Sucking the Plumer, Our holiday 1
Sucking the Plumber 3

Thank you for the good response to our relationship with The Plumber and his wife. here is more for you.

Joe and Abi are now our best friends. We decide to go on holiday together, Thailand was our choice.

We arrived at Don Muang Airport at 2pm. The weather was around 35 degrees We got a limousine to Pattaya which took 2 hours, we stopped on the way to buy some fruit in a small village on the way. We arrived at our hotel that over looked the sea.
We had agreed to meet Abi and Joe at the pool, we put on our swimming costumes. Nat was wearing a skimpy bikini. Her body was so gorgeous and after the long flight I had to fuck her there and then. I pushed her on the bed, slid the cloth covering her crutch and stuck my cock in her cunt pounding her. I quickly filled her cunt with my cum, I then cleaned her cum filled cunt with my tongue sucking our cum from her, she then just re-arrange her bikini bottom and we left to go to the pool to meet Abi and Joe.
When we got there Joe and Abi had chairs in the corner, Abi had a skimpy white bikini similar to Nat’s, Joe had a small costume showing his long cock, we ordered drinks and jumped in the pool. Abi’s costume went transparent when she got out of the pool, it showed her cunt lips through the thin material as she lay on the lounger with her legs slightly apart. My cock got hard just thinking about her tight cunt and it almost exited out of the top of my costume.
We lay in the sun soaking up the rays. At 6 the sun was setting and we arranged to meet for dinner at 7.30 the go on the town.
After dinner we got a tuk tuk and went to South Pattaya, A tout lead us to a Sex Show, something non of us had ever seen before. First 3 girls did a shower show writhing naked in a shower on the stage, next a young girl pushed half a dozen ping pong balls in her pussy and shot them out and into a basket over 6 feet away, every one going in, Then a young girl and a boy got on stage and after a bit of fore play he fucked her on stage in front of us on a swivelling platform, we could see his cock sliding in and out of her pussy. It was so sexy, Nat squeezed my cock through my shorts she said that she would like to have sex in public like that with lots of people watching her. We watched the rest of the show which included a girl putting razor blades in her pussy and slowly pulling the out one by one, then we went for a walk down the strip.
We entered a small bar half way down that over looked the sea. There were only half a dozen people there all men except for a couple of bar girls and the bar tender three young girls were dancing around poles above the bar wearing skimpy clothing. As the night wore on they removed their clothes and danced naked. Abi said to us that she would like to dance on the poles and did she think it was possible.
I asked the bar tender if it was possible for her to dance on stage, he said he would ask the bar owner, he came back saying OK as long as the police don’t come in, yes she could.
We had a couple more drinks and then the bar owner invited Abi on to the stage to dance, the 3 young dancers came down from the stage and Abi got up and took hold of Nat’s hand to go and dance with her.
They got up on stage and moved to the music, they were both quite drunk and it did not take long for Abi to remove her top. The crowd cheered. She then took off Nat’s top. The crowd again cheered. A couple of minutes later she pulled down Nat’s skirt, and then removed her own. The 6 men went wild. There we were on holiday with our two girls naked on stage, dancing. They were dancing together, Nat got on all four and Abi pretended to fuck her from behind. The men shouted “More”, Abi looked at me and said for me to come up on stage also. I was drunk enough to agree.
I climbed on stage, Abi removed my clothes, there I was naked on stage with two naked females dancing to the music. Abi sat on Nat’s back facing away from her head and beckoned me over, she opened her mouth inviting me to stick my cock in it. An invitation I could not refuse. When she had got me hard she told me to fuck my wife, I got on my knees and put my cock in to Nat’s cunt fucking her doggy fashion to the rhythm of the music, kissing Abi at the same time. I took my cock from Nat and Abi brought her head down and took my cock in her mouth again sucking me, tasting Nat’s cunt juices on me, I then stuck my cock back into Nat fucking he hard till I came. Abi cleaned my cock. The audience clapped.
We bowed and left the stage cum dripping from Nat’s cunt and running down her legs. We got dressed, finished our drinks and went back to the hotel.
The next day we went to the beach at Jontiem swimming and we rented a couple of water skis, Nat was in front of me and the ski bouncing over the waves she between my legs caused me to have an erection. When we were far enough out from the beach Nat turned to face me and pulled her bikini aside and sat on my cock, we carried on riding the waves and her my cock ,she screamed a huge orgasm. Thankfully we were far out. As time went on the sun was slowly setting and we went back to the hotel.
After dinner we walked from the hotel to go to South Pattaya again. As we were walking we saw the gay area. The girls wanted to go in the street and see what was happening. We were invited in to many bars as we walked around. We decided to go to an upstairs bar and have a drink. There were 4 guys in tiny G strings dancing on stage. After a couple of drinks the music changed and a show started. Two girls came on stage and started to dance together. I thought this was a bit strange being in a boys bar. As time went on they did a fantastic striptease. When they were down to their bra and pants the music change again and one of the girls pulled the others pants down to reveal a cock that must have been 10 inches long, She then got down on her knees and took the cock in to her mouth, she sucked hard on the cock deepthroating it. The cock came, covering the suckers face in cum. The audience clapped and the two girls (boys) left the stage.
Abi invited us two boys to go on stage at perform, we declined. and left to go down to the strip again.
After having a few drinks in various bars we finished up at the same bar we had been to the night before, There were 9 customers there, 5 men and 4 girls. We ordered our drinks, the owner gave them to us free, and ask us if we would like to perform again, Nat was so turned on fucking in public she agreed, so did Abi but this time Joe was to join us. After we has had loads more free drinks we decided to put on a show. Nat and Abi went up on stage danced and slowly removed their clothes, when they were naked, Joe and I joined them, we took each others clothes off the girls in the audience clapped. We danced with our wives. In turn the girls slowly kissed down our bodies then got on their knees and took our cocks in their mouths, deep throating them. Then Abi laid the floor and invited Nat to 69 her. They got to it and eat each others pussies, Joe and I were standing around so I decided to up the game and give the girls in the bar a show. I lay down and invited Joe to come on top of me. I took his cock in my mouth and he sucked mine. The girls and men customers were whistling and clapping shouting for more. Joe dumped his cum in my mouth and I came in his mouth shortly after.
The audience jeered, we bowed and left the stage. We had another free drinks and left for the hotel.

What did the rest of our holiday surprise us with?

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2016-09-25 19:09:24
I flew once just by flapping my arms which is just as true as this story

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2013-03-17 05:38:35
yeh..i wanna try blow jobs from my Girl-Friend :P


2013-03-16 11:29:58
It was a great holiday. Thailand it a great place to enjoy the sun and sex. Watching the ladyboy shows is real art..
The next day we all went for a massage.

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2013-03-16 01:58:13
A good story. You have probably never left the end of your street. I know Thailand well.

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2013-03-16 00:43:12
pure garabes why are you people waisting ur time with this type of stroies

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