My aunt was my first, this is for her
Laura was standing in her aunt Ginny’s back yard. She felt so safe here. With her Aunt Ginny she had no secrets, she had nothing to hide. As if sensing her presence, Laura turned and found her aunt studying her closely. She tried to smile and knew she had only succeeded in what probably looked more like a grimace. “Aunt Ginny.”
Her aunt opened her mouth to reply and then thought better of it. What that her fourteen year old niece needed was a hug and fast. She pulled her Laurie into her arms and hugged her fiercely, not the first and definitely not the last of the hugs she would give. Ginny couldn’t get over how quickly her little Laurie was growing up. She was wearing skin tight jeans that accentuated every curve on her hips and ass and Ginny felt her pussy twinge as she noticed the seam in the crotch of the jeans nearly disappeared into the outline of her young niece’s pussy.
She felt Laura still in her arms, and pulled her closer letting her thigh purposely rub firmly between Laura’s legs. She took in the fruity aroma of her young niece’s hair and felt her perky breasts press into hers. Finally Ginny pushed her away and held her at arm’s length. “Baby girl, I missed you.”
Ginny wondered if this would be the night that she would seduce her hot little neice.
A smile crept over Laura’s features, and she felt the pain of her first unrequited love start to leave her body. Laura loved her mother, no doubt about that, but her bond with her aunt had been something very special. Aunt Ginny was the first to know she was a lesbian. She was the first one she told about Tara, and the first one that Laura had talked to when she knew it was Tara she loved.

She felt at home here, and she hoped that meant she could ease her broken heard. “Aunt Ginny. You don’t mind if I stay the night do you?”
“Nonsense.” Aunt Ginny waived a hand, dismissing Laura’s comment. At fifty-one, she had seen a lot and her blue eyes twinkled with a thousand lost tales. Her brown hair, the same shade as Laura’s, sat in a haphazard pile atop her head. Her glasses sat perched on her head, long forgotten after this morning’s perusal of the paper. She still carried her trim figure with ease and looked every bit the farm girl in her wrinkled white tee—shirt and worn out blue jeans that formed to her shapely mature ass. Her smile was effortless, and it had been said of Ginny in her younger days that anyone that met her fell in love with her. “Come inside and I’ll get you a sandwich
Laura gobbled down the sandwich sitting on a stool at the kitchen counter but couldn’t stop thinking about Tara’s words, had she really called her a lesbo freak?
Ginny interrupted her ruminations and as she walked in behind her, Laura inhaled the air around her one more time. She noticed that her aunt wasn’t wearing a bra beneath her top. It was hard not to notice the large round nipple that were standing at attention beneath the thin fabric. Laura tried not to stare. She briefly recalled the many nights she had stayed with her aunt. The past two occasions she had taken every opportunity to steal lustful looks at her lovely aunt, and had even peeked through a crack in the bathroom door when Aunt Ginny was in the shower. Laura filled her eyes and mind with images of her aunt’s sexy body…her large firm breasts and long nipples, her shapely ass and her cunt, oh her shaved puffy cunt lips.
That evening in the guest bedroom, she borrowed her aunt’s hair brush and fucked herself long and hard, her eyes closed recalling images of her sexy aunt in the shower. Laura came so hard she sprayed her tasty girl cum all over the sheets.
“Does your mom know you’re here?” Laura smiled at her aunt’s question. She knew this was her chance to get everything out if she wanted. She wasn't sure yet, but the thought was comforting in a way.
“I left a note.”
“Humph. She will be pissed,” said Aunt Ginny.”
“Oh, you know Mom. She has to stew a while before she forgives anyone, eventually.” Laura chuckled to herself.
Aunt Ginny moved in behind Laura on the stool and let her hands fall lightly on her young nieces shoulders.
Laura tilted her head and brushed her soft cheek along her aunt’s warm hand.
“Did you tell her about your feelings for Tara?” A small feeling of guilt washed over Laura. She hadn’t told her mother about any of her true feeling, or even that she liked girls. She just couldn’t bring herself to talk about it with her. Telling her mother held an ominous air. What if her mother rejected her because she was a lesbian. Her mother’s reaction could often be volatile and tying she just couldn’t take that right now. Not after she had been rejected by her one love.
“No, I just can’t tell her,” whispered Laura feeling tears well up in her eyes again.
“Want me to talk to her about it?” Ginny offered quietly. “I never fail to piss my older sister off, might as well keep that going.” Laura shook her head and chuckled softly.
“No, but thank you. I need to put on my big girl panties and just do it.” Laura said trying to smile.
Aunt Ginny leaned down and whispered in her sexy niece’s ear. “Big girl panties, huh, I wouldn’t mind seeing you in those.”
Aunt Ginny’s hands had slipped down to Laura’s mid-section just below her budding breasts. Laura closed her eyes there was something new, something urgent in her aunt’s touch, and she wasn’t sure how to respond. After a moment she leaned back on the stool allowing Aunt Ginny to embrace her more tightly. She could feel the soft warmth of her aunt’s breasts on back.

