Sucking the Plumber, Nats Birthday
Nat’s Birthday

We went to a club we had been to before in the centre of the city for Natalie’s (my wife) birthday, I was to meet her there after a sales meeting. I had not told Nat that I had also invited Joe and his wife also, she thought it was just the two of us. The club has a restaurant where the food is probably some of the best in town.
I was a ½ an hour late getting there as the meeting over ran. I sent a text message to her to say I would be late, she texted back saying it was OK as she was talking to some people and get there as soon as I could.
When I got there Nat was at the bar talking to a girl about 19 years old. They were laughing and joking. I kissed Nat and shook hands with the girl. Nat introduced me to Abigail, Joes wife. Nat told me that she had recognised Joe as soon as she walked in and found out that I had invited them. Abi was a very beautiful girl with a fantastic figure and blonde hair down to her bum.
Joe had been to the toilet and joined us. He was so happy for them to be invited to Nat’s birthday meal.
After we had had a couple of drinks we were lead to our table to eat. The food was great and during the meal we danced between courses. Nat and I talked while dancing and she told me that Abi was very easy to talk to.
Between the main and sweet course I invited Abi to dance, Joe invited Nat.
Abi was a great dancer, she told me she was a trainer at the local gym and thought my wife was a terrific person.
During the coffee and brandy the girls decided it would be fun to go to Abi’s and Joe’s house to finish the evening. Joe and I thought it was a good idea so off we went.
Joe and Abi had a fantastic house on the outskirts of town that had been bought by her parents as a wedding present, It had 4 bedrooms, a swimming pool and in the cellar was a huge games room with a pool table, gym equipment, a built in bar and a large wood fire.
Abi made some cocktails and then invited Nat to a tour of the house. Joe and I were more interested in a game of pool, he said he would show me the house later. After 4 games we were 2 games each. The girls returned dressed in beautiful dresses, they told us they had been trying on Abi’s collection of clothes upstairs. Abi had a long white dress that was semi see through, when she was against the light I could see her body as if see was naked. Nat had on a pink robe that was similarly see through. Jazz music was playing on the stereo, The girls dance together and Joe said “don’t they look good“. I had to agree, they were two beauties to behold. Two semi naked bodies swaying to the music. Joe cut in and danced with Nat and I danced with Abi. While we were dancing Abi held me so close that my cock was rubbing against her body and she smelt so good that my cock started to get hard. I saw that Joe and Nat were also dancing close together. Abi whispered in my ear that I could fuck her. I was surprised, then she told me that while she and Nat were upstairs they had decided to fuck each others husbands and that we must stay the night. I told her that I would really love to fuck her and if it was OK with Nat it was OK with me. The music was good , the company was great and the drinks had loosened us our inhibitions. My hands wandered around Abi’s gorgeous body, she held my hands and moved them to her breasts, they were firm and naturally large. I said she had a beautiful body and I would like to suck her nipples there and then. Abi slowly slid off her dress and was now naked in front of me. I moved my lips kissing her neck, shoulders, arriving at her breasts. Abi’s nipples were hard and like small cherries. As I was feasting on her nips she removed my clothes. I looked over to Nat and Joe and they were doing the same, Nat was naked and was removing Joe’s clothes. When he was naked, Nat got on her knees and took his long cock in her mouth. Abi did the same to me and sucked my cock, I am not as long as Joe but I am thicker, Abi used her tongue like a pro under my length then wrapping her lips around my head sucking hard. I was in heaven, this beautiful young girl sucking my cock while I was watching Nat and Joe on the floor, they were fucking already, Nat was moaning and telling him to fuck her harder. This was so sexy and I pushed my cock into Abi’s mouth to the back of her mouth I pushed harder she allowed my cock head to enter her throat till her nose was were my pubes would have been, (I had shaved them off earlier in the day)
