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Please not this story is total fiction and none of these events happened. in this chapter I will try push it on a little as the others have been a little slow. But I will still give lots of details or if you do want to give me some advice for future chapters I would appreciate it. Please read chapters one to three so you get the full picture.
Taking more chances

Please not this story is total fiction and none of these events happened. in this chapter I will try push it on a little as the others have been a little slow. But I will still give lots of details or if you do want to give me some advice for future chapters I would appreciate it. Please read chapters one to three so you get the full picture.

Sunday morning after the Saturday night experience.

As Sarah awoke she laid in her bed thinking. She couldn't help but think about what had happened , Surely she wasn't mistaken was she . She asked herself this question over and over again. Was I dreaming it . No I did feel Johns hands stroking my legs last night as we laid on the sofa watching the DVD. Was it a accident or was he just stroking her legs. She ponder it over and over in her mind. Then they was the Hug the cuddles she wasn't imagining that too. Was she reading too much in to this. Surely it was just Johns way of showing affection towards her. She did know one thing. She liked it. No she loved it. Although she couldn't fully understand why she just did love the feelings she was having and new experiences in her life. As for what she was going to do about it she hadn't a clue or where this was going to go next either.

Sarah loved Sunday morning as they seemed more peaceful then other days not only no school as per Saturday morning but also her little sister and Mum didn't get up early so Sarah liked to go down stairs in her nightwear and make herself a cuppa tea and watch a little TV just on her own. She jumped out of bed with a happy spring in her step and first things first she needed the bathroom . Taking care of all the usual duties she laughed to herself as to her own routine. Being go toilet have wash then brush teeth. As she brushed her hair to her shock the bathroom door opened and in walked John. She was still getting used to having a man in the house as she didn't normally lock the bathroom door with only her mum and sister in the house. She made a mental note to herself to remember to lock it.

"Oh sorry Sarah" John quickly apologized and left the bathroom so quick that Sarah didn't have chance to speak. This gave Sarah that funny unexplainable feeling she had in bed but she brushed it off and told herself she was being silly . God he had only walked in the bathroom and it was her fault she hadn't locked the door. It's not as if she was stark naked or anything or sat on the toilet. Good job as she knows she would have died of embarrassment if she had been, For some reason Sarah looked in the mirror and admired herself. In their bathroom they had a full length mirror on the wall so Sarah took a long look at herself. God I wish my boobs would grow. she told herself. Sticking her little chest out to try make them look bigger. Then she looked at her legs. Sarah was a very pretty young girl but she didn't know it yet for her age she was tall and she knew she wasn't fat or ever wanted to be. She left her long blonde hair loose and left the bathroom to go downstairs.

As she entered the kitchen she turned on the kettle ready for her tea and then began filling the sink to wash the pots and dishes from the night before. Sarah hated clutter so tried her best to help her mum keep the house tidy. Her little sister Lisa was a little untidy but she did try. As she started to wash the dishes John walked in to the kitchen. "Morning Sarah" he spoke with a happy voice. "Morning John" she replied " you want a coffee" she asked him knowing he only drank coffee. "Oh yes please I would love one" John stood and looked at Sarah standing at the sink and couldn't help himself admiring her. God she was a beautiful girl. Even wearing her night shirt she looked amazing. Trying to tell himself his thoughts where wrong but after last night's actions he knew this was pointless now he had step over the line and didn't see any reason to stop. Reassuring himself that she didn't say anything and didn't stop him . He hadn't actually hurt her had he. He had just stroked her legs. Maybe a little higher then he should have but he couldn't resist them. As she stood there total oblivious to Johns stares he also noticed how her night shirt t shirt shown off her little bottom and my god it was a cute sexy one> Can a girl this young have a sexy bottom oh yes she can he tells himself. know that they couldn't be a lot under the t shirt maybe just her knickers gave John a hard on and he knows he shouldn't get turned on by such a thing it did so what could he do. It was the thought of her knickers or panties that had turned John on so much he never understood why but they just did;. Young girls in there knickers. This must be the perverse side of john he told himself.

Walking up behind her John slowly slips his hands around her waist and holds her gently pulling her towards him. The feel of her young body was just the feeling that John loved as he wraps his arms around her and hugs her before placing a kiss on the top of her head. "Hey I am sorry about this morning" Placing a second kiss in her head " I should of knocked before I barged in on you" he whispered in a soft low voice in her ear. He could actually smell her and if anyone had told him that you could smell beauty he would have called them a liar until now. As he hands wrapped around her small slim body holding her close. " you see Sarah I'm kind of not used to sharing and all that come with it" he pauses and yes a third kiss on her head but more like the back of her neck as he moves her hair gently, " But I can see I'm going to have to get used to it" He tell her as he positions his body so that he now rock hard cock is actually pressed against her young bottom. And with them wearing thin clothing he can feel the contours of her and know that only the thin layers of fabric are all that are between his penis and her bottom being in contact. John even pushes himself against her more and lowers so that the sticking out rod is a little lower on her> she Cant not feel this as its actually sticking in her low and kind of under her small bottom between her cheeks. "Hmm oh Sarah you're a very beautiful girl" he whispers in her ear and nuzzles into her neck placing a very soft long kiss behind her ear

