Amber and her father face one serious obstacle to thier incestous relationship, her brother Jimmy.
Amber reluctantly lowered her legs from her father’s shoulders as his spent dick withdrew itself from her pussy. She felt the trickle of his warm cum run down her crack to pool on the bed sheet. She hated it when they had to rest between fucks. She felt so close to him when his dick was pounding in and out of her. For his part, Tim Drake also was reluctant to disentangle from her love grip. Although she was his 16 year old daughter, he saw so much of her departed mother in her passion. He flopped back on the bed, spent after such a vigorous fuck. Amber cuddled up to him with her arm across his chest. She loved his cum whether it was being pumped down her throat or shot up her pussy. There were times she wished he had two dicks so that she could suck one load out and down her throat at the same time he pumped another load into her thirsty womb. For a moment she wondered if she could suck him off and hold his load in her mouth to swallow when he climaxed in her vagina, but she could never keep quite while he was pounding her into the bed. She had to tell him how much she loved his Daddy dick and yell nasty things to him to encourage him to fuck her harder. She couldn’t do that and hold his load at the same time.

Tim was shaken from his post coital bliss when he glanced at the clock. He shook Amber and reminded Amber her brother, Jimmy, would be home soon. They had just enough time to get the evidence of their incestuous fucking cleaned up before he came home. That brought Amber back to the real problem with their relationship, Jimmy. They couldn’t just hop into bed whenever they wanted. They had to get rid of him. Today, Dad had taken off from work early and Amber had an early release from school. Reluctantly, they stirred themselves. By the time Jimmy got home, Tim was working on the computer and Amber was watching a movie on the TV. Behind his back, Amber glared at him for spoiling the time with their father.

Luckily, in a few weeks, things would change. With school out, Jimmy’s summer job would keep him occupied most nights and the few he was off would be spent with his bitch of a girlfriend. Then she and her father would have all the free time they needed to screw when and where they wanted. Just the thought of what they could do sent shivers through Amber’s body. She felt herself get so wet that a trickle of juice spotted her panties. She fidgeted on the couch, rubbing her legs together to increase the sensation. She excused herself and went up to the bathroom to rub her pussy until she came again. Licking her cunt cream fingers, she eagerly looked forward to two weeks from now.

Amber would be less happy if she knew the troubles coming her way. It started just a few days before the end of the school year. Jimmy came home and threw his books on the table and beat a hasty retreat to his bedroom evidently in a foul mood. For her part, Amber ignored him as usual. When Dad got home, he went up to tell Jimmy that dinner was ready. Jimmy yelled he wasn’t coming down to dinner. He didn’t care if he ever ate again. His father went in and had a talk with him. To make a long story short, Jimmy’s girlfriend dumped him at school. More than dumped him, she told him she was pregnant by his best buddy. Jimmy cried on his father’s shoulder about how she was always telling him no, that she wanted to save herself for marriage, and meanwhile was screwing around behind his back. His father assured him that he would find another girl in time, but Jimmy said he never wanted a thing to do with another girl. Tim and Amber gave him a wide berth to get over his hurt feelings, but his constant moping around the house cut into their free time. Amber spent even more time locked in the bathroom settling for her fingers instead of her father’s hot, hard cock. Her frustration was so bad that her father went out and bought her a vibrator to hold her over for the following week. As soon as school let out, Jimmy dropped the second shoe. Instead of his night job at the movie theatre, he had gotten a day job downtown as an intern. He was especially happy that it was close to his father’s place of work so they could carpool every morning and at night. Amber’s heart fell at the news. He would always be underfoot when her father was home. The third blow was when her summer job fell through. Thinking he was helping his sister, Jimmy got his former boss at the theatre to offer her his old evening job. It was going to be a frustrating summer for Amber.

Amber tried to set Jimmy up with her friend Tracey to get him out of the house on her nights off, but he refused. Instead, he sat in his room moping; and in Amber’s opinion, cock blocking her father and her. Her only relief was masturbating at night and using the vibrator. She missed the feel of her father pressing down on her as she climaxed, and the taste of his cum gulped down her throat. She thought of sneaking into her father’s room when she got home from work, but Jimmy was always sitting in the living room watching some dumb movie or in his bedroom on the computer. If he would only shut his door, she thought. Then she could move down the hallway unseen.

