Second to last chapter :)
In the next two weeks nothing happened. He begged me for it a couple of times, but I really had a hard time at school with all the exams, so I had to refuse.
I jerked myself the moment I got home, knowing I would be unable to refuse his pleads otherwise.

However I did end up acing nearly every exam. My parents decided to celebrate it by going to a tropical swimming resort for a day.
Me and my brother both loved it. I could release all of the stress I had there by playing with him the entire time. We wrestled in the shallow pools, raced back and forward in the deep pool and held a small contest on who could go down the waterslide the faster. I won of course.
After lunch I decided to have a cup of coffee in the whirlpool. It was empty so I could relax completely there.

When I had nearly finished my coffee my brother joined me rather upset. He had been looking for me for quite a while. I offered my apologies a couple of times but he wouldn’t have it.
He decided to take revenge.

At first he just sat down next to me. But quickly I felt his hand, hidden by the bubbles, going for my crotch. I softly whispered that this wasn’t the time or place, but he didn’t listen.
His soft nimble hand slid under the elastic band of my swimming trunks and found it’s destination. He grabbed my soft cock and started jerking me. I secretly tried to stop him but he kept going on. I didn’t dare to be stern, not wanting to draw attention to us.
Finally I decided to fight fire with fire and tugged his tight speed down. He was better at this than I had expected.
The moment I grabbed his cock and jerked him myself he started moaning and rocking his hips back and forward. I got flushed and scared and stopped right away.
He looked at me with his mischievous smile. Goddamn that smile.

An elderly couple decided to join to add to my panic. He took advantage of it. Still hidden by the bubbles he tugged my trunks down so he could jerk me with both his hands.
He had been getting better in masturbating me over the past few weeks, but today he was a porn star. One hand tightly over my cock and the other was either teasing my cockhead of rubbing my balls. He kept staring at my face with that smile of his, looking for signs of pleasure.
I had my jaws clenched and did not know where to look.
I could even feel my own hips slowly shaking to his movements.

I had to do something. Instead of trying his crotch I went for his hole. As slow as I could I traced his speedo on his butt and let one finger slide behind the fabric. The moment I found his cute hole I pushed. He gasped loudly. To cover his moan he dove underwater.
I lost my grip on his butt and I felt him move. In the bubbles he lapped his tongue hard over my head before resurfacing. I bit my lip and breathed hard to muffle my own moan.
I turned to him to seriously tell him to stop but I heard another voice instead.
“Ah there are my boys.”
My dad was joining the whirlpool as well.
This was enough to make my brother stop. Thankfully. I had been dangerously close to an orgasm.
Although my brother had one last trick.
“I’m going to mom!” he yelled to my dad and got out of the pool. He clambered out next to me, moving his butt inches from my face. The moment he got out he made a show of stretching himself, showing off his boyish body. He made one glance over his shoulder to me, with a victorious smile on his face, he wiggled his ass and then walked away.
I was left having to secretly get my trunks over my hard cock while my dad was talking to me.

I got my revenge though. Not at the moment he expected it. After my dad and I left the whirlpool I went looking for my little devil. I found him at the shallow pool floating around.
I charged him at full speed and caught him tightly in my arms. He yelled and struggled.
Under water he kept pressing his butt and crotch on my body and hands. I ignored them completely.
When we were done struggling I lifted him up, he clasped his legs around my body and supported himself.
With one hand I slowly wiped his wet hairs from his lips, I caressed his cheek and bent forward to his lips. The moment he closed his eyes, waiting for my kiss I dove underwater dragging him with me.
He came up furious but laughing.

After that our hormones calmed down again and we spent the rest of the day floating together in the warm pool.
When we left the pool the changing rooms were crowding. There were people waiting in front of every changing cubical. My dad opted to share his cubical with my brother, but I said I didn’t mind him sharing one with me. Since my dad had already found an empty one, and my little brother was still in the shower my dad shrugged and disappeared. I called for my brother when I had found an empty changing room and we went in together.

