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My Master's introduction

Oh my darling sweet slut. I can already tell you have the makings of a near perfect sub: not perfect, no such thing, but as close as you can get. Although I have to say my expectations are very high! My first indication of this is your almost total willingness to serve, to give yourself to a Master. I m sure that with the right Dom, he would mould you, help you to overcome your fears, apprehensions. I m convinced that given a few weeks, maybe even days, I could get you to the point where you would be begging me to take you, in any hole, even your dark puckered hole, I find it a huge turn on that this part of your body has never been touched before. I want to touch it, I want to be the first!

(But now my pet, before you continue reading my letter, I want you to strip naked. Right now, dont think about it, just do it. I want you to masturbate too, however I dont want you to cum until you finish reading and you have my permission. Do you understand? You are NOT to cum until I say so!!!)

I ve been told I have a sexy voice, It is, at times, very soft, breathy,which forces people to listen closely to what I am saying. It can be authorative, demanding and in intimate settings, like ours will be when we meet, you will be blindfolded, this will enhance your other senses. I want you to feel your Master in more ways than one. However I demand obedience and you wouldnt want to hear my angry voice!

How will that make you feel I wonder, being blindfolded and made to strip in front of your Master? Then having your hands bound at the wrist and suspended above you. I then have a desire to spank you, with my hand, a cane, a riding crop (I really do have these things you know) After your ass has been reddened to my satisfaction, I am going to rub a soothing cooling salve into your wounds, leaving you tied and blindfolded in front of me, Will it turn you on knowing I am looking at your body? I will wait a while before stroking you, teasing you, and if you are good, then I will allow you to cum.

Of course, I might not do that at all. I might whip you some more, and then tease you with toys, I ve already purchased some especially with you in mind! See how I ve been thinking about you, what do you say to a nice big fat vibrator as well as a smaller plug for your virgin arse. I dont want to neglect any of your holes slut, so I m thinking at this point, while the vibrations are driving you crazy in your lower area, I would release your arms and still blindfolded I d have you on your hands and knees, forcing my cock down your throat, making you deep throat me, I have an urge to make you gag bitch..............

Then, before I m ready to blow my load down your throat, I ll pull your face away from my erect shaft, and flipping you around, pulling the dildo out of your drenched cunt I will shove my cock deep into your smooth, hairless, dripping pussy. I wont cum though, oh no, and I wont let you cum either. That, my dear, will be your torture. For you, dear sub, will not be allowed to cum unless I say so. Without my permission there will be no orgasms for you, ever!! This is non-negotiable and something I require of all my slaves. Ohh is that the first time I mentioned, you arent my only slut!

Another rule, you must always be smooth, and I mean always. I mentioned your hairless pussy above and I hope you took note because I do NOT allow hair on my subs, Pubic hair, that is. None. So when we were initially chatting and you asked if I 'liked that look' I need you to know that yes I like it, but more than that, I require it, I demand it. You, as my submissive will be smooth. Also, as our 'relationship' matures, (I am not an ogre, I ll give you a little time to settle into your new role) you will be required to keep your other orifice lubricated, I realise this is new to you but there will come a time you need to be permanently ready to be plundered at a moments notice. You will never know when I will order you to bend over and take my erection, or an object into your vagina or anus.

Ooohhh, my God, little girl........I am hard now thinking of our weekends together, I will control you all the time of course, but our time together will be special, I will command you to be nude, all weekend. Your only jewellry, a broad leather collar around your throat. I will either be nude, or maybe wearing a suit, that will make you feel so much more humiliated dont you think? I will dress like this to accept any visitors that may drop by. To start with, I wouldnt introduce you, but eventually my pet, once you are happy in your role as sub, you would be required to serve my guests exactly as you would me, your Master; either by bringing us drinks, or, being used as a plaything, a toy for/by us all.

(Are you on the verge of cumming yet? Mmmm I bet you are........Good, But hold it, just a little while longer............remember not until I say so)

Now where was I? Oh yeah, of course, I may decide to keep you for myself, All for myself! Why should I share my favourite 'toy' if I dont want to! If that makes me sound like a spoilt child then so be it. I dont care. By 'toy' I mean, well, of course I mean you, my pet. As a child, I was often asked to share my toys with siblings or friends. As an adult, I still share things of value with people I love and/or respect. But not always. Sometimes, when I find something, someone I really want, well then I keep it all to myself.

Of course, I do realise nothing lasts for ever, so eventually I release you back into the world, or I share you, but for that short time you are totally mine, I always feel joy and happiness, that you belong to me!. For the record, that is the way I begin most of my relationships with my subs.... not all but many of my most successful ones have been that way.

Lastly, I want to talk about your hair. Its a personal thing of course, but I want you to know my preference is long. It doesnt have to be completely down your back but long enough for me to wrap my fingers in it. I love grabbing onto it and pulling it hard, using it like a horses reins as I fuck you doggy style. Mmmmm, there is nothing like the feeling that I m leading you somewhere as I plow into you from behind! Now that always makes for fantastic orgasms, all the way around, if I allow you to have one that is.

Well my sweet, I really need to give you a name, maybe you have some thoughts on that? I m not saying I ll take any notice, but it would be interesting to hear your thoughts. While you are telling me that, you can tell me more about you too, I ve given you some insight into my requirements, but now its your turn. I want to know what you like, I want you to tell me about you, about your body, and what you look like. I want the truth slut, don't sugar coat it, I will find out if you have lied to me. I want to know about the places you like to be touched, how hard, how long, and what it does to you.

I want you to reply to this letter as soon as you have read it all, well after you have come down from your orgasm of course, I want to know about that too, but not yet...........dont cum yet, I havent quite finished!

Love Master xoxoxoxo

PS. You can decide on my title, your choices are Sir, Master or Daddy

PPS. I want you to cum NOW little one, That's right, let it all out, ooohh such a strong orgasm, good girl. Release it all for your Master, AAAahhhhh, now isnt that better? Ok, go and clean your self up, right now, you are not allowed to cum again until I say so, and I expect your letter in the next 2 hours. Enjoy the rest of your day slut! x

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2013-05-22 01:51:51
Thanks for that! It's just the asnewr I needed.

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2013-05-22 01:51:51
It's good to see soemnoe thinking it through.

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2013-03-20 20:55:32
Can't wait for the next instructions!!


2013-03-20 15:25:19
good first story babe x

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