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My night with a group of homeless guys
These are all true life stories of how I have struggled with my bipolar illness and that fact that I am a worthless gay faggot. By day a normal, guy next door nerdy engineer, and by night a uninhibited mancunt that gets into all sorts of abusive situations...Many on from postings on CL and other sites, while some just on my own escapades.

This story jumps ahead a bit in my life as my previous ones left off when I was learning who and what I was in college in the Philly area. This story takes place when I was in my mid 30's and heavily into running marathons...probably the best shape of my life at the time. Also one of the most intense sexually because guys thought I was in my 20's, my ass was tight and had a runners body. I was traveling heavily for work, mainly to Houston, TX where there are tons of adult theaters and spas all over town with glory holes and big dark rooms. A lot more open than in philly except for a few select places.

After a year of playing in the theaters and sucking and fucking through glory holes my nights out were getting more risky with every trip. I am a smutty sort of guy so I like the smell of these places. I love to be naked and barefoot walking around for all to see, touch and grab. The cum between my toes, the taste of used condoms..the explosions of an anonymous cock sticking through a hole and cumming down my throat and in my mancunt..The story was usually the same, go to work, go for a run, eat and head out to a local theater or adult video place dressed like an innocent guy in running shorts.

My normal running route was out of down town Houston along the drainage creek trail to memorial park where I did a few loops and headed back before dark. The trial out was not well maintained and crossed under several highway overpasses. I never saw anyone there but used to see all sorts of beer bottles, old mattress's and makeshift sleeping arrangements under the overpass. It had always smelt of urine and garbage. This particular night I left late for my run due to frustration at work and did an extra loop around the park. As I headed back I realized it was getting dark and would be creepy along the connecting trail back to center city. When I came upon the first overpass there were a dozen or so guys blocking the trail all standing around and drinking. They teased with me calling me runner boy and that I looked like a little fag in those tight shorts. I pushed my way through and pretended not to notice. When I came upon the 2nd underpass there were more guys this time it was all black guys and more of the same harassment...crude comments like "I bet the homo gives good head", "hey boy get back here and let me tap that ass of yours".....,

I made it back to the hotel safely and was all sweaty walking around trying to cool down in the 95 degree heat. My mind was now getting excited planning my night escapade, but I could not forget what had just happened. my mind was racing a 100 miles an hour! Do I even dare! could I dare myself to go back? You see this is what happens in a bipolar mind. The internal good and bad begin conflict and reckless bad behavior usually follow in the darkness of the night. So in the blink of an eye I decided I was going to go back and "just see" what would happen with those homeless guys and if they were for real. It was now approaching 9 PM and it was really dark and hard to follow the trail. It was creepy, I was a bit scared and my heart was racing a 100 miles an hour. Finally I approached the first underpass and I could see a dim light of a small campfire. I could hear the deafening sound and flicker of lights of the cars above on the interstate. I went closer and closer and they were all laughing and drinking. I stood there not knowing what to do for several minutes. Then I took a deep breath and walked up to them and made some lame excuse of being lost. A guy offered me a sip of his beer and I took it...then I heard some guys in the back saying "hey that's the homo runner guy". The other guy next to me gave me a swig out of his whiskey bottle. I took a deep mouthful and forced it down...he kept saying take another I did. I had not eaten anything since breakfast so after several shots it hit me like a ton of bricks and I was plastered...everyone was laughing with me and at me...then I guy came up behind me and grabbed my ass...he whispered in my ear that he bet I was a good cock sucker? I turned around and grabbed his crotch and went down on my knees...I unzipped him and out came this monster uncut cock that smelt like all hell....I licked it a few times when he grabbed the back of my head and forced it down my throat....he became hard instantly and his throat fucking more intense....soon I felt all the guys around me, all with their pants down....they were pulling at my cloths and slapping their cocks in my face...I sucked several when all of a sudden they picked me up and threw me on the mattress face down. They propped my up doggy style and a guy slid his cock in my mouth and just held it there until I gasped for air and gagged. he let me breath for a 2nd and then back in only this time longer...I gagged again but this time I puked off the side of the mattress onto the dirt...before I could utter a word he had his cock back in my mouth and made me puke again and again until I was dry heaving.....then he told me I was a good little bitch....I was weak and like a wet noodle...this time he began to throat fuck me instead of holding his cock down my throat and I could feel his cock getting harder and harder when all of a sudden he grabbed the back of my head, arched his back and an enormous flow of hot cum began to pulsate out of his cock and down my throat. I swallowed and swallowed but some of it poured out of my mouth....I fell flat down on the mattress.