The changing cubical was really small. One side there was a little plastic ledge where you could sit, but that was really it. I grabbed my brothers towel and dried his hair as best as I could while he wrestled himself out of his drenched speedo.
The moment the wet fabric fell on the floor I dropped his towel and pushed him gently onto the bench. I didn’t say a word but folded the elastic band from my trunks down, revealing my soft cock.
I grabbed it with one hand and tickled the tip along his soft lips. He smiled and took a deep breath.
Softly he sucked my cock into his mouth. The sudden warm feeling made me gasp.
He moved his head first a little, up and down. My cock got hard within seconds, filling his cute mouth. His lips pouted around my thick shaft.
Gently I pushed forward until his head rested against the plastic wall. I kept moving my hips. Keeping his head between my crotch and the wall.
I was careful not to go too deep. Very carefully I fucked his mouth. Retracting my cock until the edge of my head touched his soft lips, and pushing in until he softly stopped me by placing his hand on my belly. Again and again.
I felt the orgasm building in a slow but steady pace.

When I looked down all I could see was my cock disappearing in his cute face, guided by his thick lips clasping my shaft. Eventually he trusted me more and removed the hand from my belly and grabbed my ass. He guided my thrust with it, pushing my hips towards him. His other had moved to his crotch, tugging fast of his hard little cock. Even though the area was filled with the screams of kids, I could hear the soft pat of his ball bouncing on the plastic bench. He swallowed sometimes, taking in my pre-cum.
Seconds away from an orgasm I pulled out. It made a nice plop noise when his lips were freed of my cock. I was panting heavily. He kept masturbating fast, not taking his eyes of my cock, leaving his lips apart asking for more. I jerked myself with one hand, and had my towel ready in my other to catch my cum, but seeing his lips willingly open I changed my mind.
The moment I came I pressed my cock back into him. I pressed hard on the underside of my cock.
I was afraid my sprays would make him cough or choke, so by squeezing tightly I dosed my loads in long but slow gushes of cum.
While my cock was slowly filling him he moaned softly, but kept my cock in him.

It was a relaxing orgasm, spread of several intense pulses. I could feel thick loads leaving my cock and entering his throat. I squeezed once hard, keeping my cum in and let him swallow. Once his mouth was empty I pressed my cock back, feeding him the last bits of seed that was gushing out.
He gulped it down making sweet swallowing noises. He didn’t wince once, but greedily swallowed everything I gave him. His entire body was shaking, caused by the fast movements of his hand on his own cock.
When my cock had gone soft I tried to pull it out. His face followed my cock, sucking on it hard keeping it in him. I caressed his cheek softly. His sucking was powerful, trying to use my cock as a straw for more seed while he was reaching his own orgasm.

At the last moment the drew his head back. I saw him shuddering violently and his body spasm. He flung his neck back, showing me his entire face was rigid in ecstasy. His mouth went wide open. I quickly coved it with my hand. Muffling his loads moans. The few high pitched noises were luckily downed by the screaming of all the other kids. His orgasm lasted forever. His moans were almost screams of pleasure.
When he was finally done had sagged forward, hiding his face with his long wet hair.
I crouched down and lifted him up, pressing his back against the wall to steady him.
He looked like he was about to pass out. His eyes were half open and focused on infinity. With short intakes of breath he gasped for air. I kissed his cheek gently until I heard his breathing slow down.
Once he was more relaxed I kissed his lips. I pressed mine on his softly and pried them open. Very gently I entered his mouth with my tongue. I tasted my own seed on his tongue. So erotic.

Suddenly he sprung to life. He wrestled my tongue with his own. I felt his arms hug me tightly and his small nails almost dug into my skin. His slender legs were squeezing my body tightly. When we broke our kiss I gently nudged him to let go.
“We gotta get dressed now.” I whispered.
“Not yet” he replied and hugged me even tighter.
I felt his own juice leaking down my tummy, I didn’t mind though.
I kissed him again, placing all my love for him in the gently massage of my tongue in his small wet mouth. We stopped kissing when we heard our dad yell for us.
We got dressed quickly and left together.

Even though we weren’t holding each other it felt as if we never let go.

The weeks following my young brother drove me crazy. In a good way though.
I still let him take the initiative and everything happened the way he wanted too. However I really wanted him to swallow my cum again. That weird sensation of seeing his young face gulp on my sperm was something of dreams.
The problem was my mom had cut down on her hours at work. I didn’t really know why, but she was always at home now whenever my little brother came back from school.
With her in the house we didn’t dare having sex.

