Hello, everyone hopefully you'll like this little piece I made, it'll be my first one.
Heath just a young man 27 years old, shaggy black hair with green eyes 6'3 feet tall kind of built, looked out his window and saw his neighbor he remember how adorable and sweet she was but, now she's all grown up wearing a tight t-shirt and some shorts with converse she had long black hair, brown dark eyes, and caramel skin she was about 5'4 tall a beautiful hispanic girl. He looked straight at her breast they were 38Ccup and she just turned 18 years old he waved hi at her, "Hey Fabiola", said Heath he wondered how that name sounded somewhat unique, she came over ,"Hello Mr. Johnson, how are you today?", Fabiola said as she smiled at him, “I’m doing fine dear and your parents?", Heath replied as he watered his plants "They're doing alright but, my dad is leaving out of town to go work and my mom is going to México for a couple of days to see her parents", she replied as she smelled the flowers ,"Ah, so you're staying by yourself now?", was curious ,"Yes, I am and my mom wondered if you could check on me once and a while to see if I’m doing fine" she replied ,"Of course dear anything", as he turned off the water ,"Alright, I’ll go and tell them then see ya later", she waved bye and started leaving back to her house as Heath watched her leave just staring at her hot ass.


Heath kept twisting and turning in his sleep having a really sexual dream, he woke up with a startled looking down at his crotch could see his bulge, he lowered his pants and grabbed his cock starting to rub it as he groaned remembering a few details about his dream of his hot neighbor imagining her sucking it her hot little mouth taking his cock in full as she deep throats and as she rubs his sack, and cums deep in her throat ,"Ugh", he cums as he gets a tissue and starts wiping his cum off ,"I'm still kind of hard..", throws the tissue away and tries to go back to sleep with the hard-on still there.

Next Day:

Heath woke up tiredly goes straight to the bathroom to take a quick shower, after the shower he starts brushing his teeth and starts to get dress, he goes to kitchen making quick breakfast, he looks outside sees his neighbor Fabiola waving bye to her parents as they drove off, he goes back to his breakfast and hears a knock at the door he gets up to open the door and sees his neighbor,"Morning, Mr. Johnson" she smiled as she said that Heath noticed something bit different from her ,“Morning, are you wearing glasses?”, he asked drinking his coffee ,“Of course, I wear glasses I didn’t put them on yesterday because I couldn’t find them”, she said that as she fixed her glasses ,”Well you look very pretty in them”, Heath smiled as he saw her blush ,”Thank you, Mr Johnson, I was wondering if I could come over and sleep in your guest room if you have one, my parents decided that they don’t want me to sleep alone in the house because of the few robberies we had in the past”, she looked at him ,”Hmm.. of course you can don’t want anything to happen to you want to get some of your clothes and come over And you don't have to call me Mr.Johnson just Heath ok??”, he saw her nod and leave back to her home ,She’s coming to sleep over for a couple of days this might be interesting, Heath wondered.

Her point of view:

She got a bag and started packing up some pjs and some other belongings, I’m staying over at his house its my chance?.., she thought as she started to pack some pjs and casual outdoor clothing and finished packing after a while,she turned couple of lights off locking every window and door before leaving back over to Heath’s house.

End View:

Heath opened the door for her ,“When is your spring break vacation over?”, he asked offering her some muffins ,”Let’s see its tuesday in about 5 days”, as she got a muffin and takes her bag with her to the guest room.
Gives me plenty of time.., he thought he looked at the time ,"Time to go for work I'll see you later when i come back, there's food in the fridge if you're hungry", as he leaves for works.

