Alright guys I'm so happy that you guys really liked my first chapter thank you to the 100 and some odd number of you who rated up. To you 16 who rated down I would love for you to comment on why you didn't like it so I can fix it for the next story I write. I am going to make the following ones longer so they are going to be longer times in between each post. I'm also going to get into some sex stuff too so I hope you enjoy because I write to entertain all of you! Also please read chapter 1 to understand what comes next.
Alright guys I'm so happy that you guys really liked my first chapter thank you to the 100 and some odd number of you who rated up. To you 16 who rated down I would love for you to comment on why you didn't like it so I can fix it for the next story I write. I am going to make the following ones longer so they are going to be longer times in between each post. I'm also going to get into some sex stuff too so I hope you enjoy because I write to entertain all of you! Also please read chapter 1 to understand what comes next.

“Jen I don't think that would be a good idea.” He said trying to be as fatherly as possible.

“But dad I have to see one. I have to see one so I know what to do with it for when I have a boy of my own!” I said trying to make him see the voice of reason

“But babe fathers and daughters shouldn't do these things!” He said. Freaking out for some reason.

“I have already seen it before though! When you stepped out of the shower and I caught a gimps of it when I was walking by... It was an accident though daddy, I swear!” I said pleading the truth to him.

“Well I understand if it's an accident, but this is different.” He said trying to make me understand something that I obviously couldn't comprehend.

“How daddy?” I asked.

“Babe there is something that is called incest. It's hard to explain but family members aren't supposed to have sex or anything relating to sex. It’s called taboo, or in other words something that's not illegal but it is frowned upon.” He explained while blushing. There was also what looked like a tent appearing in his pants.

“Dad what is that?” I asked pointing to his crotch.

“No! That’s enough go to your room. I'll call you when dinner is ready.” he said pointing to my portion of the house. So that’s it for today. I have a plan for tonight and I'll tell you about it tomorrow.

March 9, 2013

Holy fuck diary!! Excuse my language but today was one of the, I think they call it, horniest days of my life! OK I gotta tell you about it from the beginning. So after dinner last night I snuck into his room and woke him up.

“Dad can I sleep with you for the night? I had a nightmare.” I asked as innocently as possible to be honest I did have one too. It was this frightening about this monstrous woman chasing me through a field of grass. She was screaming at the top of her lungs and had these dirty talons and blood encrusted mouth. She was gaining on me the closer she got to me the wider her smile got. I turned my head to the right and caught a glimpse of her teeth. They were sharp and jagged, like the deadly rocks at the edge of a cliff at the edge of the sea. Her head appeared right next to mine and she let out a blood piercing scream and the smell of death rolled into my nostrils. The smell was so strong that it jolted me awake and led me into my daddy's room.

“Come on babe come sleep in my bed. It’s safe in here” he said dreamily petting the empty spot in his bed. I did just that.

“Thanks daddy. That was a really nasty dream.” I said shuddering against his body as I remembered the dream. But I also noticed that his body had a reaction to my wiggling. I felt something pressing against my back. I turned around and saw that daddy had drifted back to sleep. I saw my opportunity right now. I lowered his boxers bit by bit, careful not to wake daddy, and the biggest sausage looking thing I have ever seen! It had to be at least six inches!

The way it was throbbing had me in a deep trance. The head was such a deep purple that made it desirable to touch. I reached both hands out and grabbed it as gently as I could. WOW diary!! Something that looked so monstrous and vainy, it was so soft! I was then compelled to do another thing; I wanted to move my hands around it. Then the strangest thing happened, the skin on it moved with me and my dad made an “Ugh” sound. When he made this sound I got a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. I was so excited at this point but my dad started stirring in his sleep and I retreated my hands. I was so excited at that point that I couldn't sleep but I couldn't do anything else. So I sat there in my daddy's bed and thought about what I just saw.

That day at school I couldn't concentrate. I couldn't stop thinking about my dad’s penis! Every time I saw a 1 in math class my dad’s penis appeared on the paper! My science teacher has this massive nose that looks normal from the front but when he turns sideways it's all you can look at! Every time I saw it my mind turned it into my dad’s penis and I couldn't stop giggling!

“Jenny what's so funny?” Mrs. Lindy asked me

“Oh nothing I'm just remembering something that happened last night.” I said wishing she only knew what I was talking about.

“Well keep it to yourself then. We don't need you interrupting the class with your infuriating giggle.” She scorned.