Only once did I make him cum in the period of three weeks. Even though my mom was home I couldn’t resist. We were playing games on my bed as usual and he was wearing the same short as the very first time I dared to touch him. He was leaning into me while playing. I couldn’t help myself and let my hand slip into those shorts. Feeling his small cock hiding in there.
It felt so good, playing with that little bit of hard flesh. Making him shiver and moan softly. Seeing his freckles disappear in a blush of arousal. He shuddered violently when I jerked him softly. Kicking his legs while he pressed himself hard against me in his orgasm. His tight underwear got wet with his juice while I muffled his moans with my own mouth.

He wanted to return the favor, but the moment he pulled my hard cock out of my jeans we heard our mom going up the stairs. Even though she didn’t enter my room we didn’t continue.
I did lick my fingers clean, getting at least a slight taste of him. He quickly kissed it off my lips.

After that another week passed until he finally couldn’t resist anymore. In the middle of a Saturday night I was woken up by a young aroused boy standing next to my bed. His pajama pants were on his ankles, showing his stiffy throbbing lightly. Before I could protest he pleaded in a whisper.
“Just quickly, I’ll be quiet I swear” He said.
He looked beautiful in the moonlight. His cock softly bounced by his breathing. His long blond hair was already in bed mode, sticking out here and there. He had a guilty look on his face as if he was stealing candy.
With a broad smiled I pulled him under the blankets. He kicked his pajama off and wrestled with my boxer. Once we were both naked I pulled him towards me.
He lay down wide spread on my belly and brought his face close to mine. His long blond hairs tickled my cheek when I pulled him down for a kiss.

The vibe was perfect. We were both sleep drunk and aroused beyond rationality. Eventhough I was barely touching his bum his hips were rocking back and forward, pressing his hairless crotch over the skin on my belly.
We wrestled with our tongues, tasted each other and shared our breath. I got more and more daring.
I used one finger to firmly but gently rub his hole. Every time I passed his soft opening he gasped for air. I leaned forward and softly nibbled on his ear. He hid his moan in my neck.
With one hand I replaced my finger for my cock. Pressing it down between his soft cheeks.
He kept rocking his hips back and forward. My entire cock was now softly sliding along his opening, wetting everything we pre-cum.
We did this for what seemed forever. Kissing, biting, licking while he rubbed his butt along my throbbing cock.

When he teased me by softly biting on my lip I lost control. I wrapped one arm around him, holding him in place, and align my cock with his tight opening. I pushed softly.
For one short second I felt him open. I felt the tip of my hard cock slide into him. His hole was immensely tight, resisting me. When I pushed harder he suddenly shot forward, removing my tip out of him.
“Auw” He giggled.
I quickly trace his spine gently. “Sorry” I whisper. I let my hands glide to his slender sides and pulled on him. Motioning him up. He followed eagerly, sliding his hips over my body until his small throbbing cock met my face. He teased me first when I tried to lick him, pulling his little cock away and pressing his soft balls on my lips. I kiss them gently while he rubs them in my face.
He retracts his hips and forces his cock in my mouth. I’d been working on him for a while now. I got a good long taste of his sweet pre-cum. Eagerly I sucked and swallowed. I felt his soft hands grab my head tightly and he started fucking my mouth. Pushing his throbbing cock deep in me.

I place my hand on his tight tummy and push him back. His hold on my head gets tighter and he resists. I wrestle his cock from my mouth.
“I’m not done yet” he quickly whispers. I grab his soft sides and motion him to turn.
“Turn around” I tell him.
He frowns. I can see his question in his blue eyes that shine grey in the moonlight. But he obeys.
Slowly he turns his body until his cute butt is in front of me. In this light it’s irresistible. It’s so boyish. So perfectly hairless and round. Two tight cushions in a feminine curve attached to his innocent slender body. His entire crack is shining with my pre-cum.
I kiss one cheek, then the other. Tasting his sweet sweat. I can hear him giggle softy when I slowly spread his cheeks, revealing his small pink opening. I extend my tongue to a small tip and lap over it in one wet movement. Covered in my pre-cum it tastes salty, yet still like him. Sweet and innocent.
He makes a sharp gasp.
“What are you doing?” He whisperes. Instead of answering I do it again, lapping my tongue up and over that soft yet rough pink skin around his hole.
His breathing gets heavier while I apply more and more pressure. Once I can feel my spit drip along his opening I make my tongue as small as I can and press on his body. Slowly I can feel it going in.
He moans, loud. In shock I retract my tongue and look up. The moan shocked him as well, he has both hands placed on his mouth but his eyes are laughing. I can hear him giggle again.
I keep looking into his smiling eyes when I slowly press my tongue on his hole again.
I push it in. Again he moans but this time it’s muffled by his hand. He closes his eyes and I feel his body shudder. He is tight, yet my tongue slides in his warm body with ease.
Once I’m firmly in I whirl it around. He shakes now and has difficulty hiding his moans.

