High school is about to end. It's the day of prom. (sorry this part was kind of short but the actually night is going to kind of long so I had to brake it up some where.) As a reminder, the next part will only be posted after I get so many likes so if you want to read what happens next you have to vote....
The morning of prom arrived and along with it my twin. I’d slept late having stayed out with Autumn and Vince until nearly midnight the night before. Dad had dropped him off and left without even asking about me. Telling everyone about being gay and that my twin brother and his best friend raped me had sent him running. I’d forced myself not to care, I had Mom after all, but that he didn’t even get out of the car to try to see me hurt. Jack was in his old room when I finally crawled out to the kitchen looking for some breakfast. Mom was sitting in her usual chair, near the entry to the kitchen so she could watch TV and drink her coffee without being in the living room. I walked over to the cabinets grabbing a bowl for cereal when the most mouth-watering smell hit me. Bacon and pancakes! I put the bowl back and turned, looking for it.

Mom was watching me with a smile, waiting. Nothing was on the table or counter. I looked back at her and she looked away, her smile widening enough that she had to hide it with her coffee mug. “I can smell it you know?” I told her.

“Smell what?” she acted all innocent.

“You made breakfast and you’re hiding it some where,” I said looking around the kitchen again and still not seeing the food.

“I didn’t make anything,” she said with a straight face. If you knew my mother you’d realize that this was not something she could do, lie with a straight face that is, but I could smell it and there were dishes in the sink.

“Some one cooked.” I was a bit upset that someone had cooked my favorite breakfast in our kitchen and I’d missed it, apparently. I turned pouting as I went and got the bowl back down. Mom chuckled.

“Come out before he pours anything in the bowl.” I frowned and turned. There Autumn stood with the plate in her hands. She walked over to the table and set it down. This time I just left the bowl where it was and went for the chair. Once I was in the chair Autumn sat the plate in front of me and handed me the syrup. I reached for it and she moved it.

“Hey!” I was feeling at little abused right then as I looked at her. She smiled.

“Here’s the deal for this nice breakfast I cooked,” Autumn said leaning against the table and teasing me with the syrup bottle. I groaned and sat back in the chair. “I want you to come with me today while I get ready, the whole thing hair, nails and make up. If you don’t want to come that’s fine, but if you don’t go you don’t get the food, you’ll have to go back to the bowl you were going to make you.”

“That’s blackmail, you know?” I told her. She tried to look innocent. I scoffed. “Give me the syrup.”

“Is that a yes you’ll go?”

“Yes! No give me the damn syrup.” I was in heaven for about twenty minutes while I ate then went back to my room to dress. I barely had my jeans up when my door opened. “Gezz Autumn I’ll be out in a minute.”

“Autumn’s here?” Jack asked. I turned around to find him leaning on the doorframe.

“Yeah… she came over to blackmail me into going with her to all those places girls go to get ready for prom.” I grabbed my T-shirt up from the bed. “I did get pancakes and bacon out of it though.” Jack shook his head.

“If you were into girl’s I’d swear you were pussy whipped.” I rolled my eyes. Jack and I hadn’t had a decedent conversation in over a year. He did try to act normal around me, even after what I’d forced on him, he’d gotten the message that he couldn’t push me around and expect me to do nothing, but normal and polite were two very different things with Jack. I pulled the shirt over my head and sat down to put my shoes on. “The other day I was sitting in my room at Dad’s and I found that first porn me and you watched.” I stilled.

“I watched it again and then I started thinking about all the girls you’d dated over the years. Some of them were really hot like super hot, uber hot even, way out of your league at the time given how you dressed,” Jack wasn’t looking at me as he talked. “Well I started to wonder if it was all for show or if any of it was really. So I called a few of you’re exs I had numbers for.” I was frowning and went back to putting on my shoes. “You see all the ones I called wished you hadn’t broken up with them. Not one thought you could be gay. You’ve said that it never felt right to you, but..”

“Jack that’s enough,” I said standing. I have a feeling about where this was going.

