Submissive Paul was enslaved by his wife and turned into something she’s always wanted—a she-male girlfriend named Paula. Liz’s friends try to copy her by enslaving their husbands, but with what result?

We had been invited to a party—a ceremony of some kind. Paula had hung up our coats and returned to me, her leash dangling from her sensual mouth. I had just led her to the living room by her leash when it began. We stood and watched as MJ and Beth locked their husbands’ genitals into the stainless steel cages, effectively enslaving them. They were plenty pissed at their husbands’ terrible drunken behavior and selfish performance in bed, but, truthfully, I thought this was a bit extreme. Paula understandably watched the ceremony, but as a psychologist I was more interested in everyone’s reactions. I was looking in the other direction. I saw a lot of anxiety in the men who were clearly appalled by the event and plenty of smirks on the gleeful faces of the women. However, the expressions of Katy and Roger were entirely different. Katy seemed extremely self-satisfied as though she’d just climbed Everest or outwrestled a gorilla; Roger appeared glum, even depressed. I pulled Paula’s leash in their direction.

“Why the sad face, Roger? It is a party, isn’t it? Aren’t we supposed to be having fun?”

“Oh, hi, Miss Liz…Miss Paula. Yeah…a party…whoopee!”

“Miss Liz? Miss Paula? How very polite.”

“Yes, Miss Liz, I’ve been instructed that I have to be extremely polite, especially to the ladies.”

“Why do I have the feeling that something extremely traumatic has happened to you…something hard and unforgiving around your genitals, maybe?”

“Yeah, Miss Liz…no ceremony…but Katy locked me up more than a week ago. She got the idea from Paula’s coming out party. I didn’t really have any choice or I would have told her to…well, you know.”

“You weren’t cheating on her, I hope.”

“Oh, no, Miss Liz…she caught me masturbating to some online porn.”

“Tell her how many times.” It was Katy speaking from behind him.

“I don’t know. You think I keep track of stuff like that?”

“Well, I have! Twenty seven times I’ve caught him! Twenty-seven…and that’s just in the past two months! God only knows how many times he did it when I didn’t catch him. My orgasms have suffered just like MJ and Beth, maybe even worse. That had to change!”

“So, Roger,” I continued, “how many orgasms have you given your lovely wife since she locked you up?”

“Three a day—minimum—my tongue is aching, and what have I gotten back—nothing. She hasn’t even thought of unlocking this damned thing.”

“Explain why I haven’t, Roger,” Katy demanded.

“She tries ordering me around, like she’s my boss for crying out loud.”

I couldn’t help but smile, “Paula, dear, please explain to Roger what the problem is.”

“Yes, Mistress…Roger your problem is simple… she IS your boss and you don’t want to recognize or accept it. She is your Mistress…your owner…and the faster you realize it the better. Mistress Katy has complete control of your penis, your orgasms, your entire sexuality. In other words--she has complete and total control of you, just as my Mistress has complete and total control of me. When she tells me to do something I do it as quickly as I possibly can whether I like it or not. If I want a reward like an orgasm I have to earn it. When you do that I’m sure that Mistress Katy will take care of you, too. After all, she did this because she loves you. It’s a lot of work and responsibility.”

“Thank you, Paula,” Katy replied, “Roger is definitely a slow learner, but he’ll come around if he ever wants to cum again.” Katy leaned up and kissed Roger’s cheek. “I do love you, you know.”

Roger hung his head, “I know and I know I let you down, too. It’s just such a change. It’s hard…not my cock, obviously…it’s the whole idea of doing without…being under someone else’s thumb like this. There must have been something else you could have done.”

Paula stroked his cheek, “Some of us love being under control. I know I do. I have only one thing to worry about—making my Mistress happy. My life is dedicated to her…to you, Mistress.” Paula fell to her knees and kissed my feet.

I ran my fingers through her lustrous hair. “You do an excellent job of it my darling slave.” I turned to see MJ and Beth release their husbands. They immediately re-cuffed their hands behind their backs and pointed to the floor. The men, still naked, dropped and their heads disappeared beneath their wives’ skirts. When Paula saw that she looked at me for permission. She attacked my pussy once I had nodded.

“That, Roger is dedication to one’s Mistress. You’d do well to follow her example.” I leaned back against the wall while Paula licked and sucked my puffy cunt lips, swallowing my nectar. My cunt began to pulse as it engorged with blood. My labia swelled; my clit became hard and extremely sensitive. When Paula nibbled on my button she drove me to an absolutely wonderful orgasm. I swooned as my knees buckled for a few seconds before I was able to regain my balance. I pulled her up for a deep kiss, tasting my pussy as my tongue invaded her mouth. I hugged her close and whispered, “I hope you don’t mind waiting. I’ll take very good care of you when we return home. I kissed her again and released her for an evening’s fun. I folded her leash in my purse.

Paula went to the bar, but only for a Diet Coke. I did not allow her to drink. Since she had become my slave Paula had lost almost twenty pounds. We now weighed exactly the same amount--123 pounds. Not only was it healthier for Paula, it made her look drop dead gorgeous. Plus, I loved women with tight flat abdomens and nice round butts. That was Paula to a “T.”

I was about to allow Paula to resume her golf. I knew she loved it so I was determined to learn now that I had finally quit my job with the CIA. I had already bought clubs, shoes, and a bag and I insisted that Paula also buy a new bag, too. Hers was pink; mine was purple. On Monday I’d have my first formal lesson and Paula had promised to take me to the range--whatever that was--tomorrow to get me started. I saw her talking to her former golf partners. She told me later that they asked how she could even swing the club with those gorgeous breasts. Paula had answered politely that she was looking forward to the challenge and listened as they asked their next question—how was it really to be locked up in a chastity cage?

“It can be tough…no question about it. My Mistress and I had plenty of sex on weekends, but my schedule made it tough during the week. I jerked off a lot in my office to make up for it. Let’s face it—everybody wants to cum-- men and women both. There are times when it’s not too comfortable, especially in the beginning when you’re not used to it, but it’s the psychological part that’s the hardest. Denial of your orgasms is difficult, but the hardest part in my opinion is adapting to being controlled—owned. Once you adjust to that the rest is simple. I’m sure there are some cruel mistresses who would torture or deny their slaves forever, but I doubt that applies to any of your wives. Most women want to be appreciated and loved, even served, but… is that so difficult? They’ll be glad to take care of you if you just take care of them. Do you have reason to be concerned?”

“Hell, yeah…they been talking back and forth ever since your party. You are really beautiful, by the way. Anyway, they want control. They want us to give them orgasms all the time.”

“So, why don’t you? I give my Mistress as many as she wants and I’d give her more if she’d let me. I just gave her one when Robin and Mark were released. She promised to take good care of me when we get home. If you take care of them you’ll be OK.”

“Yeah, maybe, but I don’t go down on her. It’s unmanly.”

“Yeah, that’s how I feel, too.”

“Gentlemen, you have a lot to learn. I’ll bet you all loved it when I sucked on you, didn’t you? And I’ll bet you expect your wives to do it, too.”

“Yeah, but that’s different.”

