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Chapter 5

In the mirror Erick saw himself, yet it was not him that he saw. His body had changed he gained at least 40 lbs in muscle density, he was cut, his chest puffing out, his stomach washboard and hard as rock, flexing his arms he saw veins looking as if they were going to pop out. That is not that changed he felt taller he estimated that he gained four inches, survey his face he saw that it was more symmetrical; all in all he went from being average to a 6’4”, 180lbs, handsome power house.

“Ok no panic there‘s an explanation for this” Bella said
“Oh really how, I left as Bruce Banner and came back as the Hulk” Erick replied
“Look at the bright side, you have a cute ass now”

Turning around to verify and saw that his butt was also given a facelift. Great he thought a supernatural ring with a sense of humor. Class don’t start till Monday, today’s Friday so that gives me a while to get used to this change he thought. Getting out of the bathroom he went back to his room which like all college room was small, had a single bed next to the wall, a tiny closet with a few hangers and a nightstand right next to his bed. He unpacked his clothes seeing what could still fit separating them, then went to shave and take a shower.

Dressed in a bright yellow polo, with khaki shorts a pair of grey vans he made his way out of the dorm in order to visit the big apple. Leaving his dorm for the first time since yesterday he paid attention to Mt. Kisco University (MKU) founded in the 70‘s a small private university , which had one of the best biological labs in the United States. The dorms where he slept in last night were newer reserved mostly for Juniors/Seniors, the one he was staying in was a single, they were larger ones that could accommodate up to four people at once. The rooms had a general pattern with the front door opening to a small living room/den area with one couch and an armchair perpendicular to each other and a simple wooden T.V stand. Next to the living room is a kitchenette, containing either four to ten cupboard depending on the size of the dorm. Adjacent was a hallway where the bathroom could be found, with barely any walking space in it, and at the end the bedroom.

Taking the elevator Erick went down to the lobby a wide area full of P.O. Boxes aligned on the walls. He strolled through the automatic doors and noticed the trees adorning the campus, in his promenade he saw that something was missing from all the movies he seen in his youth. It was quiet, it was noon and quiet, no hustling traffic, no bustling group of people walking around, no towering skyscrapers, only trees and more trees few houses surrounded by trees.

“Where the hell am I” He asked in awe
“New York, to be precise you’re in the Northern part of New York” Bella answered
“Where are the building, people, pizza, Chinese food”
“That would be in Manhattan”
“Okay in Manhattan we shall go” with that he trucked forward with only one thing in his mind to see the big apple shown in the movies.

By 6:00 pm he was sweaty, tired, lost and no closer to Manhattan than a few hours ago. Hailing the nearest taxi he gave the driver the name/address of the place he was staying. The driver a friendly Jamaican who came to the U.S. in order to realize the American dream, they chatted till an hour later when Erick arrived in front of the campus he paid the fair and made his way toward the dorm. For the first time since coming here he paid attention to the campus, it was mostly empty since it was a Friday afternoon and most summer courses had not started. Old red bricks buildings surround the cement walkway which was surrounded by grass and trees on both sides. Strolling by he passed a group of sexy ladies who seemed almost captivated by his presence, he gave them a shy smile and continued on his way.

“Hey you” one of them said
Erick turned to them with a confused look and pointed at himself.
“Yes you” she said “my name is Jenn what’s yours

Jenn was the Asian persuasion, she was 5’2” her jet black hair came just below her neck, she had an oval face, her eyes slightly folded to the side, she had a cute buttoned nose with a small mouth with slightly plump lips, she had an overall athletic figure which were shown by her nicely toned legs and her cute heart shaped ass.