I take it out again to see his reaction. He is breathing heavily.
When he trusts his voice again he pleads.
“Stop… I’ll wake mom and dad” He whispers. I can hear his voice shaking.
With one hand I grab my throbbing cock and lift it off my belly. He looks at it, then at my face. His shocked face disappears and I see that mischievous smile. He dives forward and I can feel his small tongue clean my cock of pre-cum before he takes it in.
Once his thick cute lips are wrapped tightly around my thick cock I turn my attention to his pink spot again. I grab his soft sides, keeping him in place while my tongue explores his opening. Entering him is just amazing.
I feel the resistance of his body, yet I can push it in with ease. Even his insides are shuddering with pleasure when I move it around deep in him. I start making a real work of it. I push it in as deep as I can and move it around. Then I take it out of his hole and massage his opening my making slow circles on his silky skin. Then I push it in again. Over and over.
He tries to suck me by moving his head up and down, but every time my tongue enters him he stops and moans and digs his nails into my legs. He sounds cuter than ever. Even though my throbbing cock muffles most of his sounds, I can hear a mix of laughing and crying in his grunts of pleasure.

Something warm drips onto my chest. While still rimming him with force I seek out his cute cock. It’s throbbing violently and I feel warm drops of pre-cum leaking out.
Carefully I grab his hard stiffy and squeeze. A good collection drips onto my finger.
I retract my tongue and use my finger to push his own juice back into his body. After the ravaging of my tongue his hole accepts my finger gladly. Gripping on every side when I push it in.
It’s too much for my little brother. He abandons my cock and burries his face deep into my blankets.
Once it’s halfway in I tickle his inner sides. He starts begging right away.
“Wait, no… stop” He squirms between his moaning. I stop but keep my finger in him.
”Does it hurt?” I whisper.
It takes a while before he can talk.
“No… but mom and dad… they’ll hear.” He was right but my finger, it felt so good in him. So warm and tight. I could feel very heartbeat deep within him. It was pounding fast.
“Ok, but can I first see how far you can take my finger?” I had to know.
He takes a deep breath and then nods.
I decide to make it easier for him. I move my head down a little and suck his slick cock in my mouth.
Another muffled moan. I suck the pre-cum off it and pleasure his stiffy with my mouth. At the same time I press harder, making my finger disappear in his small butt inch by inch. His hole resists my finger but his insides grips it tightly.
It goes in all the way. He squirms a little but his cock throbs in pleasure with every inch of my finger.
Once it’s all in I stop moving and eventually take his cock out of my mouth again.
He begs again. “Don’t… don’t stop, don’t stop.”
I smile greatly. I had not expected he could enjoy anal pleasure, being so young. I obey his begs and continue sucking him. Gently I match the movements of my mouth with my finger. Fucking his hole carefully.
He suddenly springs to life. With great energy he attacks my cock with his mouth. Taking my cock in his small mouth deeper and faster than ever. Going up and down, pleasuring it with his small tongue and thick lips.
All my attention is focused on his tight hole gripping my finger I forget to warn him. I orgasm before I realize it myself.
While he is still moving his head up and down I feel my cock spraying sperm deep in him. Taken by surprise he coughs, but keeps his mouth firmly around my cock.
He has difficulty swallowing and I can feel cum drip along my shaft. Yet a few times I hear him sucking in my cum and swallow it. I am completely frozen and am grateful his crotch is covering my mouth, silencing my own moans. I shoot dose after dose in his wet mouth, giving him all the seed I have. He takes it in like a champ.