“Do you guys ever listen to yourselves? No wonder your wives are thinking about taking complete control of you. You expect your wives to suck on your cocks, but you won’t reciprocate. You probably expect them to swallow your cum, too, but you give them nothing in return. You are just asking for it. When my Mistress was training me she sometimes made me do without. It helped me focus on what was important—taking the very best possible care of her. It helped me to lose my selfishness. You guys are just like I was. You only think about your own needs. If I were you I’d start taking care of them now—right now. I see two naked guys over there servicing their women and I’ve already taken care of my Mistress so I doubt anybody will complain if you take care of yours.”

“You mean…eat their pussies here…now?”

“Why not? I see MJ and Beth getting theirs…second time for them and if it’ll help you I’ll go back to my Mistress and beg for the opportunity to lick her again. That’s almost half of the party so you’ll fit right in and I think Katy will get Roger to do it. Just make sure they sit down first; they’ll probably faint when you start.” Paula kissed each of them on the cheek and returned to me.

“Well, slave, that looked like quite a conversation.”

“It was, Mistress. They are worried about being locked up and they deserve that and more. They expect their wives to perform for them and they give them nothing back. I tried to convince them to eat their wives’ pussies now and I told them I’d beg you to do yours again.”

“Well, are you going to beg?”

“I’m doing it now, Mistress. You know how I love to serve you.” Paula fell to her knees, “Please…may I? I don’t want you to be left out.” I laughed, nodded, and spread my legs. I’d be damned if I was going to be the only woman here missing out. All around the room the wives were sitting back, their legs apart with their husbands eating them to one orgasm after another. This was becoming quite a party.


The party broke up around 12:30. I didn’t see any of the women receive fewer than three orgasms—all in all a successful night for female domination. I wanted to figure out how many couples were involved, but first I had a promise to keep. Paula had been such a good girl all evening, convincing the “free” husbands to service their wives and taking care of me four times—FOUR TIMES! Poor Paula almost had to carry me to the car. Now that she was a slave she was restricted to being a passenger. If I was going to run our relationship I was going to do the driving, too. On wobbly legs I led Paula to the bedroom. I turned to her and kissed her passionately. My tongue found hers; my hand found her sensitive nipple. I twisted and pulled it between my finger and thumb, causing Paula to groan in ecstasy.

I dropped the leash to the floor and removed her collar, holding the kiss the entire time. I could feel her hands on my body. I had, with considerable difficulty, encouraged her to have freedom to engage my body during sex. There were times when I wanted to be led and fucked hard. This was one of those times. Paula unbuttoned my blouse and slid it from my shoulders. She unhooked my bra, much more adeptly now that she had to do her own every day. Her fingers found the button for my skirt. I lifted my feet, allowing her to remove it to the chair. My garter belt, stockings, and sodden panties soon followed.

Normally, I would have Paula undress herself, but tonight she merited special attention. She began to complain when I undressed her, but a stern look and a finger to her lips brought her to immediate compliance.

In seconds we were naked, standing almost nipple to nipple. I removed the wrench from my neck and opened her cage. I dropped the pieces onto the carpet as I whispered into her ear, “I don’t think we’ll need that for a while. You won’t disappoint me, will you?”

“Never, Mistress, but I love your control over me. It makes me feel loved and protected.”

“Don’t worry about either—I will always love you and I will protect you all my life.”

“Thank you, Mistress. I love you so much.” Paula took my head in her hands and led me into another sensational kiss. Her fingers found my dripping cunt. At the same time my fingers found her growing cock and swollen ball sac. I fell back onto the bed pulling Paula on top of me. I rubbed her cock into my slit as my mouth found her firm swollen nipple. I suckled as she pushed into me, her large firm breasts rubbing into mine. It was one of my favorite parts of fucking.

Paula began a slow rhythm that I matched thrust for thrust. I wrapped my legs around her waist, forcing her deep within me. I knew I was getting to her when her pace increased rapidly. I also knew she would not cum without my permission and after cumming so many times tonight I doubted I’d do it again, at least not easily. I leaned up, licked her ear lobe and whispered, ”You have my permission my sweet girl. Cum for your Mistress. Cum now!” Paula arched her back and drove her cock into me forcefully. She opened her mouth for a silent scream as her first rope of cum found its way into my womb. Again and again her cum was sprayed into my cunt until she collapsed on me completely exhausted. I stroked her head and kissed her. “Roll over and you can clean me.” She moved onto her back and I straddled her mouth. Paula used her tongue to lick my thighs and labia before she sucked her cum from my tunnel. She finished up by tonguing me and scooping out every last trace of semen. Then I surprised her by turning around and taking her organ into my mouth. I sucked and licked it clean. Paula looked at me incredulously. “It’s my cock, Paula. I’ll do what I want with it. Right now I want to clean it and I want it exposed all night in case I want to play with it again. Understand? No cage for you tonight.”

“Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress.” Paula pulled up the blanket and snuggled up next to me for the night. Meanwhile, my mind was reeling. I was thinking seriously about our circle of friends. Let’s see now—Paula was locked up, but she hardly counted. She was more woman than man. MJ’s husband Robin and Beth’s husband Mark—of course Katy’s husband Roger—made four of the eight couples under the control of the women. I had a feeling that we’d see more in the future, but I was surprised at how quickly it occurred.

Beth called three weeks later to invite us to another party. She promised it would be really special.


Beth had explained all about the party, asking for my and Paula’s cooperation. Normally I would just command Paula, but this time I felt I should discuss the matter with her. I called her to her place. She sat between my legs, looking up to me in adoration and anticipation. “Beth called me about another party…a really special one. All the men will be asked to submit to their wives.”

“All the men, Mistress?” Paula asked incredulously.

“Yes, my darling girl…every single one of them. Apparently they have all been locked into cock cages. Beth asked if you would go first…repeat what we said when you first submitted to me. She said she wanted all the men to be told to strip, kneel and submit. Then they will be told to lick their wives’ pussies, jerk off on their knees into a bowl and lick up their cum. I told you that I would not embarrass or humiliate you unless you forced me and I’ve only had to do that once so I will not force you.”

“Mistress…if I do not…then you will be embarrassed. I would never want that. I will do it gladly for you.”

“You will have to wear your cock cage again. You haven’t worn it for the past three weeks, but I will remove it once you have pledged yourself to me again.” I held her head and kissed her. I had known all along that she would do whatever I asked. I knew the idea was to humiliate the men, but I had no intention of humiliating Paula for no good reason. I had a few surprises in mind for Paula and for the other women, too.

I had Paula bathe me the night of the party, but this time I pulled her into the tub with me. Paula was so submissive and subservient to me I could afford to take a few liberties from time to time. I had a big tub—a six foot whirlpool so there was more than enough room when she sat in front of me. I used the soap to cleanse her face, neck, and breasts then I rinsed them clean. I washed her penis and ball sac then had her kneel so I could wash her ass. Playfully, I pushed several fingers into her butt, causing her to squirm. I would have rubbed her prostate except for the fact that I would want her to perform later at the party.

