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As I lay there on my bed, thoughts dance around in my head like little fairies. Yesterday I had done what I'd wanted to do for a very long time, I'd had sex with Ben. It was filthy dirty sex and it took place in the toilets at school. Later that same day it happened again, but this time around Ben brought a friend, Shane. They double teamed me and shot their loads deep inside of me at the same time in both my ass and my pussy. The morning after pill was easy to obtain, the pharmacist preached onto me about safe sex, which I can honestly say went into my left ear and came out of my right. If there were two words that held meaning that I didn't want right now, they would be 'safe' and 'sex'. No, I wanted dirty fucks. Yesterdays toilet activities had opened my eyes and body up to a whole new world, a world that I would do anything to be apart of whenever I could.

I lay there on my bed, completely naked as Chantelle comes out of my on-suite bathroom. With nothing but a towel around her wet body, she looked at me and rolled her eyes. “Are you ever going to be ready?” she asked.
“What makes you think I'm not going dressed as I am?” I asked her in return. She smirked from the corner of her mouth and went to her over night bag. Pulling out a pair of black leggings and a red top. “Because you're parents wouldn't let you reach the bottom of the stairs.” she told me.

Tonight we had been invited to a house party, hosted by the boy of all my dreams, Ben. It was a Friday night and with Monday being a Bank Holiday, his parents were out of town. He was going to be under the watchful eye of his not so responsible brother, who was 24. I'd gotten to my school locker at the end of yesterday and saw that he had posted a note through the small gap, he'd said in it that I was welcome to bring a friend, and so Chantelle now stands in front of me, letting her towel drop to the floor.

She has an amazing body, she's a little shorter than I am but her boobs where at least four sizes bigger. Her milky white skin seemed to be resilient to the sun as she never seemed to tan. Her short curly red hair was wet, and the drips seemed to drop onto her breasts, she didn't notice me staring at her as she dropped the clothes onto the bed and looked through her bag.
“Fuck,” she said. “I forgot spare underwear. That's what happens when you rush me, and the cheek you have to rush me and still be led on your bed nowhere near ready is well annoying.” she complained.
“Babe, you have an amazing pair of tits.” I told her. Her shoulders slumped and she looked up at me, “For real? Are you even listening to what I'm saying?” she said.
I got up from the bed and went to my closet, after a moment looking through it I pulled out a denim pair of hot-pants and a white vest top. “I'll tell you what,” I told her, “I won't wear underwear either.” I offered. She shrugged her shoulders and then pulled on the leggings. “Whatever.” she said.

With the help of a jacket we were able to leave my house at around 8:30, the note said to be there for 7:30 but I figured it was always better to arrive later. The party never kicks off immediately and I didn't know who was going, so letting the place fill up a little seemed like the better option.
Chantelle and I walked to the end of the street and both lit cigarettes, we didn't have that far to go, just another street to get to the end of. It was then that a car slowly drove passed us, there were three guys in the car and all of them hung out the windows staring at us.
“You little girls looking for a ride?” the driver called. “No, looks like you're having plenty of fun together.” Chantelle called back.
“Shame, 'cuz your mouth would look real good wrapped around my cock.” the driver shouted back. His two friends laughed, the car picked up speed and drove on. It was then that we saw Ben's house, and the car that had just passed us stopped right outside of it. The three guys got out of the car carrying boxes of beer, they then made their way inside.
“Maybe we shouldn't go.” Chantelle said. “Relax babe, Ben won't let anything happen to us.” I told her.
Famous last words.

We got to the house and the front door was wide open, I guess it was something of an open house. Music pumped through speakers that had seemingly been set up around the ground floor, as we entered the hallway we were greeted buy Ben.
“Aw you made it, I'm so happy. And so will Emma be, she was the only chick here until you guys appeared.” he said hugging us both, “You both look so tasty! Here's a beer for you both, they're a little stronger than the rest, but I always think the first beer should be the one to relax you.” he said, handing us both a bottle. He waved us to follow him and we did, he walked through the kitchen and into the garden, where everyone else was. He introduced us to Emma, who was an attractive young girl, not from our school. She was wearing a pair of skinny jeans and a baggy looking dress top that came down to just above her thighs. She seemed happy to see us, and it seemed to calm Chantelle a little too.