“When I talked to Jessica…”

Oh, oh fuck no.

“She really didn’t believe me when I told her. Her exact words were ‘any guy who eats pussy like Jake couldn’t possibly be gay, bi maybe but never gay.’ Needless to say I was shocked to learn my little brother was eating pussy at thirteen. Especially since he says he’s gay and he said he’s known since he was eleven.” My hand covered my face for a minute before running, frustratingly through my hair.

“Jack,” I warned.

“You know I dated Jessica too, about a year after you did. I popped her cherry and on the phone last week she told me that you, you eat pussy better than I do,” Jack said staring at me now. “I know someone doesn’t get good at that with out practice. You may never have fucked a girl like Blake and I showed you, but after I talked to Jessica I called a few of girls you had longer relationships with and they all said you were amazing at it… I wonder what Vince would think of that skill, though it’s probably a bit rusty after two years of cock.” I shoved him just hard enough to move him from the door jam.

“Shut the fuck up.” Jack just smiled.

“Does Autumn know how good you are at it? I’ll bet she does and she’s dragging you along hoping to get your tongue up her cunt again, maybe pop her cherry with your fingers while you’re doing it.”

“Shut up!” I shoved him again and he was in the hallway closer to his door, but not enough for me to get past him. Jack smiled big.

“Oh wait, you already did that didn’t you?” His smile started to turn to laughter. “Autumn’s all hot and heavy over you because you popped her cherry while eating her out. My gay brother popped a girl’s cherry.” I actually drew back to hit him.

“Jake you ready?” Autumn’s voice carried down the hall before she turned the corner and walked to me. She wrapped her arm around one of mine in a hug. “You two fighting again?”

“Nothing major,” I answered glaring at Jack. He took it as a dare.

“Oh no, nothing major. I was just telling Jake here that he should tell Vince about his skills at eating pussy.” Autumn’s face reddened and I turned my head, we’d dated for about eight months, lots came happen in eight months. Jack grinned again. “Then I asked Jake here if the reason you stay so attached to him was that my faggot brother popped your cherry while doing it to you.” Autumn was so stunned she stopped breathing for a moment, once she started again she slapped him.

“I’ll have you know that my cherry is still intact, as if it was any of your business. I tired of people thinking I’m some sort of slut or whore because I hang out with two guys all the time.” She pulled at my arm, getting me away from Jack. “You’re such an ass Jack.”

In her car I watched her boil for a bit longer before saying anything. “Thank you for saving me from punching him,” I said. Autumn looked over at me and started laughing.

“I guess me slapping him was a little more offensive to him than you punching him, huh?” she asked. I nodded. The rest of the day was filled with sitting around her watching people fix her up while I read magazines. I hated it for the biggest part, but Autumn didn’t really have any girl friends and Vince wouldn’t have gone with her, no matter what breakfast she offered him.

We were at the last place getting her make up done when my phone went off for the first time that day. Vince and I decided to treat prom night as the special event it was and we weren’t going to talk to each other until that night. Sitting around all day in shops had made me want to talk to him more. Especially after the hair dresser asked Autumn about her boyfriend coming in with her, the hair dresser was so impressed that I’d come that Autumn had just gone with it, I was taking her to prom after all.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and looked at the number before opening the text.

Sorry sweets I couldn’t do it, had to say something. Good afternoon. I smiled at Vince’s text.

I was getting ready to text u anyway. Autumn dragged me along 2 about 50 different places to get herself ready for 2night.

LOL. Better u than me.


It’s true I couldn’t take that and u’ve been her friend longer.

Grr. So what’s up?
There was a pause before he said anything back.

I forgot to get my tux yesterday…

Vince, I reminded u about that everyday 4 a week.

I know…
I sighed.

Is it over at the same place I got mine?

Stewarts yeah

Me and Autumn will pick it up on our way back home. It shouldn’t be 2 much longer.

Thank u love.

U owe me.

:) I’ll pay u back l8er 2night.

Who’s car are we taking anyway?

I got it covered.

U sure?