Oh my god. Sarah thought to herself whets happening. Whets John doing . As she feels Johns hands on her and him kissing her neck. All these feeling where new to her but they felt so nice. " oh its fine John It's my fault really as I should remember to lock the bathroom door" Sarah can feel something pressing against her bottom it's a strange feeling she isn't sure what it actually is as John is hugging her. " I hate washing up " she tell john as she continues to do the dishes as she can feel Johns hands now on her tummy over her t-shirt. "You should have a dishwasher" john whispers into her ear as his hand start to pull at her t shirt raising it. " We got one" She giggles " it's me " She tries to ignore her t=shirt and what Johns hands are doing to it as she recall John calling her beautiful but not sure what to say about it. " hey John it could been worse" she giggles" You could walked into the bathroom and me been on the toilet" nervous laughs. "Now that would have been not a pretty sight" All the time she is giggling as John has his hands on the bare mid=drift of her stomach. "hmmmmm she sighs" and closes her eyes at the lovely feeling. " you what" john whispers in her ear. " A beautiful young lady with her legs open and her knickers around her ankles" He pauses and kisses her neck softly " I can't think of a more beautiful sight Sarah" He tells her. Sarah sighs and gets a tingling in here tummy as she actually thinks about what john has just said to her. "John" she whispers. " yes Sarah" as his fingers are exploring her perfectly flat young stomach so smooth so soft his cock is straining in his joggers as its sticking into her bottom. "Did you mean it when you said I was beautiful or are you just teasing me" Sarah asks nervously. "Are you beautiful " he replies in a shocked tone of voice. " Ohh Sarah your are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and I would never tease you" he assures her and kisses her neck again before his hands remove hers from the soapy water and then turns her around to face him. His arms still around her his hands on the middle of her lower back with her t shirt raised high so he can feel her bare skin just above her knickers. He lowers his face to hers which has now made his hard cock press against Sarah's privates as he has skilfully opened her legs so he is between them. Without warning his mouth moves closer to hers and he places a soft gentle kiss on her lips. Sarah has never been kissed like this before or has she felt something pressing against her pussy her private place as mum calls it. The kiss is slow and she cam feels Johns hands lower on to her bottom with only her knickers stopping his hands feel her bareness. Sarah sighs into Johns mouth as he places several small kisses on her young lips. Just then they both here movement on the stairs and John quickly pulls away from her and she turns to finish her dishes. Feeling hit and flushed as her mum walks into the kitchen.

Morning you two early birds. As Janet walks in and John quickly turn to the fridge to get the milk avoiding facing her so that she doesn't see his joggers tenting from the hard on her young daughter has given him. Standing in front the fridge passing the milk to Sarah,. She smiles at him as she takes the milk carton. he hopes the cool air from the fridge does the trick on his hard cock but he then quickly grabs his coffee and managers to avoid facing Janet. I'm off for a quick shower he informs them and leaves the kitchen swiftly. As soon as he gets into the bathroom he can't wait to get his joggers off and grabs his cock to start pumping it furiously with the thoughts of what has just happened down stairs and only wishes that Janet had stayed in bed and that Sarah was here in the bathroom with him. Jumping in to the hot shower he tells himself how wrong this is but then reminds himself that the feelings where mind blowing. as he wanked himself he was shocked at the amount of sperm that left his penis at the thoughts of Sarah. Quickly finishing and drying himself. just as he covers the bathroom door flies open. Oh my god he is shocked. Thank god not Sarah but its little Lisa who runs in and doesn't even notice John in there as she pulls her little [jess down and sits on the toilet. Then and only then does she see John. She looks up at him totally innocent . "Morning john" Lisa giggles " I had to pee sorry" He smiles down at her. " That's ok sweetheart" he looks down and see a little Lisa naked on the toilet her legs open and peeing. Turns his head and tries to ignore the image of her, " see you down stairs I'm making breakfast if you're hungry"

John makes breakfast for all . Consisting of eggs bacon and scrambled eggs and then tell Janet that she hasn't forgot that he is away until Wednesday on business over in Paris. All the girls go awww in unison. he see the sad look on Sarah's face and then Lisa's and even Janet isn't that happy until he tells them it won't be for long and he will bring them all back something nice a nice present.

The rest of the day goes without any major interest and as five o'clock comes John tells them he has to head off to big sighs of disappointment. Grabbing his coot and bag he first gives Lisa a hug as she jumps in to his arms "where my kiss she asks" he hives Lisa a little peck on her cheek then moves to Janet and kisses her on the lips . and just about to leave Lisa cry's out " hey you forgot Sarah's kiss" She giggles. As Sarah blushes " ohh I would never do that" john tells her as he puts his arms around Sarah and kisses her on the lips but out the view of her mum his hands grip her bum and his kiss is very slow, whispers in to her ear . " see you real soon sexy" patting her bottom gently

I'm going to leave this chapter there as I need reviews to see if it's going right way and at a better pace any improvements you want me to make etc But I am writing real quick now so hope you all enjoy

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