He then introduced us to the three guys who drove passed us. “Ha, well well.” the driver said. Ben told us his name was Dom, and his two friends were Nick and Heath. “So good to see you both again.” Dom said. Ben then introduced us to Shane, and two other guys, Rich and Liam. We all got acquainted and the beers were going down nicely.
Emma soon re-appeared and still looked relieved to see us. “I'm so glad I'm not the only girl. Usually it is.” she said. “You know Ben then?” I asked her. “Yeah, I've been to a couple of his parties before, Liam is my boyfriend. He knows Ben from when they were younger.” she told me. Her blonde locks came down just passed her shoulders, she took a mouthful of beer and then made her way over to Liam.

An hour or so later I'd asked where the toilet was, Ben looked at me with a smile on his face and replied, “You're more than welcome to drop them shorts right here and take a piss, though I wouldn't bet and them shorts being pulled back up.” I grinned and shook my head, Chantelle then came over to me and held my arm. “Don't leave me alone.” she whispered. I told her she'll be fine, and if she gets stuck then just stick with Emma, Ben told me where the toilet was and I put my drink down and went.

When I came back down the stairs I was surprised to see that everyone had seemingly gone. I went through the kitchen and to the garden but still saw no one. The music was still playing, I walked a little further across the garden and saw that the garage door was open. So I walked over and stood in the doorway, and I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

The garage had been converted into a lounge area, there was a large bed at the far end and a long couch going up against the wall. On the opposite wall there was a counter with bottles of beer, spirits and wine. Sat on the couch was Liam, with Emma's head between his legs, I couldn't see his cock, but I knew that Emma had it in her mouth. She was sat next to him, leaning over him. Sat on the other side of Emma was Rich, who was stroking his cock watching Emma.

At the far end of the couch sat the driver of the car, Dom. And there was Chantelle, who was bent over taking his member in her mouth. Her leggings had been pulled down exposing her ass, which had Nick face buried between her cheeks, stood to her side was Heath, who was fondling with her dangling breasts while also playing with himself.

I watched for a moment, taking it all in. when Ben appeared at my side holding a blind fold. He tied it around my head, covering my eyes and then steered me towards the end of the room. On the way there I felt more hands run over my body, and when I felt something hit my legs I was pushed down onto the bed. A pair of hands pulled down my top and then grabbed at my breasts, “Fucking hell Ben, we hit the mother load this time.” I heard a voice say. My shorts were then pulled down and I felt my legs being pulled apart.

“This bitch is already wet. I'm going in.” somebody said. And with that I felt a cock slide into my moist hole. I cried out at first, but was soon being rammed hard and fast. My nipples were like rocks and being bitten and pinched. I then felt something push against my mouth, I opened my lips and a hard cock slid right through and hit the roof of my mouth. I took the shaft in my hand and began sucking. I could hear Chantelle's moans coming from somewhere on my right. Images of her big tits bouncing up and down made me wetter, and pretty soon I was enjoying my first orgasm. It seemed I wasn't the only one.
“Fuck I'm guna cum.” I heard. The thrusts inside my stated to slow down, my legs were being held apart by whoever was fucking me and I felt the hot sperm shoot from his cock and flood my pussy. It made me cum again.
“Fuck, this bitch is hot.” somebody said. “They both are.” another voice said, “My turn now get out of the way.” another cock slid inside of me, and this guy started hammering away at me. I moaned in pleasure as the stranger fucked me as hard as he could.
The cock in my mouth had began pumping my mouth without any help from me, and then a wave of sum filled my mouth. I swallowed the load, as more flooded from the cock.

