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robert cant believe his look when 2 sisters move in next door, and how quickly he gets a piece of them

I had been going out with Kirsty for about 2 years, things were ok but they could have been better. There wasn’t much sexual activity, about once a weak which mean that I had to go solo most of the time. Then the new neighbors moved in next door and I couldn’t help notice the two girls who were moving in, one looked about 18 and the other 16. They were clearly sisters as they looked nearly identical. The older one had blonde hair which was tied at the back, a really tight top which exposed the top of her breasts and her waist, and a pair of 3 quarter length jeans that hugged her ass so tightly. The younger of the girls wore the same only her top covered her waist and she had brown highlights.
That night after a passionate sex session with Kirsty she told me that she would be going to a university in Tennessee in 1 weeks time, and scene as though I live in California, that meant that we wont be seeing each other for a while, however we agreed not to break up quite yet.

The next day I awoke to find that I was alone in my room, it was Saturday and I could hear my mother downstairs, there were always only the two of us in the house as I never knew my farther, he left when I was 2. My mother was really sexy; she had black hair, tanned skin and the best pair of 36DD tits I had ever seen. My mother and I had gotten up to some naughty things from when I was 13 to now. (Without any of my girlfriends knowing of course), and I had occasionally had sex with her.
I put on my boxers and jeans and went downstairs for some breakfast, to my surprise there were 4 other people sitting at my table, it was the family from next door.
“Oh Robert put on a T-shirt please we have guests” my mother said as she saw me in the doorway.
“This is MR and MRS Ryan and their daughters Claire and Stacey” my mother carried on.
“Please please” the farther of these two beautiful girls said, “call us Ray and Holly”.
Then my mother continued “why don’t you go upstairs with Claire and Stacey…….give the adults some talking time”

When the girls stood up from the table my focus was immediately drawn to Claire, she was wearing a red mini skirt which barely covered her sweet ass, her long tanned legs were so perfect, I had to turn and walk up stairs or I was going to get a boner on the spot. I sat on my computer chair and offered the bed to Claire and Stacey.
“Robert I’m just going into town with the neighbors to show them around, ill be back soon” my mother shouted up the stairs then I heard the door shut.
As Claire sat down on my bed her legs were slightly open, far enough open for me to see that she was wearing no underwear. I could see her cunt clearly which made my cock start to harden, I noticed that she had noticed where I was looking and she quickly closed her legs tightly and gave me a sharp look, then she said in a soft voice, “you’ve seen mine…….now show me yours”. My hears suddenly felt like it was going to leap from my body, and my cock from my jeans.
“But your sister is here” I said quietly, trying to sound calm.
“oh don’t worry about her, she wont say anything” she replied and at this she put her hands round her younger sisters neck, pulled her head towards her own and kissed her, they were kissing passionately for about 5 minutes when Stacey broke free and said “well then, lets see it, and you never know you might just see mine”.
By this time my cock was as hard as a battering ram, bulging from my jeans. I un-buttoned and unzipped them and pulled them to the floor, then pulled down my boxers, my aching cock sprung free. Stacey gasped and marveled at this 8” wonder whilst Claire stood up and began to take off her clothes, I couldn’t believe this, 2 girls in my room, both sexier than my girlfriend, and me not knowing what was going to happen next.