“I’m Erick, how may I help you” he replied
“We’ll you see we were going to a nearby club in like two hours and we were wondering if you’d like to come?” she asked in a sweet voice
“Sure no problem, its just that I’m kinda new here so I don’t really know where things are right now” he explained
“You’re new here, well how ‘bout we meet here at 9:00 PM and we can go together.” Agreeing to this they exchanged numbers and parted ways

“You know I’m liking this new body” Erick told Bella
“Just because she invited you to the club that don’t mean you’re gonna fuck her” she explained to him in a matter of fact.
“Don’t matter, plus you didn’t have to do anything.”
“Well an improvement is an improvement after all.”

Arriving to his room he ordered Chinese and watched a movie in his laptop deciding to kill time. At 9:00 PM he had showered, changed into a white dress shirt, black jeans with matching dress shoes and was patiently waiting for Jenn at a nearby bench. “Sorry I’m late” he heard looking up to the direction of the voice saw a stunner. She had an open back shirt that had a deep V-neck that reached her stomach, the back had an X-shaped design which came around her waist tied in a bow resting atop her cute ass that was covered by a tight black skirt, she wore four inch heels that made her legs look even better.

“It was worth the wait, you look amazing” Erick exclaimed
“Thank you” she added while twirling around “C’mon, lets go”
“Where are your friends” he asked
“Umm… they decided to do something else” she answered
“She’s lying” Bella intervened
“What” he replied
“They had a bet to see who would go with you tonight and she won” She explained
“So they do this often”
“No… you’re a special case”

“Is something the matter, you seem distant” Jenn inquired
“I was just looking around” he responded
“Oh yeah you did mention you where not around here, where you from?” she asked.
“I’m from Florida”
“Damn, that’s cool so how do you find New York” Then Erick explained to her the adventure he undertook today.

Arriving at the front of the club Jenn said “ What’s up lil Bill” now “lil Bill” was not little. He looked like a less tan version of the Rock, he towered over Erick at 6’9” and overweight him by at least 50lbs.

“Who’s this Jenn” lil Bill asked pointing toward Erick
“This is Erick, he’s new in town I’m showing him around” she answered
“Alright, look you better not fuck anything up in here or imma fuck you up myself, better take care of her I’ve know her for 6 years she like a daughter to me understand” he said sternly
“Yes sir I understand” Erick replied

Making their way inside Jenn told him “Don’t worry about him he’s a big softie” this made him feel slightly better… just slightly. The club had a decent amount of people in it since most of people that came here were college students it was no wonder that it would be like this in the summer. Picking a nearby table they sad down and Jenn ordered drinks for both of them, after small talks they made their way to the dance floor. They danced for roughly an hour seeing as the people were dwindling they made their way out saying bye to lil Bill and strolled in the warm night.

“Can’t you work something out for me” Erick asked Bella
“Lemme see what I can do” she said “hmmm that weird”
“What wrong”
“It seems that I have most of my powers back”
“If you wanted to right now you make that girl fuck a dog”
“As tempting as that sounds I’ll pass on it just make her want to fuck me”

“Let me walk you to your dorm I don’t want you to get lost” Jenn offered, as she said that Erick saw her eyes glaze over, she looked as if she was day dreaming. She was quiet as he showed her where he stayed.

“Do you want to come in” he asked hoping that Bella had worked her magic
“Yes” she answered biting her lips. They went to Erick’s room
“Where is your bathroom?” he showed her the way.
In the confinements of the bathroom she thought, “Okay Jenn, he’s cute, oh who am I kidding he’s hot as hell, thank the Lord I won that bet, but we can’t let him get all of this tonight, gotta tease him a little till he can’t handle it no more.” With that last thought she went out and saw Erick with shirtless, his muscular body radiated strength, without even being aware of it she went and put her arms around him.

Erick turned, cupped her face bent over and kissed her deeply in the lips. Jenn was in shock but before she could regroup he picked her up and laid her on the bed. He kissed her again this time she returned the kiss, caressing his near perfectly cut body, she started unbuckling his belt, as he was kicking away his shoes. She gestured for him to sit down as she got on her knees in front of him an audible gasp could be heard from her. Apparently there was something else that changed this morning, Erick’s cock grew to a full 8” in length and 7” in girth, her delicate finger could barely encompass it.