Yep see u at 7.

k. love u

love u 2.

“Vince?” I looked up to find that the make up was finally done.

“Uhh. Yeah,” I managed to get out. The lady doing the make up looked from me to Autumn smiling. I couldn’t say anything for a moment I was too stunned to respond in words. I’d been worried about someone else doing Autumn’s make up. She was one of those girls that didn’t wear much of it to began with and I didn’t want anyone changing that about her, but she’d allowed Autumn’s style to stay she’d just highlighted her eyes so they were the first thing anyone would notice. I don’t know if I’ve ever said what color Autumn’s eyes are, there a very pale brown with a dark ring around the iris that makes them look even paler in the right light or right make up as the case maybe.

“You like it then?” Autumn asked. I stood and pulled her in to a hug.

“Yeah I like it,” I answered. The make up lady watched us, smiling the whole time.

“If you like, I do other events too.” I frowned at her and Autumn pulled away to look at her.

“What like graduation? Do people do this for graduation?” The woman frowned and looked up at me.

“No but I do weddings.” Autumn burst out laughing.

“Thanks for telling me, but I’d have to find a boyfriend first.” The woman made a point of looking at me then back at her. Autumn looked at me and I shrugged letting her know I didn’t care what she said about us. She turned, leaning on me and looked the woman straight in the eye.

“Don’t you have a gay friend that you go shopping with?” I tried not to laugh at the woman’s stunned expression, but she did manage to say something before we left. Of course it wasn’t to Autumn or where she could hear it. She caught me while Autumn was in the bathroom. Coming up close and leaning against the wall facing me.

“Are you really gay or are you just telling her that to get closer to her? Because I know gay men and you don’t act like one,” she told me and made a point of looking me over. “I’d hate to see a girl like her get hurt because you want easy pussy.” I stared at her a minute before I could answer.

“Autumn and I have been friends a long time,” I could hear the loathing in my words and watched as the woman folded her arms. “Since we were about seven. Little young to set something like that up back then, if I was, we would have done something by now.” She scoffed at me, at me! “Look, just cuz I’m not flamboyant and feminine doesn’t mean I’m lying…”

“No the way you look at her says it.”


“The way you look at her, it screams that you’re attracted to her. I’ve seen it enough from her end. She’s going to prom with you right, you’re being the good ‘friend’ and taking her because she didn’t get asked?” I felt a little creepy right then.

“She didn’t get asked.” She nodded.

“And how many of those that would have asked didn’t because of you?” I started to say none, but it wasn’t true, her hanging out with me was why she hadn’t got asked at all.

“It’s not just me she’s going with…”

“Oh a group is much better.” The sarcasm just dripped off that one.

“It’s not a group, my boyfriend of two years and I are both taking her.” The woman studied me at that. “Those text I was getting while you were finishing up wit her,” I opened my messages to show her. “She even asked if they were from Vince once I looked up. Vince is my boyfriend. Any guy you’ve seen trying to pull that shit ever go through the trouble of that?” She looked up at me and after a moment of uncertainty answered.

“Just means you’re willing to take it further then most. You’re a really good looking guy don’t be an ass, it spoils everything else about you.” I shook my head and was about to tell her to off again or at least try to when Autumn came out and wrapped her arm around mine.

“Ready to go? It’s three hours still until you need to be home to get dressed want to catch a movie and get something to eat?” Autumn asked.

“Sure, anything in mind?” I watched the make up woman raise her eyebrows at me while Autumn thought about it.

“On second thought least just eat and go home,” she said hugging my arm. I smiled down at her, that was Autumn for you. The woman never said anything else as we left and I put some effort into them not being alone after her talk with me. On the way home after getting Vince’s tux that is, I couldn’t help fusing to myself about the stereotypes people have of gays. What all lesbians have to be butch and all gay men have to be feminine? I mean just because I find the male body, in general, more attractive than the female and like sucking cock I have to talk with a lisp, like shopping, talk with my hands, have a thing for fashion and Broadway plays? Ok, I have to admit I talk with my hands around Autumn, but that’s because she does it so much I can’t help, but get into it. Vince has made several comments about it during some of our outings with her. She’ll get really excited and start gesturing with her hands while she’s talking and she’ll do it for so long that I start doing it to some extent, kind of embarrassing once I realize I’m doing it, but hey none of the others apply to me.

