Caught in the act part 1

Authors note* i was listening to caught in the act by New Found Glory and as I was listrning to it I was playing this whole scene out in my head so enjoy. And I put a name in from a movie I like lets see if you can figure out the name and the movie :P

Caught in the act part 1 of 3

"So like anyway, We were at Pagent field cheering and Stacy was...ugh Are you even listening?!" Karren yelled at me as I sat on my floor playing Black ops 2 focusing on my 7 kill streak. "Huh? Yeah im listening. You and Stacy right?" I asked. Still focusing on the screen. "Jesus why do we hang out if you never listen to me?" My girlfriend whined laying on my bed. "Relax you're sleeping over." I started. "You can tell me anything you want. I've had a rough day. So lemme kill a few more innocent soliders and I'll be done." I said chuckling. "Ugh you're lucky Im with you." Karren said huffing and pushing her long golden hair out of her face.

VICTORY! Flashed on the screen with my user name on the second place. Ehh close enough. I shut off my ps3 and hopped of my bed Karren. "You know you love me." I said with a smug smile reaching on my nightstand and taking out one of my Joints. I grabbed my lighter, sparking the joint and taking a drag. I blew the smoke out smiling passing the joint to Karren. "You know I dont play that shit." She said pushing my hand away. "And neither should you." She said aggrivated. "I like it." I said ignoring her. "God what are you doing with your life?" She asked. I took another hit gettng comfy on my bed. "So what where you talking about?" I asked trying to change the subject feeling a nice sence of floating. "No, I want to talk about this now." Karren exclaimed facing me. "You smoke pot. Listen to God awful music. Green Bay, The Orphans, and what else is it uhh that Charles Manson." I choked on my smoke laughing extremly hard. "And whats so funny?!" She demanded. "Its Green DAY, The Misfits, and God, really? Charles Manson? Its Marilyn Manson. And they're better than that 1 Direction shit you listen to." I told her. "Hey you took me to theyre concert." She said angrily. "Yeah cause you said you'd fuck me." I told her. "You didnt. I felt like a bitch. And after I texted my friends to kick the shit outta me." I told her. Chuckling. "And what did they do?" She asked. "Like great friends they kicked the shit outta me." I said grinning remembering the ass beating i got. Eh I deserved it. "You need to start picking better friends." She said. Youre one to fucking talk. You talk shit about your preppy friends all the time. But when theyre infront of you. Theyre your best fucking friends you bitchy hypocrite.

Thats what I would have liked to say. But I but my tongue and smoked my joint. "Lets not fight." I said smiling putting out my joint half way. I leaned over and kissed her neck wrapping my arms around her. "I can think of something better that we can do." I said quietly. Karren moved and shoved me aside. She rolled over and out her head on the pillow. "Not tonight. I want to be well rested for tomorrows cheer meet" she exclaimed. I say up picking up another joint. "Fine. Its only been like what? 2 months?" I asked annoyed. Getting up out of my bed and walking out into the hallway angrily.

My hard on throbbed in my pants and it pissed me off. God why do I go out with her? I asked myself that question every day. I walked back in my room grabbing my baggy full of pot. "Crack" i heard something at my window. I looked out to see total darkness. Eh must have been my imagination. I was surprised no one had hit me up yet to buy off me. Sellin bud isnt as easy as it looks. We work on a strict time schedual.

I walked down the stairs into my living room. I sat on the big sofa turning on my tv to the AMC theater channel. Atleast they were showing Halloween's 1-H20. I got comfortable and broke out my rolling papers. I rolled a few joints when I heard "Ki-ki-ki-ki-ki-ki Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma" I grabbed my phone checking my text messages.

Dave at 10:27 p.m
Hey dude, you still got bud?

Me 10:27 p.m
Yeah, what do ya need?

Dave 10:29 p.m
Not for me. My friend Ramona is lookin for some. She wants to know if you can meet her.

I thought about it. Not alot of places are open tonight. So money wouldnt do much.

Me 10:33 p.m
Tell her if she comes to my house i'll smoke her up. No charge. Im too comfy to move.

Dave 10:37 p.m
She'll be over. Unlock your door.

I put my phone away and focused on Michael killing teenagers. About 35 minutes into it I heard my front door open and silently close. I saw a dark figure peering upstairs. "In here." I told her still focusing on the tv. The girl stepped into the light. I stared at her letting her sink in. Skinny, really pale. Seemed kind of shy. Piercing blue eyes. Kind of mousey. "You Ramona?" I asked. "No im just a girl who likes to break into houses." She replied withba slight smile. I patted the couch. She kicked off her converses and sat down. "What are we watching?" She said putting her bag on the floor and fishing a purple pipe out of her pants. She passed it to me it had a large eye for a bowl. "The Halloween series, nice bowl." I said packing it. "The eye turns red when stoned." She said smiling.

We chilled out. Got stoned. And just talked. I couldnt believe it. She was pretty awesome. Always joking around but still had that shy energy about her. "Damn I wish I got a run before the liquor stores were closed." She complained. I handed the bowl to her, walked into my kitchen grabbed two of my parents shot glasses, lime, a knife, salt and my dads imported tequila and sat back down on the couch. "Have at it." I said grabbing the bowl. "You don't mind?" Ramona asked studying my face. "If I did, I wouldn't have brought it out." I said filling up both shot glasses. I licking a little salt. Taking the shot and sucking on a slice of lime. I took a hit of the bowl for good measure and Ramona copied me.

