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Chapter 2

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Sammie woke up feeling she’d dozed off for five or ten minutes. She still knew where she was, anyway: on Danny’s parents’ bed, naked with them. She’d been fucked, for the first time. Lezzed, for the first time. Had the biggest cum ever.

She could feel the bed moving, and Louisa’s hand in hers moving slightly as well. She opened her eyes.

Louisa was lying on her side, next to her, while Mr Taylor - Alan - fucked his young wife from behind. They were both looking at the teen as they fucked.

They were close to orgasm, Sammie could see, their faces intent and a bit desperate, the bed rocking as Alan thrust, slightly awkwardly, holding Louisa’s leg up. Sammie watched in fascination as the big cock pistoned in and out, glistening with juice, while Louisa’s face changed slightly with each part of the stroke.

Louisa took Sammie’s left hand and pulled it to her clit. Sammie got the idea and pressed her middle finger on and swirled it round, watching Louisa’s face and listening to her gasps and groans. Louisa was there, just like that. Guessing that it would be like her own clit, Sammie pressed hard and swirled as fast as she could, and got to watch the amazing sight of Danny’s stepmum’s gorgeous face staring at her in ecstasy as she went into orgasm. Sammie’s gaze flitted between her face and Danny’s dad’s big, handsome face just behind, looking scarily determined as he came too, obviously pumping sperm into Louisa just as he had into Sammie only a few minutes before.

It was all a bit surreal for the teen novice. A scant few minutes before she’d been a virgin, happy to be admitted to a seventeen-year-old boy’s party; now here she was in a threesome with his daunting forty-something businessman father and his gorgeous twenty-something stepmother.

Nude. Fucked. Full of cum. Soothing the clit of the woman she’d just helped to finish with a finger on her clit!. What’s more these parents had both clearly been enjoying looking at her while they had sex…

Louisa stroked her cheek. “OK Sammie?” she asked.

“Yes, I am, just..a bit…” Sammie couldn’t find the right word.

Louisa reached for the girl and pulled her into a cuddle. “It must be a bit overwhelming,” she said, “you’re unbelievably sexy. It’s been very intense for you.”

“It’s been pretty intense for you,” said Sammie.

Alan Taylor smiled at the riposte. The girl’s irreverent spirit was undimmed, evidently. He felt a surge of affection for her.

“I’ll run you home,” he said. “I’ll give you our numbers and if you want to come round anytime, we’d love to see you. We’ll find a late chemist and I’ll get you a morning-after pill too.”

“I’m safe,” said Sammie, “I’m regular and I only finished on Thursday.” Today was Saturday.

“When did you start, though?” asked Louisa.

“Tuesday. I’m quick at least.” Sammie snuggled into Louisa. She wasn’t going to say so but she was enjoying the feeling of them caring about her and fancying her, treating her not like a child but more like a partner.

Louisa picked up on Sammie’s body language: “You don’t have to go; only if you want to; if your parents won’t mind…”

“Oh no, you don’t have to go,” Alan hastened to agree, “I just meant when you’re ready.”

“I’ll ask,” said Sammie. She got up, pulled her phone out of her skirt, went into the en-suite and had a wee while she texted her mum - she wasn’t sure if she phoned whether her voice wouldn’t give away that something amazing had just happened.

By the time she came out her phone was going already. It was her mum: so she’d have to talk to her anyway.

However her mum wasn’t paying any attention to her tone of voice: no Sammie certainly could not stay all night at a boy’s party. Whatever was she thinking? Her mum or dad would come and pick her up at eleven and if she wasn’t ready and waiting her mum or dad would be going through the party asking for her. Sammie knew they would, too; it was a killer threat, totally cringeworthy even without the problem that there was in fact no party any more just Danny’s PARENTS having sex with her.

Her mum. God. She still thought Sammie was like ten. The difference between her parents and Louisa and Alan…

Sammie decided the difference was quite likely sex. Another plus for it.

“They’re coming for me at eleven,” Sammie told Alan and Louisa. They were both looking at her, in that way. Sammie grinned. After all, it was only quarter to ten and an hour was an hour.

