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Introduction: How one little walk changed the relationship of a Boy's relationship with his girlfriends little sister. This Is my first story I know their is grammar issues I just wanted to see how it goes over and if I should edit and continue the story line. Have a good read and comment positive feed back and if you'd like for the story to be continued.

This is the revised verison of my previous story which was just thrown together.

It was a nice sunny South Carolina day. We had lived in the base of the mountains and often went for hikes, but this day was going to end up way different than normal.

I was only 20 at the time, and was waiting at my new house for my girlfriend to get off work. Being young I didn't like to sit around all day on my days off. So I called my girlfriends little sister over to go for a nice walk in the moutains like me and her sister often did. She had just recently graduated from high school and was adjusting to are move from southern Ohio. Her name was Sarah she was about 5ft 8 and about 150 pounds and quite gorgeous she had just turned 18 and was stunning she had long blondish brown hair and a feature that stuck out to ever guy that has seen her, her breasts they were perky double D's. I had admired her from the time i had met her as a younger girl.

With myself working on my family farm most of my life i wasn't to bad either. I am about 6ft 3in and about 210 pounds. I have brown hair and am a little husky but a nice build from working all the time.

So after she came over we got talking, but something seemed a little off about her. I asked if anything was wrong and she denied it but i still wasn't sure. But I just let it go figuring it was just my imagination. We hoped into my lifted 250 which was her favorite truck. She loved to go mudding with me and her sister and the occasional camping trip. As we headed up the road to are favorite hiking trail she seemed to grow more and more distant and I felt we neede to talk but figuring it could wait till we got to a nice quite spot in the mountains. We finally arrived and took are favorite trail that was quite secluded and had a amazing waterfall and river through it. Keeping small talk going as we hiked for about a hour before reaching the falls. It was about 90 degrees out and the walk made us all the more hotter.

We decided on a nice cool swim, but realized we had not brought bathing suits with us. However with it being so hot out we decided it was worth it to just jump in with underwear and her bra. She had always been a very modest girl but the heat got the best of her and with a little extra convincing she was soon taking off her shirt. As she took off her clothes I noticed she had on almost see through lime green laced underwear and a purple bra with a little white bow in middle. Just the sight of this caused my cock to twitch and start to grow. Not wanting her to see my erection I went running for the water. I jumped in and then when I came up she was right behind me jumping in and splashing me. She laughed at me but what she didn't notice was that her breasts had popped out give me a clear view of her breasts they were what i had always imaged perky with small areoles and pointy nipples. I stare at them taking in the view for a moment then finally motioning that they had popped out. Her face went red with embarssament. I then reassured her she has nothing to be embarassed about and that she was a very pretty girl.

Even with me trying to ease her embarassment she was still to shy. So I told her to come lay with me and dry off on the shore. She moved slowly towards the shore line and I soon caught up to her, so I decided to pick her up and craddled her in my arms as I took her to the shore line and gently sat her down next to me.

She laid their for a few minutes not wanting to speak, so I decided it was time to ask what was wrong. She didn't didnt want to talk at first but soon she came around.

She asked me if i could keep a secret I had agreed that I could. But deep down she already knew she could. Because before i had met her older sister me and her became very close and had shared many days and nights together as close friends. But one thing had seperated us. That was are age difference. It may have only been 2 years but with me being 18 and her being only 16 I wasn't looking for trouble and knew it wouldn't be right to date her. That was when I met her older sister by 3 years her name was Lauren and I soon fell head over heels for her and lost the connection me and Sarah had. Even though we had lost are connection she always knew I would talk to her about anything and not tell a soul.

So she started telling me that she had met a boy. Which she knew I was always skeptical about because I didn't want her to just get with a young hormone enraged guy that just wanted her for sex. And that I didn't want her to get hurt emotionally since she can be emotionally fragile sometimes. But she had said she really liked him at first and thought he was a good guy. She said he was a handsome young guy that was a farm hand like I had been. Which I said is a good thing and she agreed. She then told me they has recently gone to a bonfire and had a few beers and that they kind of started to get into each other.