Desperation drove Amber and her father to take some drastic chances. One night, Tim told Jimmy he was going to pick up Amber after her shift because it was raining. As expected, Jimmy grunted he would be staying home. Tim’s heart was beating fast, and his rock hard cock tenting his shorts while he waited out front of the theatre for Amber. As soon as she closed the car door, he sped away. Pulling over into a dark corner in the town park, Tim shut off the car and pulled Amber close to him. Their lips met in a passionate kiss, and their tongues probed each other’s mouth. Tim slipped his hand under her blouse and moved the cup of her bra to grasp her nipple. She moaned into his mouth as he rolled the hardening nipple between his finger and thumb. Amber reached down and rubbed the hard bulge in his shorts. Fumbling in the dark of the car, she unzipped his shorts and reached in to grasp him. Just the feel of her warm fingers wrapping around his throbbing rod was almost enough to cause his climax. He broke their kiss and leaned back to moan as his hips jutted forward. Amber took his shift in position to lower her head and wrap her lips around his cock. She greedily sucked his cock, desperate for the cum she knew was there. Meanwhile, Tim reached down her back and slipped his hand inside her pants. They were too tight to allow him much access so Amber sat up and unbuckled them and pulled her zipper down. The cool air flowing over his spit slick dick calmed Tim a little. When Amber resumed her cock sucking, he reached in her pants again. Since she had loosened them, he was able to reach her pussy from the back. She was already gushing juices. He quickly shoved three fingers into her snatch and was rewarded with a moan reverberating around his dick lodged deep in her mouth. He wanted to strip her bare and throw a wild fuck into her, but there was always the chance of passing traffic. They both were intent on bringing the other to a climax first. Tim won the contest as Amber’s cunt lips clamped on his fingers as shudders wracked her body. Bringing his fingers to his lips, he sniffed and tasted her juices as she returned to finishing her knob polishing. Finally, she was rewarded with a rush of cum blasts hitting her tongue and greedily swallowed down her throat. Coming up for air, Amber used her fingers to catch any traces escaping her mouth. She put her arms around his neck and begged him to take her in the back seat and fuck her. She so wanted to feel his weight upon her and his dick hammering her. Despite his better judgment, Tim was about to give in when a set of headlights pulled up behind them. Tim and Amber quickly straightened up their clothing and moved apart on the seat. Someone got out of the car behind them and walked up to the driver’s side. A knock on the window called Tim’s attention to a cop standing beside the car. Rolling down the window, he greeted the officer. The officer asked him to step outside as he shone a light over to Amber’s side. Questioned about what he was doing out so late in the park, Tim lied to the officer. He said he had come to pick his daughter up after she called crying because her boyfriend threw her out of the car for not letting him go all the way. The officer replied he understood as he was a father himself. He asked Tim if he wanted them to pay a little visit to the boyfriend to throw a scare in him. Tim said no, he would handle it and was sure Amber would never go out with him again. The officer shone his light on Amber again cowering in the corner. He told her she was lucky she didn’t get mugged or raped in the dark park. Tim thanked him for his concern and got back in the car. Driving away, the two lovers breathed a sigh of relief while pledging never again.

