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A story about my very hairy g/f and myself.
Written on May 10th, 2011

I have always been a lover of really hairy women.
So much so that I decided that when I met the right female, who turned out to be the gorgeous 50 year old, brunette Sheena, who had extremeley large and very droopy and saggy breasts, whose company I enjoyed and who enjoyed my company too I would, as soon as possible in the relationship, tell her that if she wanted to be with me I did not want her to shave any of her body hair off AT ALL, EVER.
I told her two days after we met that my number one rule was as I had already said, then she did the most amazing thing which really surprised me and by that I mean the way in which she reacted.
She went to the toilet and got her toilet bag (she already had some of her stuff in my flat), took out her lady shaver and threw it in the bin and said, so what is rule number two, so I calmly told her she could NEVER wear ANY kind of underwear again, at any time, anywhere EVER...
At this point she went to her underwear drawers and emptied them all out on to the floor and then collected her undies together and threw them all (bras, thongs, panties, socks & tights) then carried them all outside to my rubbish bin and when she came back indoors she asked me if I wanted her to keep her stockings, suspender belts and hold up stockings and I said yes because you may need them some day.
She then asked me if there were any more rules and I told her that there was indeed and that one of them was that she could only ever wear very light weight, see-through short pleated & flared skirts with a very similar type of see through top or similar kinds of dress, WHAT EVER THE WEATHER then she smiled a little bit and asked what the rest of my rules were and I proceeded to go through my rules list for her;
No clothing to be worn when you are in the flat, EVER.
No wiping after having a pee at ANY TIME
No wiping my cum off after I have cum ANYWHERE in or on your face/body at ANY TIME.
No sitting on your skirt, always lift the skirt up at the back so that only your bare arse is on the seat EVERY TIME < see wet wipes above>
No skirts or dresses to be worn longer than level with the bottom of your bum cheeks.
Only high heeled open toed sandals to be worn when we are out but ALWAYS barefoot when we are in the car and also when we are indoors at any time.
Recently we were in a shopping Mall and Sheena was wearing a strapless, mid-thigh length summer dress, (which hung from and was also pleated from just above her very large 44JJ tits) and the dress was VERY billowy in even the lightest gusts of wind, so much so in fact that on the long walk from the car to the Mall her dress blew up to and almost but not quite over her head, showing her very hairy Pussy, Belly, Thighs & Legs to anyone who bothered to look and she made no move to hold her dress down in any way.
I didn't look at her directly but saw her reflection in the large plate glass windows on the outside of the Mall and just smiled to myself, and later on the same day we were in a really small shop where they have goods just lying around on the floor and Sheena simply squatted down, legs spread really wide apart (she had squatted so low that her very long pubic hairs were actually dragging on the floor) to examine an item on the floor and I noticed that the youngish, aged 25 as we later found out, dark haired and very large breasted girl in a long sleeved, button up the front (from neck to ankles) ankle length dress, who worked in the store was kneeling about 5 feet away and directly in line with Sheena's wide open legs and staring right at Sheena's very hairy bush, after at least five minutes of staring up Sheena's dress the woman got up and walked to where we were and asked if we would like to go for a coffee as she was going for a break, so we said ok and she walked us to a nearby cafe and watched amazed as Sheena sat down and lifted her dress right up at the back to sit with her bare arse on the seat, spread her legs wide open and pulled the soles of her feet flat together as she was sitting on her seat.
The woman, Shona, was getting very agitated at this sexual openness and told us she had never met a couple like us who were such exhibitionists and open (no pun intended) and could she join us and we both said of course she could but she would have to un-button her dress from her neck down to her belly button and from her ankles up to just below level with her pussy, and to remove her underwear, so she got up to go to the loo and I said no, undo the buttons here and do it now so she sat down again and undid the buttons then still sitting at the table she struggled to remove her enormous bra, tights (YUK) and her very big pants then lifted her long dress up at the back to put her bare arse on her seat and I told her to place her now obsolete clothing on the table in front of her and call a waiter over and ask him to bin them for her.
She told us that she had just started her period and that she always used towels so I told her to go and get a box of Tampons, get rid of the towel insert a Tampon and make sure that the string from the Tampon is really hanging down so that I can see it, she did all of that then came back to our table again and sat down with her legs spread as far apart as she could, but I told Sheena to go with Shona and use the little scissors she always carries with her and go to the toilet together and shorten her dress and remove the sleeves, so they got up and went to the loo and Sheena cut almost three feet off the length of the dress after which it was almost at the tops of her thighs (almost level with her pussy) and when they came back to our table again Shona sat down (with her dress lifted at the back so she was sitting bare arsed and with her legs wide open and the soles of her feet placed together on her seat too, then I could see her Tampon string hanging down amidst her really bushy pussy hair).
When we got up to leave, I wiped their seats as both girls pussies were sopping wet and had left a pool of pussy juices, we gave Shona our contact details and within a day she had contacted us and within the week she had given up her flat share and moved in with us and right from the start we all slept (naked of course) in the same bed and in a day or two Shona was dressing and acting the same way as Sheena, no shaving or wearing underwear and living by the same rules etc etc...
One month later when we were all out shopping, Sheena and Shona both bent over (from the waist) to check out an item from a low shelf and I got an amazing view of their hairy arses as I was standing just a few feet behind them but the best bit was when their dresses rode up their back's and fully exposed both their arses to me, that was absolutely BRILLIANT.
Later on as we were going up an escalator I noticed a group of guys standing about six steps lower than us looking up their dresses, and I told them so they both bent down, to adjust their sandals, and took their time doing so, and the look on the guys faces was amazing as I am sure that all the guys could almost see right up inside their pussies as they were both standing with their hairy legs slightly apart too...
Sheena, Shona and I have been together now been together for ten years and five years respectively, I am 60 as is Sheena and Shona is 30 we are all very happy, me 'cos Sheena and Shona are extremely hairy ie; Nipples, Tits, Pits, Belly (treasure trail), Pussy, Arse, Thighs, Legs, Calfs, Ankles & Toes and Sheena and Shona are happy 'cos they have me to look after them and as a result they don't have the bother of shaving or wearing underwear any more...

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2013-03-28 00:50:13
Eww I would let them shave that's just fuckiing g vtoss


2013-03-24 03:07:59
My kind of story -- love those hairy smelly cunts

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2013-03-21 20:10:40
Personally I would let them wear underwear, nothing compares to the smell of a hairy girls dirty panties!!! Hope you continue to write about hairy women I love them!!!

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