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And on we go to part 8

Waking up to a cold bed is one thing, waking up with your Father opening your door at five thirty in the morning when you still have an hour left for sleep is not the most joyous ways to wake up. I look over to my Dad and see him wave me up and out of bed, he’s got his workout clothes on and I figure I’d better follow suit. I quickly get up and dress as he leaves the doorway. I get out to the ‘garage’, Dad converted it to a gym/fight room and by the time I get in he’s got pads on. I gear up for the onslaught and get on the mat across from him.

“Explain something to me boy,” Dad starts in with some easy left jabs I can deflect,” new clothes, new girlfriend, a lot of new girlfriends from what I can tell but no new friends. What’s the plan boy?”

“Plan sir,” I ask back keeping my guard up.

“You can think a lot of things about people son but don’t think I’m blind and dumb,” another volley of jabs,” Korinna is one thing but I know Katy and that Asian girl too. Don’t make me repeat myself.”

“Well I’m with Kori but all the girls choose me, I don’t force anyone to be around me,” I jab back with my right,” if they got problems with what I do and who I’m with then I don’t need them in my life.”

“And what do you do if I have a problem with it,” Dad replies.

Well shit, Dad not allowing my new life is about the one thing I can’t get past. He can put a stop to anything that happens in this house. No Kori or Katy or anything that I’ve done for myself over the past two weeks. The next thought to run through my head is I should have kept my left up as Dad catches me right in my temple with a sharp right. I hit the ground like a sack and roll to my back.

“Now that tells me all I wanted to know,” Dad says helping me to my feet,” You can do this Guy, you just remember to keep your guard up cause people are going to fight you for what you have.”

We continue sparring for another forty five minutes when Mom enters the gym.

“You are going to be later for work honey, and you Guy,” Mom turns to me,” School is cancelled for the day. Your sister and Katy are probably going to have some sort of plan for the day so I’m leaving you in charge while I’m out.”

The morning goes pretty smoothly, Mom trying to patch me up with the first aid kit. Liz and Katy start talking about what to do with the day when my phone blows up with text messages from Kori and Jun of all people. Kori is wondering if I can come over and Jun says he needs some serious help with his family. I tell Kori that I’ll be there but a friend needs help and let Jun know that I’ll have to come by this afternoon. Kori is fine but Jun says he needs me sooner, I tell him that I can’t leave now but I will as soon as possible.

I leave the girls to their plans in the living room and retreat to my bedroom. I flip my computer on to check the news about the school, Teacher’s Walkout. I chuckle and check a few shopping websites I can’t afford anything on.

After a few hours Katy pokes her head in my room. I’m still at the computer as she sprawls out on my bed.

“So I finally got the whole story from your sister,” Katy tells me, she’s wearing a schoolgirl plaid skirt black and blue colored and a black sleeveless tee with some band I don’t think the name is in English on it.

“The whole story or just the recent events,” I ask turning from my computer.

“Just the recent shit, you got fucked so you’re taking charge of your shit,” Katy says grinning.

“I just don’t let people fuck with me and mine,” I reply sharply.

“Well I’m just gonna guess that includes me so I have a question,” Katy starts propping herself up on her elbows,” Why did your dad hit you?”

“Honestly, I dropped my guard,” I manage to spit out while chuckling.

“Your guard,” She asks with a puzzled look.

“Yeah, my fists. Block punches and kicks, keep them from hitting you in the face,” I put my hands up like I’m fighting.

She starts laughing with me about it and we enjoy the moment. I decide to let her lounge and turn back to my computer and load my music off my computer. As soon as the first song hits I get spun around in my chair and I meet Katy’s gaze with a little surprise.

“Does your Dad beat you,” She asks concerned.

“Only on the mat, I’m too old for spanking,” I reply back with a smile.

“Does everyone have to fight with him,” Katy asks now getting on her knees in front of me.

“No just me, it’s training,” I reply as Katy starts pulling my shorts down.

Katy gets my shorts down off my hips and around my ankles, I’m not hard but that doesn’t last long as Katy starts stroking me with her hand. I notice her eyes, green eyes, and she’s got that wicked grin. I watch as takes the first three inches of my cock in her mouth slowly working back and forth. I lean my head back as Katy goes to work on my shaft, jacking the base with her hand and working her mouth on that last 3 inches. That tingle starts and I place a hand on Katy’s head to get more but she pulls it off and gives me the ‘no’ look with her eyes. Katy removes her hand from my shaft and starts bobbing her head up and down as almost as quick as I’d be moving her head if she let me move my hands, I try to put my hands on her head but as soon as I move them she grabs mine with hers. The rushing back and forth of Katy’s head hit frantic and I get that tingle way to fast. I start cumming hard and grit my teeth as I shoot ropes of cum down her throat as she pulls back to the head and takes the whole load in her mouth before letting my cock fall from it and swallowing.