“OK” I giggled because she turned sideways again while she was yelling at me. My next class was my favorite class language arts because Miss Faber was there! I figured that if my daddy liked her than she had to be a pretty good lady. The whole class I didn't pay attention to what she was teaching. I kept staring at her boobies. I looked at them and I got a two feelings. One was a since of longing to have a pair of my own. I was starting to grow my own, I was at a solid a cup but she had to have at least a solid DD if not bigger. I was also starting to get that feeling in my stomach once again. I don't know why but Miss Faber was starting to look attractive to me. I see what my dad saw in her.

“OK class you’re all excused for the day. Jen will you stay after class for me. You’re not in trouble or anything I just need to talk to you about something real quick.” She told me. I wasn't even aware that class was over yet.

“Hmm... What...Oh yeah... Sure no probl...” My sentence was cut short by the bell ringing and I walked up to her desk. “So what’s up?” I asked in earnest curiosity.

“Your dad invited me over for dinner tomorrow. Is it alright if I come over to eat with you tonight?” She asked, hoping I would grant my approval.

“Sure Miss Faber. I think you’re a really cool teacher and you and my daddy look really good together. Plus I think you’re pretty cute!” I blushed as I said the last line. I don't even know why I said that! It just kinda spilled out of my mouth.

“Oh really?!” she said a little louder than she meant to. “Well I gotta say for such a young lady you have some potential.” She said in a low whisper and winked at the end. Her next class began to walk into her class. “Well then I guess I'll see you later. Thank you for your help” She said as she led me to the door. I started walking to my next class and turned around. She winked at me. I smiled and walked away. All I could do was smile because I hoped that she would be my new mommy.

So that was what happened since I last wrote to you diary. I'm about to go to bed. I hope I can have another nightmare so I can go sleep with daddy again tonight. I let you know how that goes diary. Good night for now!

March 10, 2013

So I didn't get to have a nightmare last night. However tonight dinner is and what happened after was way better. So I'll start with dinner and go from there.

The doorbell rang and I was in my room listening to some Metallica waiting for dinner to start. I don't why but I have always liked how their songs go from soft to heavy.

“Hay Jen will you go get the door please?” He asked and commanded at the same time. “JEN!” He yelled to get my attention

“Yeah daddy?” I asked pulling out my headphones.

“GO GET THE DOOR!!” He said in mock aggression as he rolled his eyes.

“Yes daddy.” I said sweetly walking to the door swinging what little hips I had.

“Hi Jenny!” She said pulling me in for a hug and smashing my head into her giant melons.

“I....Can’t...Breathe...” I said as I enjoying how soft they were. They smelt like strawberries witch made that weird tingling feeling in my stomach come up again.

“Whoops! Sorry Jenny I didn't mean to. I'm just so happy to see you and your daddy I just didn't know what to do when I saw you!” She said letting me go. Then I got a good look at her. Her young face was brought to life by the pink and purple highlights in her bangs that were pulled to the side. Her giant boobs were poking out perkily out of a short dress that just came up just below her waist. Her legs were smoothly shaved and she looked absolutely stunning tonight.

“Well call me Jen please. I like people to call me that who know me. Do you want to come in and sit while we wait on the couch?” I asked as I motioned into our house.

“Sure! Let me just go say hi to your dad first. Alright?” She asked as she smiled at me. Man I love her smile.

“Yeah sure! He's right around the corner in the kitchen.” I said as I pointed to the kitchen.

“OK thanks Jen I'll be in to sit with you in a sec. I promise.” She promised me as she walked in front of me and was pulling something out of her pocket. I watched her boobs bounce as she walked by. As she was almost into the kitchen she dropped it and bent down to pick it up. As she did I looked over at her bottom and made an astonishing discover. She wasn't wearing any panties! I got a perfect look at her no no scar, or should I say pussy, as some of my class mates call it. It was soaking wet to. She had it completely bald and I could see something that I assumed to be water leaking down one of the lips. Maybe she had just got out of the shower before she showed up. She bent back up and looked back around her shoulder and winked at me

“What was that for?” I silently mumbled to myself. I heard her go around the corner and say hi to my dad and then they began to whisper about something. I couldn't get a good ear full so I began to sneak up to the corner but just as I did I heard her start to walk back toward me so I bolted back to the couch. My heart was at full speed right now. One because of how fast I ran and two because of excitement. I jumped up in a laying down position facing the kitchen and hit the couch just before she came into the room. She came into the room with a big smile. Without saying anything she sat down by my legs and leaned in toward my face.