The Taylors were making a space between them. Sammie contemplated it for a second then made for Louisa and crawled on top of her. She wasn’t going to be pounced on from both sides! She looked down at Louisa’s gorgeous face, taking in her grin. Louisa was laughing at her, and so was Alan; but in a good way. Sammie had one knee between Louisa’s legs.

Louisa reached up and drew Sammie’s long glossy brown hair all down one side of her head, on the side away from Alan. She combed her fingers through it.

“You like being on top?” she asked, still smiling, her green eyes looking into the teen’s green-brown ones. Her fingers were on Sammie’s neck now, then on her shoulders; they felt fantastic to the young girl.

“I don’t know,” Sammie replied honestly, “it’s my turn though, isn’t it?” She was about to say something more when she noticed Alan’s cock – it was slowly expanding, creeping down his thigh. Christ! Was that normal? He’d just cum twice in the last fifteen minutes; she thought that was supposed to be it for a man, for hours.

“You two,” Alan saw her looking, “are the sexiest girls anywhere, I swear.”

“He’s a sex fiend anyway,” Louisa grinned at Sammie, “God knows how much he’d fuck if he had enough girls.”

“How many girls do you have?” Sammie asked him, “and aren’t you jealous?” she asked Louisa. Sammie had been wondering.

“Oh it’s only you,” Louisa answered for her husband. “I suppose I would be jealous, if it was a bit on the side, away from me. It’s alright now, with you, because you’re with me too and we’re all in it together. And your being quite young, you know, it’s not like eternal love and you’re going to run off into the sunset with him. And when I saw how you looked at me, on the landing, I knew you were just made for it.”

“Made for what?” Sammie knew the answer but wanted to hear it.

“Sex,” Alan rolled across and stroked a big hand over her ass. It was unbelievably sexy.

“Sex,” Louisa affirmed, lifting her thigh onto Sammie’s clit, “with me and Alan.”

Sammie instantly rubbed her clit along the warm, firm thigh. “I was wondering,” she admitted breathily, “whether I was supposed to love you or something. Well, I do really like you obviously.”

“We really like you too Sammie,” Louisa said right in her ear as she joggled the inexperienced teen into position between her legs, “it doesn’t have to be love. Sex can be anything, it all depends who you do it with and if you all want the same thing.”

“OK,” gasped Sammie, knowing it felt good, anyway. She loved the touching and being naked and having these sexy people involved with her tits and pussy. She rubbed her clit harder and harder and could feel Louisa’s thighs round one of hers now, with what had to be Louisa’s clit rubbing on it. It felt fantastic to have Louisa getting off with her, starting to groan in her ear; it seemed to multiply the whole thing.

Sammie’s senses were awash with the skin all around. This was totally new, miles better than even her best frigs on her own. Her clit…her tits were on Louisa’s…Alan’s hand was lightly stroking over her ass still….Oh God! She thrust her pelvis harder and faster, working her clit…more…more…more…Oooohhhh she was just about there already!

Sammie rubbed hard on Louisa’s thigh, gripping Louisa’s neck to help her back arch so she could bear down as hard as possible on her clit. Oooohhhh, there…she was cumming, beautifully. The ecstasy!!

She relished the climax for a few seconds, then eased the pressure but kept rubbing while the orgasm finished surging through her; it was amazing how she felt sharing it.

She subsided onto the warm, slender body and felt Louisa’s arms go round her. Automatically she kissed her cheek, then her mouth.

Alan watched Louisa return the kiss and the two stunning girls snuggle together. Similar, yet different: Louisa perhaps five feet six and a half compared with five feet six; nothing in it for weight, they were lithe - lean but not skinny; Louisa had C-cups while Sammie was a B but both beautifully pert. Long brown hair, Louisa’s lighter and a bit wavy; green eyes against green-brown but you could lose yourself in both. One an adult and one almost adult but not quite there yet. He could not believe how sexy it was. In fact already his cock was hard and throbbing, even so soon after two fucks.