“Now you can go about your day sir,” Katy tells me standing up and walking out of my room.

I marvel at the skill of the blowjob Katy just gave me and pull my shorts back up. I resume my searches for new shit I can’t get but start realizing I’m a little sweaty from Katy and have dried sweat from working out with Dad this morning. I head out to the bathroom and take a shower, afterward getting dressed in my jeans and a black t-shirt.

It’s about thirty minutes past noon when Mom gets back home. Katy, Liz and I are sitting in the living room when she drops a small mountain of files on the dining room table.

“Katy get over here cause I need your information with all this paperwork and you got to make this decision,” Mom tells Katy from the dining room.

“What is all this,” Katy asks as we all head into the dining room.

“This is freedom,” Mom says pointing to a pile of folders, then to another,” and this one is our family. You get to pick one of these but first, Guy you’re leaving.”

I’m stunned as Mom walks me out of the room, and hands me some cash. I want to argue but I can see she’s got the ‘Mom’ look on her face so I stomp off to my room throw my boots on and grab my leather jacket. I’m not in the best of moods being kicked out so everyone else can work on shit I started doesn’t help. I hear Mom try to ask where I’ll be but I slam the door on her and am off. I get about ten minutes away and Liz is blowing up my phone with her usual ‘what the hell are you doing’ bullshit. I delete the message to see another five from Jun who apparently forgot everything I told him yesterday and regrew his vagina. I text him to say I’m on my way to the school and to meet me there.

City busses are not fun and they leave much to be desired when it comes to speed of travel. After an hour of riding I hop off at the school, no picket lines here which makes the school a locked up graveyard. I’m still fuming from being kicked out and as soon as I get to the front of the school and see Jun sitting there, blue jeans and a t-shirt and no windbreaker.

“Well you want to tell me why the fuck I’m here at school when there are no classes,” I ask nearly spitting the words out.

“Well I need help man, you gotta convince my Mom that this is cool like it is with your parents, she’s flipped out and is gonna ship me and Natsuko to a boarding school cause we’re insane in her mind,” Jun blurts out frantically.

“Okay, first off you need to take the fucking tampon out and calm the fuck down. Second just talk to your Dad and have him fix her,” I reply sitting down on a planter ledge.

“My Dad is a bigger pussy than you and I were before this. She is in charge of the family not him, you need to get her to let me try to be this,” Jun tells me sitting down next to me,” Can you even do this or not?”

And now I’m taking care of everyone’s problems. I get up from the planter and start walking to Jun’s house, as soon as I hit the edge of school grounds I realize that Jun is following me.

“Okay I don’t know what I’m gonna do but either this is gonna hurt or it’s really gonna hurt so you are gonna take your sister and get the fuck out of dodge until I tell you otherwise,” I tell Jun as we hit the driveway to his house.

He nods in agreement as he opens the door to his place; we both take our shoes off once inside and I head up the stairs to the bedrooms. It takes a second to find the parents’ bedroom at the end of the hall. I don’t even wait for Jun to catch up I just head into the parents’ bedroom and start looking around, queen size bed with white comforters and pillowcases, a hard wood floor and old looking dressers and end tables. First thing that catches my eye looking around the room is the laptop charging on the dresser.

“Hey Jun, is this your mom’s,” I ask opening the laptop up and logging her in, no password, either way too confident or way to comfortable.

“Yeah it’s Mom’s,” Jun says entering the room,” What are you doing with it, she’ll kill you.”

I get a big grin on my face and wave him off loading up her internet history and email. I catch Jun pacing the room worried when Natsuko comes in the door and lights up when she sees me. I turn my head from the computer and smile to her when Jun pulls her aside and they start talking fast in Japanese, some days I wish I had subtitles for life. I get back into her email. Her first name is KImiko, lots of messages from a Cassie and fun they have out during the day. Then I see a couple links come up in the oldest emails, I know what it is almost immediately and my plan is set.

“Okay, how long till your Mom gets home,” I ask copying the history and emails then shipping them off to my computer.

“She’ll be back soon, what are you gonna do,” Natsuko asks me, she looks nervous.