“So do you really think I look pretty?” She asked as she took one of her painted finger nails to my leg and began sliding them up and down my leg

“Well... Yeah... I mean sort of. Aren't girls supposed to like boys though?” I asked. My mind was racing a mile a minute and my stomach felt on fire. My underwear started to fell damp in my pants too. This has never happened before and I hoped that I wasn't about to go potty in them but I was having so much fin just lying there I didn't want to move.

“Well there are a lot of times that girls like girls. They are called lesbians and there are also girls who like boys and girls they are called bisexuals. It is just fine to be either one. The heart loves who it loves. How does that make you feel?” She asked as her nail was getting dangerously close to my no no scar. My tummy felt like it was about to explode and I was dying for her to touch my pussy

“Well I... mean.... it...” I was too distracted by her finger. My undies felt soaked through and through by now. I was also painting from being so excited by her finger being so close to my pussy.

“Guys dinner is ready come eat my loves.” She was about one-fourth of an inch from my pussy and I was on the edge of something I have never felt before when my dad said that. When he did she just stood up and walked to the kitchen. When she was at the corner she turned around and winked, mouthed more lately, and licked her lips from the corner of her right upper lip to the left. I took a minute to compose myself and headed off for the kitchen. I walked into my most favorite meal ever! Spaghetti and garlic bread.

“Mmmm. Wow Tom! This looks delicious! Spaghetti is my favorite!” She said throwing he hands around my daddy.

“Mine too!” I said as I started heaping spaghetti onto my plate. It truly was a delicious looking pot of food. Miss Faber came over and was looking at the food with me.

“Really I'm surprised we have so much stuff in common!” She said as she threw her arms over me and under my food and then stroked through my shorts and hit my pussy. This act was out of my dad’s view because he was looking for something in the fridge which was a good thing because my knees began to tremble and shake at the sudden rush of pleasure I received. Up and till this point my pussy has never been touched besides right after I used the bathroom when I used some toilet paper to clean up any stray pee that had been left over. I think she was implying that we were both bisexual. By this point I had finally accepted that I was bisexual because I really enjoyed what she had just done to me and I also liked seeing my dad’s penis.

“Wow what was that?” I whispered to her. My dad was really deep into the fridge right now.

“That was a mini orgasm. Tonight go explore yourself and I think you will find that you really like what you'll find.” She said as she began to touch my pussy again through my shorts again. God I was so wet down there. I was feeling something running down my leg. I guessed that it was

“Mmm” I moaned almost inaudibly. She was really working up some speed now. My dad hit his head on the fridge and backed out of it. When he did it startled Miss Faber and I and she pulled her arms away from my throbbing pussy.

“Found the Parmesan guys.” He said holding it up in triumph. “I wonder how it got back that far.” He said

“I don't know” Miss Faber and I said in unison. We both looked at each other and laughed at our thoughts. I really like Miss Faber. She and I have a lot in common. She's like older sister I never had.

“So let's dig in guys.” He said motioned to our little circular table me and him had. They sat really close to each other and I sat opposing them on them on the other side. We basically formed a triangle. I won't bore you, diary, with the details but the dinner conversation consisted of Miss Faber and my dad interviewing me about everything under the sun. From my favorite music to boys I liked. Toward the end of dinner I noticed I wasn't seeing a lot of my dad’s left hand, the one closest to Miss Faber. So I waited until my dad and Miss Faber were talking and looking at each other and pretended to drop my fork. When I went down to get it I was stunned at what I saw. My dad had his finger deep inside, to the knuckle, in Miss Faber's pussy! She had her legs spread out nice and wide giving me a nice view at what I was seeing. My stomach fire sparked back up and the juices were flowing in my no no scar once again! I didn't want to alert daddy, but I was sure Miss Faber knew, because when I came back up she had an evil grin on her face.

My dad must have hit her real good because she let out a deep moan and then said “So can I stay the night you guys?” She asked my daddy and me.

“Sure!” I said a little louder than I should have

“You really like her don't you sweetie?” My dad asked me with a smile on his face

“Of course I do! She’s easy to talk to and really friendly and we have a lot in common!” I said my smile becoming wider until I said my last word because he had no idea what I really meant.

“OK well then I don't see why not. You can sleep in my room if you don't want to sleep on the couch.” My dad said.

“Sure. Couches give me cricks in my neck anywAYS!!” The last of her words were louder and faster than the rest. My dad must have hit that spot again.

“OK, well I'll go clean up dinner so we can get to bed” He said standing up and taking our plates.