I told Paula that all the slaves would be naked throughout the party and she agreed that she should be naked, also. Therefore, I had her wear only the simplest of outfits—low heels with no stockings, no panties or bra and only the skimpiest sundress I had ever seen with her tits practically hanging out. Paula was a Grade A slut and now she was dressed like one. I added her pink collar and leash and she was done. I wore a low cut blouse—teal—and skin-tight black Capri’s. They were so tight that I never wore underwear with them. Their outline would be seen clearly through the taut material. I added some lightweight sandals with heels. I allowed the silver chain with the wrench to Paula’s cage to hang outside my blouse, serving as a decorative pendant.

We left our house at 7:55; it was less than fifteen minutes to Beth’s house on the opposite side of town. I parked the Mercedes. The title had been transferred to me as had all of Paul’s assets. So far I had done a much better job of managing the investments than he had. Our investments were up more than twelve percent over the past year. I led Paula in by her leash. Beth answered the door and ushered us in to the living room. I was surprised to see that everyone was already there and that all the men were collared and leashed. I assumed that they had not heeded Paula’s advice. Beth asked if we were ready before she began the festivities.

She stepped to the center of the room, “Well, ladies we all know why we are here—to formalize our new relationships with our spouses. I have asked Liz to go first with her slave, Paula. Liz?”

I led Paula to the center of the room and whispered to her as I unlocked her cage, “Don’t worry, you are not going to be embarrassed, but if you don’t follow my instructions to the letter I will punish you severely.” I leaned forward a bit more and kissed her cheek. “Strip…place your clothes and shoes over there.” I pointed to a spot by the couch. Paula responded immediately and within a minute she was naked as she kneeled before me, her firm DD breasts standing proudly, her nipples hard and swollen from her excitement. I removed her cock cage, placing in on the floor.“Paula,” I began, “do you give yourself to me voluntarily…to serve me…to obey without question…to be my property?”

“I do, Mistress…voluntarily and gladly.”

“Very well, my slave, lie on your back and wait for me silently.” Taking her cage in my hands I walked to Paula’s clothes and began to disrobe, much to the amazement of all present. “I know that many of you plan to have your slaves give you oral and then masturbate into a bowl and drink it. I have a better idea for my slave.” I returned to Paula and straddled her hips. I leaned forward and commanded her, “Fuck me!”

Paula obeyed instantly. She placed her erect cock in my slit and rubbed it up and down several times before changing the angle and sliding easily into my pussy. She raised her hips and began her rhythm, one which I returned, rubbing my hard clit into her abdomen. We increased our speed…our heat…our desire for each other. I could tell she was getting close. I leaned down and whispered, “Wait for me, my darling. I know it will be hard, but wait.” Paula nodded her assent.

We ground against each other as we had so many times before, and as before I felt the tingling in my clit grow and grow. I could see the determination in Paula’s face as she drove her rock hard cock into me over and over. “I am ready, my beautiful slave. Cum for me…NOW!” I exploded in ecstasy; Paula drove into me furiously as her cock blasted my womb with her thick white baby juice. I collapsed in exhaustion onto her massive chest. I suckled on her breast for a minute before telling her, “Well done, my love…my wonderful slave. Now claim your reward.” I slid forward until my labia contacted her lower lip.

Paula reached up and licked my pussy clean, slurping up copious quantities of semen. She washed my cunt with her tongue before addressing my tunnel. She lapped up the residual semen like a dog lapping water. I stepped off when my cunt was sparkling clean. Paula jumped up and helped me off the floor; she kneeled again kissing my feet. I replaced her collar, but not the leash and led her to the side of the room. Her head was bowed until I told her, “You made me proud. I’m sure I’m the envy of all the women here tonight.” I kissed her cheek and stroked her hair as I turned to watch the next participants.

MJ led her husband Robin to the room’s center. “Strip,” she commanded, “Place your clothes next to Paula’s.” Robin hesitated for a second then apparently decided to obey. He moved to the side of the room and discarded his clothing, laying them in a neat pile next to mine. He laid his collar and leash on top of his clothes. He returned to MJ and knelt. MJ asked him, “Do you give yourself to me voluntarily…to serve me…to obey without question…to be my property?”

Again he hesitated only a second before responding, “Yes…uh, Mistress…I do.” MJ dropped her skirt and summoned Robin to her cunt. He sucked her pussy, amateurishly in my opinion, but then Paula had much more experience. Robin did give it plenty of effort and was rewarded when MJ shook so hard she almost fell. Only immediate intervention by Robin kept her from falling. She kissed him on the lips and reached back; she was given a bowl which she handed to Robin as she kneeled down to remove his cage. His organ sprung to life as soon as it was free.

“He hasn’t cum since the last party,” MJ explained. “Masturbate into the bowl. Then drink it to show your submission to me.” Robin took his cock in hand. He was shaking with nervousness. I could see Paula rooting silently for his success. He began slowly, but within twenty seconds he was stroking furiously, so eager was he for an orgasm. Paula whispered in my ear and I nodded. She approached Robin and knelt to hold the bowl for him. He smiled weakly, leaned his head on her shoulder and came with a blast of semen that probably would have flown five feet had it been aimed skyward. Paula managed to catch all of his ejaculate and squeezed the last few drops from his wilting cock. She placed one hand behind his head and lifted the bowl to his lips with the other. “It’ll be all right. Drink it and lick the bowl clean. It won’t take you long and your Mistress will love and respect you all the more for the depth of your submission.” Robin closed his eyes as Paula tipped the bowl into his mouth. The viscous liquid poured onto his tongue. When it stopped Paula told him to open his eyes so he could see where to lick. Twenty seconds later he was done. MJ knelt next to him and hugged him, telling him, “You have been doing much better lately. If you keep it up you’ll be cumming much more often.” Roger fell to the floor and kissed his Mistress’s feet repeatedly in unashamed submission. MJ pulled him up and walked him to his clothes. She refastened his collar, but left his leash on the floor. She retired to a chair, her naked slave at her feet.

Next was Beth and her husband/slave Mark. Again, Paula volunteered to help him as he masturbated into a plastic cup. Paula’s gentle hand helped him through the unfamiliar ordeal. With the permission of all the Mistresses she assisted every slave and all went well until Laurie’s slave Brad moved to the center of the room. He refused to undress or kneel. Laurie was furious until Paula asked me if she could speak with him. “It’s OK with me, Liz. Maybe she can make him understand his situation. I certainly can’t.”
Paula approached him, but kept him in the center of the room where their conversation could be heard by everyone.

“You don’t have to tell me what’s bothering you, Brad. I already know; I can see it in your eyes. You’re afraid…terrified of the whole idea, but stop and think for a minute. What is the alternative? Laurie caught you fucking a fifteen year-old, one of your daughter’s friends. You were doing it in your own bed…her bed. She could have called the police and had you arrested. She could have sued for divorce. Considering what you did, she would get almost everything—the house, alimony, hefty child support, sole custody of your daughters, and a lot more. You’d never see your beloved children again. You’d be publicly humiliated, shunned by your family who would also be completely embarrassed by association and you’d be labeled as a sex offender for the rest of your life. Instead, she has locked your penis into chastity—a mild punishment under the circumstances—and wants you to accept her authority. What she’s saying is that your judgment isn’t so great so you need to rely on hers. You need to accept her leadership and authority for the same reasons. She’s willing to take on a ton of responsibility because she loves you.