Later That Day:
She decided to take a bath she got her bra and panties that were laced and got some pajamas and her towel and went to take a shower leaving her door half open.
Heath came back from work tired as usual hanged his coat and put his keys on the table taking his tie off and unbuttons his shirt , he hears the shower on as he walked down the hallway he could see that the door was a bit open and light shining he peeked in seeing her shadow cast behind the white curtain he could see a bit detail of her outline body her nipples her curves and ass, he quietly sneaked in and started to undress he opened the curtains after getting naked looking at her body she turned around slowly and saw him standing there she didn't have time to respond to cover herself he looked down at her pussy could see it was trimmed her nipples perked up by the water he finally saw her breast he grabbed one of them and licked her nipple as he bit down on it and heard her let out a soft moan he grabbed the other with his other hand and start groping and pulling her nipple with his finger as he bit on the one he had in his mouth ,"Mmn..", Fabiola felt bit pleasured by it but wanted more then that she stopped him and got on her knees and took his 8 inch hard cock in her hands ,"Its getting harder, it's my first one I touch in real life", she said as she started to rub it ,"It's your time first time?", he asked as groaned a bit as she nodded ,"I've watched porn videos but never had the real thing", started to rub his cock harder squeezing it ,"Then you'll enjoy your first time", as he got her head and slided his cock in her mouth pushing in as she started to suck on his cock he kept wanting more and started to slide his cock bit deeper into her mouth down her throat and started thrusting in and out his hands behind her head as she started to deep throat his cock sucking and rubbing his sack groaning every so often as he thrusted as she gagged a few times of its thickness he kept at it for a while before cumming in her mouth as she started to swallow his hot sticky cum he picked her up turned the shower off before taking her back to his room laying her down on his bed spreading her legs and saw her pussy pinkish he got down on her and started licking her clit the scent of her made him get harder she moaned softly as she watched him he licked every bit of her before he got himself back to together stood up positioning himself and his cock the head at her entrance ,"I'll be very gently just tell when to stop if it starts hurting you ok?", he looked at her for her reply as she nodded ,"Ok", she replied her hands were on the bed he started going in slightly she could feel a slight discomfort as he kept going as she gripped the bed's sheets he started to feel a bit more he saw her bit her bottom lip before popping her he heard her whimper ,"Want me to move?", he asked bit uncertain but still hard in her took her awhile before the pain started to fade away and nodded ,"Yes, you may", feeling the pain turned into pleasure he started going in and out of her slowly keeping a steady rhythm ,"Ahh~, Faster please~", she wanted more he started to go faster keeping every thrust hard ,”Your pussy is so tight and wet for me!”, he groaned he kept thrusting into her deeply his hands on her waist and bend down a bit and bite down on one of her nipples her breast moving like waves that hit rocks ,“Heath more!!”, she moaned in pleasured she felt his hand grab her other boob and felt him pull her nipple he felt her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck he went to her lips and started kissing her passionately he slid his tongue inside of her mouth and started playing with hers enjoying each other sensation and company like they never want it to stop he let go of the kiss and started thrusting harder then before he looked at her beautiful face he enjoyed the sweet moans and her voice begging for more of his hot cock ,“AHhhHH Yes HEATH its so fucking GOOD!!”, she moaned out more he felt her walls squeezing him as he kept thrusting his cock getting thicker ,”Heath I’m Cumming!!”, as she climaxed he felt the juices pouring out of her pussy kept thrusting before he came in her ,“UGH!”, his cum and her pussy juices mixing each other ,”Your hot sticky cum is filling me up..mmn..”, she smiled a bit he slided his cock of out her and layed down beside her pulling her into a hug keeping her dear and safe to him , Is it more then just sex?, he thought before they drifted off to sleep.
First chapter done, If you want more comment or PM me, Again this is my first time making a story if any more details tell me or what I can improve thank you!


2013-03-17 13:38:59
I rated you a "Good" on story line, BUT you need to slow down and think in your mind what you want to say before putting it on paper. Make the whole story FLOW peacefully from one word to another. A very good story takes time ! After your done Proof Read what you have done to see if you enjoy it. Good Luck

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2013-03-17 04:26:43
I personally think that it has the instincts of being a good story but it seems sort of rushed because you are talking about them lusting each other and then suddenly they are having sex, umm I think you could have taken it a bit more slowly just to put the feeling out there like a build up and it is essential for you to work on the spacing because it was fine at first but then at the last part it was BAM everything at once
but yeah it has the beginnings of a good story :)

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2013-03-16 23:58:48
Too many run on sentences, not enough paragraphs, poor English.

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2013-03-16 18:24:58
For a 27 year old, he talks like an old man. There's 9 years difference in age he's talking like there's 40.

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2013-03-16 13:56:46
Really strange story and i dont meen in a good way either

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