“I'll leave the bedroom door open so you can come watch.” She whispered to me.

“What do you mean?” I asked. I think I had an idea but I wanted to hear it from her.

“You’ll see. Give us twenty minutes and then come look. While you wait play with your pussy. Maybe I'll come help you when your dad and I are done.” She said winking.

“Miss Faber will you come help me please? My dad asked.

“I love it when you treat me like a teacher!” She said standing up and walking away.

“Hay babe you should go wash up and get ready for bed,” He said turning toward me. “I'll be up in a sec to say good night.”

“OK daddy!” I said running up stairs. I went to my room and closed the door. Just as I thought my undies were soaked and the smell was intoxicating. I was SOO horny! At least I think that's what it's called. I heard some girl in school say it was like that when she kissed a boy once. I walked to the mirror in my bathroom and washed my face and brushed my teeth naked. When I was done brushing I took the end of my toothbrush. I got the greatest idea! It looked like a penis and wondered what it would feel like inside me. OMG when it went in about an inch I collapsed on the floor and it was a blur from there! I couldn't control anything in my body. I was moaning as loud as I could and my back arched up. It was singularly the best thing I had experienced up to then. After it was over I took and hid it under my pillow and covered up to wait for my daddy to come say good night. I didn't put on any bottoms. Panties and all. About three minutes later he came into the room.

“Hay babe. I'm glad you like Miss Faber. I like her too. She's made my life more exciting. I can see her sticking around for a while. I don't know if she'll be your new mommy just yet but she’s really good candidate.” He said sitting down inches away from my soaking wet throbbing pussy.

“I like her a lot too daddy. I'd be happy if she was but we'll see.” I said smiling at him and envisioning him with his finger between my pussy like he had Miss Faber.

“Well good night sweetie. I'll see you in the morning.” He leaned down and gave me a hug and then went to give me a kiss on the cheek. When he did I turned my head so he'd kiss me on the lips. When he did he was startled but he held it for a second and then paused. He pulled back and smiled then went to walk out of the room.

“What’s that smell?” He asked referring to my pussy smell.

“It's a new perfume that I got from a friend at school.” I said thinking quickly. I just got him to kiss me. My first kiss on the lips from a guy who I liked as more than a friend or daddy. I didn't want to say that it's my pussy that just made me feel really good.

“Oh I like it! You should ware it more often!” he said smiling. If he only knew.

“Oh trust me dad I will!” I said smiling.

“Miss Faber wants so say goodnight too,” He said smiling, “Goodnight sweetie.

“‘Night dad.” I said blowing him a kiss. Miss Faber then entered the room and walked up and sat by my feet.

“Hay I don't have long before your dad gets suspicious. But I have wanted to do this all night since I saw you.” She said. Then her actions took over from there. She peeled the covers back and exposed my naked body. “Wow even better than I hoped.” She said noticing my pantyless state. She rubs one finger over my naked pussy and when she felt that I was already soaked to the core she shoved one finger all the way in me. When she reached the hilt I bucked my body up again and let my orgasm rack me one more time. It lasted for about ten or twenty seconds but it felt like ten or twenty minutes. When I came to again I felt a hand over my mouth and a finger still in my hot quivering pussy.

“Damn girl you’re a bigger screamer than I am. Thank goodness your father didn't hear!” She said with her eye brows at the tip of her forehead.

“Wow that was amazing!” I said still basking in my post orgasmic bliss.

“Mmmm that smell is awesome! I'm so horny right now! I got to taste it.” She bent her head down and shoved her tongue deep into my pussy and I quivered at the sensation she gave me. I had never thought of someone with their head down there. This is awesome! Sex is awesome! “Wow girl well I have never tasted someone so good. It’s sweet like sugar!” She said smacking her lips.

“Be at your dad’s door in twenty minutes! If you liked what you just felt you are going to love what you see...”

Authors note: So that’s the end of chapter 2. I hope you like it. I'll try and start chapter three tomorrow and Tuesday. I have to work Wednesday through Sunday and I'm a full time student so if it's not up by Tuesday then don't expect it until the following Monday. I really liked your comments and if I didn't have them then I probably wouldn't have continued writing. EVER! But due to the positive responses I got and how many people rated up that I had to continue this story. So if you like this series of stories please rate up. I would love to see a 95% positive rating for this story. Even if you don't have an account please hit rate up if you want to see a chapter 3! Comments are also appreciated. That’s all for now and have a magical night/day!!!


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