“Now, what should you do? Anyone can say they are sorry, but words are cheap. They mean nothing unless there is commitment. You can show Mistress Laurie that you are truly sorry for what you have done by accepting her authority, by following her leadership, and allowing her to control and own you. She could have railed at you when she brought you out here, but she didn’t. She was calm and reserved--qualities that are much prized in a Master or Mistress. Has she tried to hit or beat you?” Brad shook his head “no.” “I didn’t think so. Ask yourself why. When you’ve come up with the answer I think you’ll also be able to submit to her and take the pledge. Four other husbands have done it tonight and that’s not including me. I also took that same pledge almost a year ago and I did it again tonight. I would do it every day for the rest of my life, that’s how happy my submission to my Mistress has made me.” Paula turned toward Laurie, her hand on Brad’s shoulder. “Go ahead, Brad…show your wife how much you really love her.” She returned to my side where I hugged and kissed her.

Brad stood there for a minute before slowly walking to the side of the room and removing his clothing. He left the collar and leash in place. He returned to Laurie, knelt and said, “I’m ready, Mistress…I love you. I am so sorry I hurt you.” Laurie reached down and stroked his cheek, “I love you, too Brad. Paula’s right. It would have been so easy to throw you out, but I do love you and your daughters deserve to have a dad. However, you’ll have to be the kind of dad they really need and the kind of husband I want. I’ll keep you in that cock cage forever, except when I want to have sex with you and you already know how much and how often I want that.” Brad fell to the floor, crying and kissing Laurie’s feet repeatedly. Laurie knelt and wiped the tears from his face. “C’mon now…it’s time.” Brad straightened as his Mistress repeated the oath that would lead him to submission and slavery, “Do you give yourself to me voluntarily…to serve me…to obey without question…to be my property?”

“I do…Mistress.” Mistress Laurie knelt again and kissed him passionately before removing his cage. “Would you please help him Paula? I think he’ll need you.” Paula looked to me for guidance—I pushed her into the center of the room. She took a teacup from Mistress Laurie and knelt next to slave Brad. She put his hand on his penis and began to stroke it. “I don’t know if I can,” he whispered.

“Sure you can. This is nothing compared to some of the things I’ve had to do…like eating my Mistress’s pussy in a crowded restaurant. I was embarrassed and humiliated, but I did it because I love my Mistress and want her to be happy. You can do this. Close your eyes and imagine you are alone. Your Mistress is giving you a great opportunity here. If you don’t she’ll be embarrassed and who knows when she’ll let you do it again.” Brad looked at his Mistress and applied his hand vigorously to his cock. His breathing became erratic and rapid. Suddenly, without warning he groaned long and loud. Semen exploded from his cock in torrents. It was all Paula could do to keep it in the cup. Finally, it stopped and Paula scraped the remaining cum from his deflated cock. She held it to his mouth, nodding her assurance. He swallowed the entire load in a single gulp, reaching forward to clean the cup of any residue. Paula returned the cup to Laurie who leaned down and pulled her slave to her. “You can hold and hug me and you can kiss me.” She continued when she had broken the kiss, “I still haven’t forgiven you, but this is a good first step.” She refastened the collar and led him away.

The remaining husbands accepted their Mistresses without incident. It was now ten o’clock and way past time for the party to get underway. I finally asked Paula to get my clothes. I’d been naked alongside her almost the entire time. While she was gone almost all the Mistresses told me how lucky I was to have her and that if their slaves turned out just half as well they’d be overjoyed. Paula helped me dress once she had returned. “I’m sorry, Mistress, but there is a huge pile of clothing over there and yours were buried. I had to dig around to find them.” I patted her head as she helped me into my bra and blouse. The Capri’s followed as I shimmied into them, pulling them up with difficulty. Paula then handed me the cock cage. She stood there with her hands behind her head waiting for me to lock her up. I dropped the silver chain over my head and the cage into my purse. “No playing with it until we get home,” I told her with a smile. She fixed me a drink and I excused her to socialize with the others.

Now that all the men had embraced their slavery the tension was out of the room. Everyone talked and joked freely, men and women alike. Of course, the men had to be aware of their Mistress’s needs and often rushed away from a discussion to fix a drink or eat a pussy. I had no sooner put my drink down than Paula was at my side. “Do you need something, Mistress?”

“Yes, my dear…the restroom.”

“I’ll take it from you, Mistress.”

“Thank you, my dear sweet slave, but not now and definitely not here. Perhaps at home, but not in public. I’m afraid you would be subject to considerable scorn if you did.” I gave her a kiss and left to find the bathroom.

Of all our circle of friends my least favorite was Sandra. She was OK one-on-one, but in a crowd like this one she became obsessively competitive and even aggressive. She approached Paula once she saw me leave. She began to engage Paula in discussion while her hand found its way to Paula’s cock, stroking it to hardness in seconds. Paula protested, “Excuse me, Mistress Sandra, but my Mistress has forbidden me to touch my penis. I’m afraid you will get me into a lot of trouble.” Paula was in a difficult position. She was a slave; Sandra was a Mistress. It would be most difficult for her to assert herself under such circumstances. She tried to pull away, but Sandra held her cock tightly. Fortunately, I had just returned when I saw what Sandra was trying to pull—no pun intended.

“Trying to get my slave into trouble, Sandra?”

“No, Liz…just having a little fun.”

“I don’t consider your pawing my slave’s cock very funny. Paula, if Mistress Sandra ever touches your penis again you are to flatten her…the same goes for your breasts or any other part of your body. I won’t ask if you understand because I am sure that you do.” Sandra turned and stomped off in a huff. Too bad—she should keep her hands on her own slave. Paula was my property and I wasn’t prepared to lend her out to anyone, especially a troublemaker like Sandra.

“Mistress…you know I could never strike a woman,” Paula whispered once Sandra was out of earshot.

“Of course, dear…I know that and you know that, but Sandra doesn’t know that. Don’t allow anyone to touch you, OK? Except for me, of course.”

Paula smiled as I kissed her cheek, “Thank you, Mistress…I love it when you touch me.”

“I’m glad to hear that my beautiful and sexy slave because I’m planning on a lot of touching when we get home. Now please get me another drink.” I walked around a bit and decided to speak with Brad. He was sitting alone on a barstool. “Hi, Brad. I’m glad you decided to submit to Laurie. I think it was the right decision for both of you.”

“I hope so. I’m still kind of afraid. I’ve always been in control in the past, you know.”

“Yes, I do…but it didn’t always work out so well, did it? I know Laurie well, probably better than anyone else here, other than Paula, of course. I’ve always found her to be level headed and fair and, to be completely honest with you, the way she’s handled this whole affair proves it. How many women do you think would have reacted the way she did? Too many women are mercurial, subject to temper tantrums and mood swings and even more can be vindictive and petty. Is that Laurie?”