“Trust me, I have a plan,” I say smirking,” but you two need to be gone and don’t come back here till I text you and only me.”

I see Natsuko wants to ask questions but Jun is trusting me as he leads her out of the room, I hear them get down stairs and shut the door after themselves. Now that they’re gone I strip down to my underwear and hide my clothes under the foot of the bed behind my boots. I move the pillows and sit at the head of the bed lay in my boxer briefs and wait patiently.

I must have been waiting 15 minutes when I hear the front door open downstairs and I woman’s voice calling out to Natsuko and Jun through the house. Another minute and the door to the bedroom opens and there I’m hoping is Jun’s Mom, 5’7” Asian milf goddess, C cup breasts in an athletic bra top and yoga pants with her black hair done back in a pony tail.

“Who the hell are you?! Why are you in my house,” I see her start to get agitated by my presence on her bed.

“My name is whatever you want it to be Ma’am,” I reply calmly,” Cassie says this if for the ‘favor’ you did her a while back.”

“What are you talking about, Cassie put you up to this,” Kimiko asks crossing her arms.

“I don’t know who Cassie is Ma’am, I get a phone call telling me that I have work to do then they give me a time and a place,” I stretch out a little,” So here I am Ma’am.”

“And what work do you do,” Kimiko asks me losing her hostility and starts to get curious.

“Honestly Ma’am, I’m here to do what you want me to do. Cassie’s instructions were ‘Male who looks young enough to be a teenager, must act the part and play along’. I’m here and if you don’t want me here I can leave, I get paid either way,” I tell her simply as I start to get up from the bed.

I don’t get far when she stops me with a gesture and motions me to get back on the bed; I comply like a ‘good boy’. I watch her step out of the room to her adjoining bathroom, I hear the faucet and Kimiko comes back into the room in just a very thin white thong.

“Two things, where are my children? And second, anything I say or want,” Kimiko asks me crawling onto the foot of the bed.

My brain freezes for a second, her eyes are locked onto mine and they’re so brown they look black.

Finally my words come back to me,” I told them that I worked with their father and needed get some papers from his office then gave them a twenty to get lost while I waited. And as for your second question,” I shift my demeanor to very innocent,” Yes Ma’am.”

Kimiko’s face broadens into a smile as she crawls up my body, kissing and licking her way up my stomach and chest finally stopping while straddling my hips with hers. I lean forward placing my face in her chest and latching onto her nipple gently. Kimiko gently grips the back of my head as I flick my tongue over her nipple; I grind my hips up against hers eagerly.

“Shhhhh, slow down boy we’ll get there,” Kimiko tells me pulling me off her breast and laying me back down on the bed.

Kimiko slides down my body like a serpent, dragging her frame down mine and slowly pulls my underwear off. My cock comes free and I see Kimiko’s eyes widen a little; she looks up at me and smiles then quickly lowers her head and shoves most of my seven and a half inch cock in her mouth. I lose myself in the sensation of Kimiko licking my shaft inside her mouth and sucking my cock like it’s a meat straw. I wrap my fingers in a handful of Kimiko’s hair and gently pull her mouth off my cock until the last 2 inches then push her back down to the base. She groans on my shaft and it sends a chill up my spine, I’ve had good blowjobs but this Kimiko is a pro and she’s taking me down with no gagging at all as she bobs up and down the length of my cock.

I have my eyes closed when she stops and drags her mouth off my rigid member. I watch her ass slide in the air as she pulls her thong off. I start to lower my body down the bed but Kimiko has a different idea as she moves me out of my spot on the bed and pushes the pillows to the floor. Kimiko stays on her hands and knees and I marvel as her near thirty four inch ass go right in the air and her face lowers to the bed. I take my cue to move up behind her and get in-between her legs, I rub my cock up and down her slit for a minute till she reaches between her own legs and pulls my cock against the entrance to her pussy. I push myself inside slowly as Kimiko gasps at the size, for a mother of two she’s tight. As soon as I get all the way inside her pussy Kimiko starts rubbing her clit and backing her pussy onto my cock, like mother like daughter.

“Just stay still and let me do the work baby,” Kimiko tells me speeding up her pace.

I let her work as I watch Kimiko’s ass move, her pushing back onto my cock. I decide to give her the fucking that I was ‘paid’ to give; I grip her hips with both hands and start pounding her pussy with deep hard thrusts. I hear her open mouth groans and gasps as I plow her hot pussy. I am staring at her ass and decide to spice it up a bit, I wet my thumb in my mouth then start rubbing it against her asshole. Kimiko pauses for a second as I touch her hole then lowers her head as I push up to the first knuckle in her ass.

