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Harold woke up with Karen's ass pressed tight against his stomach. He tried to get out of bed without waking Karen so that he could get a shower. Standing in the bathroom looking at her he realized that Karen was almost everything he wanted in a woman. She was bright pretty and sexy. Most of all she was ready to try almost anything in bed. With that thought he got in the shower. Sex was the part of his life that Susan had not provided. They had not had a bad marriage, but Susan was very straight laced in the bedroom. Whenever Harold wanted to try something new she always refused. Harold knew that he would have to talk to her soon and try to get things settled. Hopefully they could reach a reasonable settlement. The house was paid for and Michael had just turned sixteen so child support would not be a major issue. The fact that she had caught him in bed fucking her younger sister would not sit well with a judge he was pretty sure. Harold felt a draft as the shower door opened and Karen stepped in with him. She kissed his shoulder and slid her hand between his legs and grabbed his cock and balls. Good morning she said stroking him gently. Harold turned around and kissed Karen sliding his tongue into her mouth. Karen broke off the kiss and got down on her knees. She guided Harold's semi erect cock into her hot mouth and started sucking it. Harold's cock stiffened instantly and Karen stroked his balls with her hand and sucked faster on his cock. Harold could feel the head of his cock bouncing off the back of Karen's throat as she took more and more of his cock into her mouth. Harold could feel his load starting to boil in his balls and knew he was about to shoot his wad. He pulled Karen's head towards him as he shot his wad. Karen had felt his cock head swell and was ready when the first jet of hot come hit her throat. With a satisfied moan she swallowed every drop and sucked Harold dry. Karen had already decided that she was not going to say a word to Harold about the painful fucking that he had given her. She wanted to get everything settled so that they could start their lives together. She would do whatever she needed to do to help Harold through this time. She might try talking to Michael to see if she could find out what Susan's plans were. She had always gotten along with Michael, he had even taken short vacations with her when he was younger. Deciding that she had a good idea she would try to call him later and hope he answered the phone. Finishing their shower Harold was in a much better frame of mind. He told Karen that he had to finish his business calls today and then he would talk to a lawyer tomorrow. Harold left while Karen was finishing her shower. After drying off Karen sat down on the edge of the bed and dialed Susan's number. Michael was out of the shower and answered the phone. Karen asked him to please not hang up she would like to talk to him. She knew that this was not a good time but would he meet her somewhere so they could talk. Karen only lived an hour from the house so Michael agreed to go there. Susan was still in her shower and Kathy was in Michael's shower. He stuck his head in his shower and sliding his hand over Kathy's ass he told her he had to go out for a couple of hours and would be back later. He went in Susan's room and looked in the shower. Susan was leaning against the wall with her eyes closed. He reached out and cupped her lovely breast with his hand and told her that he had to go out for a couple of hours. He quickly kissed her good-bye and left. He had dropped off the pictures he had taken of Karen and Harold to be developed. He figured that he would pick them up on the way to Karen's. He had triple prints made just to be on the safe side. When he got the pictures he checked them and found that all the details of the night at the cabin were perfectly recorded on his prints. You could even see the hairs on Karen's pussy. Michael hid one set of pictures in the trunk of his car along with the negatives. He put the other two sets in the glove compartment. He would take one set into Karen's when he talked to her. Karen had put on a halter top and shorts while waiting for Michael to arrive. She did not know for sure how much he knew about what had happened at the cabin but she would find out. Michael knocked at the door and waited for Karen to open it. He had always liked Karen but did not see her that often. Of course he now knew why. When Karen opened the door Michael stepped into the living room. Karen was not sure what to say to him.
Michael had a good idea what this was about and in a way he was enjoying her discomfort. he really was thankful for what she did. He did not know if Susan would have ever left Harold if she had not seen him fucking her sister. Michael asked her if his dad was there and Karen said no. Karen told him that she was sorry for what had happened the other night. Michael did not say a word. he was waiting to see what Karen was going to say next. She asked Michael if he knew what Susan was going to do now. He told her that she had not talked to him about what had happened at the cabin. His opinion though was that she would divorce his father because he was fucking her sister. Karen cringed at what Michael said and the way he said it. She thought that he made it sound so dirty and sordid. She also started to get mad, what