Sticking out her small tongue she leisurely licked up his shaft stopped and give him a little kiss at the tip. She put his cock in her mouth trying to engulf it she ceased half way down, went back up and tried to go down on him again. Erick felt her tongue twisting itself around his dick he enjoyed the change of pace she exhibited in the way she sucked and the amount of pressure she put in different spots. Using her hand Jenn wrapped it on the part of his dick not in her mouth and was pumping it.

As her assault continued he felt his orgasm coming closer sensing his physical demeanor she thought oh no you don’t. With that she stopped her assault on him, Erick at this point looked like a child who was told Christmas was not coming, that’s when he saw her getting up and trying to remove her clothes exposing her perfect breast her dark brown areola was approximately the size of a dollar coin, her nipples erect showing their readiness for action. Throwing her shirt in a corner of the room she shed her skirt revealing small white panties, peeling them down a string a love juice could be seen coming from her carefully trimmed pussy. Pushing Erick down the bed she climbed on top of him and attempted her careful descent on his Mount Everest.

“Your filling me up” she exclaimed to him, placing her hand on his chest for support she slowly made her way his prick and down working her muscles in order to bring them both maximum pleasure. Grabbing Jenn’s tight ass he felt his dick all snuggled up in her pussy, he saw taut belly constrict and contract when she up and down him. Lips biting, nips swinging, hips gyrating she rode him to town, reaching down kissing him feeling her orgasm rising up. Erick also noticed his breaking point approaching grabbed her ass tighter and inserted his cock all the way to her cervix and was continuously pounding it. Having his dick hitting her cervix caused her head to tilt backward and release her orgasm, her head shook from side to side, she collapsed on top of him still shaking moaning loudly. The sudden jerk form her made Erick cum on the spot his legs spasm under her as he ejaculated in her.

They lay there for ten minutes both out of breath, flustered, twitching and smiling. Getting of him Jenn went down and started sucking his dick cleaning him up, prepping him from round two. This time however, she got on all four on the bed and pointed her ass up, lining his penis behind her, he entered her all the way. She was taken aback by the sudden entry but quickly adapted moving her hips to meet his dick. Putting both hands down waist he pounded her pussy, his balls smacked on her clit bringing her pleasure each time. “Smack” he swatted her ass, “smack, smack” seeing her cheek go to a light red hue. To sustain this assault from Erick she had to grab on the sheets, put her head down and was biting on the pillow as her vagina was being torn open. While sawing his dick in her he noticed Jenn’s tight little asshole and started rubbing her, this caused her to moan deeply in the pillow. Sensing the his nuts tightening he increased the pace in which he was ravaging her pussy as he slowly inserted one digit of his index finger down her ass. This made Jenn had an unparallel orgasm thrashing all over the place, she was so out of it that she barely noticed Erick injecting her with his warm cum.

“That was marvelous” she exclaimed in a husky tone
“I’d say, you blew my mind” he replied
“The last part where you fingered my ass was weird but I liked it”
“Well the opportunity presented itself so I acted” he added, she kissed him and snuggled next to him laying her head on his chest she slept peacefully.

“If you work your cards right you could fuck her ass” Bella said
“How’d you know I wanted to do that” Erick asked curiously
“What do you think I do when you sleep”
“No, I kinda have a low animation state, but its not really sleeping, most of the time I watch your dreams, access your memories and seeing what other people are doing. For example, your first time with Nikita, after you came home. Your father got a horny so they had a nice fuck and let me tell you…”
“Please don’t keep that info to yourself” he said in disgust
“Ok, but there‘s something amiss with your memories, they are parts of it that are locked, unattainable to me. Why is that?” she askedhim
He took a long pause with a sad sigh he told her“Good Night” wrapping his hand around Jenn he slept.