The second close call came a week later. Jimmy had gone out for a rare night out with the boys, a sign he was coming out of his depression. As soon as he left, Amber and Tim sped to his bedroom tearing their clothes off on the way. Amber flopped on the bed, and spread her legs. Tim dove head first between her legs and whipped her pussy with his tongue. Amber pulled him up from his knees and onto the bed. She took his cock and clamped her lips around it. Tim shifted around so his head was again between her legs in a perfect 69 position. Tim sucked the lips and drew them up till they pulled out of his mouth with a snap. He fluttered his tongue across her clit and drilled it into her gushing hole. Meanwhile, Amber steadily worked on his cock. She twirled her tongue around the crown and flicked it across the slit at the end. Then she plunged her mouth down until it knocked against the back of her throat. Neither cared as much for their pleasure as the pleasure of the other. Tim clamped his lips around her clit as he drove multiple fingers in and out of her hole. Amber released his cock and sucked first one and then the other ball and batted them with her tongue as she stroked his cock with her hand. All too soon, Tim felt the rush of cum building up. He grunted he was cumming and Amber clamped her lips around his cock in time to suck his load right down her throat. The splash of warm cum was the trigger for Amber’s climax. She clamped her legs around his head and arched her back. Tim rolled off the sated girl, and caught his breath. Amber moved around, and stroked his dick until it regained enough stiffness. She climbed up on top of him and lowered herself onto his dick. Bouncing robustly, she rode him to another climax. Although she did not cum this time, Amber smiled at the feel of his cum splashing against her vagina walls. She had just laid back on the bed and was holding her arms up to wrap around him when Tim heard a car pulling into the driveway. Looking outside, he saw Jimmy getting out of his car. Quickly, he told Amber to get in the bathroom shower, and scurried down the hall to pick up their clothes. He threw Amber’s stuff into the bathroom and dashed back into his room just as Jimmy came up the stairs. Jimmy knocked on his door, and Tim asked who it was. Through the door, Jimmy told him the party got out of hand and his buddy’s parents sent everybody home. Jimmy asked if Amber was home yet, and Tim said no. Then Jimmy heard the shower turn on. He asked his father who was in the bathroom. Tim didn’t respond so Jimmy opened the door and entered the bedroom to see if he was alright. He was surprised to see his father covered up in the bed. He was about to ask him what was wrong when he saw a pair of ladies underwear laying on the floor, and smiled. He apologized to his father. He smirked as he nodded toward the bathroom. He said, “Sorry Dad. Didn’t know you had company over. If you want, I’ll come back in a short bit.” Tim nodded, and Jimmy left. When he heard the car start in the driveway, Tim jumped out of the bed and rushed to the bathroom. Unaware of all this, Amber was surprised when her father rushed in. He quickly explained what was going on. Amber got dressed and snuck out the back door. Cutting across the rear neighbor’s yard, she circled around the block. As she started down the street, she saw Jimmy’s car sitting on the side of the road. She walked over and asked what he was doing here. He told her about walking in on Dad and his girlfriend. Amber feigned surprise and asked if he knew who she was. Jimmy said no, he was waiting to see who came out of the house. Amber scolded him for spying on their father. She convinced Jimmy to take her for a ride to the store. When they got there, Jimmy called home and asked if the coast was clear. His father said yes, but Amber wasn’t home yet. Jimmy explained he had intercepted her to prevent a second interruption, and they would be home right away. Amber and her father again felt relief that they had dodged another incident, but Jimmy secretly told Amber he would make it his mission to find out who Dad’s girlfriend was. Amber was further resolved to solve the Jimmy problem without delay.

Three nights later, Amber got home after an exhausting evening at work. Jimmy’s car was not in the driveway causing Amber’s heart to jump. She leaped up the porch stairs anxious to take advantage of his absence to get some Daddy dick. Before she got to the door, Jimmy stepped out of the bushes and asked her to wait. He explained that he had told Dad he was staying over at a friend’s house for the night, but really just moved his car down the street. She asked him why. He said he was setting a trap to see who Dad’s girlfriend was since Dad seemed real excited about having a night alone and would probably have called her over. Amber was pissed off as Hell. She told him to grow up and went inside. Her father was waiting in the living room for her with a huge smile and a huger hard-on. Amber signaled him to be quiet and whispered to him how Jimmy was setting a trap. Tim swore and stormed off to his bedroom. Amber considered taking a chance that Jimmy would stay outside, but that idea went out the window when Jimmy came inside just a few minutes later. Frustrated, she stormed up to the bathroom. She pulled down her panties and masturbated to a climax. Her panties were so soaked with her juice, she slipped them off and threw them in the hamper before heading to bed only partially satisfied.

She slept late the next morning. Dad and Jimmy had left for work by the time she came downstairs. After breakfast, she decided to do laundry. When she got the clothes out of bathroom hamper, she couldn’t find her panties from the night before. This wasn’t the first time it had happened, but she had always chalked it up to bad memory. She went into her father’s room to strip the sheets off his bed. She also, reluctantly, figured she might as well do her brother’s bed. However, when she pulled the pillows off the bed, she found her panties rolled into a ball underneath. Picking them up she noticed they were crusty with what looked like dry cum. All of a sudden, it dawned on her. Her brother was using her dirty panties to jerk off. A smile crossed her lips as an idea crossed her mind. She put the panties back and left the bed as it had been.

