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Nothing like true stories , got a real taste , shaing with others , so i'd be happy to have your comments on .... everything !!!
It all began on the bus , I was asking the driver are we close to the library when I saw a ‘yes’ face on this female figure interrupted by the driver answer: ‘next stop’ . I went off the bus & on my way to the entrance of the library , I saw her again , we smiled … & that was the beginning . she had a weird but nice hairstyle all fixed up by gel , some extra weight , & a real beautiful smile .
Hiii … hiii …somehow time passed unnoticed , we talked about lots of stuff , exchanged emails , she told me I’d like to see more of u , sure I told her . then later we did chat by the messenger , all was nice & pure . I saw her the other day in the library , where we sat outside & she started to tell me about herself , how old is she , her personality , what do people think of her, told me about her family….told me that she is not allowed to go out with me unless I go meet her father , then somehow she managed to mention that she is a virgin!!!!! she told me it’s your turn talk about yourself .. What do u like ? also , asked me if I like coddling ??!!
later that night , we were chatting as usual , when she asked me
-do u like my chest ?
-what?? I don’t understand
-my chest area ?
my breasts ?
-mmmm….well .. I can’t tell I haven’t seen any yet
-do u want to?
-ooh yeah
-when & where ?
-I don’t know….
…May be in the bathroom of library
-ooh that would be very embarrassing , someone may see us coming out together , but
what about the computer room ?
-why not ?
(& I asked myself what the hell , she’s not allowed to go out on a date , she refuse to break her father words , but she can give a boob job in the computer room ,& don’t consider it a date , what’s the point !! )
That day we went , the computer rooms were all occupied , so we sat in someplace in library but less crowded . she sat on my lap . ooh , she was heavy ... now my face was just facing her big boobs & I was ready to discover the new land . I rested my head on those big sexy pillows . then started to feel them with my lips through her t-shirt but she told me: no .. not like this, then she put her hand under her t-shirt & took her boobs out of the bra without taking it off , now u can do it . my hands gone under her t-shirt, I started exploring those two fatty soft hills with my finger tips & playing with the malleable tissue , going down to tickle this chubby belly of hers . that when I realized that a girl sitting behind was embarrassed , stood up & went away . .good ..good .. then my hand slept down to her pubic area , brushed it with my fingers , she was wearing some kind of stretch pants that just fitted into her grove giving a good image of the dimensions of the pussy land , but still not good enough , I passed into her panties , tiny little cotton panties , played from outside for a little then went in . At last my fingers played in the pussy woods , woods of hair covering the holy hole , my fingers went exploring , met the guard standing outside , a short little man , one of the penile family , his nick name is Clit.
All this she was moaning on a such a level that reaches my ears & only my ears . I was un-experienced , doing such in public, I was trembling . she told me ooh baby u r shaking , gave me a hug which helped a little . she told me : it’s all was for me today , your dick wasn’t enjoying much ..& that was true , a very mild erection came upon during the discovery of the land . May be my dick couldn’t breath under the Huge Heavy butts above !!!!
the library was ready to close its doors , we went out after returning her boobs back behind the bra & we left in peace , I asked her to go to the movies with me but she refused , she couldn’t disobey her father’s . dam’ . She told me see you online ..bye.
oooh I could smell her pussy in my hands , I cant describe it , but it stuck to my hand , I remember that I still smelled her Pussy even after washing my hands !!!!!!!!
later at night , I found her online waiting for me , we had a long chat . Well , it wasn’t the most pleasant chat , she criticized me , she said that I was rough on her clit , & that I was shivering also she said that I didn’t French her the right way !!!!!!!!!
well , that did hurt , I know I’m not experienced , but I didn’t expect her to tell me so , I thought that I did a good job , I wanted to please her !!! plus she did nothing for my dick , except from flattening it on my eggs by her fatty ass , but this doesn’t mean I didn’t like her ass !!
I didn’t know what to do , I went to the library without her & searched for books about sex , how to please your partner , I read a lot , went to another library , many bookshops .. I really learnt a lot , but never thought it would give such a difference until later ....!!! I also looked up some porno magazines they gave the hard on but no good information .....One very good book , I remember well , it was written by a women , she was telling men what women like !!?

Couple of days later , we met in library again . We went outside , had a walk around , set down under a tree in backyard , talked a little , I don’t remember about what , but then she mentioned that she was on Period , 1st I didn’t believe her , when did it start , why she haven’t told me before , was she afraid that I would hurt her pussy ???? then she started to tell me about herself , when she had her 1st period , how was she proud of her early developed young but huge boobs !! she was wearing a slippery shiny lip gloss , I wanted to eat those lips & have them kissing all over my body & down to my rod ….. Then we somehow changed to the subject : is this right? Is this a sin ? what we wana do is just kissing & playing with each other bodies but not frank sex ?!!! or is it a sin anyways ? why is this Guilty feelings !!!

Next day , she wanted to see me again .. .. we met again . This time we found the Computer room free , we went in ,closed the door ….
She didn’t hesitate , she removed her bra in seconds but kept t-shirt !!!
My arms, hands , fingers went underneath her t-shirt , teased her … then she took of her t-shirt .
She then told me I wana give u my pussy but u wont like it, its kind of bloody …
I myself wont even come near the area when she’s on period , not even from outside ,& I know sometimes it is very tender & congested . However , we started while sitting on the chairs then somehow we were on the floor , kissing , frenching, her tongue in my mouth & I wont let it go , I suck her tongue into my mouth & she did the same to me .. we kissed while keeping an eye contact , which was very Romantic , specially that we turned lights off , just the slight beams from the computer screen , but there was only one turn off about looking into the eyes while kissing …. eyes kind of squint !!!!!
Shivering , NO ..i wasn’t shivering , I didn’t notice, I was drift into what I’m doing .. but she did comment ‘Wow , u r not shaking at all ’ . we stopped kissing & hugged a little then I started kissing her neck , small little kisses everywhere , then my tongue came out & it did a different job , a great one , I licked her neck , she moaned , I was happy , I did it again , she called my name so sweetly , I licked & licked .. more , more she said … & above all my expectations she came , just on licking her neck .. !!! yes , her breath went fast , I licked faster, & with my body close to hers , I felt a movement down between her legs , contractions, her lower half was shaking, calling my name , moaning in such a sexy voice , oooh that was great , she came , then her breath went slower bit by bit , she told me that she was all wet from below . she started kissing me & kissing me . I pulled her up & stood behind her & hugged her , with my hands on her boobs , lips on her neck , my dick to her ass … she tried to grab my cock , but her hands where very hard , I felt she was going to break my tool in her hands , then switched to my balls which almost hatched under her iron grip , “aaaaah”.... I told her not like this , I tried to teach her but she wasn’t that good student then I asked her to suck my dick , she hesitated for seconds but the wetness I made her was still working like magic. I was standing , she sat on the floor opened her mouth , stretched her tongue out & started licking the head from all sides , above , right , below , all over …. I was trying hard not to loss my weight & fall above her , my legs were weak … we heard a knock on the door , Shiiiiiiiiit , Library was closing , we started fixing ourselves again , but I told her last kiss , I kissed her deep then gave a fast nice kiss to each tit & we went out … on our way out , she gave me a beautiful smile & told me ‘ooh baby , it’s slippery between my thighs , u made me all wet , u are great , today was totally different from last time , when do u wana do it again , I cant wait till I’m off period , I want this tongue on my pussy ’ she kept talking & talking


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i've definitely been there!


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Learn to type fag


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You can't even spell the title right.

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