Sorry for long wait. Lol. Enjoy this part.
Lyle looked at me kinda confused and said "Well, who's dog is it
then?" I kinda paused, and then said "Remember that auto repair shop
that we walked by on the way to my house, Thats the dog that fucks
me." Lyle quickly said "No Way Dude! That dog is mean...your fucking
with me right?" I then said "Nope, that's the dog that fucks me and
made all these scratches on me. Lyle then still said "No way dude,
that dog is way to mean!..His dick would be way to big." I then said
"Yup, his dick is bigger than Busters, and his knot is too, but im not
lyeing dude, that is the dog that fucks me." Just then, Buster moved
foward and Lyle gave out a huge moan as Busters knot tugged at his
ass. I then said "Is he getting ready to pull out of you?" Lyle then
said "Im not sure..his knot is still stuck in me, and feels like it
might be shrinking, but it's hard to tell." I then said "Do you still
feel him cumming inside you?" Lyle paused and I watched him adjust
his ass with Busters, and then said "I don't feel his squirts anymore,
but his knot feels smaller in me, but it is still not even close to
pulling out of me yet. I then said "If he has stopped cumming, you
got about 5 more minutes before it shrinks enough to pull out of you."
Lyle then again adjusted his ass with his dogs ass and said "Dude, my
insides are on fire with the amount of his cum that is inside me right
now." I then said "I remember feeling Buster cumming in me when he
fucked me a few days ago at your house too." Lyle then said "Dude, I
can feel Busters knot getting smaller in me, I think I just felt it
move." I was just about to say someting when all of a sudden I saw
Buster move foward, and at the sametime Lyle gave out a big moan. I
then heard a squishy popping sound, and Lyle fell foward on the carpet
and landed on his stomach, as his dogs knot released it's grip on him.
Buster quickly layed down about 3 feet away, and began licking away at
his massive pink cock that had just pulled out of his master.

I then looked over at Lyle (who was still sprawled out on the
ground) and I said "Are you alright dude?" Lyle then said "Yeah, im
good..but you where right, Busters cum is leaking out of me Big Time
and running dowm my balls right now. I then said "Do you need to use
my bathroom to get most of it out of you?" Lyle then stood up and
leaned against a work table that was in my garage and said "Yes, but
can you help me get there..My legs are pretty weak right now, and my
ass is tingling from just having been fucked." I then asked him to
put his clothes back on, and he said "Can you pick then up for me and
bring them with us.. Im too tired right now to put them back on. I
the picked up his clothes and kinda draped them on his shoulders. I
then helped him stand up, and we went out the garage and headed for my
bathroom. When we got to the bathrom door, Lyle quickly thanked me
and then went inside. I then went into my bedroom to wait for him.
About 5 minutes later he came out and looked exhausted. He was still
naked and carrying his clothes with him. I then said "You alright
dude?" And Lyle said "Yeah..Im good now." We both then went into my
bedroom and sat down. I then said "So, did you get all of Busters cum
out of you?" Lyle then said "Hell no dude! I only let out some of
it..I want to keep it inside me because it feels so warm in me." I was
blown away by his answer and I then said "Really? How much do you
think is still in you?" Lyle then said "Most of it, I only let out the
over-flow." I then said "You where in the bathroom for like 5
minutes, what where you doing in there for all that time?" He then
said "I was trying to keep his cum in me and at the sametime resting
my asshole from the soreness Buster gave my ass when he was fucking
the living hell out of me.. my insides are also kinda sore from when
his knot expanded in me, fuck his knot is big!"