right did he have talking to her like that. Her only retort was that Susan could not prove a thing. She could not think of anything else. Michael seemed so cool and collected he shook her up. Michael reached in his jacket pocket and pulled out a couple of pictures of Harold and Karen and handed them to her. I think the one of you sitting on dads cock should be pretty good proof. Your pussy is stretched good in that one. Karen was in total shock she had never dreamed that there would be photographs of them in bed. She asked Michael how many of these pictures he had. He showed her eight more in his pocket. She looked at him and asked if there was any way she could have them. Michael walked over and grabbed one of her small tits and told her he was sure that they could work something out. Karen could not believe how brazen Michael was being about all this. She knew that if she wanted the photos she would have to play his game to get them. She reached forward and grabbed his cock and said OK what do you want. Michael pulled off Karen's halter top and pushed her shorts down around her ankles. He took off his shirt and pants dropping them on the floor with Karen's. How good are you at sucking cock he asked? Karen looked down and saw that Michael had inherited his dad's size. She knelt down and took Michael's cock in her mouth. Michael was already hard and Karen was definitely good at sucking cocks. He had never shot his wad as fast as he was about to. He grabbed Karen's head and shot his load into her mouth. She swallowed his come and then stood up. Lets have the photos she said. Michael laughed and told her that was just to warm him up. He grabbed her arm and shoved her through the bedroom door. Shoving her face down on the bed he held her there while he ran his cock over her pussy. He knew he would probably never get this chance again and he was going to make it good. Karen's pussy was still sore from the beating Harold had given it. Michael knew nothing of this and when his cock was hard again he rammed it into Karen's pussy. Karen almost passed out with the renewed pain that Michael's forced entry had caused she was not near wet enough for him to enter her easily. She could not resist because he was holding her pinned to the bed. He started ramming into her repeatedly he was enjoying the power he had over his aunt. He looked down and said move you ass cunt and slapped her hard on the ass. Karen was crying loudly now, from both pain and humiliation. She had never been treated so much like a whore by anyone. Michael being her nephew was especially disturbing. He grabbed Karen's hips and pulled her small ass higher off the bed and every time he slammed his cock into her he smacked her ass. He could see the red hand prints that his hand left on her cheeks. Karen had reluctantly started rotating her hips on Michael's shaft hoping he would come and leave her alone. Michael having come so many times in the last couple of days knew that his cock would be hard for a long time and was enjoying watching what Karen was going through. He grabbed both ass cheeks with his hands and when he started to pull out again he came completely out and quickly rammed his cock into Karen's ass. Karen screamed in pain as Michael drove his cock into her ass. Her scream only served to make Michael pound his cock into her harder and faster. Suddenly Michael drove into her so hard that she collapsed on the bed with him on top of her as he shot his wad into her battered ass. He lay there on her until his cock had shrunk back to normal. Then he pulled it out of her ass and wiped it off with a wash cloth. Karen just lay on the bed crying with shame and pain. After he had dressed he took the photos and threw them on the bed. Here, you earned these he said. I hope you fuck dad better than you did me. Karen could not believe the way he was talking to her. It was like she was just a street whore to him not his own flesh and blood. She had not bargained for this. She was too ashamed to even look at Michael. Michael leaned over and pinched her nipple making her look at him. I hope all this was worth it he said and got up and left. Karen was in so much pain that she did not even move for a while. She got up and took another shower later and she knew she could never let Harold know what had happened today. She could not let anybody know what Michael had done to her. She ripped the photos up and threw them in the trash. She painfully got dressed and wondered how she would keep Harold from touching her until she was able to have sex again. She knew that her pussy and ass would take a few days to recover from the abuse that had been inflicted on them in the last couple of days.

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Can you break this one up it is hard read

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can you break this up it is hard to read

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Dave, the response is ruinnng about 100 to 2 in favor of the sound; nevertheless, please remember we are experimenting with the concept of early Top 40 formatics with swing music, something I have been wanting to try for years and we'll be continuously tweaking things. We will be adding a lot more spoken year intros plus we are working on a custom jingle package which will blow your sox off stay tuned!!!

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