Claire was even more beautiful with no clothes on, her size 40D tits hung from her chest, and her shaven pussy glistening with her juices, she looked at me and asked if she could taste it, so I leaned back on my chair as she grabbed it in her hands. She began to slide her hand up and down slowly, then she grabbed it at the base and shove her open mouth around it, shoving it deep down her throat, she sucked away on my cock, occasionally lifting her head up and licking the head and shaft of my cock.
“Oh yes, cum in my mouth” she gagged as she franticly sucked my cock, so I gave the girl what she wanted and released glob after glob of my cum into her mouth as she franticly swallowed, then she broke away with a mouth full of my cum and turned to her sister, who was now also naked, pushed her lips to Stacey’s and began kissing again, swishing the cum between each others mouth with their tongues. Stacey’s hand was now rubbing her older sister’s clit as the continued to kiss, she slowly kissed and licked her way down to Claire’s pussy, they both climbed onto my bed, Claire on her back with her sister kneeling with her ass in the air and her head in Claire’s pussy.
I got up and walked to the bottom of my bed and slowly pushed my stiff cock into Stacey’s wet pussy, it was tight, her lips squeezing around every inch of my cock. She began to buck her ass back as I pushed harder and faster into her warm, juicy pussy filling her with all of my cock. My pace reached a steady speed, pulling my cock almost out of her pussy and pushing it back in, hard and fast. After about 5 minutes I could feel her climax starting, her pussy tightened around my cock and she began bucking her pussy hard onto my cock, forcing it balls deep. Her body quivered as she came, her pussy juice’s squeezing past my cock as it ripped up the walls of her pussy. I could feel my orgasm building up again; I never know I could cum this quickly after already cuming, I pushed my cock as far up her as I could and blew my load, shooting round after round of cum into her, I removed my cock with a squelch, she stood up with my cum dripping from her over filled cunt and her sister Claire’s cum dripping from her mouth to her tits. I put my head towards Stacey’s tits and licked the cum from them whilst teasing her nipples, then my lips met hers and we shared a passionate kiss, sloshing Claire’s cum between our mouths.
She tasted so sweet, I needed more, I turned to Claire who was on my bed with her legs spread, I got to my knees and teased her swollen outer lips with my tongue, I pulled them apart to reveal her clit and sucked on it, occasionally pushing my tongue up her cunt as far as it would go, I slowly slipped 2 fingers up whilst licking her clit, this set her off and she began pushing her hips up so my mouth was grinding away at her cunt. Stacey climbed on the bed and lowered her pussy over Claire’s waiting mouth, who instantly began licking the sweet pussy that was presented to her.
I removed my fingers from Claire’s pussy, her juices dripping from my fingers, and slowly inserted them into her ass, it was hard work to start with but it wasn’t long before her ass allowed my fingers entry. She began franticly tossing around whilst her sister sat on her face, the muffled sound of “OH YES…YES…… ROB….DONT STOP…..UUUHHHH then she stopped and I got a mouth full of the gushing juices which flowed from her cunt, they tasted so sweet, unlike my girlfriend Kristy’s which had a slight salty taste. I got up and lay on my bed, 2 sexy girls either side of me, gasping for breath.

“Can we use your shower please” Stacey said in a panting voice.
“Sure” I said “go ahead”
As they headed to the shower I lay there, reflecting on what had just happened, how horny these new neighbors were, how easy they came onto me.
My cock was stiff again at the thought of all this, I got up and went to the shower, I looked in on the 2 goddesses, now lathering each others body, taking their time in the breast and crotch area. Then it occurred to me that one of those girls. The nicest looking, the one with the nicest body hadn’t felt my meat inside her yet. I opened the shower door and told Claire of this thought, to which her reply was “ooh we can’t have that, my little horny sister getting fucked and me not, we best get to it then”. They both stepped out the shower and began to dry each other, I looked at her as Stacey caressed her breasts with the towel and thought to my self, this girl deserves something special.
I went into my mother’s room and got the lube from her drawer which I had used on her quite a few times and returned to the bathroom. Claire was already waiting, her sister was kneeling on the toilet seat with her pussy and ass in the air, Claire was bent over behind her, holding my mother’s dildo which she kept under the sink for when I wasn’t in and she felt horny.
“I see you have found something there” I said quietly into her ear.
“Well we cant leave my little sex princess of a sister out now can we”
“Oh don’t worry… queen…she’ll get her turn”
“Well be kind, we haven’t had anything bigger than a finger up our asses until today” Claire said, biting her bottom lip in a sexy way.
I grabbed a blob of lube and smeared it around Claire’s asshole, pushing it in with my finger, she took my mothers dildo and pushed it into her cunt, after she motioned it in and out for a minute she pulled it out, her juice on it glistened in the light and she slowly placed the end on her sisters asshole, it was only about a half inch thick so there was still pleasure for her to have from me.