“Aunt Ginny,” Laura put her hand on one of her aunt’s, “I’m so glad I have you to talk to…to be with. I don’t know what I would do without you…” Laura whispered as she firmly moved her aunt’s graceful hand so that it cupped her soft young breast, “I love you Aunt Ginny…”
Aunt Ginny’s lips were by Laura’s ear again. “Oh baby girl, you need a little lovin’ don’t you…is that what you need from your aunt Ginny?” she whispered as her hand began to gently squeeze and caress her little nieces tittie. Finding Laura’s stiff little nipple Ginny pinched it hard.
“Oh yes, yes, yes, Aunt Ginny, you know what I need, only you know what I’ve wanted for so long. I’ve never been with a girl, please be my first lover.” Laura said breathlessly
“Yeah, Aunt Ginny knows what you want alright. My cunt has been wet ever since you peeked on me in the shower. Then I listened at your door while you fucked yourself silly with my brush. I guess you didn’t notice me peeking on you did you Laura?”
Suddenly Ginny roughly grabbed the damp crotch of Laura’s jeans and began to grind up and down on her young slit with the side of her palm. Laura’s young body rippled with pleasure and she moaned, realizing that her aunt had seen her fuck herself and spray cum all over the bed.
“Oh fuck baby girl turn around, “ Ginny physically spun her niece in the stool and kneeling, buried her face in the wet crotch of Laura’s jeans. Ginny was sucking and licking at the slit in the crotch of Laura’s jeans then she inhaled the bouquet of her young niece’s hot little cunt.
“Oh fuck, I have to eat you baby girl, let’s get you out of these sexy jeans, so I can tongue fuck your pussy.”
Laura was trembling as she stood up and let her aunt slowly pull the tight jeans off her young body. As Ginny had guessed, her sexy niece wasn’t wearing panties. When Laura’s jeans and top were off Ginny took off her own clothes and led Laura to her own bed.
“Look at you my lovely Laura,” she stood behind her niece in front of a full length mirror. “That stupid little bitch Tara doesn’t have a clue what she is missing out on. Oh baby girl you are trembling, “ Aunt Ginny said softly. She rubbed her warm hands up and down Laura’s shoulders, then drew the hair from her neck. Ginny kissed and licked Laura’s neck as she looked at the image of her hot young niece in the mirror.
“Your body is almost identical to your mom’s when she was your age, look at these firm little titties…” Ginny sighed as she took Laura’s perky little breasts in her hands squeezing them passionately before pulling at pinching at her hard little nipples.
Laura’s knees buckled from the sheer pleasure of her aunt’s touch, and she let out a long groan.
“Look at yourself…Laura you truly are stunning. I want you to open your pussy lips with your fingers, S
Slowly Laura reached down with both hands, and while spreading her legs wide she spread open her pussy lips to reveal the pink slickness of her cunt.
“Oh fuck yes, baby girl, look how wet you are. Do you want Aunt Ginny to lick up all those sweet juices for you?” said Ginny twisting Laura’s nipples again.
“Oh yes, aunt Ginny, I want you to eat my little cunt, I want you to lick and suck my juices and make my cunt cum all over your face…ohhh fuck, Aunt Ginny, I want it so bad,” Laura blurted out.
“Baby girl, I want to you to stick two fingers deep into that tight little pussy and let me get a taste of your little girl juice. Do it now, “ Ginny said urgently.
Aunt Ginny watched intently, rolling her nieces nipples between her fingers then pinching them hard each time Laura thrust her fingers into her hot wet cunt.
When Laura finally pulled them out they glistened with her juices. Ginny grabbed the girl’s wrist firmly and slowly and deliberately brought her fingers to her mouth.