Lyle then said "Lets go back into the garage and check on Buster." I
said "ok" and we then walked around to the back garage door and Buster
was still lying on the floor cleaning himself up. Lyle then said to
Buster "Hey buddy, did you like fucking me and putting your knot in
me?" He then gave Buster a few pats on the head and then looked over
at me and said "Can I fuck you now?" I answered "Sure dude, do you
want to do it in my bedroom or right here?" He then said "Right on
this carpet is fine with me." I then said "Cool" and I then took off
clothes and layed down on the carpet and spread my legs waiting for
him. Lyle was on top of me in a flash. I then heard him spitting on
his dick and lubeing it up. He then put one hand on my butt cheeks and
spreaded them open and placed his dick right on top of my hole. He
then gave a little push and I moaned as I felt the head of his dick go
im me. Lyle then asked me if I was alright, and I said "Yeah..go for
it." I then felt him slowly sliding the rest of his shaft into me and
I moaned and moaned as it went deeper and deeper into me until I felt
his balls resting on my balls and I knew he was all the way inside me.
Lyle then layed down on top of me and put his arms around my shoulders
and held onto me tightly. He then began moving his hips as I would
moan from the size of his cock in me, and that only made him start
fucking me harder. He got into a nice normal pace as he fucked me and
I was digging it! Lyle's head was lying right next to mine, and as I
was moaning, he was also moaning and starting to breath harder. I then
felt him starting to fuck me even harder and push as deep as he could
into me with each thrust he would give me. He the whispered into my
ear "Im getting ready to cum.." and a few seconds later Lyle held onto
me even tighter and thats when I felt his dick go real deep and then I
felt his cum shooting deep into me. He gave my ass a few more thrusts
as all his seed drained out of him and was buryed deep into my body.
We then both just stayed as we where, and rested. About 10 minutes
later Lyle unlocked his arms from around me and began to sit up, but
still keeping his cock inside me. He then said "Well dude, now your
ass is full of cum too...I hope you can keep it all inside you for the
rest of the day." I kinda turned my head and looked up at him and
said "I will do my best to try." Lyle then slid his dick out of me
and I quickly pinched my asshole shut to hold in his cum. We both then
got up and put our clothes back on and sat in my garage and reflected
on what just happened, and to still rest.

I then spoke first and said "So what do you want to do now?" Lyle
then said "Nothing right now, im too worn out." After a few seconds he
then said "Do you really let that German Shepard at the car repair
shop fuck you?" I answered "Yup, He's the one." Lyle paused, and then
said "No way dude..I want to see it before I will believe it." I then
said "Well, it's to early right now since the shop is still open, they
only let the dog in the yard when the shop is closed. Lyle then said
"Ok, since it's friday, and we have no school tomorrow, I might be
able to sneak out of my house tonight when my parents go to bed and
meet you there if you want, and if it's really true." I then thought
about it for a few seconds and said "What time do your parents go to
bed?" He answered with "About 11 pm or so." I then said "Mine too,
after they are done watching about we meet there around
midnight tonight?" Lyle then said "That would be perfect." I then
said "Meet me near the railroad tracks next to the shop by the old
abandoned house. We have to meet there, otherwise Rascal will be
barking at you and wakeing people up if you get near the shop." Lyle
then said "Ok, but you better show up because that house is
creepy...wait a minute, is Rascal that dogs name, and how do you know
it? I was quick to answer with "Because he's fucking me." (I didn't
want to tell him how I learned the dogs name because I didn't want him
to know that I was almost caught and I didn't want him to worry about
being caught when we met there later tonight.) Lyle then said "I
still think your fakeing me, but I will meet you there tonight." I
then said "Ok, if you don't show up, im going to still let him fuck
me, and besides, I want to get my socks back before my mom starts to
ask me where they are." Lyle then kinda laughed and said "Well, I
better be getting home right now, because my parents will be home
soon." We both then got up and Lyle grabbed Busters leash and said
"Ready to go home buddy." Buster was quick to get off the floor when
he saw the leash. We all then headed for my back door and back into
the house. When we reached my front door, Lyle said "See you later

Later that night, I was horny and ready to meet him at the auto
repair shop. When 11:30 pm came around, I checked to see if my parents
where asleep and the whole house was dark, so It looked like I was
going to have no problems sneaking out. I then left my bedroom and
went to the front door and slowly unlocked the bolt lock and turned
the door knob, and went outside. As I began my walk towards the shop,
I could not help but to think 'im going to get fucked by Rascal again,
and Lyle too. I hope I can fuck him too. At 16 years old, I was all
excited that I was going to fuck and be fucked! My cock was so hard
as I walked down the street knowing what was going to happen in just a
few minutes.