Chapter 6

Waking up the next day Erick felt wonders being done to his prick, looking down he saw Jenn bobbing her head up and down his cock., to show his appreciation to what she was doing he came in her mouth in record time.

“Hey sleepy head had a good night” she cooed with cum dribbling down her chin
“A great night with the help of our session last night and one the best morning so far” he answered, and for the first time noticing that she was now wearing a white tank top with some short tight jeans that clung her upper tights.
“Where’d you get those” he said pointing at them
“Went back to my dorm and got them it’s not that early
When he looked at his phone the clock read noon, “so what’s the plan for today” he added
“I was planning on showing you the big apple, that thing you did yesterday does not do it justice, so hustle and go get ready” she told him
“Ok, but first” he added mischievously as he pulled her in the bed “let me say thank you for the wake up call”

He kissed her, sparring with her tongue while his hands roamed through her body. He removed her shirt unclasping her simple tan bra from behind, cupping her breasts which he then carefully licked, fondled and kissed taking his time with each. Loving the attention she was receiving Jenn bit her lips, she could feel her pussy getting wet, her face showing a slight flush as her breathing shortened. Erick was kissing his way slowly toward her honey pot, with each kiss she was more exited as her sexual tension was rising. Stopping just below the navel he unbuttoned her pants with one fell swoop he got rid of both the jeans and panties. Marveling at her puffy lips, he split them open noticing the copious amount of juice coming out of her vagina.

Caressing his tongue to her neatly trimmed love trap, he smelled her lovely fragrance. Flattening his tongue he made slow rhythmic licks to her pussy. Soft moans could be heard coming from her mouth as he approached her clitoris hood leisurely sucking her clit. As he continued to apply pressure on her clit Erick begun to slowly inserted his thumb in her wet orifice, the walls tightened itself around his digit. He then removed his thumb from her pussy and penetrated her asshole with it. Jenn sucked in a deep breath as she felt the intrusion to her ass, she moved one hand to her breast and started playing with her it with the other on top of Erick’s head forcing it closer to her pussy. With that he knew that he had the green light and proceeded to fucking her rose-bud revealing in how her body was moving, he licked her clit faster feeling her toned legs enclose itself around his head as an orgasm rocked her body.

Still trying to get her breath back she noticed Erick climbing on top of her and inserting his prick balls deep in her hole. He heard her cry as he started to pump his dick in her, lowering himself down he kissed her feeling her moan in his mouth. From her lips he transferred his attention to her voluptuous bust sucking her dark brown nipples and leaving love marks on the top of her chest. Increasing the speed at which he pounded her pussy he liked seeing how her tits moved, how she was yelling “yes, yes, just like that,” needing no further encouragement he fucked her deeper taking longer strokes each time. The excitement level caused Erick orgasm to arrive to the scene, unknown to him however Bella sensing this rose Jenn’s arousal level causing her to cum at the same time as him.

Erick removed his cum coated dick out of Jenn and saw a glow accompanied by a dopy smile on her face. After laying on the bed for a few minutes she made her way to the bathroom opened the water and started taking a shower. Hearing the water go on he went in and joined her as they were washing each other his cock stood in attention, noticing this Jenn stroked it gently under the warm water. Unable to contain it anymore Erick lifted her to shower wall fucked her there and for the first time since he arrived here he noticed how inconveniently small the shower was. They both came and finished before they ran out of hot water, drying themselves. Jenn wore the same outfit as before and Erick dresses in a white T-shirt, blue short jeans and white sneakers. Afterwards they ate some donuts that Jenn had brought then they made their way out.

“So where are we going” Erick asked her
“To a place call Lower Manhattan, but first we gotta get you a train pass” she answered
“You gonna have a lot of fun today” Bella told him
“Really, can’t wait for it” said excited

Making their way to the nearest subway he bought a one day pass to use public transportation. Going down the subway station Jenn showed him how to swipe his card so he could pass through the turnstile, to stand behind the yellow line to wait for the train and explain to him how the system went most of which went through his head. The train came they got in, finding seats near the end of the cart they sat there. As they sat there Erick went on and explained to Jenn that in south Florida public transport is barely used and not relied upon as an effective method of transport.