Abi took my cock from her mouth and pulled me by my cock over to the rug in front of the fire, we lay down and she told me she wanted me to fuck her right now. I lay beside her putting my hand on a tit massaging it, the other down her stomach to her crutch, I palmed her mons, she was also sans hair and I felt like I was feeling a pre teen she was so soft, one finger entered her cunt, it was small a small hole but very wet, my finger just naturally slid into her, I eased another finger into her searching for her G spot. Abi took hold of my cock in her small hands pulling it to full length, she whispered to me she wanted my cock inside her. I got on top of her, she guide my hard cock to her slit and rubbed it up and down her cunt lips wetting my head in preparation for her warm cunt. First I put the head into her slowly, enjoying her very tight cunt stretching to take my thick cock . Abi put her hands around my backside and pulled me into her till I felt her cervix stopping me go any further. I pulled my cock out till just the head was in her, I adjusted the angle of attack and pushed my cock into her again. She pushed her crutch up to me so I was able to get my cock deep into her cunt, it felt like a asshole I was fucking it was so tight. I closed my eyes enjoying fucking Abi‘s slippery hole, she dug her nails into my bum pulling me into her, moaning and breathing heavily.
Time passed and I had forgotten about the other two till I felt a pair of hands on my ass. I looked round and it was Nat massaging my bum cheeks. She asked if we were enjoying our selves? I told her that Abi’ was being a wonderful host. She told me that Joe had also been a great host and his cock was the longest thing she had had in her pussy, He had fucked her so hard she had already had 3 orgasms and filled her pussy to overflowing with his cum.
Joe was beside us. Nat took his cock in her hand and offered it to my mouth I opened my mouth and took the head between my lips, it tasted sweet and salty, I sucked his cock to clean a mixture of their cum from it. Nat sat on Abi’s face, Abi licked at Nat’s pussy I could see cum dripping down into her mouth. I fingered Nat’s cunt deep then stuck my fingers into Abi’s mouth, she sucked at them to clean the juices from them. Nat told us that she wanted to see Joe fuck my ass while I was fucking his wife.
Joe went behind me, Nat pulled my ass cheeks apart and Joe pushed his cock between my cheeks and put his cock at my asshole, he slowly entered my hole his cock head forcing its way inside. I gasped as he pushed more of his long cock inside, I carried on fucking Abi, as I moved my cock in and out of Abi more of Joe’s cock forced its way up my passage till he was all the way in. Nat had put her dildos in me, but Joe’s cock was longer than anything that she owned. It was a mixture of pleasure and pain.
Joe’s cock up my back passage hitting my prostate made my balls ready to erupt. Joe grunted and pushed hard into me and I felt him spurt cum into my ass. This was the trigger for me cum into Abi.
Nat got between Abi’s legs and sucked on her cunt, eating my cum from her while Joe sucked my cock cleaning my and Abi’s cum from it.
We migrated to separate bedrooms in their house and I fucked Nat before we went to sleep.
What I didn’t know was that Joe had videoed the evening and gave us a copy.

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2017-01-16 10:48:31
This is the second story! The first one was where Joe came to the couples house to repair their plumbing! The wife, Nat was not home and he saw Joe and got so horny he asked Joe if he could suck his cock! The first one was called The Plumber!

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2016-11-08 11:25:53
I do this with my daddy and brother all the time! It's normal SC me mcumming2mch

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2016-11-01 18:09:51
something I have always wanted to do is have a cock fuck me after its fucked my wife then have her suck his cock clean as I suck the cum out of her cunt and swap it into his mouth.

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2016-10-09 03:27:53
If it's a true story I want to see the video ;)

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2014-10-23 10:32:10
I cant see why you think this is so special i am 27 and been married for six years but ive lost count of how many cocks ive sucked and been fucked by after they've been up my darling wifes cunt she loves it and i love it so whats the problem ? Be honest with yourself for once in your life the only reason you ain't tried it is in case you end up loving it and the feeling is so unique and horny you end up craving it.

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