We took a few shots, smoked a few bowls and watched the end of Halloween 3. I had a good buzz going on so it took me a while for mento figure out Ramona was looking at me. "Can. Help you?" I asked. She poured one more shot and answered by grabbing my neck and putting a little salt near my shoulder. She stuck a wedge of lime in my mouth. "Dont talk." She said before licking my neck of the salt. Taking the shot and pressing her lips to mine taking the lime in her mouth but lightly pecking my lips before chewing the lime of juice.

"Wow." I said not really sure what to say. "Your turn." She said before putting the lime in her mouth and salt on her neck. I shrugged figuring fuck it. I poured my shot. Licked her neck, swallowed my last shot, and tried to grab the lime without touching her lips but before I could pull away she grabbed my head and spit the lime out of her mouth snaking her tongue into mine. It took me a minute to figure out what was happening. I pushed away shocked "listen, Ramona I have a girlfriend." I started before she cut in. "I know. Moss head cheerleader, miss prep. Look we're drunk, we're high and-" she stopped and grabbed my hand putting it on the crotch of her jeans so I could feel how warm her pussy was. "Im horny. Lets just enjoy ourselves" she said before pushing me onto the couch.

*COUGH COUGH!!" I shot up looking at the stairs afraid of the worst. But No, essica wasn't there. "Who's here?" Ramona asked. "Jessica." I said. Ramona looked upstairs and turned back to me with an evil smilebefore taking my hand and bringing me off the couch. "What are you doing?" I asked. "Just shut up and trust me. Follow." She said placing my hand on her cute little ass with just a little meat on it. I squeezed it lightly as I followed her up the stairs into the dark hallway. She flicked on the hallway light and opened up my door. I saw Jessica sleeling on her side breathing lightly. I was going to protest but then Ramona turned around and unzipped my pants pulling them down. She pressed a finger up to her lips as she sank down to her knees taking my boxers with her. I looked at Jessica once before looking down seeing Ramona take my growing cock in her hands and lick the head lightly. I grabbed the door way to steady myself as she took my cock in her mouth and sucked it lightly. I bit my bottom lip to protest the groan coming out of my mouth. Ramona looked up and smiled a bit sinking deeper until her nose hit my pubes.

I closed my eyes enjoying Ramonas talented mouth. She licked shaft and made a tight seal around my dick. Her left hand came up to squeeze my balls lightly with her soft touch. I kept my hands to myself trying to convince myself if i didnt touch her It wasn't cheating. Ramona grabbed my hand and placed it in her head. Feeling her soft raven dark hair in my hands, It was too much. I grabbed ger gead shoving it forward on my cock. I slammed her back in fourth while I roughly humped into her mouth. I looked down seeing spit and saliva drip from her chin hearing her gag sweetly. I was lost at that point.

I took my dick out of her mouth and started slapping her in the face with it leaving spit marks on her forehead, and cheeks. "Stand up." I said grabbing her hair and bringing her up to me snaking my tongue in her mouth. We kissed roughly as she undid her pants and I roughly pawed at her small b cup tits. Ramona pushed away from me looked at me. I drank her in and I wanted her. Pants kicked off. She pulled her shirt off next. The only things she was wearing was a Black and purple Bra and matching panties with her converses on. "Want it?" She asked pulling her panties to the side showing me her pierced clit which she rubbed back and forth furiously. I walked up and turned her around so we were both facing Jessica. I bent Ramona forward slightly and pulled her panties to the side "does this answer your question?" I whispered into her ear as I lined my rock hard cock up with her wet pussy and slowly pushed until ky head was inside her. I bit into her shoulder silencing my moan. But Ramona gave a loud sigh I shot up placing my hand over her mouth but in that act I accidently slammed whole rod into her tight, hot, cunt. "OH God." I gasped. I closed my eyes as She wiggled her ass around my cock. I looked up to see Jessica still sleeping. I snaked one hand around under Ramonas bra grabbing her soft tit in my hand. It felt weird. I felt something cold and hard. Did she? She had her nipples pierced. I started to hump in and out of her slowly tweaking her nipple slightly with every thrust. Her hot wet cunt was milking my cock with every thrust. Just when I thought that it couldnt get any better Ramona started to hump back into me. Hearing her sexy little ass clap when she slammed into me. God I wanted to fuck her hard.

I took my hand out of her bra and put both hands on her hips. I drew out slightly so only the tip of my cock was inside her cunt. I slammed forward burying it all the way in. Cause Ramona to lightly moan. I started to Slam into her with everything I had. "More. More. Ohhh fuck." Ramona whispered. I reached down and started to rub her clit as I fucked her hard.

The Harder I fucked her tue hotter her pussy felt. I felt her pussy starting to get wetter and she leaned back whispering in my ear "I'm gunna cum." I started to hump into her with all I had and I was treated with her soft whimper as her pussy tightened up. I couldnt hold back any more. I pulled out and she instinctivly got on her knees As I jerked my rock hard cock. I closed my eyes and grunted as a huge wave of pleasure hit me and roper after hot sticky rope of cum flew out of me and on to Ramonas sexy face. After I stopped I opened my eyes to see I painted nearly half her face white. She opened her eyes licking her lips tasting the cum and smiling. "That was fun." She said standing up putting her pants on. "Yeah it was." I said trying to walk but the booze and the great sex got to me. I crashed on the floor trying to get up. "Fuckin' lightweights" Ramona muttered as she helped me get up and get into bed. I laid down next to Jessica who seemed to be deeply sleeping. "See ya next time." Ramona said pecking me on the forehead and walking out of my room with my cum on her face.

I was to drunk to care about what happened. I just smiled, replayed what went on in my head, and drifted off to sleep.

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