He watched the delectable slender schoolgirl slide down Louisa’s equally slim body, draping her hair all over Louisa’s tummy. He realised with a thrill that the teen was going to repay Louisa by finishing her with an eating, applying what his gorgeous young wife had taught her a few minutes earlier. His cock lurched up, pulsing, and Sammie saw it and grinned at him.

Sammie applied her mouth to Louisa’s clit and her fingers to her pussy. She pumped, squeezed and sucked, feeling and hearing the responses and starting to be moved around as Louisa’s pelvis flexed upwards in a sexy reflex.

In only a couple of minutes Louisa was there, bucking and writhing and groaning, and giving Sammie a little gush that wet her cheek and hand! God! Wow! She’d got this stunning woman all the way off! Meanwhile she herself was getting into one of her moods.

Sammie stood up, looked at the two naked grown-ups, and hardly pausing started to crawl onto Alan. He was so big! Not tall but wide, all beefy and a bit hairy; looking at her in that way…she loved it! He was a bit too scary though, to be under, but he didn’t seem to mind her being on top and straddling him…

“I hope you’re going to last a bit longer this time,” she grinned down at him. She was picking up that, unlike her parents, he quite liked her being cheeky.

“ME??!” Alan took the joke with a grin, “it was you who started it…cumming first.” He could hardly believe Sammie hadn’t done this before, as she effortlessly manoeuvred her lithe young body to line up her pussy, and then slid down onto him as though his thick pole were a pencil. But he could see in her face that she simply loved it. He wasn’t going to ask her, anyway, what her experience was. Once he was in her pussy certainly felt tight enough for it to be her first time! He felt it clench lightly round his cock as he feasted his eyes on her.

“You’ve been tanning nude,” he challenged, “what kind of innocent teenage girl are you?”

“I makes me feel sexy,” Sammie smiled back as she started to lift herself up and down, “I can look in the mirror and imagine all kinds of things…”

“While you play with yourself?” asked Louisa.

“Yes.” Sammie had never felt so accepted. They didn’t care about her age and they liked her being sex-mad instead of that being likely to be a problem. She took it on a step: “I think about sex all the time, and I wanted to be ready, for whenever I was ready.”

“You certainly seem ready now,” Louisa reached over and started to caress Sammie’s pert right tit.

“I’ll always be ready for you,” Sammie said without thinking, looking at both of them. She stroked Louisa’s arm to encourage her.

“So will we,” gasped Alan. He was starting to fuck upwards to meet Sammie on her way down each time. Christ, he wasn’t going to last that long even with it being his third time. It was sounding like this sensational schoolgirl could be up for a regular thing.

Alan and Louisa had been together for nine months, and had fucked every single day in that time, as far as he could think. Most days more than once. Louisa had been twenty-four when he’d hired her, and was twenty-five now, still full of energy and sexy as hell. Still, there were days when he felt like more sex than she did.

Alan wondered if perhaps Louisa was more into girls than either of them had realised. He knew she’d played around, as she’d put it, but she’d never had a serious lesbian relationship. Now tonight he’d felt her react to Sammie straight away, on the landing; gazing at her that way and then standing so close to her downstairs and leading the ‘kiss-my-ass’ line right up into the bedroom. Certainly it had clicked between them in the biggest possible way.

He fucked steadily on and on, thrusting up into the teen, watching, feeling and hearing her loving it. Louisa too seemed totally content, smiling gleefully at her young playmate.

Sammie could feel her third orgasm coming within range. She slowed down, and Alan slowed down with her, to make it last and spend more time up in the clouds with their heads buzzing. Sammie took a light grip on Louisa’s arm and pulled her in closer, so she could stroke her and feel her. This whole thing was unbelievably fantastic.

Time passed in the slow, luxurious fuck. The orgasm crept gradually up, up and up, until finally the tension was too much to bear and Sammie started thrusting her pelvis and bouncing and Alan increased his thrusting to match and there it was! Another delicious cum, not as mind-bogglingly intense as the first ones but easier to savour. She enjoyed it while it lasted, then relaxed forwards and put her hands on the bed, either side of Alan’s head.