When I reached the abandoned house, I was expecting to see Lyle
sitting on the front porch of the house or at least near by. But he
was not there. I then walked around the house and checked the back
yard area, and I still did not find him. I then went and sat on the
porch of the house and waited to see if he would show up. As I sat
there waiting, I began to hear noises comming from inside the house.
(Rumors in school where that the house was haunted) The sounds sounded
like somebody was walking around in the house..but walking
was kinda creepy. I then heard somebody walking towards the house
from the railroad tracks. I was kinda already scared from the noises I
was hearing in the house itself, so I hid in some bushes next to the
porch and waited to see who was walking up to the house at this hour.
I then saw from the street lights reflections that it was Lyle..I was
relieved to see him since I really wanted to get away from this creepy
house. Lyle saw me comming out of the bushes, and said "What are you
doing in the bushes?" I then told him of the noises I was hearing
comming from the house, and he said "Yeah I know, When I walk Buster,
sometimes we walk around this house and Buster always stops and stares
at it and sometimes growls, I always get creeped out too by this
place...theres just something about that is creepy." I then said,
"Lets get out of here and goto the auto shop." He quickly said "Yeah,
lets." I then asked him "What took you so long to get here?" He then
said "My parents where watching TV till about 11:30, so I was not sure
if they where asleep yet." I then said "Lets go to the shop."
Lyle then said, "Ok."

As we started walking towards the auto repair shop, Lyle said "That
dog is not going to maul us is he?" I laughed and said "No! Hes a
cool dog, trust me." Lyle then said "Ok, I hope so." As we reached
the fence, Rascal came running up to us and was not barking or
anything. I then reached my hand through the fence and petted him on
the head, and then Rascal turned his attention towards Lyle. I then
told Lyle to stick his hand through the fence and pet him. Lyle said
"No way dude!" I then petted Rascal more, and Lyle stuck his hand in
the fence with mine and started petting Rascal too. Rascal seemed to
notice the 'extra hand and smell of a diffrent person' and quickly
turned his attention towards Lyle's hand. He smelled it a few times
and then went back to letting us pet him. I then said "See, he's a
cool dog." and Lyle responded with "Yeah, he is nice, he even licked
my hand." I then said "Follow me." I then hopped the fence and jumped
into the yard. Lyle kinda waited a few seconds before comming over the
fence. He watched as Rascal began sniffing my ass and crotch, and
being very friendly with me. He then said "Wow, this dog is being so
cool with you." Lyle then climbed the fence, and jumped down into the
yard too. The second his feet hit the ground, Rascal started sniffing
him, and going into his ass and crotch too. I then said "I guess he
smells your dogs scent." After a few more seconds of Rascal smelling
Lyle, Lyle became all calm and Rascal turned his attention back to me.

He once again began to try and get me to the ground. He would spin
in circles and then hit me on my back with his front paws. At one
point Rascal hit me pretty hard, and as I hit the ground, he instantly
mounted me, and started to hump me even though I still had my clothes
on. Lyle then perked up and said "Take your clothes off and let him
fuck you." I then said ok, I like to let him fuck me on the grass
over there. I then struggled to get Rascal off me, and when I did, we
all walked over to the grassy area. I then noticed that my socks from
the last time I was fucked by Rascal where still laying on the ground.
I then picked them up and put them in my jacket pocket. Lyle then
said "Eewe dude, why are putting someones socks in your pocket!?" I
then said, "Dude, these are MY socks that I left here by mistake the
last time Rascal fucked me." He then said "How did you forget your
socks last you where here?" I didn't want to scare him and let him
know that I was almost caught, So I said "Rascal fucked me good last
time, and I was tired and just forgot them." Lyle bought my lie, I
guess, because he then said "Well..I want to see this for myself." I
then turned my attention towards Rascal and I took off my shirt.
Rascal knew what was next, because he sat on the gound with his toung
hanging out waiting for me to get on the ground with him. I then took
off my pants, and Rascal instantly started licking my cock and balls.
I then looked at Lyle and I could see that his eyes where all over
watching us. I then got on the ground and Rascal took over in an