I finished lubing Claire’s asshole and pushed the head of my cock on her silky asshole, then slowly began to push my stiff 8” cock further in, causing her to gasp as she passed on the pleasure to her sister with a dildo. Her ass was tight and as I slipped the first 3 inches of my cock up I could feel her warm ass walls contracting against my penis, I told her to relax and soon after her ass loosened up and I slowly slid the whole 8 inches of my cock up, so my balls were now slapping off her cunt as I pushed deep into her rectum, Stacey was now screaming Claire’s name as she received the dildo up her ass.
I slowly began to pump my meat in and out of the ass around it, pushing harder and faster as her ass became more loose with the lubrication. Soon I was slamming my cock so hard up her ass she was lunging forward, pushing the dildo further into her younger sister’s bowls. Her 36DD tits were wobbling back and forth franticly as I pulled my cock to the start of her asshole and slammed it back in, so I cupped them with my hands and fondled her nipples, to my surprise I heard her cry out “ OH YEAH ROB….FUCK MY ASS HARDER….UUHH…MAKE ME CUM…YES..”
I slammed my dick as hard as I could into the depths of her ass, her cry’s became frantic screams of “YEEESSS….FUCK MY SWEET ASS AND MAKE ME CUM…YES” only to be matched by the same screams from her sister.
As I stuffed Claire’s ass with my meat as hard as I could their screams were closely followed by “OH YEEEESS…YES…IM CUMING…AHH...UUHHH”
Both Stacey and Claire came at the same time, their sweet juices spewing from their hot pussies to the bathroom floor, my balls felt like they were going to explode as I had another orgasm, my cum shot out into the depths of Claire’s ass as her sphincter muscle tightened and loosened with her orgasm, it felt so good, I pulled my still rock hard cock out of her anus and rubbed the head of it up and down her wet, pussy juice covered cunt lips before inserting it and began pumping away again like I had in her ass. After about 5 minutes of me pumping away and her cry’s of pleasure, I pulled out of Claire’s pussy and went to Stacey’s ass, although she had already taken a dildo up the ass, it was still tight, tighter than Claire’s who was now sitting on the floor with the dildo up her ass.
I slowly pushed my cock up her ass, whilst I reached under her and lightly rubbed her clit. It wasn’t long before all 8 inches of my cock was buried balls deep in this fine young girl’s shitter, which reminded me that I didn’t know their exact ages. I put this to the back of my head as I continued to rip up the walls of Stacey’s anus, my hips hitting off her ass cheeks, forcing her tits to bounce back and forth, which were soon stopped by Claire who moved in to suck oh her nipples whilst fondling my balls with one hand and her sisters clit with the other. I continued to crash my cock as far up her ass as I could, whilst gently pulling her head back by her hair softly, a few minutes later the whimpering sounds from Stacey were slowly loudening into screams of pleasure “OH YES ROB….IM GOING TO CUM AGAIN….YES MAKE ME CUM AGAIN.. She cried.
“Shit man, these horny bitches are made of cum” I thought to my self as I obeyed the order being screamed to me.
She began to push her ass back as I slammed my cock forward, her ass quivering as she was on the edge of her orgasm.
She let out a cry and her cunt gushed out her juices as I rammed my cock hard up her and her sister franticly rubbed her clit and moved her head to catch the gushing pussy juices.
I removed my cock from her ass and pulled Claire to her feel, planting her a kiss, then Stacey joined and we were 3 way kissing, sharing our saliva and Stacey’s cum as we wrestled our tongues around in each others mouths.

We went into the shower and washed each other, then after we dried, we went back into my room and got dressed, Stacey looked really hot in her pink thong and bra, and of course Claire, with her panty-less pussy hidden by her short mini skirt.

“So Claire, you never told me your age” I said to her as she sat down, fully dressed.
“I’m 18”
“And you Stacey”
“I’m 16” she replied, biting her bottom lip like her older sister did earlier.
Just then I heard my mother shout from downstairs, “we finished just in time then” I said jokingly.
We got up and walked out of my room, I was behind Claire and grabbed her ass, really low down so I could press my finger onto her pussy, she quickly turned and give me a quick kiss, then carried on walking down stairs, halfway down she turned and said.
“You can come to mine on Monday at about 9pm, my parents will be out” then walked down and into the living room.
“How was town daddy” Stacey asked her dad. He said it was fine and that they should go home now for lunch.
They left my house and returned back to their home next door.
Suddenly the phone rang, it was Kirsty, she called to tell me that she had to leave for Tennessee early, she was already on her way, I put the phone down when she had finished and smiled away to my self.

My first story so let me know what you think, chapter 2 is on its way soon.

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Got menu horny too. Keep writing perhaps one of these days you'll learn to write the good stuff.

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Bad rating....for a good reason...story sucks...


2007-12-16 14:41:55
that got me really horny also!! keep it up


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That. Got. Me horny


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