Sammie kissed him, for the first time. His bristles were scratchy, but she found she could just not move her face around then it was fine. She kissed Louisa too, and decided that girls were better for kissing.

“So has it just been, you know, the two of you, until now?” Sammie thought the Taylors seemed rather practiced at sharing her.

“Yes, just the two of us, till you came along,” Louisa smiled at her.

That was a bit flattering. “It is stunningly sexy,” Sammie gave a wiggle to emphasise the point and realised Alan’s cock was still quite big in her. She looked down and eased her pussy off so she could see: it was still big, but looked soft now.

“That is it for a few minutes at least,” Alan told her. “Shame you can’t stay longer, but there’s always tomorrow…or whenever you’re coming back.”

“I’d love to come back,” Sammie said immediately, “it shouldn’t be a problem during the day, apart from school…I’ll think of something.”

It was almost quarter to eleven and her mum was always early. Sammie got up, made a pad out of loo paper to go in her panties, as she’d read about, and got dressed. Alan remembered about swapping numbers and went for his phone and Louisa’s, and they all entered them; then Alan and Louise put robes on and went downstairs with Sammie to wait, watching for the car out of the dining room window with the curtains open. Sammie thought about saying goodbye to Danny but he was in his room with Jen and, Louisa said with a smile, that meant do not disturb.

Sammie’s phone went: her mum. Sammie answered it, to find out her mum had been stopped for speeding and would be a few minutes late. She said bad luck but no problem, and ended the call. She always thought her mum drove too fast in town. Hopefully she’d be too upset at being stopped to wonder about the absence of party noise.

Louisa was standing close to her, Sammie noticed. “She’s going to be a few minutes late,” she said.

“Oh, really?” said Louisa.

They stood for a couple of minutes, nobody moving or saying anything, but tension rising unbidden.

“I do like you in that little skirt and that blouse.” said Louisa.

Sammie felt Alan’s hand on her leg, just as Louisa turned out the light. She realised that although they could see out, nobody could see in. God!

Alan moved behind her and Louisa came up beside her. In a moment her panties were down a couple of inches, the gusset was moved aside and she was leaning forwards putting her hands on the window sill, spreading her feet so that Alan’s big cock could come up under her little skirt…it slid easily into her pussy!

Louisa’s hand slid into her panties and rubbed her clit…Christ.

It was amazing, to be just taken like this. In her clothes. God. It made her think of all the time she went about in her clothes, all the time at school, walking around town, in the party, in shops, everywhere…she was always potentially moments away from being fucked.

Leaned over and fucked…fucked and lezzed, all at once…her fourth time in only an hour, from being a virgin…it was crazy. Crazy and fabulous.

Sammie gasped and withed as her pussy and clit were worked over. God she loved sex.

Alan was fucking her faster than before, holding her hips and driving his big cock quickly in and out, taking her over, while Louisa swirled her clit round; round and round setting her pussy on fire…she was THERE !! AGAIN!

Sammie’s lithe, energetic young body spasmed hard. She groaned and gasped, sensing yet more sperm being spurted deep into her, just as nature intended to happen. Bodies, sex, orgasms; it was all so right.

“It must be in here...”

Sammie, Louisa and Alan all heard Danny’s voice in the hall, followed immediately by the sound of the door knob.

They froze, aghast.

The door opened, the light from the hall shone dreadfully in on them, and with a click the room light went on.

Danny and his girlfriend Jen stood in the doorway, rooted to the spot and speechless.

For a moment everyone was as if turned to stone.

“Danny…” started Louisa, trying to shield her hand with her body while she pulled it out of the girl’s panties. She couldn’t think what to say next though.

Sammie stood up, easing the cock from her tingling pussy and sensing Alan turning away from the door to hide it. At least she was dressed, after all.

Anyway the expression on Danny’s face was too funny; Danny older but her fellow rebel at school...could he handle THIS?

“Hey Danny,” she grinned her challenging smile at him, testing him, “cool party.”

--------- The End ----------


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I wrote a part 3 and 4, but they didn't work too well. I realised the story is really about what happens for Sammie in 1 and 2, so now it naturally ends here.

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