“No…I guess not. You’re probably right. I really appreciate Paula helping me the way she did. Can I ask you something? What made you decide to give her all that surgery?”

“Oh, Brad…I didn’t make the decision—she did. I gave her three options: return to how things were before she submitted to me—she hated that one, begged me not to—continue as a woman and have the surgery, or continue but go back to being a man. I would have been happy with whatever she chose. She did it because she knew this would make me the happiest. Can you think of any better way to show your love for someone? I can’t.

“Now, I want you to understand how much work it will be for Laurie to be your Mistress. She will have all the responsibility. That alone can be overwhelming sometimes. She’ll have to handle all the money—some women have no experience with that. And, of course, she’ll have to see to your health and well-being as well as that of your daughters. Of course, you’ll be helping more around the house with the cleaning and laundry, and maybe even the cooking, but those are simple jobs that require no thinking. They only require time. I suspect you’ll also be called on to service Laurie, but that’s mostly fun and the better you do at that the more she’ll be inclined to take care of you.

“On the other hand, Brad, what you did was terrible. I wouldn’t blame her for keeping you in the cage forever, other than those times she wants sex with you. It would be impossible to trust you out of her sight unless your penis is locked up tight. I see she bought you a quality stainless steel apparatus. That’s good—it’s strong and will last a very long time, plus Paula tells me it’s fairly comfortable. Good luck, Brad. If you need help understanding anything you can call Paula for advice. You can tell your Mistress I said it was OK.” I kissed his cheek and left, returning to my lovely slave. I announced my presence by sticking my finger up her ass. She wiggled into my hand—I loved her so much. She responded by laying her head on my shoulder.

We left around one. I hadn’t any alcohol for the last hour so I was safe driving. I hated reading about people who had repeated DUI’s but still drank and drove until someone was killed. What a great way to destroy not only your own life but the lives of so many others. We arrived home safely fifteen minutes later.

I attached Paula’s leash and led her to the bedroom. I had her help me undress before telling her to strip. She gathered all the clothes and placed them in the hamper to be washed later in the morning. She used the toilet; I stood there, legs apart as though waiting for her to take my piss. When she latched onto my cunt I just laughed, patted her head and told her, “Not tonight, my sweet; I’m very pleased with you—I’ll use the toilet. Then I think we should wash and go to bed. Don’t bother with a nightie. I want to feel your skin all night.”

Paula pulled some towels from the closet while I emptied my bladder. Hmm, I had a thought—maybe tomorrow. We showered together and washed each other lovingly. Paula dried me then herself while I fingered her cock and ball sac teasingly. She responded almost instantly, her cock growing and hardening as it turned the most delightful shade of reddish purple. I pulled her into the bedroom and pushed her forcefully onto the bed. I straddled her head, but told her to something we’d never done before—tongue and kiss my ass. I reversed so I could stroke her cock and fondle her balls once I lowered my asshole to her face.

Paula kissed it tentatively, licking all around my puckered hole and teasing me mercilessly. I pushed back and her tongue penetrated my rectum. I was sure she could taste my shit but that didn’t stop her from cleaning my rectum. I leaned down and took her hard tool into my mouth, massaging her balls while I fucked her with my mouth. She was making me hot, but I needed it in my pussy. “Do my pussy now. Stick your tongue into my canal and drink.” I lay on her to give her better access to my cunt while I strengthened my efforts on her cock.

We worked each other for more than five minutes; I was so wrapped up in what I was feeling that I almost forgot to give poor Paula permission to cum. She did less than three seconds later, filling my mouth with her thick white goo. Paula, much to her credit, never halted her siege of my pussy. I shuddered and shook until I was spent. I turned around, my face over Paula’s until she opened her mouth for my gift. I smiled and laughed as I opened up—my mouth was empty. “You’re not the only one here who loves the taste of cum, you know.” Paula looked up at me with pure unadulterated love in her eyes. I leaned down and hissed her as I slid onto my side. Paula spooned with me as we finally fell soundly asleep.

We woke around nine the following morning. I led Paula to the bathroom and watched as she peed. She stood aside to allow me access to the toilet, but I pointed her instead to the shower. Paula walked in confused—I always peed either into the toilet or into her mouth, but not today. “Kneel, Paula,” I ordered. She grinned when I moved to straddle her. “You don’t have to take it in your face. If you do, make sure your eyes are closed. She did close her eyes, but only after placing her face about three inches from my cunt. I let loose, my urine hitting her on the nose and running down between her huge firm breasts. She rubbed it into her skin, treasuring my gift to her.

I turned on the shower and we washed each other as lovers often do.


Time flew by quickly, one week melting into the next. Before we knew it winter had disappeared to be replaced almost overnight with balmy spring-like weather. I lay on a chaise naked and oiled from head to toe courtesy of a lengthy massage by Paula’s skilled hands. My pussy was tingling; Paula always insisted that a massage have a “happy ending.” Paula was also naked as she worked her way through her chores, although I did allow her to wear a clear vinyl apron while washing the crystal. Each piece had to be individually washed and dried. It could be a sloppy job.

I heard the doorbell ring. I ignored it; I knew that Paula would answer it despite her nudity. It was only a minute later when she approached, “Mistress…it is Mistress Laurie. She wishes to speak to you.” I sat up but made no effort to cover myself. Laurie and I were best of friends; she had seen me naked any number of times, even as far back as our days of skinny dipping at beach parties when we were teenagers.

“Well,” she said with an ear-to-ear grin, ”I see you’re dressed for the weather. Can Paula stay? I’d like to speak to both of you.” I pointed Paula to a chair, but she curled up on the patio below my chaise. “I’m going to have a party, a very special party. I guarantee a wonderful time for all of us and by ‘us’ I mean the Mistresses—the slaves maybe, not so much. Some of them will certainly be humiliated…it’ll be good for them, but I guarantee that each and every one of them will cum before the night is over. All the men are committed so I’d like to know if you’ll commit Paula, too.”

“Laurie, I don’t humiliate her unless she needs to be punished and she hasn’t done anything to warrant it. Also, I wouldn’t allow her to be injured in any way.”

“That won’t be a problem. I can make sure that she’s not embarrassed and I don’t want any of the boys hurt either. That’s how I refer to them now---boys, not men. They had their chance to act like men and they blew it. I think most, if not all, of us think of Paula as being a couple of steps above the male slaves. I know we all hold her in the highest esteem so I will make sure the game is…shall we say, slanted…in her favor.”

“What do you think, Paula? I know I can command you to do it, but I want to know your feelings.”

“I have already been naked in front of the entire group several times so that will not be a problem. I have serviced everyone, too…some with my mouth and some with my male pussy so I don’t see any kind of problem there either. I think I should do it, Mistress.”

“Very well, Laurie, you have Paula, too. But listen carefully: I wasn’t kidding about her being hurt or humiliated. Your head will roll if she is put in either position.”

Laurie rose from her chair and kissed my cheek, “You worry too much. I have it all under control. Trust me,” she boasted. She turned and left.

