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She was just minding her own buissnes when he came along
As most people can tell i am your normal average looking teen girl, the only problem is i'm incredibley shy so i don't get much attention from boys only older scarey looking creeps. I'm 14 years old and a innocent looking girl with long blonde golden hair that falls right down to my light shoulders and cristle light blue eyes which have there very own story when you look into them. Don't get me wrong i'm not ugly or drop dead gorgeous or anything, but the reason i find it so hard to talk to other cute boys is because i don't live near any and when it came to kissing or anything above that i had no idea what to do, which was a complete turn of for most boys that i do see. well getting to the point of the story i was out one day eating an ice-cream near rhe park beanch it was an amazing sunny morning to, when older looking guy came and sat next to me i was shooked and sudden rush of panic washed through me, because of course i didn't know this guy and he had just starttled me, AND HE WAS SO HOT!..... i continued eating and biting away at my sweet treat when he suddenly started speaking to me asif we were long lost friends or something! i couldn't take it i got up and ran away from him as fat as my little legs could carry me, and the strange thing is he only said hi whats gotten into me?!

All night i stay awake thinking about the hot guy in the park, sure he was hot with his amaing green eyes and musclular body and of course his amazing dark drown hair yum! He looked around 18 so why was he talking to me? He could see i was only young couldn't he?, did he like me? Did he think i was cute? All these question kept on going around and around my poor young brain! But then i started thinking about something i had never thought about before, i thought about begin locked in a room alone with just him and me, i thought about dirty things that made my pussy tingle and nipple harden, oh my word what am i thinking, i was so ashamned of these nasty thoughts that overtook my head! For some reason i don't excally know how my small hand found its way towards my untouched virgin pussy and started rubbing my pink swollen clit, and the other one started playing with my rock hard nipples, mmmmm this felt so good, i saw images of the hot guy from the park touching me, feel me, tasting me with his waiting tongue, i started moaning into my pillow i made sure i was careful i didn't want anyone knowing what dirty thing i was doing, i suddenly felt like i was going to pee, but having that in mind didn't make me stop it felt to good for that so i kept on rubbing and rubbing and rubbing until i burst hot liquid out of my hungry pussy, at first i thought i did infact pee myself then i knew what had just happened i had my first orgasm over that guy in the park, i knew i wanted him for that night on.....

The next day i got out of bed and went downstairs to make myself some breakfast i looked at the choice hmmm egg on toast for a change i think, Mum had woke up and came downstairs to in a hurry for work
" Morning angle, i'm of to work i'll see you this evening your dads just poped out to the shop to get some milk he'll be right back" mum kissed my forehead and gave me a quick hug before dashing to the door hurrying for work. "oh and by the way darling someone came around for you saying sorry for the other day", she expalined but before i could ask who she was on about she out the door and in the car driving to work leaving me with another question. Then an idea droped into her head maybe it was the guy from the park, she felt somehow excited. As Annabel sat eating breakfast (the girls name) she heard a knock at the door thinking it was dad she opened it to welcome him in, but of course it wasn't dad it was the boy from the park, OHHH no what do i say what do i do her brain went into jvhdfhauhdbuasb motion. he stood there smiling at her and asked if he could come in side she simplely said yes and smiled also, once he was in she shyly offered a cup of tea he replied with a no. she then sat down oppisit to him and looked at him asif to say what do you want but in a kind way.

he smiled then spoke ommmggg she thought his voice sounds so strong and commanding i want him now, he asked her why she ran away and went on to explain he ask a friend of hers where she lived so she didn't get creeped out. she replied almost a mummer i had to be somewhere, and looked down. he found this somewhat amusing and walk up to her and whisper softly with his hot breath on her ear "you don't need to be shy with me i won't hurt you" she jumped almost out of the chair and went bright red. he cuckled and smiled you are a shy one aren't you, she didn't know what to say so she kept quiet. "I asked you a question" he said, she could feel warm tears in her eyes, she said sorry and quickly wiped away her tear with her t-shirt "and yes i am" she spoke with her soft innocent voice he once again wispered to her you don't need to be scared of me i won't hurt you, but she knew different then that.

To be continued....

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wait wtf why is that so short?!

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