hair in Brian’s crack. He knew it was even more humiliation for the convict to bear. “Now turn around, bitch,” James announced when the ass crack was smooth and well shaved. He ran the razor over Brian’s pubic bush cutting a big hunk of it away. “Now you can finish, shave that little dick and those little balls. Shave your pits and legs too, faggot. I want you smooth, I want you all nice and smooth with a freshly douched out cunt.”
James chuckled as he watched the convict shaving. “Yeah, I’m getting hard again. Turning you into a bitch has e all hard again. I’m gonna give you some more of my big dick. Hurry up and get that hair shaved off, faggot. I’m gonna screw your ass again. I’m gonna give you some more of my thick teenaged cock.”
Brian shaved, he found it so humiliating. The kid laughed at him. He shaved his pits, his cock bush, and his ball bag. He shaved his muscular legs.
James checked the stud bitch’s body for missed hairs. “You did a fine job, punk. Now you get a reward for doing such a great job. Bend over the toilet and I’ll give your new cunt another good workout.”
Brian did as he was told, he dreaded feeling that big cock forcing its way inside his ass. He groaned as he felt the thick dick head pop thru his ass ring. He groaned some more as the cock was shoved almost completely inside his ass with one hard push. As soon as the kid began fucking, Brian’s 5 incher again went to total hard. It bobbed up and down as the kid humped his ass violently.
James had plunged right inside the convict’s fuck chute. The sphincter had resisted a little but he shoved right thru that little shaved fuck ring. Once his cock head had made it inside, he shoved almost every inch of his big fuck rod inside the man. He snickered as the bully groaned. He held onto the convict’s waist and fucked hard. He hadn’t used any lube and the bully’s fuck hole was dry and clean from the douching. As he rammed the tight fuck tunnel, his big cock leaked precum inside the muscular dude’s ass. As his precum lubed up the bully bitch, he fucked harder and faster. He ran his hands up the man’s torso enjoying the feel of the defined muscles. His fingers found those big manly pecs and he tweaked the nubbins as he fucked. His hands roamed and groped the beefy pecs, he worked his way down and felt of the firm abs. He laughed as the bobbing boner struck one of his hands.
“You’re hard again, faggot. Every time I fuck you, your little clit sized dick gets hard. Don’t worry, bitch. I’ll give you another deep screwing and make your tiny little nuts pump again!” James grabbed the muscular convict hips and held onto them tight as he pumped his thick teen monster deep inside the groaning stud’s ass.
Brian gasped and groaned as the younger man’s 10 incher flew in and out of his ass. His dick remained as hard as steel and bobbed up and down as the kid’s body slammed into his. His balls were drawing up again, he felt sick as he realized that he was going to cum again. His cum blasted out, his sphincter contracted. His balls were in overdrive, pumping up more wads of creamy cum.
James snickered, “You love this, faggot. You’re cumming again! You perverted little dicked homo!” He fucked the man harder, laughing as the groaning convict took the fucking. When he was sure the bully had finished cumming, he pulled his prick completely out of the stud’s fuck hole. He gave the ass ring a couple of seconds to completely close and then rammed all thick 10 inches back thru it. Over and over again, he pulled out, he allowed the sphincter to close and then took the deep plunge.
Brian groaned and pleaded, he held onto the toilet tightly, he begged the kid to slow down. His butt hole ached, “Please go easy. Please, it hurts!”
James snickered and kept the brutal fucking up. “I’m reaming your new cunt out bitch! I’m teaching you a lesson. You tried to bully the wrong dude, you worthless little dicked fag bitch!”
Brian stuttered as he begged for some mercy. He gasped for air as the huge fuck weapon tore into his ass. Then suddenly he went totally quiet as once again his cock erected. Even as the kid fucked him senseless, his dick betrayed him a third time. The masculine bully was totally boned! His 5 incher throbbed and bobbed, his balls were making another load.
James’s hands were still roaming the firm masculine frame, he laughed as he discovered the bully’s latest erection. “You can’t get enough dick, can you punk? The harder I fuck you, the more you want it. Only a real cock loving faggot comes when their ass is getting slammed fucked. You are a fag, dude! It’s a good thing you are a freaking homo because your little cock could never please a woman. But now you know your place. You’re a jail house bitch, a place for men to dump a load.”
Brian groaned as the kid’s cock continued battering his ass. The dick rammed deep up his butt, then the kid pulled it out. Then back in, as deep as it could go. The thick pole struck his ass walls, it rammed and butted into his guts. He moaned and slobber leaked from his open mouth as he took the brutal fucking. Even as the kid pounded it to his ass, he could tell he was about to shoot another load!
James was dicking the bully as violently as he could. He used his 10 inch thick fuck rod as tool to punish the larger man. He rammed it in, his hips rotated so that he could cause the convict as much misery as possible.
He laughed wildly as the bully’s fuck ring started twitching again. “You’re cumming again, faggot! Damn, bitch!” A few more wild thrusts and James found his own nuts drawing up and firing! His cum pumped out in large wads, he fired deep into the convict’s guts, fresh hot teen cream jetted out and began filling the bully’s sore ass.
With a snicker, James yanked his dick from the battered ass. “Douche again, faggot whore. I’m gonna see if I can round up a few dudes to pull a train on your new pussy!”
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