Laurie couldn’t help from grinning and laughing as she drove home. This was going to be so much fun, but back to business. Brad would be home from work soon and she needed to come up with some new ways to torment and torture him. She parked in the garage and walked directly into the kitchen before proceeding to the living room, finding her daughters there playing with their ipads. Ashley, fifteen, was just blossoming into a woman. Her breasts were already almost a C-cup and her hips had begun to flare. Laurie thought that she’d soon have to worry about boys following Ashley to and from school trying to poke their small but growing dicks into her. Had she realized that Ashley had already experienced cocks shooting in two of her holes she would have been aghast. As soon as Ashley built up the nerve to ask her mother for birth control she’d get a hard cock to shoot into her pussy. Until then her mouth and ass would have to do.

Brad walked in a few minutes later exhausted from his work as a plumber. It had been a particularly difficult day installing several whirlpool tubs into a new ten room home that was being built in the exclusive Grande Riviera Estates. They were both heavy and cumbersome. He’d worked his butt off ever since Laurie had taken control of him, making him work at home even after putting in a solid eight to ten hours on the job. He sighed, opened the door and walked into the living room. He was a bit surprised to find his daughters there. They were usually in their rooms at this hour. He knew what he had to do. Laurie wouldn’t care that his daughters witnessed his humiliation. Kneeling at her feet he bent and kissed them fervently, taking the time to caress every toe. Laurie smiled inwardly, knowing how he must feel, doing this in front of his young daughters.

“Daddy! Why are you kissing Mommy’s feet? That’s disgusting.” It was their younger daughter Samantha who had just celebrated her eleventh birthday a week before his downfall. If only he could remember exactly what had happened.

“It’s how I show your mother how much I love her, Sweetie,” Brad replied, his face already reddened from embarrassment.

“But Daddy, don’t most people kiss their wife’s cheeks or lips?”

He was just about to come up with some excuse when Laurie interrupted, “Girls, I think the time has come for you to understand what has happened. Your father kisses my feet because I told him to. He has become my slave ever since that horrible thing he did with Jerilynn. It was either that or send him to prison. Brad, stand up and strip. I want your daughters to see the price of raping a fifteen year old child.”
Brad stood, knowing that he had no choice. In a minute he’d be naked and exposed to his children, crossing the line of a terrible taboo. He removed his shirt and overalls, stepping out of them carefully before dropping his boxers to the floor, as well. He faced Laurie dreading what was coming next. “Turn around and show them…show them your prison, the one you are condemned to for the rest of your life.”

Reluctantly, he turned, totally humiliated until his girls—his lovely sweet and innocent girls—could see his imprisoned cock. Ashley just looked, but Samantha was horrified--terribly upset at the sight of her poor father.

“ASHLEY,” she screamed, “If you don’t tell Mommy I will.”

“Samantha,” Laurie asked, “What are you talking about?”

“I’m not kidding, Ashley. Tell Mommy all about it.”

“OKAY, already—I’ll tell her. It was really Jerilynn’s fault. She wanted to fuck…I mean have sex, but none of the boys in school ever noticed her. She asked me about Daddy, but I thought she was crazy. She got some kind of pill from Bobby Simpson and put in Daddy’s beer. Do you remember her volunteering to get one for you, Daddy?”

“That’s about the last thing I do remember. After that everything’s a blur.”

“Ashley, how did Bobby get drugs and why would he give one to Jerilynn,” Laurie asked.

“Mom, sometimes you can be so dense. There are a lot of drugs in school. Bobby’s a dealer. He gave Jerilynn the pill because she gave him a blowjob. I know; I was there to see it. She’s not very good, but he gave it to her anyway. It was supposed to be something to make Daddy black out. It didn’t knock him out, but he was really groggy. We helped him to the bedroom and laid him on the bed. Jerilynn opened his shorts and climbed onto his cock. She was only there for maybe a minute when you came in. Samantha and I ran and hid. I didn’t think you’d be home for another hour. I’m sorry Mommy. I’m sorry, Daddy.”

“Why didn’t you tell me this, Brad?”

“Well, first of all, whatever she gave me blocked out my memory. It’s come back to me now, but I couldn’t remember any of it. Besides, would you have believed me? I doubt it, not after seeing her riding me like that.”

“Apparently you’re not the pervert I thought you were, but I’m not releasing you until I do some investigating. Go into the bathroom and shower. I’m not making you work this afternoon. I need to think.”

Brad had never been so relieved. Even if Laurie didn’t release him from this damned cock prison he still knew that he hadn’t done anything so despicable as raping a young girl. He would have said innocent, but obviously Jerilynn was anything but. He had carried his dirty work clothes to the closet, dumping them into the hamper. He removed his work boots and socks and stepped into the shower. It wasn’t often that he had a hot shower these days. Laurie usually gave him the shower herself, never allowing the water to warm anything near body temperature. He dried himself, put on a tee and shorts and walked back to his Mistress. He knew she was still in that position and he’d be subject to discipline if he took liberties. He was more than surprised to find Jerilynn Stein sitting with Laurie on the couch. He sat on the floor by Laurie’s chair—what had become his place—and waited silently while Laurie patiently questioned the young girl.

“So you don’t know what you gave my husband?”

“No, Mrs. Miller…all I know is that Bobby said it would knock him out, make it so he couldn’t put up a fight or argue. I gave him the beer and about ten minutes later he could hardly hold it. That’s when Ashley and I led him to the bedroom. I didn’t think I’d make such a problem. I’m really sorry. It’s just like I wanted to be like Ashley…you know, have sex with someone like she has.”

“Thank you, Jerilynn, I think that will be all for now, but I may want to speak with you another time. Don’t worry, I promised that you wouldn’t be in trouble and you’re not. Goodbye, dear.” Laurie stood and walked Jerilynn to the door as Brad rose to his knees.

Laurie returned to her chair, pointing Brad between her legs. He complied immediately. She stroked his chin and cheek as she spoke, “I guess I owe you an apology. You’re not the scumbag I thought you were, but I don’t know if I can go back to the way we were. I enjoy having you as my slave.”

“So, Mistress, you screw up and I have to pay for it? That hardly seems fair.”

“I never said it was fair, but I will treat you better. How about this? You’ll wear your cock cage to work and whenever we’re apart. If nothing else I’ll know this kind of thing won’t ever happen again. You can take it off when you come home if I’m here and you can keep it off as long as I’m with you. I’ll still want you to kiss my feet and give me massages, but I will see to it that you cum much more often…starting with tonight. You have to admit that things have been much better between us since I took control. For one thing, you’re not going out drinking every night. You’re spending more time with your family where you should be. In two months you’ve lost fifteen pounds and I’ll bet that in another two you’ll lose even more.

“Also, remember how much we used to argue? It was almost every day, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, Mistress…I don’t miss the arguing either. OK, I’ll stay as your slave, but I think we should have some rules considering how I don’t really deserve it.”

“OK, we’ll talk about it after,” she said with a lascivious grin. “Right now I have to deal with our daughter—our lying, sexually active daughter. I punished you terribly for something she was partially responsible for. Now I have to punish her, and Samantha, too. She knew what happened, but said nothing. Why don’t you get a couple of pizzas for dinner then we’ll have plenty of time to talk…and other things later.” She reached down and hugged her husband, thinking of him as her husband for the first time in months. “Have the pies delivered so you can have some time out before I play with it later.”