Before they got out he told “there’s one place I want to visit”
“What’s that” she questioned
“The 9/11 memorial, at the time I was to young to understand but not that I’m here I wanna see it, comprehend what happened than” he explained
“hmm sure no problem” she said

After they switched to another train and a short bus ride they arrived at the 9/11 memorial museum. Inside they went to the visitors center to get a pass and made their way in the main lobby. Walking through the museum they found the memorial exhibition, which constituted of faces of about 3000 people who had died during the attack. Some of the face were interactive and told their storied through the voice of their closest family members. Continuing they walked to a speaker who was part of the first responders that went in the burning building as people were running/jumping out. While he listened to what the speaker said Bella made a connection in the speakers brain accessing the memories making him relive them and transferred them to Erick.

When stories are told people feel empathy in order to try to comprehend what the narrator is trying to explain. However the experience that Erick gained because of Bella’s work was more than that because for that moment he was the first responder. As the debris fell through the sky, his heart pounding in his chest, people screaming, he ran through the doors realizing that this may have been his last day on Earth. The smoke blinding him, air becoming a rare commodity still he continued to climb the stairs searching for people who are either sacred or unconscious. Coming around the corner he saw a figure standing in the middle of the chaos calmly, looking straight at him, before he could identify it Jenn tapped him on the shoulder making him jump, realizing that he was asleep in the trance.

“Do you know what that was” Erick asked Bella
“I may have an idea” she responded
“Tell me”
“What, was he related to the attack”
“I don’t know but all I know is that it was him standing there”
“Well he is the King of Hell, it would make sense”
She chuckled at his explanation “He didn’t be in the position that he is today being stupid”

The speech finished deciding that it was time they exited the museum not before Erick paid homage to all the people who died then and those dying in the war today.

“Now that we ‘re done revisiting history how about we have some fun” Jenn said
“I’m game but first I’m starving lets get something to eat first”
“Oh trust me there will be food there, c’mon train’s leaving” she added
“Sure, sure better have good food where we’re going” he grumbled

Twenty minutes later Erick’s mind was blown and he was to amazed to be thinking about food for he was now in Time Square, thus mind overload. All around him were jumbotrons showing different images flashing all over. A sea of people walking, talking, a school of yellow cabs swam by weaving their way through the street. Jenn grabbing his hand pulled him toward what he could only describe as the McDaddy of McDonalds, they went inside greeted by the huge lines occupying the bottom floor. Standing in line he saw a Times Square sign on top of the menu, multiple plasma screen TV’s around the store and people of all shape, size, ethnicity waiting in line to order. 30 arduous minutes later they finally got their food seeing the stairs they walked to the upper floor, found a place to sit, and chatted while they ate.

They exited the restaurant and Jenn led Erick past a brightly illuminated Toys R Us, the child inside of him taking over he wanted to go inside.

To reply to that she kissed him whispered sweetly to his ear “If we leave right now I will have a present waiting at your dorm that you’ll like”

Never saying no to an pussy he let her lead the way to the closest station. Arriving in front of the campus satiated and ready to get freaky he quickly ushered her in his dorm, once inside she evaded his grasp stopping at the bathroom door turned around winked at him seductively closed the door and Erick heard the lock click. Needing no more probing he ran to the bedroom making sure it was clean then he strip to his boxers and awaited what was to come.

Jenn came out of the bathroom a jaw dropping transformation. She wore a sexy black bra with red frill on the contour with matching thongs displaying her cute ass. Walking toward him swaying her hips, her tone legs shinning reflecting the light in the room, a wide smile came on her glistening lips as she was looking at his prick whose head was poking out like a swimmer needing more air. Gracefully she bent down kissing him in the mouth, then the neck stroking his chest, slowly descending to the object of her desire. Her small hand cupped his balls, through the boxers she traced her finger along his shaft.