“Oh fuck, it’s like a baby-girl popsicle,” Ginny sighed as she took the fingers into her mouth and licked them and sucked, moaning at the sweet tangy taste of her niece’s pussy juice.
Ginny turned her niece by the shoulders and kissed her hard, plunging her tongue into Laura’s open mouth letting her share the flavour from her cunt.
The two kissed passionately, sucking on each other’s fervent tongues as they pressed their naked bodies together. Finally, Ginny pushed Laura hard so that she toppled back on the bed. In an instant she was on top of her niece, sucking her stiff little nipples deep into her mouth, then letting her teeth play against the sensitive nubs.

“Are you ready baby girl, are you ready for your Aunt Ginny’s tongue inside your hot young cunt?” Ginny grinned as she kissed her way down her niece’s sexy young body.

“Oh, fuck, oh fuck yes Aunt Ginny, do me, stick your tongue inside me, please, “ Laura pleaded.
Ginny kissed each firm tanned thigh, she slapped one, then the other, causing Laura to open her legs even wider.

“Oh fuck, what a pretty, little pussy,” Ginny sighed as she parted the pink puffy lips with her fingers, “And your clit is absolutely adorable. “

Suddenly Laura’s clit was engulfed by Ginny’s hot mouth, her aunt’s tongue tip drew circle after circle around the sensitive nub until Laura was arching her ass off the bed and shaking with pleasure. She never imagined that anything could feel this good. It was as if her Aunt had just turned the key to her true self, to her deepest passion, and she screamed with from the intense pleasure her own Aunt was giving her. Deep down Laura knew that, it was because it was wrong, because it was taboo that her body was responding in a heightened way. Her own aunt was sucking on her clit and she never wanted it to stop.

Just when Laura could feel the rumblings of her first climax, her aunt removed her sweet mouth from her clit.

“Oh Fuck No!” she screamed.
“Settle down baby girl, I don’t want you to cum just yet. I have to suck and fuck your little cunt first, “ said Ginny as she repositioned her body and let her tongue trace the outer lips of Laura’s pussy before plunging her tongue deep into her niece’s tight little pussy.

“Oh Fuck Yes!” Laura screamed as she felt the heat of Aunt Ginny’s tongue swirling and twisting inside her pussy.
Ginny moaned loudly as Laura’s juiced flowed from her slick pussy flesh onto her tongue. The sent, texture and taste of her little niece’s cunt was overwhelming. So fresh so virginal. It made her crazy with lust. She had watched Laura bring her pussy to a crushing climax, with cum flying everywhere. That night she had decided that at the first opportunity she would seduce her little niece and swallow the taboo juice of her precious little cunt.

As Ginny plunged her tongue in and out of Laura’s cunt, her fourteen year old niece was bucking her little ass off the bed with each thrust. She could feel her juicy cunt walls begin to grab at her tongue. She knew Laura was close and she groaned in anticipation of swallowing a river of her teen cum.
She clamped the little girl’s clit firmly between two of her fingers and be sliding the fingers up and down over her mound. The trapped clit jumped up and down between Ginny’s fingers sending Laura into a fit of pleasure, growling and screaming and gridding her cunt onto her aunt’s fingers and mouth.

When Ginny began grinding Laura’s clit mercilessly between two knuckles, letting the finger joints pinch down hard on the tender nub, Laura’s body erupted in a wave of volcanic pleasure. With one long high pitched scream, Laura’s body thrashed around and a her convulsing little cunt spewed squirt after squirt of hot, thick cum down her aunt’s throat.

Ginny eagerly opened her mouth and throat and swallowed every last drop from her little niece’s succulent little cunt. Laura would have been happy if her aunt would have stayed there between her legs lapping and sucking at her molten little cunt but finally as her body settled down her aunt took her in her arms, and kissed her lovingly, letting Laura lick her own juices from her lips and chin.
They giggled and kissed again. Finally, Laura looked her aunt in the eyes and sighed, “I loved that, and I love you very much.”

Ginny smiled as she reached for her cell phone on the night stand, “ I love you too baby girl.”

“Who are you calling?” Laura asked, softly.

“I’m calling your mom, baby girl, I think its high time she got a taste of who you really are, “ Ginny said with a wicked grin on her face, “We have been lovers since we were about your age, and we still are. Our favorite foreplay is to talk about how hot it would be to have a threesome with you baby girl.”

Laura was struck dumb, but her cunt was heating up. The thought of eating her mother’s cunt washed over her, and she moaned loudly, and plunged two fingers into her puffy, pink pussy.

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