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The Race
"The track is divided in 4 parts urban, rural, off-road, drift and sprint."Jake spoke on the headphone stuck in my helmet."So what do you want me to do?"I said."We want you to keep your handling tight on first two turns of urban and slowdown a bit then turn tight on third one, for next zone we will give you briefing afterwards and but still i will give details on system."Shelly said."Okay LETS ROLL!"I bursted in excitement.


I was the one who shifted first all. Jake cheered me on my perfect shift and. I was now in lead. At the first turn, it easy one for me but not for others. Now i lead others by approx. 3 minutes. My car was running smoothly slight vibrations but it was alright. It kind of felt amazing how it drifted along the turns and roared on gas. At second turn i drifted through in a splitsecond and accelerated to full speed towards the third turn. At that moment my headphones came alive "Vooooh! Nice move, okay now you are heading towards the last turn of urban scenario so pressurize your engine to top speed and slow down when we say. Over."Shelly said."Roger. Over and out."I said jokingly. The last turn was tricky one it was at 235' degree sharp turn. So per instructions i stepped on the accelerator and pressed fully and in 18 sec i was at 130 mph and then radio crackled to life "Ok buddy! this a tricky one, leave the accelerator and shift towards left edge and then drift over the inner edge of the turn i.e. inner right edge and then hit the gas. Got it. Over." Jake said."Got it Bro. Over."I said. I did as i was told and got out of that turn squeaky clean. I drove towards the next zone i.e. Rural track after I was clear in Urban."Ok 'newbie' this time we got to see your off-driving. Use your gps for track and don't expect any tips from us." it was Lizz this time."Yes, Boss."I replied in a submissive and joking manner in reply of which i heard laughters on the radio. It was curvy dirt track so i took a feel of the path and drifted my mustang over five turns just like knife on butter. And then got tight on accelerator and jumped over a uphill and swiftly drove to next zone."Nice work Bro although the work isn't over, next zone is on-road drifting which is although my department but i know you can handle it. So go slow let your car be free and feel the turns and don'cha dare to wreck my baby. Over"Dave said in a threatening manner."I got your back Bro."I replied in defense. It was an awesome swirling track with cool turns and twists. I drove out of it pretty easily."Good, now the last part is a straight strip so ride it hard."Dave spoke on the radio, commanding."Aye! Aye! Captain."I answered with a screaming sound of engine. This strip was 3.5 mile long and provided an opportunity to show the performance of one's ride so it was then that after 3 miles i was handling the car at 155 mph and the race ended after just 19 sec.

As i drove my car back into the garage i was welcomed by claps and hooting. I changed into my clothes and met others at the doorway, every one congratulated me for victory.

As i was leaving, It was then Lizz told me that i settled a legendary time record in each zone and also i broke previous maximum speed record of 150 mph by mine 160 mph. When we were about to leave then they asked my name in a embarrassing way and i felt kind of frantic that they used a guy without knowing his name to win a friendly race. I felt kind of awkward but brushing it off I answered in james bond style "My name is Roverlord, Sterix Roverlord." while i wore my glasses and walked through the door towards the reception I noticed that Michele was busy in some paperwork. I said "Hi!" in low voice and Michele glanced back at me in a surprised way. "Hi there!, how was your first day at school?"She replied. "Nothing very special, just kind of normal I think. By the way you were going to show me around right."I replied in a alright kind of expression. "Yeah! I know that and have a nice surprise for you! Take it as a newcomer's welcome gift."She giggled and took me by hand and showed me each corner of the campus and i never let her go. When we were at the top floor it was getting dark outside and the entire campus was deserted. In front of a hall she took a hold of me and dragged me into it and closed the door. Then she pinned me on the wall, her body was all over me.

She started kissing me, although i thought of protesting but didn't, because it felt good so passionate, so much arousing, it made my heart (yeah a heart of an alien) racing in my chest. I held her waist and pressed her more towards me, we kissed passionately for 5 minutes and then we started to strip each other. But I intervened and asked "What are you doing?". "Your surprise gift."She replied and continued stripping.