She pulled the wrench from her neck and loosened the screws. The two pieces fell apart as Laurie removed it for the first time in more than three months. Brad would have touched it and played with it, but he knew that was forbidden. Instead Laurie caressed his cock and rolled his tight ball sac between her fingers. “Since you haven’t given me any orgasms today I’ll expect some extra effort from you tonight. Fuck me three times; give me three orgasms. Don’t forget, you’re still a slave.” She kissed her husband again, passionately this time, before rising from the chair to have a word with her daughters. Their behavior would not be tolerated.


Before I knew it the day of the “party” had arrived. I’d been having second thoughts ever since I reluctantly agreed to Laurie’s plan. I didn’t like the idea of deliberately humiliating the husbands. They may have been less than perfect men, but that didn’t mean that they should be subjected to what I thought Laurie had in mind. I thought it might be dangerous, besides none of the women were exactly perfect either.

I laid out Paula’s clothes—just some simple slutty outfit with no bra or panties. I thought she’d be naked much of the time like the other slaves. I carried her cock cage in my purse, planning on fastening it only minutes before entering the party. Paula hadn’t worn it for more than a month and there hadn’t been even a single problem. I saw no reason why she should in the future unless there was a need to punish her.
We climbed into the Mercedes, buckled up, and drove the short distance to Laurie’s house. I would be interested in seeing how Brad was dealing with his slavery.

As usual, we were last to arrive. Maybe it had something to do with two women dressing and getting ready. I noticed immediately that all the slaves were naked, kneeling, and handcuffed along one wall of the large living room. The women, their Mistresses, were resplendently dressed as if for a formal ball. They mingled with each other, drinking and chatting while they waited for the festivities to begin. Paula undressed, leaving her meager attire in a small, but neat, pile near the other clothes. When Laurie saw her she rushed up to me, an expression on her face I didn’t recognize, “Liz,” she shrieked, “ she’s supposed to be handcuffed…that was the deal!” She was livid. I couldn’t understand why.

“No! I’m not too keen on this whole idea and in three seconds I’ll be taking her and leaving.”

“Okay…okay…don’t have a fit. It’ll be OK,” she pouted. Laurie moved to the center of the room and began her announcements, her mood seemingly changing in a second, “Ladies! Ladies! OK, let’s get started, shall we? First, I have an important announcement. It turns out my husband wasn’t a pervert after all. He was drugged by the girl who has admitted what she did and was assisted by my two lying daughters. However, Brad is still my slave, but I will give him a few liberties like…ha ha… cumming once a month or so!” If that was supposed to be a joke it fell flatter than a pancake. “Now, let’s get on with the festivities. In this bag I have a number of sexual activities and in this bag I have the names of all the slaves. Some of these involve only one person, others involve two. If it’s a solo activity that slave will be exempted from the remainder of the games. If it’s a two-person activity the one who has the fun will go back into the bag to be selected later; the loser…ha ha… will be exempted. OK, let’s go.”

Laurie picked out a card. She grinned evilly as she announced, “Oh, goodie…anal sex! The first person involved will be the giver.” She picked Paula’s name from the bag. “The second will be the receiver…OK, it’s Robin. Come up here, both of you.” Paula and Robin approached tentatively. Robin’s handcuffs were removed, but his cock cage remained. “Put it in your mouth, Robin. That cock needs to be nice and hard.”

I could see his face turn bright red. How MJ could allow this was something I couldn’t understand. I saw Paula glance at me for help, but so far I didn’t see anything that would be a problem for her. I wasn’t responsible for the stupid idiotic acts of others. Laurie produced a condom which she proceeded to roll down Paula’s hard tool. Robin turned around on all fours, but Paula stopped him, “I think it will be easier if you lie on your back. I’ll hold your legs up on my shoulders. Besides, that way I can see if I’m hurting you.”


I walked over to MJ, “I’m putting an end to this right now, MJ. How can you stand here and watch her do this to your husband? If this continues there’s going to be a revolt—you can count on it.” She just stood there dumbfounded, either unable or unwilling to act.

I stepped to the room’s center, “Paula, get dressed. We’re leaving. Laurie, what the fuck’s wrong with you? Do you have a brain in your head? You might have been able to do this with real slaves, but these men are husbands and fathers. They are voluntary slaves, remember? V…O…L…U…N…T…A…R…Y—voluntary! Real slavery is illegal, and forcing someone to do this crap is probably illegal, too.” I turned to the other Mistresses. “If you have any feelings for your slaves…for your husbands…you’ll take them home now. Paula and I are going. Let us know when you plan a nice social gathering. We’ll be happy to join you.” I pulled Paula’s hand and we were out the door in seconds.

Paula spoke once we were in the car, “Thank you, Mistress, I’m sure I would have hurt Robin something awful. I know he was terribly embarrassed by having to suck my cock.”

“I had misgivings when we went. I’ve never known Laurie to be so irrational. She made Brad her slave when she thought he had raped that girl. I could understand that. But, if that was the reason, why should he be a slave when he was found innocent? I think the power has gone to her head…she’s psychotic. I can’t begin to tell you how angry I am. Not at you, darling; you were the perfect slave the entire time. I still can’t believe she pulled that…and what the hell was wrong with MJ? Why didn’t she speak up?”

I drove like a maniac all the way home. Thankfully I didn’t run into any cops. I opened the door and led Paula in. I sat in my chair still fuming from Laurie’s idea of fun. I had barely sat down when Paula crawled into her place. She rested her face on my thigh. “I know I’m just your slave, Mistress, but may I suggest I take care of you. I think you need it, probably more than any other time we’ve been together.”

“I couldn’t agree more, but let’s go into the bedroom. I want to make love to you, but I have to tell you—I’m growing tired of all this Mistress-slave stuff. I miss my husband.” I stood up and led her up the stairs. I shed my clothes on the way and Paula must have done the same. We were both naked when we approached the bed. Paula knelt, but I pulled her up. I stood her next to the bed, spread her legs and kneeled between them. I ran my fingers up and down her cock, taking plenty of time to make it harden before taking it into my mouth. I licked up the delicate underside, driving him—yes, HIM—crazy with desire. Wrapping my fingers around his sac I applied the slightest pressure causing the most delightful groan. I stood and fell onto the bed. I spread my legs and waggled my finger inviting him to fuck me. Paul wasted no time climbing up after me. I didn’t need any preparation; I was already so wet my thighs were coated in my nectar. I pulled him up to my body and moved his cock into my cunt. I don’t think anything had ever felt as wonderful as that hard hot erection violating my tender vaginal tissues. I lifted my legs, placing them onto his shoulders. I wanted him deep—deep enough to ram into my cervix. Yes, it hurt and it hurt badly, but it was the best hurt I had ever experienced. Does that make any sense? It did to me.