As Rascal mounted me, I watched as Lyle moved of a few feet and sat
on an empty bucket next to the office wall. Rascal then took me. His
front legs clamped down around my chest and I could feel his claws
start digging into me. I knew it was time for me to just submit to him
and let him take full control over me. I then felt his cock banging
away at my ass, searching for it's entrance. I moved my ass around to
find his cock and let him enter me. I felt two more pokes, and then
his cock found my hole and sunk into me quickly and deep! I let out a
huge moan as I felt his cock enter me, and pressed my ass higher
towards his cock so he could sink every inch of him into me as he
began to pound away at me. I knew If I didn't do this, that when his
knot began to form, it would hurt because it would not be deep enough
inside me and hurt if it started to come in and out of my ass during
his hard thrusting on me. I then settled in and Rascal was fucking me
hard and deep! I then looked over at Lyle, and he had his cock out and
was jerking off. I then felt Rascals cock so far up inside of my 16
year body that I went into a trance and I began to feel every strand
of Rascals fur that was wrapped around me. His fur was moving up and
down my chest and stomach area and sending me into pure estacy from
the feeling. Rascal had fucked me before. but not like this. This time
he was holding onto me REAL tight and fucking my ass hard for at least
5 minutes! I was now in FULL submission now to him, and I could not
even see straight from all the forceful fucking my body was taking. I
remember glancing over at Lyle, but alls I saw was a blur since my
whole body was tingling as Rascal just kept me in his grip and
continued shoving his cock in and out of me as hard as he could. My
ass began to tingle from all the friction his cock was giving me, and
I was almost ready to pass out!! Normally Rascal would have tied with
me by now, but not this time. I was still getting fucked hard by him
and I was not feeling his knot growing yet. I could feel his cock so
far up inside me, that my whole insides began to tingle from it
sliding against my ass's insides. I was in another world from all
this fucking, that I completely forgot all about Lyle who was watching
al this happen. Rascal continued his hold on me, and fucking the hell
out me, when I just gave up. I was no longer able to take it, but I
knew I was going to have to, so I lowered my front arms and placed my
elbows on the ground. Rascal then stopped his fucking motions on me
and moved his front legs down to my waist and then started thrusting
at me again. About 30 seconds later, I began to feel his knot growing
inside me. I was actually glad to finally feel it growing since my
ass could not take anymore of his fucking! Rascal then moved his paws
down further and was holding my ass firmly pressed against his hips as
he made sure every inch of him was inside me as his knot grew inside
me. Rascals hips then slowed down, and he began jerking his hips at my
ass as I felt his knot starting to take hold inside me. I began
moaning and moaning as I felt his knot lock in me. Rascal then began
his final thrusts into me, and confirming his knot was tied into me,
when all of a sudden I heard Lyle moaning. I blinked my glossy eyes a
few times and looked over at him just in time to see him leaning his
back against the wall, with his hand still gripping his cock, as his
cock started shooting streams and streams of cum into the air and
landing onto Rascals back.

After Lyle was done cumming, he looked at me and said "Fuck dude,
watching that big German Shepard fuck you was his knot
inside you?" I could hardly talk from just being fucked REAL GOOD by
Rascal, but I caught some breath and said "Yup..we're stuck together,
and his cum is shooting deep in me right now." Lyle then blew me away
by saying "Dude, I have to go..I don't want my parents waking up and
finding me not at home." I quickly said "Are you kidding me, at least
wait till Rascal pulls out of me." He then said "I can't wait that
long, besides, your used to being tied with him in this yard...I
really have to go." I was just about to say something when Rascal
started to dis-mount me. I moaned as I felt his cock twist around
inside me as he put us butt to butt. I then had to adjust my ass and
keep it as close to Rascals ass as I could and begin my wait for him
to fully seed me and release me when his knot would shrink down.
After I was as comfortable as I could be, I then looked at Lyle (who
already was standing at the fence getting ready to climb back over it
and leave). I was kinda pissed, so I said "What an asshole, leave
already if your going to leave." And with that, Lyle quickly hopped
over the fence and when his feet hit the other side, he was kinda
running. I then just went back to being stuck with Rascal...nothing
else I could do at the time since I was his bitch at the moment.

As I stayed locked together with Rascal and feeling his cum
shooting in me, I suddenly heard a crunching noise, like somebody was
walking in the leaf's on the other side of the fence behind the
office. I quickly tried to turn my head to see what was making the
noise, but Rascal was tied with me facing the other direction. I then
heard the 'walking sounds' come around the corner from where I was,
and I was able to see what was making the noises. As I looked, I saw
someone standing about 3 feet away on the other side of the fence
looking right down at Rascal an I. I got scared as hell, but I was
locked with Rascal, so there was nothing I could do.


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