I kissed every part of her body that got uncovered and she moaned at this. She wore a white shirt, black skirt, black stockings and high heels and her golden blonde hair looked amazing. After removing her shirt and skirt i came to know that she wasn't wearing bra and panties. It kind of got me horny as she stood naked in front of me, just wearing stockings and heels only worsen the conditions. She looked red hot. I grabbed her with my arm around her waist and kissed for few more minutes before she pulled down my jeans and stared at the bump in my underwear. As she pulled it down she gasped in anticipation and nearly felt on the floor by the surprise."WOW! Thats huge. You got a Horse's dick."She said in a horny tone. Well what can i say i had a 12' long and 2' thick monster pole on which she slowly circled her fingers around my dick and started sucking my dick. It took her two minutes to understand that i was too big to fit in here small mouth. She started slurping on my dick like it was a lolipop, sucking head of my dick, playing with my balls but i wasn't even near to cuming which she was trying to bring me to."Now my turn. Lay down on the desk."I ordered and she did so and i started sucking on her nipples. She had normal sized breasts i think 34B. She moaned and i increased my intensity of sucking on her nipples while my one worked on other breast and with other i was massaging her ass. And she just screamed in her orgasm "Aaaaahhhhh! How can you do it without touching it there!"She yelled. And I just increased my intensity in reply and her moans grew all the more louder. I made her orgasm 5 times before i reached her flower and started to suck on it and she screamed and quivered continuously for next 10 minutes as i made her orgasm with my touch after 20 times i forgot the counting as she begged me "Please Fuck me! make me yours, I will do whatever you want.". I didn't kept her waiting any more cause she was getting all the more crazy at me, so i pushed my dick's head in her opening and she moaned loudly."Are you ready!"I said and got a reply instantly."More than anything baby."She said in low tone. And i started pushing into her cunt, just after only a inch inside her i felt something as i started to enter in her tight flower. I felt something hit my dick, like something pausing my entrance, like an elastic wall. As i pushed more inside her and heard her cry in pain and scream as if i broke her bone. I saw blood pouring out of her cunt and covering my dick which was just 3 inch inside her. I kissed her as tears fell from her eyes."Thanks for your gift baby. Make yourself comfortable and then tell me to continue if you want so."I relaxed and made her comfortable for further ride. After 2 or 3 minutes she looked into my eyes and shook her head to signal me and then i slowly pushed my remaining 8 inches in her. Her eyes flew wide open as i hit her inner wall. As i started to withdraw my sword she moaned and i withdrew till only my head was left inside. Then i started pumping inside her with her one leg on my shoulder. First slowly then a bit fast and then faster and then again the jet of lust fluid started to flow on both of us as it washed the blood. After half hour i pulled out of her in doggy style and made her stand with leg in air, i supported her by holding her leg in air and started to rub my dick on her rosebud and slowly tried to push in it in her rosebud. At this she said"I haven't ever done it in my ass."."Don't worry, you will love it."I said to her. And entered her tight asshole and gave her a minute to adjust before slamming my complete 12 inches inside her. I saw myself buried in her assholes as i started to pull out i felt something clutching my dick in her behind, before i understood i heard Michele scream again as i gave her her first anal orgasm."Yessssssss! AAAaaaaaaaah!"She screamed in stark pleasure. I pumped in her giving her multiple orgasms for another thirty minutes before i pulled out of her ass and started to pump in her pussy again. I was close so slammed in her harder before finally blowing my load in her sweet cunt."AAAAaaaaaaaaaaah! Its boiling in me! Its soooo hot!"She yelled as her own orgasm came smashing through mine. I pulled out of her cunt and entered her asshole, this time i lasted for a full hour and spewed my seed in her tight asshole. In the end i pulled out of her and she gave me a short blow job before kissing me and getting dressed. After the 2 hour match although i wasn't that much tired but she looked feeble. I lifted her in my arms after i got dressed and took her to my suv, seated her on its hood and opened the gate then lifted her again and carried her onto the seat. I closed the door, took her address from her purse and fed it into gps as she felt asleep on my car's comfy seat. I drove her home. Opened her front gate then opened my ride's gate carried her to her room undressed her and covered her by the blankets. As i was leaving she held my hand and said"Thank you for all that."."No thanks as i was enjoying too what we did back there."I replied."We left my ride in the campus."She said with a worry on her face."Don't worry i'll pick you up at 9 in morning for our tour."I replied to her with a smile and she smiled too. As i was ready to go again. I got a glimpse of the clock it was 10:30 PM and i remembered that i got to go because i was late by a complete 3 and a half hours and i had no answers about my whereabouts but then i remembered something at which i smiled, i picked up Michele's bmw's keys and speeded to my crib. As soon i entered the garage and parked my ride at a side i saw Kyliena's red face staring right at me.