The blindfold edged up a little and I could see a fraction of the room, I could see Chantelle topless sitting on Heath, sucking on her boob while pumping her, making her bounce off of him. She was completely naked now, her head tilted back and eyes closed. Her toes had curled as she screamed her way through an orgasm.

My body was then flipped over, onto my front. My ass up in the air as another cock slid into my pussy. I was back to seeing only darkness as another cock found its way into my mouth, I could hear Ben's voice, “Didn't I tell you this bitch would be good?”
hearing that just made me want more, to be used even more. I felt a hard slap across my ass which made me moan out loud with a mouthful of cock.

“Emma, get the fuck over here and lay next to her.” I heard Liam call. Moments later I felt Emma lie down next to me, I reached out and found her breast, it felt the same kind of size as Chantelle's. I squeezed the nipple, she started rocking, I could feel her other breast bounce up and down, she was getting fucked as hard as I was.
I felt the cock pull out from my clit and then force its way into my ass. I squeezed Emma's tit hard as I cried out, letting the cock spring from my mouth. In and out of my ass I was pounded. The occasional spank made me beg for more. I could feel Emma's hand reach under me, she found my own breasts and squeezed my nipple.
“I'm guna cum in this bitches ass hole.” I heard, and seconds later I felt the spunk fill my ass. It sent me over the edge as I enjoyed my third climax.

“Get that bitch to lick it up.” I heard Shane's voice for the first time. I could hear Chantelle's moans as her face was pushed up against me, her tongue rolled out of her mouth and began going to work on my ass and pussy. Licking up the cum I felt my fourth orgasm coming. The cock I was sucking pulled out of my mouth and shot three long warm strings of semen over my face, I couldn't take any more and orgasmed into Chantelle's mouth.
By the way her mouth was hitting my ass I knew she was getting fucked from behind, I felt a hand grab the back of my head and pull off the blindfold. It was bright at first, but then I could focus. Emma had all three holes filled, Nick pounded her from the bottom, Heath from behind and Shane was sliding in and out of her mouth.
Ben was fucking Chantelle from behind, I re-positioned myself so's that she could lick my soaking wet pussy while getting fucked. She looked into my eyes, “He's fucking my ass, feels so good.” she told me, right before going back down and taking me in her mouth.

Dom was knelt beside my head and pushed his cock into my mouth, he slapped my breast hard across the nipple and I moaned out in pleasure. Then quickly pulled out of my mouth and shot his cum all over my tits.
Ben pulled out of Chantelle and pulled her to her knees, she sat there on the floor, holding up her breasts, looking into his eyes and he then shot his load all over her, making her suck the excess from his dick after he'd finished.

Heath and Nick were cuming inside of Emma, which judging by her cries, sent her into orgasm too. Shane held her firmly by the head and pushed his cock as far into her mouth as it would go, she gagged and started to choke as cum spilled from her mouth. He pulled out and laid back on the bed, as her tear filled eyes licked up what she had just spilled.

In that moment everything came to an end. “Well girls, this is the first time we've been too empty to go past an hour.” Ben said. “We're going to have to do this again soon.” he finished, making his way over to the counter and grabbing a beer. “By the way,” he said, “there are towels and wet wipes in the cupboard right here. Me and the boys are going to another party, night.” he said as he left. One by one they all left, leaving me, Chantelle and Emma naked, fucked and covered in cum.

I looked at Chantelle, then Emma. “You two girls fancy coming back to mine for a shower and a cuddle in a big comfy bed?” I asked. Emma smiled and nodded, Chantelle looked at me and grinned. “Fuck yeah bitch.” she said.

I could tell that Chantelle was now on the same wave length as me, and it was nice to share my sex hungry feelings out loud now. And I could tell that Emma and I were going to be close. I was fourteen and a fully pledged slut, and I had my bitches here to back it up.

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