Autumn went home after dropping me off to get dressed and whatever else she was planning for today. Vince and I were going to pick her up together, her mom wanted pictures of all of us before we left and we’d thought it only proper. When she dropped me off, I went straight for the shower. I didn’t need to start getting ready just then, but I wanted to avoid Jack after what happened earlier. I so did not need to get in to slugfest with him hours before prom. So I took the longest shower I could, shaved, and did everything I could to stay in the bathroom longer. By the time I got out it was time to close enough to time to start pulling my clothes on.

In my bedroom, I started looking for what underwear I was going to wear that night when there was a knock at the door. I didn’t pay it any more attention than that as I started pulling them on until another knock sounded at my door. Confused I cracked the door open and peered out. Vince stood there with his hair wet and his clothes barely thrown on. Then I remembered, I had his tux. I opened the door to let him in then grabbed up the hanger mine was on. “I’ll take mine to Mom’s room and dress in there,” I told him. He didn’t respond for a minute and then only nodded at me. “Are we still doing it like we talked about?”

“Figured that was going to be hard with you having my tux,” he said smiling and looking me over. “You could have dropped it by the house.” I closed my eyes and shut the door.

“Sorry had kind of a weird day,” I told him. He chuckled a bit.

“I knew going with Autumn today would do that to you.”

“It wasn’t going with Autumn, it was the stupid make up lady. She made a suggestion to Autumn about doing her make up for her wedding and Autumn told her the truth about how we are. Damn woman thinks I’m playing with her so I can fuck her and…” Vince pulled me to him and kissed me. My brain stopped thinking about this afternoon and focused in on the warm feel of his lips. By the time we parted, I didn’t really remember what I’d been telling him.

“You know the truth, I know the truth, and Autumn knows the truth, what do you care about some woman in a store that you’ll never see again?” he asked.

“I don’t know, I think it was her trying to pervert a good friendship and maybe that she was stereotyping me,” I answered my arms still around his neck. “I don’t think it would have bothered me as much if Jack hadn’t gotten me so worked up before I left.” Vince stepped back and pulled his shirt over his head. I watched down the line of our bodies as he did it. Vince is religious about working out and it shows, thankfully he doesn’t go overboard with it, but it was hard not to notice the developing six pack he was getting. He didn’t have it all the time, it was only there if he tensed the muscles. For nearly two years he’d dragged me to the gym every chance he got and I’d proved to be no slouch in the building muscle department, but I couldn’t managed to burn enough fat from around my abs to accomplish that feat like him.

Fingers touched my chin raising my eye level; I think I turned a shade of red when I smiled. Vince smiled back broadly. “Lets get ready to go pick up Autumn,” he said and turned, dropping his jeans as he did. I looked at the clock and smiled. I grabbed Vince by the hips and pulled him back against me.

“We have an hour and a half before we have to get Autumn,” I whispered my lips nearly against his ear and then kissed his neck. I felt him turn to look at the clock.

“So we do… but your mom’s home and Jack…” I ran my hand down the front of his torso to his underwear and cupped him.

“I can be quiet if you can.” Vince raised one hand to the back of my neck as I moved down his neck to his shoulder.

“Can you now, somehow I don’t believe that,” there was a smile in that tone. Vince was probably right I had trouble keeping quiet.

“As long as you don’t try to fuck me like you did that first time at the hotel a few weeks ago we should be ok,” I told him, which was only partly true. “And Mom knows that we have sex, I’ll lock the door, we’ll try to be quiet…” I kissed his jaw and stroked his cock a little more as it hardened under my hand. “She wouldn’t say anything.” Vince turned and kissed me again. I reached back locking the door and pulled him to the bed. When our legs touched the bed he pulled back.