“Oh god you are a bad boy aren’t you,” Kimiko purrs,” now stop playing around and fuck your new mommy hard so she can feel you cum.”

As hot as Kimiko looks the dirty talk hit that switch I needed, I leave my thumb in her ass and use my free hand to hold her by the hips for leverage as I start to pound her pussy with my cock. There is no holding back with either of us, Kimiko rubbing her clit and pushing her hips back, I’m fingering her asshole and trying resize her pussy hard and fast with my cock. I’m grunting along with her moaning, suddenly I feel her pussy clench up on my cock and her asshole clench up on my thumb as Kimiko lets out a long groan for her orgasm. I quickly pull my thumb and cock out of Kimiko and flip her over onto her back, as soon as she’s down it takes three strokes of my cock to get me to shoot my load all up her body and one good shot hitting her tits.

I feel great and not as tired as I thought I’d be, Kimiko just lays there as I start to get dressed after finding my underwear.

“I haven’t been fucked like that since before my marriage,” Kimiko tells me glowing from the bed.

“It’s defiantly a first for me Ma’am,” I reply zipping up my pants.

“You don’t have to do that anymore, we’re both adults here,” Kimiko says rolling to her feet and sliding off the bed.

“Not exactly true Ma’am, I’ve kinda been lying to you about that,” I tell her smirking.

“What,” Kimiko says freezing in place,” what have you been lying about?”

“Well I’m not some male escort, I actually go to school with your kids. Natsuko and my sister Liz are friends,” I tell her smiling.

“You little fucking bastard, I’ll tell your parents what you did,” Kimiko growls angrily.

“Actually you won’t. First off your children are gonna dress the way they want and do what they want save for school and homework. You’re going to let them be individuals and not little victims like you made your son into,” I’m building up to the big statement,” And you’re not going to ship them off to some boarding school where you can ignore their attitude that I’ve given your son.”

“You don’t tell me what to do with MY children in my house you shit,” Kimiko is furiously getting clothes on,” I run this house, not you and not my husband either, what I say goes around here.”

“Oh, so then when I get home I should just start emailing the entire PTA list with your web browser history,” I state watching the color drain out of her face,” Or how about the video that’s streaming to my computer from you laptop webcam to your husband and anyone else on your mailing list. You can tell my parents if you really want to but then again I’m not the one who took ‘advantage’ of a highschool student.”

Kimiko is frozen in place for a solid minute, then frantically rushes to her laptop and as soon as it kicks on she is looking at herself on the cam and sees the program streaming to another source. I see her face break from shock to tears as she collapses to the floor crying. I give her a minute and see that she’s really crying, I kneel next to her and pull her head onto my shoulder and let her cry and babble for a minute.

“You’re gonna ruin my life,” Kimiko get’s out in between sobs.

“No, I’m trying to help Jun and Natsuko,” I tell her wiping her hair from her face,” Let them be themselves, let them talk and date and fuck. You let them be people and they’ll probably love you more for the freedom.”

“But you’ll ruin my life,” Kimiko says looking at me with her deep brown eyes.

“No ma’am, I’m making your boy like me, and I won’t do anything to your life if you don’t mess with their’s. On that you have my word,” I state plainly.

I help Kimiko to her feet and walk her to the bathroom to clean herself up while I stand there and watch. After regaining her composure she turns to me with a very soft look on her face.

“I let them dress and act out what they want minus academics and all this stays private,” Kimiko asks me from the mirror.

I nod my head and finish getting dressed before grabbing my phone and texting Natsuko, I tell her to head home and that everything will be fine with her mom. Natsuko replies with a standard level of disbelief and joy. I head back into the bathroom and turn Kimiko around to face me, taking her by the waist and kissing her deeply. She is shocked at first but wraps her arms up in my coat and hood returning the kiss.

“Anytime you want to relive this you just email me or text me from your daughter’s phone,” I tell her breaking the kiss and heading down stairs.

I don’t wait for her to say goodbye or anything else and I get out the front door and head back toward the school. I quickly check my phone and see it’s two in the afternoon and text Kori asking her how she’s doing. I freeze when she replies that her and her mother are at my house with Liz, my mother and Katy. What the hell is happening?

Still loving the comments, anyone with any ideas feel free to PM me and we can talk a little about them.

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