She knew her father had a business meeting tonight, and Jimmy was expecting her to be gone to work tonight. She didn’t let him know her schedule had been changed and she was off for the night. After dinner, she got ready for work being sure to leave another well scented pair of panties on top of the hamper. She told Jimmy she was leaving for work but only walked down to the corner store. After an hour, she went back to the house and silently entered. Jimmy was not downstairs. As quietly as possible, she tiptoed up the stairs. Jimmy’s bedroom door was open a slight crack and there was a light on inside. Sliding up to the outside of the door, she peeked through the crack. Jimmy was propped up on his bed naked. He had his fist wrapped around his sizeable dick, pumping it furiously. With his other hand, he held the panties she had planted up to his nose. As she watched, he grunted as wads of cum shot out of his dick splattering onto his chest. He took the panties and rubbed them in the gobs of cum. He relaxed in a post climax euphoria.

Amber took this point to walk unannounced into his room. Jimmy jumped at the intrusion and grabbed for his blankets but they had fallen onto the floor. Instead he shifted one of the pillows behind him to cover his privates. Walking over to his bed, Amber spotted her cum coated panties discarded on the floor. She picked them up and brought them to her nostrils. She took a deep breath of the fragrant cum/pussy juice combo. Jimmy didn’t know what to do having been caught red handed. Amber reached over and grabbed the pillow to pull it away. Jimmy clutched harder to it, but Amber finally got it away. Jimmy covered his privates with his hands and blushed. Amber moved over closer and sniffed his chest smeared with cum. She flicked her tongue out and licked up a taste. Her warm tongue on his chest sent an electric shock through him. She continued trailing her tongue across his chest. Glancing down at his crotch, she was rewarded with his cock growing and starting to poke its head out of his shielding hands. She reached down and gently moved his hands aside. He did not resist. With the lightest touch, she ran her hands over his balls and up his shaft. He groaned in appreciation. Tilting her head up, she pressed her lips to his while wrapping her fingers around his boner. He parted his lips and allowed her tongue to enter. She twirled around the inside of his mouth increasing his passion. He raised his arms to encircle her and pulled her down onto the bed. He rolled over on top of her as they continued their kiss. Amber ran her hands down his back and gripped his ass. Jimmy groped her breasts through her clothes.

Amber pushed him back over on his back and climbed out of his bed. Jimmy realized she had just been toying with him. Just like his ex-girlfriend, she was nothing but a cock tease. He started to get up to grab his clothes, but she pushed him back down on the bed. With a wicked smile, she stood beside the bed looking at him. She slowly unbuttoned her work blouse exposing her bra. When Jimmy reached out to cup her breast, she slapped his hand away. Her teasing was starting to anger Jimmy, but the sight of her partially undressed was still better than nothing. Continuing to smile, she reached behind and unsnapped her bra. Covering her breasts, she let the white bra slip off her shoulders. Jimmy’s breath caught in his throat as she removed first one hand and then the other. As the bra fell to the floor, she stood naked from the waist up. Again, Jimmy reached for her boob but she ducked his lunge.

Turning her back to him, she teasingly inched her pants down inch by inch. Jimmy’s mouth went dry as she bent over. Her panties covered her ass, but he could make out the shape of her cunt between her legs. Her pale panties clearly showed a spot of moisture at the crotch. Still facing away from him, she pulled her panties down to expose her ass cheeks. As they fell around her ankles, she needlessly bent over again. Her puckered hole stared at Jimmy and he had a clear view of her pink pussy lips. Turning around, she ran a finger through the slit of her pussy, wetting it profusely. Moving over to the bed, she crawled up on it and advanced like a cat, a cat with a thirst pussy. Pushing Jimmy back on the bed, she straddled him. As she settled astride him, he felt the heat of her pussy on his dick. Jimmy wondered if it was this hot on the outside, what must it be like on the inside? Taking the finger she had run through her pussy, she rubbed it under Jimmy’s nose. Smiling she waved her panties and asked if he was a child or a man? Jimmy looked at her puzzled. She continued, “A child is content to lick the candy wrapper, but a man is not content until he gets a full taste of the candy.” Jimmy responded he was a man. Shifting her position, Amber positioned her pussy over his face and simply said, “Prove it.” Although he had never done it himself, he had seen pussy eating in videos on his computer. The aroma of her aroused pussy was tenfold the fragrance he had experienced from her panties. He tentatively raised his head to take a lick of her pussy. Encouraged by her groan and intrigued by the taste, he buried his face between the lips and lapped away. Amber chuckled, crude but trainable she thought. She said, “If you get a little better, you get a reward.” Jimmy increased his lapping. Amber yelled instructions at him to part the lips with his tongue and dig deep, and not to forget her clit. With a little instruction, his method improved. Leaning down, she figured it was time for his reward. Gripping the base of his rock hard dick, she closed her lips around the head and swirled her tongue around the rim of the head. Jimmy groaned into her pussy and lifted his ass up off the bed. Amber maintained the lip lock on his dick as she pushed down his shaft until his pubic hairs tickled her nose. She pulled back up and moved back down on his shaft again. While not as thick or long as her father’s, it was definitely harder. Jimmy reached up and pulled her ass down to mash her pussy into his face and probing tongue. Since he had already jacked off once, he was able to hold out for a little while on his first blowjob. However, when the cum erupted from his shaft and into her mouth, his toes curled and his back arched as if in pain. His sister, however, never stopped pumping his dick with her mouth until he collapsed on the bed spent.