She started to see the disapproval in my eyes, but I let her go on because I did care about her. She then said was still a virgin which relieved me some. But she said they did mess around and that he had gotten her to go back to a tent and she started to make out with her and she let him grope her some but then reached he down her pants and went right for her clit. She seen I was a little mad but asked if I please listen cause she had no one else to talk to about it. So once again I had agreed. She said it had felt good and it even caused her to let out a little moan. He continued to rub her and make out with her, but she never could cum making her embrassed. He then gave up trying to satisfy her and took out his dick and asked her to jack him off since he had tried to pleasure her. Even though he utimataly failed. So she returned the favor he had done to her but in just seconds he had already finished and left her very unsatisfied since she had heard from other girls how they have strong orgasms and feel amazing. But she never got to experince this from her guy friend. It left her wondering if their was something wrong with her.

After her story she asked me what I thought I told her I was a little upset with the fact she didn't tell me she was going out with a guy, but I was glad she broke it off with him. To be honest I was always jealous of her liking other guys.

Sarah had asked me if their was something wrong with her and I looked at her with a puzzled expression and asked no why would their be? She nerviously said because she was scared she wasn't able to have an orgasm. I told her it was probably because the guy was inexperienced and didn't know how to please a women like her.

Sarah still looked upset so I asked if their was anything I could do for her. She looked at me and said that she had talked with her older sister and she had told her about are great sex life and that I could make her cum over and over. This was something I took great joy in doing. But was shocked to find out that her sister had told her. She said she wants to experience what a real orgasm is like.

I was very struck by this and she finally asked me if I could help her. She begged for me to help make her cum. I told her I wasn't very sure since me and her sister are very serious and that I even had an engagement ring hiding in the closet for her. She continued to beg me promising she would never tell anyone and that she just had to know she was normal. With her asking about all this my head was saying no, but my cock was growing very hard. I didn't realized it till she scooted over closer to me and grabbed my cock.

I was very taken by this and was very unsure, but with the blood flowing through my now rock hard cock I couldn't say no. I had her promise to me she would never tell her sister. She agreed to my terms and said she will do what ever I say.

I told her come lay next to me on her back , and she did as I said. It was then I told her that I was a dominate person that loved to take control of sex. She pleaded that she'd do anything I instructed her to do. So I began by pulling her lips to mine and causing her to let out a moan when I worked my tongue into her waiting mouth. As we continued to make out I rubbed my hands up and down her now hot sun dried body. I worked my way to her crotch never touching her pussy and back up to her beautiful breasts. I wanted to make this a experience she will never forget and take things slow and easy at first. I began to rub her breasts through her bra causing a series of soft moans to escape her lips. I then worked my way back down her stomach to her soft mound. I rubbed very slowly around her outer lips massaging her labia through her lacy underwear. Which wear very wet by her sweet hole I wasn't sure if it was from the water or if she was already dripping wet. I finally let my lips part hers and kissed softly down her neck till I reached her bust. She seemed a little nervous so I reassured her with a little kiss and told her how beautiful of a women she was. I reached around her back and undid the clasps of her bra.

I felt my cock twitch and get as hard as its ever been as I slowly removed her top. Finally what I had fantasied since I met her was open to me. The most perfect breasts I had ever seen. She had little pick areoles and nipples that were hard as rocks already. I slowly slid my hand from her crotch to one of the nipples and gently squeezed it causing her to let out the sexiest moan I had ever heard and causing her to squirm as I slowly rolled it in my fingers. I could couldn't hold back any longer and took the other in my mouth and sucked and worked my tongue around it causing her to gasp. She was begging me to touch her pussy. So I slowly moved my hands down and removed her panties. Which I now seen it was her wetness that kept them so soaked. She was now leaking down her thighs and I seen the most beautiful sight her precious pussy. It was a little swollen and red and had the best little pussy lips i had ever seen. I stopped and asked how much fooling around she has ever done it was then i found out she never touched herself and she only had been touched by her guy friend. So i decided i needed to let her experience everything.

So I told her I was going to lick her pussy she took a little gulp of air and shook her head in agreement. I worked my way down to her pussy by slowly kissing and licking her mound. I had finally reached it I finally got to spread her little lips then I licked from the bottom of her pussy around her hole up to the top bringing her large clit into my mouth sucking on it. She grabbed my hair pulling me into her pussy I finally came up after tasting the sweetest pussy juice I've ever had. I moved up and kissed her deeply and she tasted her self on my mouth and cleaned all the juices from my mouth. She said it was the best thing she has ever felt and I told her it is only the beginning.