As i got out of my Porsche she yelled "Where in the hell were you?."."Ask him that with whom did he spent his dawn?" This question came from behind of Kyliena, it was mom who asked. I was pretty shocked at that question but then i realized that i wasn't from any ordinary family and in my case there was no hiding, my mom could sense my sex juices on me and on my car and hell she once caught me with Kyliena and we also had a threesome too.("Yeah, i had a pretty fucked up family."Isaid to myself)."She is receptionist in ESU."I answered the raised question to lower the issue."Alright tell me everything."Kyliena said and i told her and mom everything. They sat in front of me stunned and horny but they understood that i was tired enough for any of them. If we talked physically then my mom was still a young lady in her early thirties, she had an excellent figure, with 78D breasts wih firetruck red hair and Kyliena appeared to be in her late twenties, she was well built too, but had 64B breasts and had jet black hair. I loved them both as they loved me too."Okay, i'll have your dinner ready after you shower."Mom said and i nooded and headed straight to the bathroom. At 12 i.e. Midnight i ate my dinner and headed to my bed and felt asleep soon, there was no practicing tonight.

I woke up at 7 and got dressed up and asked others too. Kyliena wore a pink top and blue stretchable jeans and mom wore a white top and blue mini jeans. Till 8 everyone was ready we took mom's mercedes got to school to pick up Michele's ride. I and Kyliena walked to the parking lot while mom sent our mercedes back home. As i pressed alarm key on central lock remote,i heard a sound from another corner of the lot, it was a black bmw m6, we quickly boarded it and drove to Michele's house. I was amazed when she came out of her front door she wore a black hot pant and blue top which was so short that it covered only her chest under a dark blue jacket. I greeted her and gave her a quick kiss and opened gate of her car. Kyliena shifted to back seat by the time we came to car. After Michele sat, i closed the gate and took the wheel."Michele this is my mom Sonia and my sis Kyliena. Everyone this is Michele my..... Huuh...friend."I said."Nice to meet both of you."Michele greeted everyone."Nice to meet you too."Mom and Kyliena replied in unison."Sterix she is still only a friend after all that...."Kyliena said in a naughty tone and winked at Michele at which my mom erupted in laughter while i and Michele watched each other blush."Okay everyone calm down, no more talks about that. Michele take us on the tour of Sin City, baby."Mom said while stopping her own smile. Our entire Sunday was spent on sight seeing of LA. Although we walked at several locations but i was always alone, mom, Kylie and Michele were busy talking about something or other behind me, but i knew what they were talking about. At the end of the day still no one was tired enough. When it got late in night i.e. around 1 we dropped back in the car,drove the car and dropped mom and Kylie at our home firsy and then drove to Michele's place. As i needed to talk to her.

We parked into garage and i walked out along with her at her front door, i asked her"Why did you chose me know......get laid?". She hesitated for moment on my question and then finally answered"You will feel awfully weird and used if i told you the truth."."Please tell me, i can't sleep well with worries in my head. I can't sleep until i know that what happened between us was not meaningless."I said with tension in my voice."Actually i know who you are."She replied in a low pitch."What do you mean by ' i know who you are '?"I frowned at her reply."I mean you are an Alien too."She said hesitantly."What do you mean by Alien?"I brought fake exclamimed expressions on my face trying to ignore what she was saying."Don't you hide it, i can see your aura, its quite different than any human's. You are like me, you are my kind of aliens. I was happy when i found you, in fact i was pretty horny to find someone who can match my lust. So i did it there in the hall. But i didn't knew that there where others too."She said and i kissed her hotly for about 5 minutes when she finished explaining.

"Its good to find a Roverlord here, on Earth besides us."I said."You are one of us but how were you able to hide your aura?"I asked."My dad gave my mom a pendant and told her to keep it on me, that pendant blocked my aura but i think i don't need it anymore."She replied."Wait a second your mom and dad?"I asked her in excitement."Yeah, My dad was captain in their Galactic Army, whom you are saying 'Roverlords'. He came here about nineteen years ago on a dropping mission of a royal family on earth. I was only a month old at that time. He brought me along with him secretly. Dad gave me to my mom who had a dead baby and told to vow her secrecy and tell me my reality when i'm 15. There he gave her the pendant and a hologramic projector with my biological mom's and dad's info, photos and my dad's final message. My mom and dad died in a car accident three years ago after telling me the truth. I got all their property and 500G compensation from that sonofabitch asshole bastard who crashed into my parent's ride from then i'm alone waiting for my dad to come back one day for me."She spoke while sorrow and heaviness appeared in her voice along with tears in her eyes. I made her sit on her house's front steps and cleared tears from her eyes."Don't you ever think that you are alone. I will be always around you whenever you sad or happy or wherever you are, whether goining through any phase of your life. I will always be there to support you...........Because I Love You!"I said and kissed her. After a long kiss and tight hug."Start packing your bags from today after school, because now on you are living with me. Now i gotta go, i will talk to you later. Bye."I spoke and she nodded in aggrement. I walked to the sideway waving my hand and then teleported back to my house. I told everything to mom and Kylie and they supported my decision and congratulated for my first ever official girlfriend.........

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