Suddenly heard a guy say " hold the bitches hands and ankles, lets breed the little whore". Soon I felt his raw cock at my asshole, pushing and pushing, but I was dry,,,,finally he spit on his cock and forced it inside me....relentless until he was fully penetrated. Then he began to pull out and ram back in,,,It hurt like hell because soon my ass was almost dry again and it was getting irritated not to mention his massive cock tearing my insides up....soon I felt his ramming get harder and harder and he just erupted inside irritated insides could feel the hot cum spewing deep inside my mancunt..I was almost erotic because it was so soothing....No his cock slid in and out easily with the cum as lube..he fucked for a bit then pulled out and another guy lined right up behind him and began fucking me. He meanwhile came to my face and told me to lick his cock and balls smelt of BO, cum, and some of my ass was foul but I listened as I didn't think I had much of a choice. I was so weak and drunk I really don't remember how many guys there were I lost count after 10....I laid here taking cocks from both ends and all I could think about is "holy shit these guys are breeding me like I am an animal" and the sick part was my cock was rock hard.....soon they were finished and I was almost lifeless laying there.....they drug me off the mattress and into the dirt...they all stood around me in a circle and began to piss all over me...they were all laughing at the cum filled and piss soaked homo runner boy....

I was going to get up and leave when the one guy was like where the fuck do you think you are going and 4 of them grabbed me and picked me up...Then I heard him say lets carry the fag up the trail to the Mexicans and let them have our sloppy seconds......they carried me through the woods and we came upon the 2nd overpass where instead of all black guys it was all Mexican guys...they walked up and threw me down on a mattress and said have fun amigos, he is a good little whore. Our present...

It was like being a piece of raw meat thrown into a lions den. before I could even move they were swarming over me. They lined up and chain fucked me from both ends...much smaller cocks and my throat and ass were so worn out I could barely feel them but it seemed like an eternity....then they all let and I laid there covered in cum and piss, I stood up and cum shot out of my gaping ass as I could not hold it back. My mind began to freak at the amount of cum running down my legs. I farted and wads and wads more came out.....then it struck me! Where the fuck were my cloths? They were not here...I stumbled back through the trail to the black guys and they burst out in laughter at the sad site I now was. A guy threw my running cloths at me but they were all soaked in piss...I had not choice but to put them on and head back to my hotel...I got into town and had to walk through several blocks with people staring at me....fortunately when I got to my hotel the lobby was empty but I had to go to the desk to get a new key card because my old one was out on the trail somewhere. The guy just stared at me....I went to my room and realized it was 3AM.. I had been out there for 6 hours being fucked...I went into the bathroom, I sat on the toilet and yet more cum shot out of my ass. My mind, once so intense was now freaking and heading for a depressive crash....I took a shower and collapsed into bed. I awoke the next morning, sore, ass torn and sick to my stomach...Called in sick to work and laid there feeling sorry for myself..I got over it and headed home a few days later to Philly. I'd like to say is was a once in a lifetime experience and a dumb one, but 2 months later I was back in Houston and now the theaters were not cutting it I went back to the overpass for some more....and this started a whole new saga of searching out other places like this. Guys who were desperate, rejected by society, smelly, foul and probably not had sex in years...I could feel all of this in there aggressive fucking and by the loads and loads of hot cum that shot from them....It made me orgasm a few times as well. but that is not my is to give pleasure to others.....

The story continues.....,And yes this is totally real. Sort of real life therapy for me because I dare not ever tell a soul of this side of my life.

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2016-02-03 08:31:22
Kinda envy you 4 being so free

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2016-02-03 08:31:21
Kinda envy you 4 being so free

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2013-04-14 06:47:46
Brandon Lewis is the perfect jock in our books, an all-American sex pot with a sexy stheuorn drawl. Also going by the name Tim Collins in amateur pornos, he's drop-dead handsome and has a perfect physique. He's also got a furry chest and a 7-inch cut cock. Brandon stands about 6ft tall and he's as happy topping as he is getting fucked. No wonder he's being filmed by Falcon Studios and Colt to name but a few. He made his first big splash in the industry in 2009.

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2013-03-23 14:17:23
nice to see total cumdump used for what he was worth....nothing! I closeted whore that got what he deserved and hopefully caught some diseases...

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2013-03-18 17:39:33
I am intrigued by people who feel so worthless that they subject themselves to this type of abusive behavior. I know mental illness plays a factor but why is there no sense of self. Sex is an addiction and so can abuse / reckless abandon.. This is a fucking hot story and the dude got exactly what he wanted and deserved. I personally think he is looking to someone outside of his own mind stop his sorry ass because he does not have the will power to do it. At some point he will run into a scene that he cannot get out of. Anyway it would make for a great porn movie with a hidden camera...If you are reading my comments then you should find a master and have him leash you and take you to back to the homeless guys and film the whole that would be a smoking hot movie. I'd even consider buying it if it were for real and not staged. Real homeless guys gangbanging a cum whore.

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