Amber sat up and swiveled around to straddle him again. As he watched, she made a show of swallowing his load and scooping up any leaking rivets with her fingers to clean her lips. Leaning down, she again kissed Jimmy, tasting the combination of her own juices and his cum at the same time. Jimmy’s mind was blown as well as his dick. Not only had he gotten his first taste of pussy, but his first real blowjob too and she had swallowed it. The images in his mind and the feel of her hot, slick pussy rubbing on his dick soon had his shaft rising back up. Amber felt the teenage dick under her resurging. Sitting back up, she reached under her to stroke his shaft. After only a few pumps, it was ready. Positioning it at the entrance to her pussy, she watched him as she settled down on it. Jimmy’s heart raced as his dick was being swallowed by the hot, tight confines of his sister’s pussy. She continued until his balls were pressed against her ass. Raising up and settling back down, she slowly fucked herself. Jimmy reached up and gripped her breasts. Suddenly she pulled off of him, and flopped back on the bed. Left hanging, Jimmy was shocked. Amber nudged him as she raised her legs to encourage him to mount her. He quickly obliged. When he had a little trouble lining his dick up with her hole, Amber reached between her legs and rubbed it up and down her slit. When it nudged her hole, she told him now. He lunged forward and bottomed out in her vagina. She locked her legs around him and arched her back shoving an inch or two more in. With a little encouragement, Jimmy soon settled into a steady but rapid fucking motion. Amber felt her own passions building as she had not had her first climax yet. The weight of her brother was less than her father, but better than just fucking herself with her fingers or vibrator. Her cunt muscles clamped around his shaft as her climax began. Her cunt muscles rippled up and down his shaft in a milking motion. When she fell back on the bed sated, Jimmy was worried she would make him stop. No way, Amber was not going to be done until he spit his seed deep inside her. She refused to relax her leg grip so Jimmy resumed pounding her pussy. His dick jerked and cum spewed out deep into her womb. Satisfied with the warm cum bathing her interior, Amber released her leg grip. Jimmy rolled off her, and basked in the feeling.

Coming down from the passions of his first fuck, Jimmy was suddenly overcome with remorse. He had just fucked his own sister. What would people think of him, incest was only for backwoods people? What if she got pregnant because they didn’t take precautions in the heat of the moment? What would his father think, what would his father do to him? He turned to Amber and apologized profusely for taking advantage of her. Amber laughed and told him that she had planted the panties to get him to reveal his perversion. Jimmy expressed his concern about what Dad would do. Amber silenced him with a finger to his lips. She said they would just not make the mistake of telling him. Rolling over to face him, she got serious for a moment. She said since she was on birth control, getting pregnant was not a problem. It was important she said for them to keep this secret between them. She warned him to tell no one, not even a clue, as rumors could overwhelm them. Running her hands across his chest, she said as long as we can keep it a secret, we can keep on doing it. Jimmy’s eyes widened as he stuttered “Again? You want to do this again?” Amber kissed him and rolled him over on to his back as she reached down to stroke his shaft. Breaking the kiss, she whispered. “Again, and again, and again.” Locking his arms around her, Jimmy smiled at the thought. Amber smiled. In her mind, she had already started to make plans for her next move.
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