When my orgasm is finally done and I’m recovering myself he rocks his hips back and forward. Pushing his butt over my finger and back, forcing his dripping cock in my mouth. Motioning me to continue. However I needed air, badly. With a twinge of regret I take my finger out his warm butt and push his crotch from my face, gasping for air.
When I can talk again I apologize.
“Sorry I didn’t warn you” I whisper.
I see him shrug and wipe some of my sperm from his lips. He then smiles. “I’m getting used to your taste” He replies and smiles. Lifting himself up and pressing his hips back he offers his hole to me.
Before I pleasure him I let my hands run down his body. In this position so many muscles are tightened. Making him slim and cute at the same time. When my hands reaches his hips I grab him tightly and seek out his hole. It’s throbbing softly, remembering the violation of my finger in pleasure. I lap over it a few times, making him squirm with pleasure.
Before entering him I make sure he stays quiet. I dip my fingers in the small puddle of cum on my belly and offer them to his lips. He kisses my fingers softly before he sucks them in, greedily licking my seed off my fingers. The moment I press my tongue into his body he bites down, silencing himself. I wanted to pleasure him from the inside with my tongue, but the moment I see his small hand pleasure his stiffy he starts rocking up and down. Slamming his soft butt onto my face, taking in my tongue as deep as it can. Up and down he rides my thickened tongue.
All I have to do is guide his hips with my hand and keep my tongue as thick as I can. He works himself to a violent orgasm himself.
I can feel it with my tongue. The strong pulse shooting through his body the moment he orgasms. His hole is tightening, forcing me out of his body while he shakes and moans into my hands.
He falls forward and catches himself with his one free hand while the other keeps jerking on his cute cock. Drawing the orgasm out of his slender body.

When he is done I can see him shaking all over. His hole is right in front of me, softly opening and closing. Recovering slowly.
He remains quiet. It worries me. Usually he either thanks me or giggles but this time he stays bent over. Heaving with his heavy breathing.
I caress his irritable shining butt a few times.
“Are you ok?” I softly ask him.
After a while he lifts himself up again and I see him move his hand to my chest. There is a warm spot.
Two slow fingers touch the warm spot and he lifts them to his face. He turns around slowly to reveal a big proud smile on his face.
He immediately shoves his two fingers to my face. It takes me a while to focus and I see they are white.
Still trying to see what is happening he nearly yells to me. “I came!”
I look into his giant blue eyes.
“Look I came like you. I mean look” He keeps waving his fingers into my face. I look down to his crotch. His cute little cock is still throbbing and I see it’s dripping. It’s dripping cum. It’s lighter than mine, almost grey, but it’s really cum.
Before I can react he presses his cock onto my lips. “Taste it!” He yells. “Taste it”
I didn’t refuse. I take his cock into my mouth and softly suck his cum. It tastes like cum except more sweeter. A lighter taste than mine.
He yanks his cock out of my mouth with a plop and then dives onto me. “Thank you thank you thank you” He keeps yelling and suddenly kisses me with an enthousiasm only young boys have.
He forces his tongue into my mouth and flops it around for a short while. With the same speed the retracts it again and frowns at me. “That was totally in me…” he says and makes the same face he has whenever he has to eat his veggies.

My love for him reaches a new peak when I look into his proud grateful eyes. I hug him tighter than ever. Crushing his sweating slender body between his arms and thank him in my turn.
His yelling however had been too loud. I faintly hear footsteps on the hallway. Thinking quickly I press my brother off me and whisper “Nightmare” to him.
He reacts even faster than me. He turns his back to me, pressing his still dripping butt against my body. I turn to the ceiling and quickly throw the blankets over our bodies.
The door opens and my mom peaks around the corner.
“What is all this racket?” She says with a sleep broken voice. I pretend to be half awake and only grunt. My young brother presents himself as a well-paid actor.
“I had a nightmare mom. I couldn’t sleep anymore but didn’t want to wake you up.” He says with a shaking voice as if he had been crying.
I smile in the darkness, proud of his sudden skill.
“You don’t mind?” I hear my mom ask.
I reply sleep drunk. “Weekend, no school. Don’t mind.” I reply vaguely and burry my face in my pillow.
“Oh ok. Well sleep tight you two.” She says softly. I can hear her mumble something about own fault and violent video games while she walks back to her bedroom.

When we are both convinced she is gone we turn to each other and kiss again. Over and over.
I’m filled with happiness knowing I can share the night with my brother. We press our bodies tightly together and while every breath I take fills me with his taste we fall into a deep sleep.

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