I bit and sucked on his/her nipples as we thrust together over and over and over until we were covered in a sheet of sexual sweat. “I want you to cum. Darling. I want you to cum and cum and cum. You don’t need my permission tonight. Just cum and keep cumming.” I felt his first eruption flooding my cunt. Again and again semen filled me until it leaked out onto the bed with every stroke. Paul collapsed on my chest. He took a nipple into his mouth and suckled. I slid him to the side and turned my body into him. “We have to talk,” I told him, “We really have to talk.”

We talked to each other all night, stopping only at three to sleep, but before we did we fucked two more times. Each one was better than the last. We were covered in cum and pussy juice from our chests down. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

We slept in, rising around noon. We showered together, laughing and jokingas lovers—as equals once again. I pulled his cock and he fingered me, even sticking a finger into my asshole. We dried ourselves and dressed before leaving for a brunch at a local restaurant. The meal was delightful. We fed each other peel-and-eat shrimp and other goodies from the buffet. We were in high spirits when we returned home. MJ and Beth were there sitting on our front porch and they were in tears.

“What…?” That was all I was able to say before Beth interrupted me, “It’s all your fault. If you hadn’t taken Paula out last night everything would still be fine. It’s all your fault!”

I opened the door and we walked into the living room. “Now, can you tell me what this is all about?”

“It’s all about our slaves…what else? Everything was going fine last night until they were all released…uncuffed. Then they refused to listen…refused to follow our orders. They told us they weren’t going to be slaves any more. They grabbed us and fucked us right there on the floor in front of everyone else. It was so humiliating.”

“How interesting--it was OK for you to humiliate them for absolutely no reason other than your amusement, but it’s not OK for you to be humiliated in return? That’s really ironic, don’t you think? That had nothing to do with my taking Paul out. I could see that there was nothing but trouble with that whole thing. I don’t know why Laurie would do something like that. She’s always been so level headed and rational, but last night it seemed that she was, I don’t know…obsessed…power crazy…egomaniacal? She wasn’t herself, that’s for sure. Didn’t she tell us that that Brad was innocent? If so, why was he still her slave? That didn’t make any sense. You should have left when I did or put an end to that so-called contest. You didn’t and now you’ll have to pay the penalty.

“I suggest you go home and have a long talk with your husbands. I assume they went home with you last night?”

“Yeah, but Mark insisted he sleep in our bed instead of the floor. He told me if I didn’t like it I could sleep there. I cried all night long.” I looked at MJ and I could see her experience was similar.

“All right, what’s happened is you had a good thing and you destroyed it. Remember what I said last night about ‘voluntary?’ There are no real slaves, at least not that we know of. The men were willing to be our slaves because they didn’t take enough care of us or they did something wrong. I think guilt had a lot to do with it. Part of our responsibility to them is to take care of them…make sure that they are cared for and loved. Nobody made their slave do more than I did, but I always made sure she knew she was loved. Even when I denied her orgasms or punished her she knew she was loved and cherished. Last night’s ‘entertainment’ if I can even call such an abomination that was designed to humiliate and embarrass the men so we could laugh at them , nothing more. When I saw Robin’s face as he was called on to suck Paula’s cock I was embarrassed. Yes…embarrassed to even be a part of it. That’s why we left. Where was the love or care in that?”

MJ and Beth just sat there until Paula spoke, “Liz and I had a long talk last night, too. She’s tired of being my Mistress and, frankly, I’m a bit tired of being a slave. We’re moving backward…back to being equals again. I still have a lot of submissive feelings, but we think we can take care of them in other ways. I can tell you this…I was absolutely mortified standing there and having poor Robin sucking my cock. I could understand if he tried to kill you, MJ. It was totally uncalled for even if he had misbehaved recently which I doubt. You two need to be home so you can talk everything out with your husbands.” MJ and Beth nodded glumly and got up to leave. Paul and I relaxed for the rest of the day. We made an appointment to see his doctor the following day.


It was a brisk autumn day in October when Paul and I teed off in the club’s husband-wife tournament. I had begged him to take another partner but he refused. “I don’t care if I win; I just want to spend the day with the woman I love. The golf is just an excuse.”

I laughed. “We’re retired, remember? We spend every day together.”

“Yeah, but we missed three months when I was in the hospital and then home recovering. We saw each other every day, but I couldn’t do a damn thing.”

“That’s one of the things I liked about Paula—she didn’t swear.”

“OK, honey I’ll make an effort to stop. I’ll really try. I promise. Where the hell are they? Oh, sorry; it’ll take me a while to get used to that. Tell you what…if I swear too much you can bring out that humbler you used on me. There’s a behavior modifier if I ever saw one.”

“I guess you didn’t notice. I threw all that shit out before your surgery. I loved Paula, but I love Paul even more. Is your chest still sore?”

“No, it’s OK, but what’s bothering me is the hormones. Going off that estrogen and then taking the extra testosterone has really messed me up. I have some mood swings that make me feel like I’m menopausal. Next thing I’ll be having hot flashes.”

I laughed but was interrupted by Beth. She hugged me as Mark shook hands with Paul. After pleasantries we headed for the first tee. Mark hit a hook into the deep rough, but Paul drilled one almost 300 yards and right down the middle.

Mark looked disgusted, “I liked you as Paula better. She was much better looking and those tits! Oh…those tits!” We headed for the women’s tees all laughing our heads off. We didn’t win the tournament—not even close-- but we did have a wonderful time.

The whole Mistress/slave experience turned out to be nothing more than a failed experiment. The men did learn to take much better care of their wives and they, in turn, did learn to be much more tolerant of their husbands so it wasn’t a complete fiasco. We got together often and had a wonderful time, with one exception—Laurie never spoke to me again. She blamed me for everything. I wasn’t at all surprised. I thought she had become psychotic—a paranoid schizophrenic. Everyone--me in particular--was out to get her, to embarrass and hurt her. I heard she still tried to keep Brad as a slave, going so far as to drug him one Friday evening. She dragged him to the basement so she could chain and beat him all weekend long. The police intervened once one of their children told their school’s principal. Laurie was arrested, but was released on the condition she receive treatment. When she tried it again Samantha ran to a neighbor. Laurie was committed to a state hospital. Brad sued for divorce and won custody of the girls as well as the house. I had no idea when, if ever, she’ll be released.

The cock cages were put away, but not forever. Our experiences had made us much more open about our sexuality. I must have heard at least once a month about a lengthy tease and denial session followed by mind blowing sex, explicitly described.

Paul still had his submissive feelings and I had agreed to deal with them, just not every day. I waited a long time to act. I wanted to be sure all his surgeries had completely healed. We had gone to dinner; I was the last out the door so I locked up, leaving a brown paper bag hanging from the door knob. Paul led the way in when we returned. He picked up the bag and read the note I had attached: “You are mine for the next 48 hours. Take a shower and put this on. Be in your place in five minutes or expect a severe punishment.” He turned and looked at me. “Four minutes and forty-five seconds. You’d better get moving.” Paul ran into the house carrying the bag with his cock cage. Oh, I was going to have such fun with him! You see, I fibbed about the humbler. It waited in a bag behind my chair. Paul would be on his knees all weekend which would put his tongue at just the right height for my pussy. Yes…this was going to be a wonderful weekend. And after…we’d fuck like we’ve never fucked before!
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