My cock was now pressing hard against my boxers and begging to be released. Sarah had noticed this and decided she had to see and feel it. She pushed me down into the ground and pulled down my boxers revealing my cock she gasped at it. I was not that large only about 6 and a half inches long but i had the girth of a pop can. She looked at me and slowly grabbed my cock in her hand and began to work it. Sarah soon had my precum running down her hand and licked her lips instectivly. After seeing this it made me want to try something I didn't get to do that often.

I instructed her to lay on top of me with her head in my crotch she soon realized what i was doing and took my cock into her mouth. I instructed her how to suck me off since this was her first time. Soon she got the hang of it and began to suck me off like a pro. Then I started to return the favor. Her sweet little pussy was now in position for me to eat her out. Her pussy was spread open and dripping with her juices. Drops of her juices were dripping off her puffy inner lips and running down her slit onto her clit and my face. I began slowly running my tongue from her sweet hole to her little clit. She had worked my cock all the way down her throat when I reached her clit causing her to moan and work my dick faster as I sucked her large erected clit into my mouth.

She sucked harder and faster as I worked my tongue on her sweet pussy causing me to call out her name and how good she was. Feeling like I was approaching cumming myself and by the way she began to hump my face faster i knew she was getting close to cumming her self. So I rolled her off of me, and positioned her into doggie style. I had asked her if she was sure that this is what she had wanted. She told me its like nothing she had ever experinced and she could not get enough of me. And with that I decided it was time to go all the way. I postioned my self right behind her and rubbed her clit making sure to keep her good and wet for what was about to happen. Then I worked my finger into her tight pussy it was slow going but i soon hit a barrier. Instantly i knew what it was. Her hymen.

I was shocked to find she still had it, so I asked if she ever masturbated. She admitted to me that she hadn't. this surprised me, but made me happy that I would be the one to break it.

I then grabbed my cock and rubbed it along her slit getting it slippery with her sweet necter and paying special attention to her clit. Soon she was moaning again and I moved my cock into position and started to slowly work it into her virgin pussy.

After a few strokes I found her hymen again, but this time I reached under her with one hand I rubbed her clit and with the other I pinched her nipple and began to roll it again in my fingers. She began to moan loudly, then I pushed foward bursting through her hymen and just about going full hilt into her pussy. She let out a yelp of pain so I kept still in her and continued to work her clit with my fingers. I asked her if she was okay to continue and she said yes. So I slowly began to work my cock in and out of her every time getting deeper and deeper. Sh began to moan as my dick rubbed over her g-spot repeatedly. I started to work up my speed slowly and after a few minutes was fucking her full force causing my balls to hit her clit. With this unrelenting assualt on her pussy she started to cum i told her to hold out a little long and she said she would try.

I could now feel her pussy clenching on my dick and her tunnel growing tightier. This was pushing me over the edge. Soon I felt a boiling in my balls and I told her I was going to fill her full of my hot cum. She couldn't hold out any longer her pussy began to spasm and I shot everything I had into her now deflowered pussy. She felt my hot cum spurting and hitting the walls of her pussy and cervix pushing her again over the edge. This time she had squirted all of my dick and my legs.

She then collapsed from the powerful orgasm, as she laid on the ground gasping for air I slowly pulled my dick out of her pussy. I watched as my cum and her juices flowed out of her and down her legs. My cock was still covered in the mixture of are juices and i moved down to her, and asked if she was okay. She could hardly speak but said it was the most incredible thing she ever experinced. Seeing my cock covered in are juices she moved in close to me and took it in her mouth licking up every bit of of are juices.

She then moved up to my lips and kissed me I never had tasted cum but the mixture of us was intoxicating and we kissed and tongued eachother lapping up any residue left over. We finally Collapsed together and laid down to catch are breath. We laid for about 10 minutes before regaining enough strenght to get up. We worked are way back to the where the water fall was and cleaned off eachother in the river.

We then decided it was time to head back to the house because Lauren would soon be getting back home. We also agreed that when ever their was a chance that we would ravish eachother again.

To Be Continued.
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