Arriving at his prick she removed his trousers, reached behind her back she unclasped her bra and let her voluptuous tits fall. Grabbing his prick she felt it pulsate its strength resonated in her hand opening her small mouth she engulf it giving him a sloppy blow job. Erick enjoying everything from the choice of outfit to the lip service she was giving him, she removed her mouth form his cock looking down at her he saw a smile on her lips. Moving her chest closer to his prick she put his dick between her cleavage and started bobbing them up and down.

Her tits felt like a soft pussy as it molded itself around his shaft with the head in her mouth being toyed with her tongue. The different sensation caused the tingling feeling down his balls come earlier for Erick, he put a hand atop her head and erupted in her mouth, where she proceeded to swallowed it all. He reached down kissed her his tongue swirled with hers tasting the residue of his salty cum, she started playing with his dick but he picked her up laying her back up on the bed.

He ripped her panties off, went down on her like a tiger eating its prey, he lapped at her clit, fingered her pussy feeling the moisture around her lips. Rubbing her pussy he propped her up so her ass was in the and started rimming it, the look in her eyes was bewilderment followed by pure lust, prying her ass cheek open to make it easier for him, her face flush, her breath heaving, she cried as her orgasm passed her.

Letting her down he laid on his back watched as she, still trembling, got on top of him and impaled herself with his cock. As they fucked Erick told Bella it was time. Grabbing Jenn’s ass he pounded her pussy with deep repeated blow watching as she grew red, awaiting another orgasm to come, but, come it did not, her muscles twitched in anticipation wanting to be relieved. He continue impaling her as she couldn’t do anything only take it and wait for relief.

“Now” Erick told Bella, who was holding Jenn’s orgasm as per the plan they made while she was in the bathroom. The orgasm hit her like a tsunami she shook violently, pussy juice gushed out dribbling down Erick’s balls which tightened and released his sperm in her. She collapsed on top him shaking in the aftershock with a weak smile on her face she passed out.

“Wow can’t believe it worked, good work” Erick said to Bella
“Thanks it was your idea so I can’t take all the credit” she replied
“I guess, on a more serious note, earlier you said that there might be a reason why Lucifer was present at the 9/11 attack, why didn’t God send someone to stop it like Columbus or someone else he must have known it was going to happen”
“Again I don’t know, it doesn’t look good though”
Pondering on that for a while Erick decided that it was futile and went to sleep wishing Bella good night.

Standing outside their window a voice spoke saying “ Sleep now because the time will come when you three and many others will battle to save the world.”

Sunday morning Erick woke up and saw that Jenn had left with a note saying -I got to prepare for work I’ll text you later. Seeing that it was way past noon he got out of bed did his morning toiletry decided today was movie day spent the rest of the day relaxing and having a heated battle with Bella over which had the better plot Scarface or Inception.

Monday morning came Erick’s class started at 10:00 leaving his dorm thirty minutes before he found the classroom/lab room. The class may have been a biolab during the year with cabinets on the left who had all the appliances, eight table with two stools each arrange in two rows of four each had a cabinet to put backpacks and other things not appropriate for lab. Seeing he was the last to arrive he sat all the way to the back next to the only female of the class.

The mystery girl was short only about 5’0”, white tiny in frame not much of a bust, nor waist, and a cute little tushie, her selling point was her face she had a childish face with baby fat which must have never melted away with big brown eyes a cute nose a small mouth and long flowing dark brown hair that reached her ass. Erick presented himself and learned her name was Elizabeth.

Presentation done a familiar voice rang in the class “Sorry I’m late, my name is Jennifer Chang and I will be your T.A. for this course.” Looking around she was shocked to see him in her class.
A single thought popped in Erick’s head “ I always wanted to fuck my teacher”

To be continued…

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