“You sure about this, I mean we have all night?” The slightly deeper tone in Vince’s voice spoke to how ready he was for this.

“Shut up and fuck me,” I said and sat down on the bed, pulling his underwear down with me as I did. Vince’s cock bobbed in front of me and I took advantage of the opportunity. My mouth was around that hard flesh before he could rethink our situation. I took him deep and fast the first time so he’d stop protesting, but the second journey down was slow. My lips parted over the head sliding down over the ridge where his shaft started, then inch by slow inch his cock disappeared into my mouth again. Vince let out an unsteadied breath as I reached the base and started up at the same pace. I rolled my tongue over the head once I was back to it, letting my tongue find the slit and play with it.

“Jake,” Vince’s voice was distant his mind only on one think now. I lay back and his hands when to my underwear, pulling them down my legs. Vince pulled me so that part of my ass was off the bed and I wrapped my legs loosely around his hips. He settled against my ass his hard cock probing my opening. As he pressed into me, I felt my ass open slowly for him. I was still hesitant about not using lube every time, but Vince was good at making sure it didn’t hurt. The head of Vince’s cock pushed in and I groaned low in the back of my throat. A shudder ran through me as inch by slow inch Vince worked his cock up into me.

When his hips were flush with my ass, he leaned over and kissed me. His tongue played with mine and as he drew it back, his hips started working. Every time Vince’s tongue enter or pulled back, his cock would do the same. It was maddeningly slow and after a few slow soft thrust I tried to urge him faster. He chuckled a bit and smiled down at me. “If I go faster you’ll start screaming,” Vince whispered in a gravelly voice. I whimpered. “Bit you lip.” I licked my bottom lip and bit it lightly. Vince shook his head, not believing for a moment that it would work. The first hard thrust bow my spine as Vince pulled out all the stops. His hand gripped my cock before I could and pumped it, leaving both my hands free to run over him or cover my mouth if need be. My legs wrapped tighter around his waist as his hand warmed on my cock, the different texture of his palm from mine sent my cock pulsing with excitement.

The tightness started in my stomach and slowly worked down with each thrust Vince made deep in my ass. Between fighting my body so that I wouldn’t cum too fast and doing everything I could not to make any loud noises, my breathing was more ragged then I ever thought it could be. Vince’s hand on my cock faltered as he tried to think enough to thrust and move his hand. My balls tightened and I gasped as the muscles around my hole contracted on Vince’s cock. Both of us teetered on the edge for a second then my balls forced cum up from them sending liquid fire through my cock and out to cover my stomach. One hand went to my mouth as a cry welled up inside me. Vince’s body shook as he thrust once more and his hot cum flooded my ass.

A knock at the door brought us down fast, but when the doorknob shook as someone tried to open the door we quickly parted and grabbed our underwear up. “Jake why is this door locked?” asked Mom. She tried the knob again. “Open the door.” I pulled my underwear up and looked back to see Vince already pulling on the pants for the tux. I unlocked the door and pulled it open a bit.

“Sorry I locked it so Jack couldn’t try anything,” I told her. She looked into the room and her eyes locked on the rumpled bed.

“Really?” she asked pointedly looking at me. I felt my face flush and readied for her to yell at me, but it didn’t come. “Not while I’m here ok?” I must have looked as shocked as I felt. “Jake I’m not delusional about how kids are. I know you and Vince have sex, hell I had kids by your age so I know how it is, but I also don’t want it right in my face were I can see that it’s happened either.” I nodded.

“Sorry,” I told her. She nodded.

“Better hurry up you don’t have long before you’re suppose to meet Autumn,” Mom reminded me. I nodded and closed the door again. Vince smiled at me, the pants for his tux still unfastened.

“Go get cleaned up,” he said looking pointedly at my stomach. I flushed a bit at the sight of cum still clinging to me there.

“I’ll be back in a minute,” I said and walking over to the bathroom door. That door I had started to keep locked, Jake could get into my room without ever being seen if he went through our joined bathroom. I knocked once and waited before opening the door.

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